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🍀 lucky 44 🍀 part 5

a little while ago i took on a bunch of requests for traditional chibis when my blog hit [*]444 followers! requests are closed now, but i’m still plugging away at them! (^    v ^) and there’s still a couple more to come, so if you sent one in, i’m going to do them all! Promise! if you’d like to see the original post, you can read more >here<! but remember~ request are closed (o   w o) thank you! <3

1)  Legolas from LotR for @zenzenzenzense - i feel like every really sweet person i’ve ever been friends with in my life was a huge Legolas fan at one point or another?! which is just an interesting coincidence!

2) Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri on Ice for @miharuthekunoichi - i need more Yuri on Ice content SO BADLY!!!!! (7O   AO)7 and i can’t be the only one!?! when will they tell us when the movie is coming out?!?! *cry cry cry*

3) Pidove from Pokemon for @starsshinedarkly77 - they said “do your favourite pokemon!” and omg omg omg omg! what a cute request!!!! (>   w <) i’m sorry my favourite pokemon isn’t flashy! and is very predictable! of course it’s Pidove! XD

4) Wonder Woman from Marvel EU for @spacewitchqueen - i, like so many others, LOVED the new Wonder Woman movie! so i was thrilled to get to draw a little tribute to her! (oT   w To) she is so strong and inspiring! *SWOON!* 

thank you all for the requests! only a few more to go! (O   w O) sorry that it’s taking a bit longer now between sets since i have my tablet back now! but i hope you don’t mind. ALSO! as soon as i’m done i’ll be announcing the random winner for the full request! <3 <3 <3

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They say “there’s no point in protesting, he’s already our president, you’re just overreacting.” We are fighting more that just trump, we are fighting the normalization of racism, sexual assault, transphobia, and homophobia, among much more. But you can’t sit quietly and let history run its course. You must fight for your rights. Fight with facts. Fight with truth. Fight with drive. Fight for the people who are less privileged than you. Fight for what you believe in. Unfortunately I can’t attend a march today, as I work and need the money desperately. I’d love to be in D.C. today but that isn’t possible, so march for me, march for what you believe in and change history. For no one who stayed silent changed the outcome of history.


Hi! I’m Sam, and I’ve always really admired catwoman/Selina Kyle, ever since I was a kid I thought she was my fitness goals. Her gymnastic abilities and stamina were unparalleled. 

Last year I decided that I was going to try to finally work my way towards them, and started what I called: the cat woman project.

Intense work outs which included four mile runs, and two one hour sessions of yoga and stretching a day. Unsurprisingly this only lasted abut six months until I burned out and life overtook me once more. 

It is a wholeyear later that I’ve decided I want to get back on track, in a much kinder way to my body.

This blog will update weekly/daily, with what exercises I plan to do and what food I plan to buy to complete my balanced healthy lifestyle, to become a little bit more like Selena Kyle 

imperatorsapphiosa  asked:

Re: femininity without coming out Tight jeans, leather jackets, combat boots, cargo pants. Pea coats and women's cut sweaters aren't obvious but feel feminine. A lot of "punk" styles are really androgynous, so they can feel feminine and still be downplayed to family. Also I've found they're easier to pull off for male-assigned peeps. Depending on how you feel about lying/truth-bending, you could always say that female friends did nails and the like. Cute and easily covered.

Ren says:

Hope it’s okay if I offer my own two cents here?

A thing that has helped many trans lady friends of mine is clear nail polish. It’s still shiny and pretty and the act of taking care of your nails/toenails is feminine and validating in itself? But at the same time, people aren’t likely to notice or call you on it!

Also, lip gloss that’s close to your natural shade or even chapstick. (Even something as simple as foundation can be really nice.) And things that smell nice! Doesn’t have to be perfume!

Alllllllso, wearing stuff under your clothes is kind of awesome. Like, if you can get your hands on lingerie, lace and polka dots can be surprisingly validating, and I’ve heard pretty good things about lingerie-store employees and trans women, especially at Victoria’s Secret!

Sarah, Beth, Sarah-as-Beth, Katja, Sarah-as-Katja, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Helena-as-Sarah-as-Beth, Alison-as-Sarah, Sarah-as-Alison, Rachel, Helena-as-Sarah. Thirteen variations. Thirteen all-in, no-holds-barred, utterly human alterations, within a ten-episode arc. Thirteen perfectly believable versions of one face doing thirteen totally distinct things. 

From the bottom of the Clone Club heart, I gotta say: Tatiana Maslany, you are an incredible marvel.