You’ve got to know yourself. You’ve got to know what ignites your magic, what fires your soul into performing majestic acts of love. You’ve got to know yourself so much that not even a hundred voices will drown yours. You’ve got to own yourself, this journey is all yours. All yours. No one can do it and you decide whenever you are ready to embark on it. Unlearn, learn, master yourself and love yourself or else they will define you and that’s a poisonous kind of life. That’s death.

This is what transgenderism does to women and their identities. It supports the idea that the more time and effort that a person puts into their appearance, the more of a woman they are.
Woman doesn’t come in degrees. It isn’t conditional on the use of nailpolish, hair straighteners, and make up.
Women can present as masculinely or femininely as they like and they are still women. They are still whole women. A butch lesbian is no less of a woman than a feminine presenting heterosexual woman.
It is internalised misogyny to think that a man is more of a woman than you because he paints his nails and does his hair.
Women are adult, female, humans.

Angelina Jolie Says Her Womanhood Is Not Dependent On Her Body Parts

Two years after Angelina Jolie wrote an op-ed in the New York Times explaining her decision to have a double mastectomy, the actress haspenned another piece to announce her more recent choice to remove her ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Throughout it all, the 39-year-old actress has challenged society’s assumptions about what it means to be a desirable woman.

To understand the meaning of womanhood we have to start with God. If He is indeed “Creator of all things visible and invisible” He is certainly in charge of all things, visible and invisible, stupendous and miniscule, magnificent and trivial. God has to be in charge of details if He is going to be in charge of the overall design.
—  Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be a Woman

“You were afraid to nurse your young
lest fallen breast offend your master’s sight
and he should flee to firmer loveliness.
And so you passed them, your children, on to me.
Flesh that was your flesh and blood that was your blood
drank the sustenance of life from me.
And as I gave suckle I knew I nursed my own child’s enemy.
I could have lied,
told you your child was fed till it was dead of hunger.
But I could not find the heart to kill orphaned innocence.
For as it fed, it smiled and burped and gurgled with content
and as for color knew no difference.
Yes, in that first while
I kept your sons and daughters alive.
But when they grew strong in blood and bone
that was of my milk
taught them to hate me.
Put your decay in their hearts and upon their lips
so that strength that was of myself
turned and spat upon me,
despoiled my daughters, and killed my sons.
You know I speak true.“

(Beah Richards, excerpt from “A Black Woman Speaks of White Womanhood")

Its no surprise that this surge of transgenderism-activism has risen out of a culture which objectifies and commodifies the bodies of women to an enormous extent. If men are socialized to see women as nothing but costumes/objects, then it makes sense that by putting on this costume/objectification means, to them, that they are a woman. Explain to me, someone, how, without the presence of sex dysphoria, transgenderism is NOT reinforcing established and known gender roles/stereotypes? Explain to me how the social physical markers of woman, markers which thousands of women do not adhere to (which some women die for not adhering to), and markers which literally DO NOT EXIST in other cultures, suddenly become the definition of femaleness and womanhood when a male puts on this costume? 

dress ≠ female

make up ≠ female

long hair ≠ female

high heels ≠ female

putting on the costume of woman which we have been forced into before we could talk does not make you a female, does not make you a woman, and it never will.