‘Faster, Ciri! Lunge, attack, dodge! Half-pirouette, thrust, dodge! Balance! Balance with your left arm or you’ll fall from the comb! And you’ll hurt your … womanly attributes!’
'Nothing. Aren’t you tired? We’ll take a break, if you like.’
'No, Lambert! I can go on. I’m not that weak, you know. Shall I try jumping over every other post?’
'Don’t you dare! You might fall and then Merigold will tear my— my head off.’
'I won’t fall!’
'I’ve told you once and I’m not going to say it again. Don’t show off! Steady on your legs! And breathe, Ciri, breathe! You’re panting like a dying mammoth!’
'That’s not true!’
'Don’t squeal. Practise! Attack, dodge! Parry! Half-piroutte! Parry, full pirouette! Steadier on the posts, damn it! Don’t wobble! Lunge, thrust! Faster! Half-pirouette! Jump and cut! That’s it! Very good!’
'Really? Was that really very good, Lambert?’
'Who said so?’
'You did! A moment ago!’
'Slip of the tongue. Attack! Half-pirouette! Dodge! And again! Ciri, where was the parry? How many times do I have to tell you? After you dodge you always parry, deliver a blow with the blade to protect your head and shoulders! Always!’
'Even when I’m only fighting one opponent?’
'You never know what you’re fighting. You never know what’s happening behind you. You always have to cover yourself. Foot and sword work! It’s got to be a reflex. Reflex, understand? You mustn’t forget that. You forget it in a real fight and you’re finished. Again! At last! That’s it! See how such a parry lands? You can take any strike from it. You can cut backwards from it, if you have to. Right, show me a pirouette and a thrust backwards.’
'Very good. You see the point now? Has it got through to you?’
'I’m not stupid!’
'You’re a girl. Girls don’t have brains.’
'Lambert! If Triss heard that!’
'If ifs and ands were pots and pans. All right, that’s enough. Come down. We’ll take a break.’
'I’m not tired!’
'But I am. I said, a break. Come down from the comb.’
'Turning a somersault?’
'What do you think? Like a hen off its roost? Go on, jump. Don’t be afraid, I’m here for you.’
'Nice. Very good - for a girl. You can take off the blindfold now.’

Blood of Elves

Looking for Roleplay/Contacts; Morghann Grey.

Full Character Name: Morghannah Grey Atwood.

In-Game Name, Faction & Server: Morghannah, Alliance, Wyrmrest Accord.

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Age: Late twenties.

Nationality: Highlander from Arathi.

Current Home: A guest room in Doctor Corwin’s house found in Elwynn Forest.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Eye Color: The bluest of blue.

Hair Color: Ashen blonde.

Height: Five-foot, six-inches.

Build: Lithe.

Class/Profession: Scout, Ranger, Huntress.

Physical Description

An average woman with long, ashen blonde hair and bold, beautiful blue eyes. Long, toned legs carry her lithe frame with grace and poise; each step is carefully calculated and quiet, like a whisper in the wind. A warm smile and cordial voice greet each passerby; but her eyes withhold an untold story, a shroud of mystery. There’s definitely more than meets the eye.

Her wardrobe typically consists of long-sleeved blouses, dark-colored cotton trousers paired with brown or umber boots — tight-fitting to accentuate her modest, womanly attributes. A leather belt is worn snuggly around her waist, one hip carries a slender leather pouch, and a sheathe for her decorative, family dagger on the adjacent side. 

An amiable expression will greet a kind stranger, and a soft gaze will curiously study the features of their face - as well as her surroundings. Her natural expression falls to a subtle stoicism, as though constantly lost in thought. Her stance is a mixture of lax and poise, constantly shifting her weight from one foot to the next with delicate hands either resting idly by her sides, or folded neatly behind her back - occasionally folded to rest beneath her bust. A sense of formality is given when standing in the company of noble men and women.

  • Character Likeness: Amber Heard.

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{OOC Information}

Availability: Primarily the evenings on the west coast, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are really the only two evenings I’m hardly available.

Looking for: Friends, romantic interests, possible enemies, distant-relatives, story-driven relationships, long-lost friends, familiar faces from Arathi, etc.

RP styles: Descriptive roleplay is absolutely adored, though I am willing to adapt to someone else’s style - if they prefer short, and to the point quips, I’ll do my best to accommodate! I like to believe I stay as lore abiding as possible, but I’m willing to be open-minded with certain plots or ideas, so long as you communicate them with me!

Themes: Long-term, Adventure, Possibly Dark, Witchcraft, Platonic, Romantic, Sexual, etc. If you have a certain theme you’d like to explore, let me know and we may be able to work out a storyline!

Guild: A member of the Lion’s Reach of House Reinhardt. {@house-reinhardt}

Limitations: I apologize in advance, but I will not participate in lore-breaking themes or storylines. I am not particularly fond of senseless drama such as jealous third-party romances: my character is an adult, much like myself, and has no time to fight another for a romantic interest; she will simply move on. I will not participate in dark, mature, sexual, or romantic themes with those who are not, at least, over the age of twenty. If there is a scene I am uncomfortable with, I will be sure to communicate that with you.

Contact Methods: Feel free to send me a message via Tumblr, or you can find me in-game as Morghannah. I also roleplay via Discord; if you are interested, feel free to send me a message via Tumblr and I’ll send my screen-name.

Idk just a thought you can ignore it sorry about my feelings

Don’t really get how people don’t realize that they make me feel incredibly insecure and less womanly when they attribute male qualities to me or reference me as anything masculine..any woman described as anything less than that would feel insecure. It makes me feel like I come across in a masculine way..and although some people may not take insult to that, I can’t help I do.