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Jack Sparrow

Tease, mermaid reader, flirt, mention of smut

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hmmm going for Pirates…
Could you possibly write a cute ‘reader x character’ fic with (Captain) Jack where the reader is a mermaid/man in training and is learning how to lure men from their ships to their doom…but is failing…Like instead of singing something melodic they’ll rap or beatbox or something, or they’ll “try” to pose seductively on a rock and have seaweed blow into their face, and they’ll circle his ship, leaping out of the water like a dolphin just saying “am i doing this right, do you give up yet?  am i winning?” to the point where the captain just sort of gives up and helps them learn how to do the mermaid/man thing right…
I hope that inspires something <3 “

Word count: 699

A/N: I changed the request quite boldly, because I didn’t quite understand the request, but I hope you like this version!

gif is not mine.

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The Whorish Queen

So, I hate Cersei with a passion but I thought why not do something different? I’ve only seen, like, two cersei smut stories. We hate Cersei but I mean, she’s fucking gorgeous. Her eye rolls are the shit. Anyway, I made this imagine and…yeah. Not long but oh well. 

Imagine: Being Cersei’s lover. (female reader.)

Warning: Smut. Just filthy smut.


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You weren’t sure what attracted you to this woman. Ever since you both were young children, you found Cersei alluring. It honestly didn’t bother you that Cersei regularly fucked her twin brother, Jaime. You could care less because you fucked her just as regularly. A cock was not something you had but honestly, you hadn’t need for one when Cersei was moaning and withering in pleasure.

You smirked at the thought as you lounged in your chambers that evening. Soon, the drunken King Robert would set off to Winterfell to declare Eddard Stark—the Hand of the King. You were perhaps a bit too excited to go to the North. You always did prefer the cold to the heat. You lounged in a simple white gown because the day was rather warm and you had no real plans to venture out of your room.

You simply planned to write letters to your family back at Casterly Rock and read the rest of the day. You surely weren’t ready for the sudden knock on your door—they were quick and impatient. You cocked an eyebrow with faint annoyance and get up from your comfortable perch to answer the door.

There stood Queen Cersei—looking deliciously radiant. 

You looked at her with clear question, “My lady?” You tried not to sound annoyed because you honestly wanted no contact with anybody today. You just wanted peace and quiet. Cersei looked overwhelmed by something or perhaps stressed with the upcoming journey. She rushed into your room leaving her guards to stand outside the door.

You sigh and close the door as Cersei paces in your room, “Cersei?” You drop the formality since the door was closed and no one would hear through the thick, wooden door.

“Where have you been all day?” Cersei demanded quite angrily as she stopped pacing in your room. Her eyes were glittering with fury.

You weren’t affected by her anger—you had grown used to her lioness temper. You calmly gazed at her before answering, “In here, obviously. I wanted to spend the day in peace.”

Your answer did not suffice. Cersei is grabbing you by the throat as she hisses, “Watch your tone.”

Your heart flutters but you remain cool, “My, my, what has you so riled up.” You smirked at her as she hastily lets go of your throat. She had never put her hands on you in such a way—you were very valuable to her.

Cersei glares at you, “Jaime has ignored me for days!” She says with agitation, “He won’t even touch me.” By the New Gods, she looks hurt by her twin brother’s lack of attention towards her. It amused you but you knew better than to show it.

“You both killed the Hand of the King,” You drawled quietly, “There’s a reason why he’s keeping his distance.”

Cersei is looking at the letters you have written for your family as she answers sullenly, “Yes, yes, I know! But it’s been days! No one suspects anything!” She says leaving your letters to stand in front of you before taking note of your thin gown, “Well, aren’t you so cozy looking? Here I am struggling to get fucked and you’re so relaxed.” She says like some spoiled brat.

You laugh at her, “Cersei, love, you’re not a child and I am not a mind-reader. How am I to possibly know that you wish to get fucked? I thought Jaime would’ve stuck his cock in you already.” You admitted teasingly as you move over to seal the letters to later take them to the ravens.

You seal the letters with the family sigil as you hear the sound of fabric being dropped. Your body has heard the sound numerous of times to know exactly where this is headed. Your cunt is already dampening and tightening on the inside. You lick your lips deliciously as you turn around to see Cersei’s naked body in front of you.

Despite her age, her body is still marvelous. You look up at her with a coy expression, “Well, you’re straight to the point.” You say.

“As your Queen, I demand you fuck me.” Cersei uses her Royal voice as she stands proud and tall and with that damned smirk on her face that just turns you the fuck on. Since you weren’t one to disobey your beautiful queen, you take no time in slipping your hands over her warm body and taking one of those pert nipples into your mouth. She’s sighing in pleasure as her hands are roughly grabbing at your breasts through the damned gown you wear.

Your own nipples are stiff and yearning.

You taste her nipple and nip at it before kissing her roughly as you moved her to your bed. “Take that gown off.” Cersei hisses and you oblige. You swipe the long material off your body and reveal yourself to her. Her sharp eyes are greedily taking in the marvel of your body—the curvier of your figure and the large breasts on your chest.

Cersei is becoming restless and fidgety. You parted her legs roughly where her hairy cunt gleams with her juices. “Someone is rather aroused. Poor Jaime, he’s missing out.” You darkly muse as you shoved two fingers into her wet, demanding pussy.

She throws her head back and arches her back. You lower your head and bury your face into the mound of her pussy taking in her womanly scent before parting her lips with your other hand and finding her clit. You roughly shove your fingers at a fast pace in and out of her as she withers in pleasure. You rolled her swollen clit between your lips and run your tongue over the sensitive bud in a manner that has her gasping and panting. Your own pussy is throbbing badly and it isn’t long before you’re parting her legs wider and placing your cunt above hers. She grabbing onto your ass slamming your cunt over hers. You don’t hesitate to begin rolling your hips so that your pussy and hers are rubbing against each other. You throw your head back as your hold one of her legs to get you steady. Cersei is moaning and trembling as you increase the pace to a rougher one. Your ass bouncing and your cunt hitting hers—each one sending shocks to course through your hot body.

“Fuck me, Y/N! Just like that! Fuccck!” Cersei is reduced to begging that is how desperate she is to get fucked. You smirk as you fuck her pussy with yours and quite like seeing her like this so desperate and frantic. Her eyes are rolling back into her head and breasts bouncing rather deliciously just yearning to be sucked on.

“What a whore,” You growled jerking your hips harshly against her cunt. She responds with wanton as her nails dig into the flesh of your ass, “Look at you, Queen Cersei, reduced to beg just to get fucked.” Your words turn her on immensely and she could feel the tightening in her lower stomach as you ride her almost aggressively.

Your heart is racing and your breathing is heavy as you look down at this whorish Queen. You ignore the pain of her nails digging into your flesh and the sting of her hand slapping your round ass. You fuck her and you show just why Jaime could never fuck her like you could.

When Cersei is leaving, You are gathering a gorgeous gown that isn’t too heavy and reveals some hint of skin. Cersei looks refreshed and calmer then before. She is no longer thinking about getting fucked—perhaps she is but not as desperate as before. You had smoothed her hair down just a minute prior. You are stark naked as you watch her gather her Queenly façade.

“You should tell Jaime that he’s slacking. You might stop fucking him to fuck me and only me.” You comment aware of Cersei eye-fucking your body. Your cunt is still throbbing in the aftermath of your orgasm as you slip on the dress and smooth down your hair.

“Perhaps I will,” She mused as she walked up to you and roughly grasp your clad breast, “I want you ready for me tonight, do you understand? You deserve some cock in that pussy. I want to watch you get fucked by a big cock.” Her words are filth but they turn you immediately on.

You smirked at her, “Oh, my lioness you are a wicked thing, aren’t you? I would assume that your fat fuck of a husband would surely fuck you before we depart tomorrow.” You taunt quietly as her hand wandered down to where your lovely cunt yearned for a good fuck.

Cersei’s face twisted into a deadly sneer before she smoothed it away, “He’ll fuck his whores and I’ll watch my whore get fucked and then get fucked by my whore. I’m going to relish in watching a cock fill that lovely pussy of yours.” She cups your pussy and rubs you through the material of your dress. You moan quietly before roughly pulling her face into yours and kissing her.

She moans and presses her body once more against your. You could feel her breast against your own. You give a small growl, “I could just fuck you again, you want that don’t you, you whore?” You hiss grabbing her ass and giving a rough squeeze

You were raging with lust and wanted to fuck Cersei like a mutt would fuck his bitch.

Cersei was turned on—it was easy to see. She was debating intently but knew she had been gone from public view for too long. Someone would eventually figure out where she was and come knocking. Cersei hoped it would be Jaime, so, when he came in he could witness Y/N fucking his sister. Cersei smirked at the thought.

“You make me so horny,” Cersei mused grabbing your jaw and kissing you with passion, “Oh, I am going to enjoy seeing you fucked by a man.” She whispers—excitement coursing through her body at the image of Jaime’s cock filling your pussy and you screaming in pleasure. Cersei had never heard or seen you fucked by a man before. She wasn’t even sure if you were into men, to be frank. She didn’t care though because she would be the first to witness you being fucked by a large and lovely cock. The cock that has filled Cersei’s on pussy for many years.

You sigh against her lips as you pet her lovely figure wanting to rip this bloody dress off and fuck her once more, “Do not tempt me, my love, because I will rip this damned dress off and proceed to fuck you until you scream your throat raw and collapse from the orgasms I give you.” You say it in a dangerous hiss as you grip her dress tightly—warning her that you will carry out your threat, your pussy was hungry.

It takes a great show of resistant but you and Cersei manage to part without exchanging words, because both of you were sure that if any words were to pass between you two you would both be on the bed making aggressive love once more. Cersei smoothes down her dress and hair before staring at you fondly, “Remember what I have ordered you to do.” She says in a light warning. You knew better then to disobey.

You nod and shoo her off, “Have I ever disobeyed you, Cersei? Go on before someone realizes where you are.” You quietly suggest as you ran your hand through your hair.

Cersei watches—just looking at you turned her fucking on but she gazes away and leaves the room. The guards were positioned across the hall but in front of the door—an order for Cersei just to reassure that they wouldn’t hear anything through the door. Though, it would be impossible because the door was made of thick wood and your walls were made of strong stone.

Cersei was always paranoid. 

Cersei gives you a firm stare before strutting away with her guards at her heels. You smirk as you watch her ass sway in that dress and sigh before returning to your room.

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Second part


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Rated: T

Genre: Fluff/Humor

Pairing: You/Simon D (Kiseok)

Word Count: 1K

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Corn and farms and tombs in Lemmon
Sailor Springs and all things feminine
Centerville and Old Metropolis
Shawneetown, you trade and topple us

Jensen Ackles One Shot- Hands Off

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a Jensen x reader where there dating and the cast has to do a workout thing with obstacles (like the tough muder) and Jensen can’t keep his hands off of her and can’t stop looking at the womanly parts because she’s wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts. Then some romantic smut pls. And a bit of dirty talk.”

A/N- So I started this over 2 hours ago and got really distracted, but here it is :) Keep requesting, lovlies <3

       Standing on set next to Jared, you were in a sports bra and spandex , you were swaying back and forth, trying to entertain yourself before the workout started. Jensen walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Hey Baby..” You said, grabbing his forearms with yours. Resting his chin on your head, he pulled you tight against him. 


     When the workout had begun, Jensen had already shown that he wanted you tonight. You were always up for it, but he couldn’t keep his hands off you. If you were in front of him climbing, he would occasionally slap your ass. You smiled to yourself at him little gestures, but you knew it would be different the second that front door closed. 


        Your skin was sweaty and on fire from anticipation. You were waiting for Jensen to come out from the shower so you could take yours. He invited you to shower with him, but you chose not to, just to make him wait. 

     Walking out, Jensen was fully dressed, running a towel in his hair. “Your turn, baby girl.” he caught your attention from your phone. “Okay baby. Don’t drop my phone.” you handed him your phone, walking past him, swaying your hips more than normal, making sure he was watching. 


    When you left the bathroom, your hair was merely towel dried, clad in just your spandex and a sweater. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jensen was standing outside of the door, his grip on your arm light. You could leave if you wanted to, just walk away- but you had no intentions. “Well, I was going to get food, what about you, handsome?” You asked, giving a sincere yet seductive smile to him. 

    “We’re going home..” Jensen’s voice wasn’t demanding or rude, but low and heavy, as if to imply that you’ll go on your own will. Leaning down, he kissed the corner of your jaw, his hands on your hips. “I need you right now, don’t make me carry you out of here.” Jensen pulled back, smiling at you. You kissed your teeth, looking up at him. “Okay” you said, smirking to yourself. 


        Sitting in the passenger seat, you watched Jensen drive. Not far from the set, your hotel was waiting. Instead of waiting, you caressed Jensen’s knee, you slowly moved it up. Shifting in his seat, you continued to moved your hand up, slowly rubbing the inside of the top of his thigh. 

   “Baby..” Jensen said warningly. “Yes, sweetheart?” You asked sarcastically. Gripping the steering wheel, Jensen sped up.


       As soon as the door to your room was kicked closed, Jensen had you pinned against it, your hands above your head. His hips were harshly pushing against yours. “Jensen…” you said warningly. Before he could muster up a reply, he grabbed the back of your thighs and held you up. Your legs around his torso, you kissed him sweetly. “Never leave me..” You mumbled into the kiss. “I’m not going anywhere.” Jensen said before placing you on the bed.

         The soft bedding formed to your little figure as you watched Jensen undress. Doing the same, you slowly lifted up your shirt, then removing your bra. Slowly, teasingly, Jensen watched you as you slid your hands down your front, pushing your spandex down with your underwear. 

        Practically attacking you, Jensen opened your legs and laid between them, moving his body into yours. Kissing your neck, one arm held him up, the other one groping at your chest. Moaning, you tangled your hands in his hair, pushing him closer to you. Your legs went around his waist as his hard cock rubbed on your stomach. Reaching down, you wrapped your hand around his hardened member, slowly stroking. Using your thumb, you spread the wetness of his pre cum on his tip. Moaning, Jensen bit at your neck. “Fuck, Y/N” Jensen let out breathily. “Jensen please..” you moaned when his hand went south to rub your entrance . Before you could let out another moan, Jensen shoved himself deep inside you, buried to the base. Your nails raked at his shoulders as he let you adjust. 

     Beginning to move, he pushed in and pulled out at a good pace, holding onto your hips. As he continued to thrust, you felt your climax building, becoming almost unbearable. Right before you could come undone, Jensen stopped moving. “Don’t cum… “ He spoke into your ear, letting you calm down before thrusting again. “God damn- fuck! Jensen !” You screamed out as your nails went down his muscular back when your climax hit you. Moaning at the sensation of you clenching around him, Jensen came, filling you with his hot cum. 

     Pulling out and climbing off you, Jensen laid next to you, pulling you into his warm embrace. “I love you, princess.” Jensen spoke into your neck, your limbs tangled together. 

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Bmp2 princes entered in their room and see that mc wearing a sexy lingerie ..xd !?

Hayden: Aroused. The blonde walked into the bedroom, looking to retrieve a document he left on the dresser, only to be met by you just freshly changing into some revealing lingerie. The royal blue fabric perfectly hugging your slender form made him very distracted from his original purpose as he set his sight on you, his hot and lustful eyes piercing right through you as he wasted no time enjoying you.

Oliver: Shocked. What was once a gag gift he bought you on a trip to Noble Michael ended up leaving him weak in the knees as you wore the pure white lingerie. All your womanly parts exposed for his eyes to feast on as you laid sprawled out on the bed with rosy cheeks, he wondered what the clothing, if one could call it that, was actually covering as you timidly called out to him to join you. He never moved faster in his life.

Kuon: Embarrassed. Once walking in to your room, his eyes went wide and he blinked a few times before adjusting to your change in appearance. The lacy, revealing, and down right sexy lingerie you were wearing made him squirm where he stood as he held his mouth in his hand, “You really need to be more careful. You’re killing me.”

Sieg: Thrilled. He was already licking his lips when he saw you wearing the all midnight black lingerie. The tightly laced up corset was screaming to be ripped off as he slowly made his way towards your blushing form. Boy how would he enjoy this. 

Ivan: Amused. It was the dead of winter, and even through the palace was warm, you couldn’t deny the chill that the air still held as Ivan made his way back to your room after a long and tiring day. He wasn’t expecting to see you siting on the bed, wearing what seemed to be nothing but was a sheer lacy fabric that barely covered anything. In seconds he pounced on you, “I bet you were waiting a long time. Time to warm your body up huh?”

Aslan: Hopeful. He was waiting for you to come to his room that night, and was getting worried when you weren’t there when you said you would be. Were you still mad that he teased you about being older again? Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes. Getting antsy, he made way to go find you when the door slowly opened, “A-aslan?” Your voice called out timidly as you hugged the nightgown close to you. He quickly let you in as you took a deep breath, ready to act. In seconds you pushed him down and flung off your nightgown. The white lace flew around Aslan in a whirlwind until he realized he was being mounted by you on the bed, “I-I’ll show you what older women are made of.” 

Kevin: Excited. After a long and stressful day, all he wanted to do was to be in the safety of your room, where no other servants or staff would bother him till morning. Walking in, he heard you in the bathroom, and decided to wait for you to come out. Although he wasn’t expecting what he saw as you emerged wearing a black lacy lingerie. The form fitting underwear only enhanced your beauty as the shy smile on your face made the mood that much more enticing and he was ready to relieve some stress.

Max: Lustful. He would gaze upon your body. You curved in the right way, smelled just how he liked you to smell, wore the flattering rosy pick lingerie that he could look at for hours. Your beauty to him was much more than he could handle as he gently laid you down on the bed.

Aromatherapy Tip of the Week-Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is basically a tropical tree indigenous to Asia, especially Indonesia. The blossoms of this tree are used to prepare an essential oil that is widely used in manufacturing perfumes as well as in aromatherapy. The ylang ylang essential oil is extracted by steam distilling the highly fragrant flowers of the tree. Ylang ylang flowers have a profound and sweet aroma something akin to that of jasmine and in many cultures, they are scattered on the beds of the newly married as a sign of good luck or wishing fertility. For a long time, the essential oil obtained from ylang ylang flowers was regarded as an aphrodisiac, denoting that its aroma stimulates desire for sexual activities.

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Someone just told me they'd become gay for me so long as I keep my "womanly parts". On that note, here's what I have to say to anyone who says that to a trans man, or anything of the like to a trans woman:

•Pack your bags
•Buy a one-way ticket
•Take the next train straight to hell because that’s where you belong

Don't- Luke Hemmings Smut

This “fluffy” smut is based off of the song “Don’t” by Bryson Tiller, one of my favorite songs at the moment. I’m sooo glad to be back, hope you all enjoy this one!

Pairing: Y/N & Luke Hemmings

Request: nope

Summary: the song pretty much describes it all. Give it a listen before, after, or during your read :) truly a good vibing song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7cVLE4SaN0

Requests are open!!!! Flood me with requests, thanks you💓💓


Late, once again. I had texted my boyfriend that I wanted us to meet up for some Chinese food once he got out of work, problem was that he ended work 2 hours ago and was nowhere to be found. This wasn’t the first time he has stood me up, in fact this has become the normal for us. It’s as if our love is drowning and I’m still here trying to revive it but without his help, we’re just drowning deeper.

I ordered my food and sat in the booth by the window, making the best of my lonely Friday night. I heard the door bells chime and looked up to see the one and only, Luke Hemmings. The boy who I turned down but never gave up on me. The boy who was starting to be there for me more than my own boyfriend. The boy who sat on the opposite side of the booth.

{Luke’s POV}

“Y/N, what a pleasant surprise. Where’s what’s his face?” I asked her. I knew exactly what her answer was going to be, her so called boyfriend is a cheating asshole.

“Who knows, he stood me up once again.” Her reply was soft and sad. I wanted to kiss that frown off of her face.

“Why are you wasting your time with him, Y/N? He’s only fucking you over because you’re letting him.” I say, trying not to sound so mad. “Here you are, looking as good as ever with your makeup done, hair done, and let’s face it I bet you were planning on some hot sex with him, yet he’s probably with another girl, missing out on the hottest site I have ever seen.” I say truthfully.

“Luke, I-” she starts but I cut her off.

“He must be crazy because if you were mine I would be devouring you by now” I say with a small smirk on my face.

“Luke, I love him. I know it’s crazy but I do” she says while looking into my eyes.

“Are you sure about that? Last time I checked you said he’s been killing the vibe on more than one occasion, including right now.” I replied, looking right back into her eyes until she broke away from my gaze.

“He’s my boyfriend, Luke. He’s not perf-” she starts up again.

“Don’t.” I say quickly and she stayed silent.

I wanted her right in the moment. The Chinese take-out neon lights were making her glow, she was just sitting there in all her glory. The look in her eyes made me want her like I couldn’t even explain. I wanted to taste her, feel her, devour her. She was waiting for someone to step up and treat her how she deserves. Lucky for her, I planned on doing just that.

“Let’s go, Y/N. I will be damned if I don’t show you just how special you are. What’s his face clearly isn’t showing up, it’s better that way. Let me show what you’ve been missing.” I finally say and grab her hand gently, pulling her up from her seat.

“Wait Luke, my food!” She says as she gets out of my grip to pack up her food.

“God, I think I’m in love” I think to myself but the blush on her cheeks let me know I said it out loud.

I drove us back to my apartment, a cozy little spot with an all white color scheme with hints of black and silver. She made her comfortable on the patted couch, her presents seemed to keep taking my breath away. I walked up to her and picked her up, placing her on my lap.

“I want you as bad as ever,” I whispered in her ear. “Your man is crazy, how he doesn’t feel the need to devour you is beyond anything I can comprehend” I let out.

I placed a single kiss on her cheek, then I moved onto her neck. Slow, soft, kisses landed on her neck that smelled like sugar spice and everything nice.

My hand creeped up her thigh, which was covered in all white skinny jeans. In fact her whole outfit was all white, the complete opposite of my all black outfit.

“You’re so soft, every inch of you is baby soft. Your hair is smells so good. Your smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” I shower her in compliments, seeing a blush rise on her cheeks. “Not to mention, your breasts are the perfect size for my hands. Your perky ass has me going crazy, and to be frank I bet your pussy is amazing” I smirk at her as I hear her let out a little gasp at my bluntness.

I pick her up by the thighs and walk to my bedroom, where I lay her down gently on my bed. The white sheets again her tan skin and dark hair makes my eyes cloud with love and lust. The little giggle that escapes her lips as she lands on the bed sounds heavenly.

I hover over her and place my lips on hers. Connection, there’s an undeniable connection that she wouldn’t be able to deny even if she wanted to. Our lips move in perfect unison, as if they were made for each other. I catch her bottom lip in between mine and a soft moan escapes her lips, my dick stirs immediately at the sound. I want to hear her moan my name over and over again in pure bliss.

“I’m going to undress you now” I give her a warning, to which she nods. She slides her shoes off herself and then let’s me proceed. I started by removing her shirt to reveal a white, lace bra that made all of my wildest dreams come true. I moved onto her pants, sliding them down her thick thighs and delicious hips, a white, lace thong to match her bra was revealed. I took a moment to just embrace the site in front of me, I felt as if I was sent to cloud nine.

I grip her thighs gently with my hands and spread them apart. Small kisses land on her inner thighs, small gasps kept leaving her lips. I finally reached up to her pussy, the smell of her juices was intoxicating. I pulled down her thong, revealing her smooth pussy, soaked already and I had barely touched her.

“I’m going to eat you out and fuck you so good, you’re going to forget what’s his face’s name. Not like it mattered to being with” I said with a small chuckle.

My tongue met her womanly part, she quickly tried to squeeze her thighs together to which I spread apart again. My tongue licked her clit, making her hands reach down to pull on my hair. She melted on groaning and moaning, only making me even more determined to make her cum.

“Say my name baby, say it” I encouraged her. I sucked on her clit and inserted a finger in her tight pussy. Feeling how tight she still was let me know two things: one- what’s his face didn’t fuck her a lot and two- I can’t wait to be dick-deep inside her. I sucked harder on her clit, making sure to swirl my tongue around to give her a mixture of sensations, all while pumping my finger in and out of her.

“Lu-Luke” she moaned out, my name sounded delicious coming out of her mouth, “I’m gonna c-” she barely let out before her orgasm hit her. I kept going, making sure this orgasm was something she was enjoying. She rode out her orgasm completely before I slipped my finger out of her.

To my surprise, she took my hand and slipped the finger that was inside of her into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my finger and sucked off all of her juices, making sure she tasted herself.

“Fuck baby, I need to be inside of you right now” I groaned out. She helped me remove my shirt and I slipped off my skinny jeans and underwear. I quickly slipped on a condom.

“You deserve so much more than what, what’s his face gives you, Y/N.” I say while looking into her eyes, she looked at me right back with her eyes filled with love. I thrust myself completely in her and she moans out.

“Lu-uke” Y/N moans over and over again. I slide in and out of her, making her completely feel me filling her up.

I reached down and squeeze her breath gently, amazed by how perfect she looks. I feel her tighten around my dick.

“Fuck baby, let go. Cum for me Y/N” she listened to my words and came, the look on her face showed pure bliss.

I looked down to see the most breathing site I have ever seen. Y/N’s orgasm face made her look like a sex angel; her cheeks were flushed, her hair was messy, lips were a deadly cherry red from being bit on, and her eyes were clouded with lust.

“Fuck Y/N, you feel so good” I moaned. The site made me cum soon after she did, I spilled all of my juices out.

I pull out of her and rolled over to lay down next to her. I pulled the covers over both of our naked bodies. Y/N rolled over to look at me, she just smiled at me.

It was one of those “unspoken” I love you’s. She didn’t have to say anything, the smile on her face and the love in her eyes said it all. I successfully proved to her how much she really deserves.

“So what was his name?” She asks me after a few moments of silent. We both chuckled, what’s his face had lost her and we both knew it.

I was reading stories with my niece, lying down in bed with her yesterday and having lovely snuggles. It filled my soul with joy and comfort. Hours later I was thinking, after finding out my sister’s friend was pregnant and seeing my niece interacting with her and being excited about the baby, that I don’t have the clucky factor within me. People talk about their ache to have children when they interact with babies and toddlers and I don’t understand the feeling; instead I have always felt the “in the moment” joy of interacting with the child and sharing nice times.

A lot of the time I feel like there must be something wrong with me, some essential womanly part that has gone defective. People have pushed Nick and I to the point of frustration and hurt with their questioning about why we don’t have children. I hate explaining my reasons because most women treat me like I’m a traitor.

I have worked with children all my life. I am the eldest in my family, I took care of my brother who is 10 years younger than me and babysat cousins; I studied education, was a nanny and childcare worker. I don’t hate kids!! Kids are amazing and I love talking to them and playing and doing art. I feel like my role in the world is not as a mother but an aunty, part of the family and community that supports parents. I wish that role was recognised as a valid role for women, rather than trying to shoehorn every person into parent or childless person. Parents need a break sometimes, and that’s what aunties are for.



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My job is so fucking unbelievable.

I’ll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with:
First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on makeup. She is extremely self-centered and has never once considered the needs or wants of anyone but herself. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and I still find it surprising that she has enough brain power to continue to breathe.

The next chick is completely the opposite. She might even be one of the smartest people on the planet. Her career opportunities are endless, and yet she is here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not sure she even showers, much less shaves her “womanly” parts. I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive by the hardware store, she moans like a cat in heat.

But the jewel of the crowd has got to be the fucking stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead. In fact, he is baked before he comes to work, during work, and I’m sure after work. He probably hasn’t been sober anytime in the last ten years, and he’s only 22. He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960’s, and to make things worse, he brings his big fucking dog to work. Every fucking day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walk around half-stoned from the second-hand smoke. Hell, sometimes I even think it’s trying to talk with its constant bellowing. Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonalds and Burger King, every single fucking day.

Anyway, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and shit.


Every toned, tanned, and oiled inch of Nikki Bella is pure woman (with the exception of perhaps her chest, which the wrestler admits has been augmented by modern medicine). But mess the wrong way with the WWE Divas champion, and you’ll get something from Bella that is decidedly unfeminine: the “Nikki Rack Attack,” her signature finisher, when she hoists her opponent up onto her shoulders and then slams down to her knees, causing the fool on her back to fall to the ground, flailing and defeated.

I can literally lift anything on my shoulders—I know I could even get my own man up on my shoulders,” Bella says. (And that, folks, is saying something, considering her “own man” is 250-pound pro wrestler and bodybuilder John Cena.)

How did the 31-year-old wrestler, crowned 2013 “Diva of the Year,” get so strong? Part of it stems from the power of two: Bella’s twin, Brie, also competes in WWE, and the pair often wrestle together under the evocative moniker the Bella Twins. But Nikki Bella’s brawn also comes from copious time spent in the weight room. For more on how Bella trains, along with why she’s a self-proclaimed “doughnut queen” and “huge wino,” keep reading.

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The lack of resolve in the ship, over a COMIC RELIEF chapter, is saddening me...

The chapter was pure comic relief, with a dash of very bad fanservice.

I wasn’t butthurt, by the chapter.  I actually felt pity for Orihime.  Kubo is turning her from a smart character, to stupid overly naive girl; when we know she isn’t.

Orihime is a very intelligent person, however and key word however, when Ichigo is present or mentioned her mind shuts off into this naive girl that is easily deceived.

The IR shippers, shouldn’t be worried or pissed, over this chapter.

Since in the end; Orihime’s character is slowly being killed off by Kubo.  She had to reduce herself into wearing clothes she is not comfortable in; to catch Ichigo’s attention.  Yet, she couldn’t and Chad had to point it out.

Let me point, this out as well.

Ichigo has seen Yoruichi naked, as well Rangiku’s breasts as she tried to “seduce” him, and he has seen Rukia’s ass.

In all occasions he blushed.

So this time it isn’t any different.  He’s a teenage boy he’s bound to blush at the sight womanly body parts.

Now, some are even comparing; this chapter to the one where Isshin comments on Masaki being naked.

It is completely, utterly different.  

Masaki is actually a pervert, it’s clear as day.  But she didn’t purposely chose to wear no clothes.

While, Orihime denying that she is a pervert. (She is closet pervert) She choose to wear that type of clothes, that make her not comfortable on purpose; to gain the attention of Ichigo.  

Which in the end failed, and Chad had to be the one to point it out.

So, my fellow IR shippers, don’t loose resolve, because in the end of the day the manga is going to end IR style, pity Orihime’s character being slowly killed off by Kubo.  

He keeps overly sexualizing his IH fanservice; that it flops.

The point is comic relief was the key factor in this chapter; to inform that dressing overly sexually will still get you ignored and finally there is a chance GIselle is actually a man?

Don’t like the post?

The Ask Box is open, and refrain yourself from going anon.  It’s a cowardly, way to express yourself.

Have a pleasant day or night.

IR shippers, just post and live on after all we know what the end game is.

One of things which persuades the straight world that gay men are not really men is the effeminacy of style of some gay men and the gay institution of the impersonation of women, both of which are associated in the popular mind with male homosexuality.
But as I read it, gay men’s effeminacy and donning of feminine apparel displays no love of or identification with women or the womanly. For the most part, this femininity is affected and is characterized by theatrical exaggeration. It is a casual and cynical mockery of women, for whom femininity is the trapping of oppression, but it is also a kind of play, a toying with that which is taboo. What gay male affectation of femininity seems to be is a serious sport in which men may exercise their power and control over the feminine, much as in other sports…But the mastery of the feminine is not feminine. It is masculine.
—  Marilyn Frye, The Politics of Reality
A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 58

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 58

Harry and I step into a tattoo parlour that is moderately bright. White walls covered with tattoo designs and a strange buzzing sound is echoing. “Are you getting one?” I ask Harry softly and he nods, “what are you getting? You’re running out of room.” I comment, knowing his mother doesn’t like him colouring his skin. “I’m debating whether to get my anchor on my wrist touched up, or to add.” 
“From your tone of voice you don’t like tattoos, I am not explaining why I have them or get them.” Harry decisively states, looking at his phone. “It’s rude not to look at someone while talking.” I mumble, 
“Hayley, don’t start.” 
“I’m not starting.” 
“Yes you are.” 
“Okay, sorry. I’m going to go sit down while you get painted.” I reply, sitting down on a red couch, observing as Liam gets himself inked. After what feels like forever, Harry sits down in a chair and starts to get his tattoo, “hurting yet?” I ask as I walk closer.

“No.” He shakes his head,

 “Oh.” I sound, not sure of how it doesn’t hurt. 
After an hour harry is done with colouring in his skin, pretty soon he will be a walking sketch book. He takes my hand, walking down the street with me alongside him. “What do you want to do?” He probes me,
“Uhm, I don’t know, what is there to do?” I query, 
“It’s warm compared to London, so do you want to go get some ice cream?” He propositions, “that sounds lovely.” I agree, his hand tightening its grip on mine a little.
We find a petite ice-cream parlour, and I observe the flavours I can see. “What do you want” Harry questions, his arm snaking around my waist, drawing me close to his body. “The lemon-lime-swirl.” I point to the ice cream behind the glass and the man behind the counter scoops me my request, handing it to me. Harry orders himself a basic lemon ice-cream before paying the man. We step out and walk hand in hand.
 “Does your tattoo hurt?” 
“It kind of stings.” 
“Is it bad?” 
“No love, it isn’t.” 
“So, when are you getting my name tattooed on you?” I joke, unquestionably despising the idea of having my name tattooed on someone else. “Well babe, what would I when we break up?” He replies making me groan. “When we break up?” I question. He makes it out as if we are destined to not last, which infuriates me. “I see where this is going. So.. I love you.” He changes the subject, trying to be sweet, and work that charm of his. “Mhm, smooth.” I comment, licking my ice cream. “Do you miss home yet?” Harry asks me, making me shrug, noticing he has finished his ice-cream. “I talk to my parents a fair bit on the phone, so not really. Do you?” I reply not really sure if I am missing home yet, or if I just haven’t thought about home much, “I miss home, our bed and my family.” Harry nods, making me outbreath. “It must be hard.” 
“Yeah.” Harry nods, 
“Starting to feel a bit home sick huh?” 
“I have felt homesick for a while.” Harry answers,
 “I’m sorry.” My voice softens realising the impact all this must really have on him.
“It isn’t your fault.” Harry shakes his head as we keep walking down the pavement. “Here.” I hand him my Ice-cream. “You haven’t even finished it.” He raises his brow.
“It’s not really settling with me, too sweet.” I reply, not feeling like eating the ice cream anymore. “Oh.” 
“So uh, when does this end?” I ask softly,
“In a few more weeks, I think the schedule is- we go to Ireland, then we are in the UK and we perform three or four shows and we are done.” Harry updates me. “Roughly in three weeks we should be home, maybe in four.” Harry enhances,
“Are you excited?” 
“Of course. You know, I really do miss home, my family, and just the life style at home. Tour life is great, but it is tiring and eating on the go isn’t my thing. Everything is so go go go, and hectic, at home it isn’t so bad.” 
“I understand.” I sigh, hating the fact he is so far away from his family.
“Do you want to just go back to the Hotel?” Harry asks, his tone of voice completely different to how it was moments ago before we started discussing being ‘homesick.’
“Yeah, is everything okay?” I look at him, trying to work out what is going on it that mind of his.
“Yes Hayley.” He nods, finishing off my ice cream as we walk closer to the hotel. Silence grows between us as we stride towards the hotel. I am at a loss of words to really say right now.
 “I feel as if you’re upset.” I mention, stepping into our hotel room.
“I’m not, can I just- never mind.” He trails off.
“What?” I ask, wanting him to finish his question. 
“I’m not the sappy emotional guy and shit, but, can I just have a hug?” He asks adorably, making me nod immediately. I wrap my arms around him, and feel his arms tighten around me. Silence fills the room as we stay within our embrace. I never really anticipated Harry to be the type of guy to request a hug. Typically I am the one requesting hugs, or just forcing him to embrace me. In the ten months we have been together he has never shown me that he also needs someone for him. He needs someone to give him hugs and to pick him up when he is down; even if he refuses to admit it he does need me. Everybody commonly thinks the guy can handle everything, guys are robust, fearless, and can look after themselves, but truth is, everybody needs somebody, everybody has their points where they need to be dependent on on somebody else for assistance, for love and affection.

Harry pulls away from the embrace formerly kissing my lips softly.
 “How about we go in the spa?” I offer, wanting to have more one-on-one time with him, away from the walls of this hotel room. We are frequently in hotel rooms or on the road, so I would much prefer to spend some time outside of the usual four walls. 
“I can’t get my tattoo wet right now.” Harry shakes his head,
“oh, that sucks. How about we get in the bath? We will put a plastic bag around it.” I grin and he kind of laughs. “I kind of just want to crash.” He replies, making me frown slightly.
“Okay, well I’m going to have a quick shower.” I mumble, feeling as if the conversation about being ‘homesick’ dug deeper than anticipated.
“Is that an invitation to join you?” Harry cheekily requests, compelling me to look at him oddly.
“No, you can’t get your tattoo wet.” I shake my head, reminding him of his tattoo,
“no, but when I can, is that an invitation?” He grins audaciously,
“No.” I chortle, kissing him quickly before getting in the shower.
I tread out with a towel in my hair, my hair dripping down my back, wetting the pyjamas I just put on. I tie my hair up into a bun, loathing the sensation of damp hair on my back. It always gives me goose-bumps. I shiver slightly, looking at Harry as he is sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep, his arm hanging over the bed, his other arm tucked under his pillow. I climb into bed and rest down comfortably, falling asleep.

My eyes fly open to Harry’s alarm, he groans loudly before turning it off and throwing his phone to the floor. I intake a deep breath, feeling him move slightly under the covers. He mumbles something into his pillow before flopping around like a fish out of water. As his movements come to a break, he pulls me closer and I moan, not really feeling like being so close right now. I pull away and get up, walking into the bathroom. I wash my face, and start to brush my teeth, Harry walking in and doing the same. I shift from foot to foot uneasily, my upper womanly parts bothering me, which is fairly unusual considering I am sure they are past their stage of growing; then again, my body is peculiar and nothing is normal. I wipe my mouth with the small face towel before Harry takes it from me to wipe his mouth. “What’s up?” He asks, 
“Nothing.” I shake my head, stepping back into the bedroom, opening my suitcase to find something to wear. “Hm are you sure?” He asks, grasping a pair of his typical dark jeans.
“Yes.” I nod, trying to work out why I am getting dressed. I don’t feel like going out anywhere. I am in the mood to stay in and just laze around. “I feel like you’re lying.” Harry brings to my attention, making me furrow my eye brows.
“What do you have to do today?” I change the subject,
 “I have a photo shoot in about an hour or so, and then I will go straight to the stadium. What do you want to do?” he asks me
“I’ll come to the photo shoot.” I say, pulling at my jeans. 
“Do you want to come to the concert?” 
“Not tonight, I don’t want to deal with the media attention, I’ll stay here.” I shake my head, not in the mood for media, or fans. “Alright Hayley. Do you want to get breakfast at one of the restaurants in the hotel? I’m sure they have a buffet.” Harry yawns just as my stomach rumbles
“Yeah that’ll be good.” I gesture, finding a nice top to wear. I slide on my flats, waiting for Harry to get ready. “Hayley.” He snatches my attention. 
“What wrong with you?” He probes, approaching me then wrapping his arms around me. “Nothing.” I serenely reply,
“You’re fucking lying.” 
“So breakfast.” I placidly change the subject, not feeling the need to tell him the fact that I am just not in the mood for anything, nor am I in the mood for explaining to him that mu upper body parts are bugging me.
“Tell me.” He presses making me groan. 
“My boobs hurt.” I huff finally telling him, only for him to giggle boyishly
“Well good morning babe, my boobs hurt. How’d you sleep?” Harry snickers and I squirm away from his hold, a little embarrassed. “Shut up.” I mumble, feeling self-conscious.
“That’s a womanly thing I don’t need to know.” Harry adds and I hit his arm,
“you asked.” I cross my arms, uncomfortable and embarrassed with the fact I just told him,
“I’m kidding, lighten up. Want me to make you feel better?” 
“You dare touch my boobs and I will hit you in the balls.” I threat, crossing my arms over my boobs like any conscious woman would.
“I won’t Hayley, come here.” He opens his arms but I hesitate to walk into them. He rolls his eyes and takes a step closer, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into an affectionate embrace. “Does this mean they are going to get bigger?” 
“You’re disgusting.” I mumble only for him to laugh.
 “How about breakfast?” 
“Yes.” I agree, moving away and walking out of the room.


I sit soundlessly on one of the chairs, watching as the boys do their photo-shoot, in front of a silvery backdrop. “Keep still boys.” The photographer announces and the boys moan, holding their positions, not seeming to relish being told to keep still. As soon as the flash goes off the boys start to good-naturedly shove each other off the set. Harry makes his way to me and kisses my cheek, “what’s up?”
“Still hurting huh?” He inquires and I nod timidly, my boobs feeling heavy and rather unattractive, reminding me they are hanging from me. “I don’t know what to tell you. I know nothing about all of the mechanics and shit. Ask your mum.” He suggests and I shrug,
“Want to piss the photographers off with us?” He asks me but I shake my head, feeling relatively comfortable where I am without troubling somebody. Harry puckers his lips formerly hurrying off with his four band mates, causing mayhem within the set. They are all eventually pushed to line up individually, before taking separate shots. Of course none of them listening and posing correctly. Harry for one doesn’t keep still, right before the photo is taken he moves and arrogates the photographer. “Harry.” She scolds him, the boys laughing behind her as he stands innocently. 
As the shoot finally comes to an end, Harry takes my hand and leads me towards the car. “The boys are thinking of having a bit of fun after the concert. Want to come?” 
“One of the clubs.” 
“Why not?”
“I just don’t want too.” I answer, getting in the car and buckling my seatbelt.
“Okay, well I am going to go. You’ll be in the hotel room alone, you okay with that?” Harry asks, 
“Yes, I can look after myself, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” 
“Alright, I’ll take you back now, we are running off schedule so will be late for sound check.” Harry mumbles, checking his phone. “Next time you won’t fool around so much.” I mention, 
“We need to have some amusement.” 
“I think the photographer will never do a shoot for you again.” 
“Good, She’s too up-tight and frustrating.” Harry shrugs, not caring too much.

My eyes gradually open to the sound of someone struggling to open the door. It opens and Harry trips in, I assume he had a bit to drink after the show tonight. He staggers around the hotel room, looking for something I am unaware of.  “Harry?” 
“Babe, I lost my key.” 
“What key?” 
“The room key.” 
“Get in bed silly.” I chuckle wearily, tugging the covers tighter around me. He moves around, shuffling things about, before he literally jumps on the bed and falls to rest on his stomach. He mumbles some nonsense into his pillow, causing me to giggle faintly before he swiftly falls asleep, commencing t to snore instead of mumbling. 

Harry wakes me up as he jerks the covers from me, making me feel cold. I cuddle up to him but he pushes me away, “meanie.” I scowl, getting out of bed to grab a drink. “Hayley, it’s fucking hot.” 
“It’s cold. Seeing as you’re up, let’s do something.” I exclaim, looking towards the drawn curtains, observing the ray of sunshine peeking through.
“I have a damn hangover and you want to go do something?” He moans, rolling onto his back. “Yes” I nod,
“What do you want to do?” Harry yawns, stretching his body out, triggering it to crack a few times, making me cringe. “Gross.” I shiver, detesting the sound of bones cracking, especially the back bones. “Let’s do something we don’t usually do.” I bring to his attention, requesting something different.
“Do you want to play tennis?” Harry asks, 
“You have a Hang over, and I don’t know how to play.” I comment, 
“I will teach you, Hayley, I can take an Advil and be fine to play.” Harry replies sitting up and getting out of bed faintly stumbling. “Are you sure?” I question, in addition Harry nods. I find a pair of yoga pants and an appropriate top for tennis before finding my shoes within my suitcase. Harry puts on a pair of shorts and a normal t-shirt, giving me a small kiss on the lips.
After we eat breakfast and wait a good hour, we find ourselves on the hotels tennis courts. “Okay, what do you know about tennis?” Harry asks as he bounces a ball. “Uhm, I have to hit over the net.” I answer, eyeing the net that spreads across the courts.
“And to serve it has to land in the opposite section.” 
“Yes, anything else?” 
“Not really.” I shake my head, spinning my racket in my hand.
“Okay, let’s just have a small warm up and see what you can do.” Harry comments, walking over to the other side of the court. He hits the ball to me but I entirely miss. I chase after the ball and hit it to him, he hits it to me and I hit it outside the court. “Alright, don’t swing so far back, you need to make a ‘C’ like shape when you hit with the racket. Swing in a ‘C’ shape, like this.” Harry coaches, motioning his swing into a ‘C’ swing. “Okay, I will try.” I respond. Swinging like a ‘C’ when using the forehand method, isn’t as easy as you’d think, I can’t get the distance right, and if I do, the ball goes towards the wrong area. “Baby, like this.” Harry elucidates, walking over to me, standing behind me, grasping my wrist and lightly motioning me to do a ‘C’ like swing. “Just like this Hayley.” He whispers, and I give him an ‘okay’ gesture. After a little while Harry groans, getting frustrated with me and my dreadful skills. I feel the sweat starting to surface, I’m trying, I honestly am. I am trying to rally him, but my skills are nothing compared to his. He has a stronger hit than me, not to mention better aim and accuracy. “Hayley, hit it to me, not the fence.” Harry shouts, making me roll my eyes. “I’m not a freaking pro.” I reply, bouncing the ball before hitting it to him. “Try getting it over the net.” Harry adds, making me feel discouraged. “I bloody can’t!” I huff, struggling to keep a rally going. If I don’t hit the net, I don’t manage to get the ball back to Harry. “Hayley, I’m hitting it right to you, just hit it back.” Harry growls, making me feel as if I am hopless.
“It isn’t as easy as that.” I whine, waiting for him to serve the ball to me. As I start to get a bit of rhythm and slowly hit the ball to him, I find myself running from one end of the court to the other to try hit it back to him. My arms feel tired and get weaker as I let out a deep breath, walking off the court. “That was a good rally love.” Harry comments, bouncing the ball as he strides closer. “Yeah I actually hit it more than three times.” I smile, trying to hide the fact I already feel warn out, and out of breath 
“You’re improving, come on, let’s keep going.” He gestures back to the court and I shuffle towards the inside of the squares.
 It all seems to go downhill once I am back on, from No no no, Hayley your body position is wrong.” to “Fuck Hayley hit the ball to me, not over the fence.” To “get it over the bloody net.” 
All I feel is the feeling of failure. I can’t play to his standard.
I hit the ball to Harry, lastly making him miss the ball before just sitting down, requiring a break. My stomach is starting to cramp and quite honestly, I am over this game. Harry’s too harsh while trying to teach me, and demonstrate the sport. “You can’t play sitting down” Harry wipes the sweat from his forehead, as if I have made him run up and down the courts like he has done to me. “I need a break, I’m done playing.” I reply, getting the dreaded feeling of a fast heart rate.
“Why are you done?” 
“It’s hard, I can’t do this.” 
“Come on, give it another round.”
“No, I’m tired.” I shake my head, 
“I’m doing this with a hangover.” 
“Congratulations to you.” I murmur, catching my breath. 
“Come on.” He attempts to encourage,
“It’s hard.” I whine as he forces me up to my feet.
“So what? When things get hard with dancing you’re going to just close down your studio?” Harry questions with a hash tone. 
“Harry I’m not as fit as you.” I remind him. There is a large difference between what the two of us can do. He ca run miles, I can’t.
“It doesn’t matter about being fit, it’s about trying and learning.” 
“I’m trying to learn.” I defend, not liking the fact he is implying that I am not trying.
“You’re being a quitter and giving up.” Harry shakes his head as I walk over to our things to get a drink. I sit back down on the floor, taking in a deep breath. “So you’re going to be a quitter?” He huffs, 
“Stop it, I need a damn break okay. I don’t want to continue playing, here’s some advice, when your girlfriend says she needs a break, you shut up and sit your ass down next to her because it generally means, she needs a fucking break because her boyfriend is like one of those sport fanatic Dad, who pushes their child to extreme measures. So be the gentleman I know you can be, sit yourself down and let me bloody breathe and take a break because right now I’m finding it a little hard to catch my breath and there’s a slight chance I might throw the fuck up. So just Shh.” I snap on him, and he looks at me oddly.
“Someone is absolutely on their period… So are you playing or not?” Harry asks me and I give him a death glare before throwing a tennis ball at his groin area but he manages to stop the ball from hitting his area. “I take that as a no?” He smirks like a smart ass, making me want to just hit him. He sits down beside me, gracelessly putting his arms around me. I roll my eyes and slap his area, moving away from him. “If you aren’t going to care, just leave me the fuck alone.” I stammer, bitterly making Harry sigh. 
Harry wraps his arms around me, giving me a kiss my cheek. “Here love, have something to drink, you’re probably dehydrated.” 
“I don’t want a drink.” I shake my head, feeling as if drinking more will only make the slight situation worse, just breathing without worries will help. “Does it make you feel better if I apologize for pushing you too hard? It’s just a habit I have when it comes to sports, I just- it’s hard to explain.” He sighs, trying to justify himself.
“Don’t worry.” I shrug kind of understanding. A lot of men are very forceful and persistent when it comes to sports, very passionate, so I kind of understand. I’m not very good at tennis so I don’t blame him for getting frustrated. “Do you feel sick?” 
“A bit, it is mainly my breathing as usual.” I nod and I feel him pull my hair back and start to rub my back. “Thank you.” 
“You’re welcome.” 
“Why don’t tennis courts have grass?” I mumble randomly, 
“I have no idea.” 
“Why do cat’s meow?” 
“You’re fucking strange. I don’t know. The same reason dogs’ bark.” 
“But why?” I query, 
“You really mustn’t be feeling too good, you’re asking weirder questions than normal. Just hush.” Harry laughs, before the soothing feeling of him rubbing my back stops. I rest my head on his shoulder, just looking down at the fake stuff they have on tennis courts. I suddenly feel a wet cloth to my cheek and instantly lift my head away from Harry. I look at Harry and he has his t-shirt off and he gives me a small smile, before dabbing my cheeks. “Come here.” He instructs and I lean back into him, resting on his shoulder while he holds the damp and soothing part of the t-shirt to my forehead. Harry takes the comforting damp t-shirt off my forehead, putting a bit more cold water on it before he puts it to hang around my neck. “It should make you cool down a bit and make you feel better. You don’t look so red.” Harry comments and I nod. After a few minutes I’m back to normal, kind of, and Harry pulls me to my feet. “You okay?” he asks having a concerned look to him.
“Yes, so another round right?” I joke and he nods,
“you know it.” He chuckles, putting his arm around me as he uses his free hand to hold the rackets while I hold the balls.


I walk into the bathroom and rub my eyes, seeing Harry at the sink shaving. “Feeling better?” He queries kindly, giving me his care, and attention. “Much better, I feel fine now.” I reply, 
“Go get a drink to keep you hydrated.”
“I’m sure I am fine, I feel fine now.” 
“Go Hayley.” He instructs, eyeing towards the mirror to finish shaving. I pad into the bedroom and open the bar fridge, pulling out a bottle of water, taking a drink. I gait back towards the bathroom and lean on the doorframe. “Having fun there?” Harry asks as I cross my arms and watch him. “Possibly.” I shrug with a smile. 
“Are you sure you want to go out to one of the clubs? We have to leave for Ireland tomorrow.” 
“That’s not tomorrow.” I comment, 
“I know my schedule.” Harry looks at me, 
“Clearly you don’t, check it again.” 
“Whatever Hayley.” Harry shrugs, wiping down the sink.
“We’ve been together ten months.” I bring to his attention,
“Yes.” I groan, 
“When’s our anniversary again?” He questions and I roll my eyes. 
“Work it out.” I reply, stepping in the bathroom.
“I have no idea.” Harry smirks, only playing with me. 
“Oh well, it’s nothing significant.” I shrug, leaning up and kissing his cheek.
 “It is nicer when you shave. Your face is so much smoother.” 
“You’re such a typical girl.” Harry huffs as I stroke his cheek and where he had stubble growing. “I like my man nicely shaven.” 
“Mhm, most woman do.” He mumbles, 
“Your hair needs a bit of a cut too.” I comment, placing my hands gently to cup his neck, brushing my knuckles against his long curls. “You sound like my mother. I don’t want to cut my hair.” 
“It’s so long though.” 
“I want it longer.” 
“Oh goodness, no.” I shake my head. 
“I don’t tell you what to do with your hair.” He mutters a little unhappily.
“Okay, that’s a fair point. I’m colouring my hair blue next week by the way.” 
“No you’re not.” 
“Yes I am.” I nod, 
“Don’t you dare.” He warns me,
“Because, I like it how it is.” 
“I want blue.” 
“Hayley, don’t ruin your hair.” He shakes his head.
“Cut yours and I won’t colour mine blue.” I smile and he rolls his eyes. 
“Well played.” Harry huffs leaning down and kissing me. “Deal.” He agrees and I smirk quite proudly. “You know, we have time.” Harry murmurs against my lips, 
“We do?” I question, knowing what he’s thinking.
“We do.” He nods, moving his hand to rest in the small of my back, his other on my waist.
“I need to get dressed.” I whisper, pulling away from his lips. He pouts before giving me a smile, “you have time.” He remarks before defiantly placing a few soft kisses on my neck. “Don’t start.” I wail, finding it harder and harder to resist him. “Just a little kiss.” He whispers, moving to my lips and locking ours together. My arms wrap around his neck and pull me closer to him, our chests pressing against each other’s. He deepens the kiss, making me smile slightly, half wanting to continue, half wanting to get ready so we aren’t late. His hands move down to the back of my thighs before he picks me up. Unable to repel against the satisfying moment happening, my legs wrap around his torso, out lips unable to part as he carries me closer to the bed. He lowers the two of us down towards the bed. My back hits the soft covers and he hovers over me, pulling away from the kiss and softly sucking on my neck. “Don’t leave marks.” I warn him, feeling him chuckle against my skin. 
He pulls away from my neck before giving me a smirk, “I don’t feel like this anymore.” He comments, dropping beside me onto his back, making me glower. “What?” I ask, 
“I’m done.” 
“You barely started.” I comment, moving onto my side to stare at him, he gives me a shrug, making me abruptly become frustrated. “You can’t just do that.” I note, moving and sitting on his stomach, his legs moving so my back is pressed to his thighs. “Hayley-
“No, you can’t just do that.” I shake my head, cutting him off, leaning down and kissing him sweetly. He pulls away from my lips, observing me. “Hayley.” He begins to say but I shake my head, “You can’t just lead me on like that.” I protest, his hands gripping mine. “You always do it to me.” He calmly replies, making me feel as if this is some sort of revenge plan for the times I have rejected him.
“I have a good reason every time I pull away.” I gripe, not enjoying the fact he has basically rejected me, even though he started the moment.
“Mhm, if you say so. Come on, you better get ready.” 
“That’s a really dick move.” I mumble despondently, moving off of him, getting off the bed and choosing something to wear. Usually whenever he starts something he finishes it, he is always the one to be in the ‘mood’ but today seems to be a different story. Now I am the one who is in the mood, but he refuses to continue what was started.


My eyes scan the area of party goers, happily dancing, singing and drinking. I stand more towards the side, not really sure where I want to position myself. I’m uncertain on if I should get a seat at the bar, and just pass time, or if I should go take a seat on the couch where I am sure the boys’ will make their way towards. I make the decision and go towards the couch, only for someone unknown to make it there before me.


Harry’s p.o.v

I scope the area, trying to work out where Hayley got off too. She always seems to walk around and find herself at opposite areas to me, and then she will unexpectedly come back to me. The boys’ hand me a drink and I take it in my hand, viewing down at it for a split second before skimming the area again. I find Hayley as I sip my drink, watching carefully as she sits with some girl. The girl looks around the ages of eighteen or nineteen, but I’m not certain. I have never seen her before, and by my gut instincts I feel as if she knows of Hayley and I. I keep my eyes on the two of them, while still managing to listen to Zayn and Liam while they converse in a discussion. I take note of a few other people going up to Hayley and the other woman with her. My eyes narrow down on two guys approaching Hayley and the woman. Liam elbows me, taking my attention from the girls. “For a few minutes would you just pay attention to something other than Hayley?” Liam questions, making me raise my eyebrow.
“I pay attention to other things.” I comment, noticing him roll his eyes at me.
“You are whipped.” 
“Shut up.” I mumble, not liking the fact they think I am ‘whipped’ I am far from whipped.
 “Okay, so, how’s your tattoo?” Liam questions, 
“It is okay, it’s kind of burning a bit. I forgot to put the cream on it.” I answer, 
“You should know better.” Zayn scolds and I nod, absolutely agreeing with him. I can’t help but let my eyes wonder over towards Hayley, something tugging at me to bring her over here to me, just a slight protective kind of thought. I notice Zayn bite his lip as he places his drink down and gazes over towards Hayley. He strides away without saying a word, my full attention turning to Liam as he talks. 
Zayn comes back with Hayley right beside him, giving me a smile. She comes to me and I wrap my arms around her, showing everybody here she’s mine and is not up for grabs. “Where are the others?” Hayley questions, 
“They didn’t come.” I reply. 
“Would you like a drink?” Liam offers Hayley but she declines his offer shaking her head
“When a slower song comes on, can we dance?” Hayley asks me and I shake my head, making her sigh. I am not one for dancing; I always feel a little odd when slow dancing.
 She excuses herself, forcing me to unwrap my arms from her. “Where are you going love?” I promptly request, 
“The bathroom.” She gives me a peculiar gaze before walking away. 
“What’s gotten into you?” Zayn laughs, 
“What do you mean?” 
“You basically got super over protective and asked where she was going. She can’t go far.” Liam sighs, reminding me that Hayley can’t go too far. I precipitously feel like I am a possessive boyfriend. “That isn’t true.” I lie, just not wanting to seem like I am clingy or anything. I know they think I am, but truth is, I just love and care for her. They aren’t used to seeing my loving and caring side, I’m not even used to it, but, it is something I am getting used to.
 Hayley makes her way back over towards us, walking carefully as she dodges dancing people while wearing her heels. Hayley takes her position right beside me, engaging instantaneously in conversation with Liam and Zayn.
Despite the fact we can argue and fight like cat and dog, I wouldn’t want to be standing next to anybody else but Hayley. I don’t know how I would cope without her. The past ten months have been a roller coaster of up and down emotions and feelings, but, I have slowly become a better person. I have learnt what love is, I have learnt that being a cold hearted guy isn’t what anyone wants to see. I’m still cold hearted and have my moments, but with Hayley, I am becoming someone a lot nicer, more caring and understanding. I smile to myself as I watch Hayley’s smile and eyes light up flawlessly, as she talks to Liam and Zayn. I gently move her in front of me and wrap my arms around her from behind, feeling a need and a want to be close to her. It’s commonly always the girl wanting to be close to the guy, but honestly, I want to be close to her. I want my arms around her, and I want to feel her smaller body perfectly pressed to mine. Hayley leans back a little onto me, still focused on the conversation that I have distanced myself from. As my mind continues to merely ponder different thoughts, I find myself yawning and resting my hands on Hayley’s stomach comfortably, her hands resting over mine. “Hayley, you have this boy head over heels for you.” Zayn manages to pull my attention into the conversation. “I don’t know about that.” Hayley giggles, 
“Hayley, you could tell him to go do something stupid and drastic, and he’d go do it.” Liam explains with a smile, grasping his drink with his hand and swirling the ice with his circular movements. “No I wouldn’t.” I butt in shaking my head.
“Don’t lie, you would.” Liam chuckles but I shake my head in defence. Too stubborn to make it known that I undoubtedly would do anything she said. Although I might disagree with what she’s telling me to do, if it came down to listening to her, or never being with her and feeling her love again. I’d definitely choose to do anything. “You just have an ego and won’t admit anything.” Liam scoffs. 
“And you’re just jealous.” I reply with a grin, I’m convinced the boys only comment about my relationship because they are jealous.


My p.o.v

A smile appears on my face as Harry places a peck to my cheek, making the two boys groan playfully. “Told you, jealous.” Harry chuckles, making me roll my eyes as well. I don’t see why they would be jealous; they have beautiful girls, and have relationships they are happy in. Why be jealous of Harry and I. We have something special, but to other people, we probably have something fucked up. I gently pull away from Harry, making his arms unwrap from around my body, his arms dropping to his side. “I’m just going to go get a drink and make a call outside.” I inform Harry, he gives me a nod, as if to allow me to go. I walk away, making my way around the horde of people having fun. I walk past the bar, deciding to make my phone call first. The time differences between here and home is pretty infuriating and I don’t want to wait too long to call my Mum and Dad. I don’t want to call them at some ungodly hour. I step outside the back of the club, I’ve become prone to using back exits now, it’s like a normal thing. I step to the side so I’m not in the doorway. I dial my parents’ home phone number, watching as girls stumble out the door I just exited from. After a few rings my Mums’ voice promptly chimes happily, giving me a warm greeting. “Hi Mum.” I smile, missing her a bit. “How are you Hayley? How are things?”
“They’re good Mum, how about with you?” I ask, hearing the obnoxious laughs of the tipsy girls who are staggering around. “They are good Hayley, I’m eager to see you.” 
“So am I. We should be back home within a few weeks.” 
“I hope so, I miss you.” 
“I miss you too Mum, is Dad there?”
I ask, 
“No, he’s working still darling, I better go, my phone is about to die.” 
“Alright Mum, say hi to Dad for me. I’ll talk to you both soon
.” I smile, trying not to laugh at the girls in front of me. 
“Goodbye Hayley.” My mum sighs before hanging up. I walk up the three concrete stairs, pulling open the heavy door to the club, stepping in. I adjust my jacket, placing my phone in my clutch, turning around. My eyes widen and I gasp as someone’s standing inches away from me, yells “surprise attack!” 
My heart rapidly beats hard against my chest, and my body freezes unexpectedly. The random person simply laughs at my expression, walking around me and opening the door, stepping out himself. I shake my head at the immaturity. Sneaking up on a female while she’s alone isn’t humorous, it’s immature; but I assume he had humorous intents. My hands feel a bit shaky, as do my legs, my whole body feeling like it’s in a state of shock. I lean on the wall, trying to open my clutch only for it to fall out of my shaky hands. I huff, feeling the usual strong thuds against my chest. The same thuds anyone feels beating against their chest when they get a fright, but mine are a bit more than just thuds. I look down at my clutch that lies at the edge of my feet. I sigh feeling like I should perhaps call Harry, but, I don’t want to always be troubling him when things happen. I’ve dealt with things without him previously, but, it makes me feel better to know someone is with me. My breathing is entirely abnormal, I attempt to take deep breaths but it feels utterly unbearable. I sluggishly slide down the wall, managing scramble through my clutch to grasp my phone. I unlock the password with trembling hands; quickly dialling his number, putting the phone to my ear and listening to the rings. When it hits voicemail I hang up, deciding to just stay on the floor, dealing with myself. My chest slowly starts to get tight, my heart not changing its pace; still racing at a fast rate. I take my jacket off, starting to feel as if it is weighing me down. I close my eyes, attempting to try calm down, and breathe but it doesn’t work. I dial Harry again, my breaths starting to get shorter, after a few rings, he answers. “Hi Hayley.” He greets happily,
“Hi, can you come here?” 
“Why? Where are you?”
He question, his tone of voice changing instantly. 
“The back exit.” I get out, trying not to sound too jumpy. 
“Why, what’s wrong?” He asks, 
“Nothing, just come.” I instruct, hanging up so he doesn’t ask more questions. I pull at my top, feeling my chest tighten and feel as if there’s something weighing down on it. This feeling I have felt many times before, a terrible feeling that doesn’t do any justice for me. I see a shadow walking closer and I pray it isn’t some random person, they will undoubtedly think I’m weird and crazy. As the shadow approaches, I strain my eyes to see who it is, happy to know it’s not a random stranger, but Harry. “Why are you on the floor?” He requests, looking down at me. 
“It doesn’t really matter; can you just stay with me?” I stutter, half wanting to deal with things on my own, half wanting to tell him. “It does matter, tell me.” He instructs, watching as I try keeping things under control. “Just, don’t freak.” I cough, rubbing my chest. He bends down to my level, taking note of my actions and shallow breaths. “It’s your chest. What do I do?” He immediately asks, getting protective. “Hotel.” I croak out, my breath hitching in my throat as I try to speak.