rb if you think that dark skinned black girls are stunning, the physical manifestation of sunshine, and totally under appreciated.

Because gay isn’t only 17 year old white kids that come from middle to upper class homes. And Black Love isn’t just straight couples that enforce gender roles and women with perfect bodies, a quiet tongue, and a womb always ready to create. This is also the face of Black Love. And its beautiful. -ShiShi


White women need to deal with the fact that most of you voted for Trump. It’s the not the job of black women or any marginalised and oppressed person to take responsibility for the actions of their oppressor or to educate their oppressor.


I’m seeing calls for people to defend Taylor swift and again seeing Taylor swift used to degrade other women who don’t fit the respectable feminist image. As a black woman I don’t owe her shit nor does anyone else in the name of feminism.

Note: one about Katy Perry meant to say **how contracts work**

A consequence of feminism merging with pop culture is that it’s becoming commodified. Teens are buying feminist etsy patches and are putting ‘intersectionality’ into their twitter bios, but are failing to engage or critically think about how the sexism woc face is often racialised (i. e i n t e r s e c t i o n a l i t y) I mean i’m all for visual representations of your feminist praxis, but f e m i n i s m is much more than some cool quirky watered down tumblr aesthetic