when it comes to plotting in roleplays, i’ve noticed that some people find it a little hard to come to conclusions with their ideas !! whether it’s what to name their character’s chemistry or what to actually do, problems always arise !! since i haven’t posted in the community in such a while, i thought i’d help a couple of you out !! so, without a further ado, here’s my own personal list of fourty four character connection plots i’ve tried and tested over my three to four years of roleplaying, complete with an explanation and a few examples of how you could do it !! if anyone wants me to expand on them or give any more examples, just shoot me an ask !! please give us a like or a reblog if you like/used it !!

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Why isn’t “womance” more of a thing?

I just discovered this word. It effectively means the equivalent of a bromance but between women.

Why is the tag so empty? Bromances are cool and all, but I’d like to see more celebration of womances, especially from all the fandoms out there.

I wanna see Peggy and Angie, Gwen and Morgana, Allison and Lydia, Laurel and Sara, Kara and Alex, Malia and Kira, Jessica Jones and Trish Walker, and on and on and on.

  • Aaron: Hiya. Vegan Bolognese.
  • Robert: Is that punishment for not returning your calls?
  • Aaron: No. Gabby's stopping for tea.
  • Robert: Gabby?
  • Aaron: Yeah. It's back on, so whatever the opposite to a bromance is...
  • Robert: Womance?
  • Aaron: Yeah. Anyway, I booked us a little table tomorrow night at the steakhouse in Leeds.
  • Robert: I thought you said you didn't want to do anything?
  • Aaron: I changed my mind. What's the problem?
  • Robert: Okay, look... erm... I've agreed to help Rebecca rescue this deal tomorrow night and I can't get out of it. She's out of her depth and it's time-sensitive, but trust me, it will benefit us in the long run. I'll make it up to you, I promise.
  • Aaron: That's fine. I'll just have a few pints with Adam.
au ideas
  1. fantasy/supernatural 
  2. fandom 
  3. school/college + student/teacher 
  4. super power 
  5. rpg/quest 
  6. spirit animals/animal transformation  
  7. circus  
  8. insane asylum 
  9. strip club 
  10. detective/investigation 
  11. thug/mafia/gangs 
  12. time period/location 
  13. pirate 
  14. sucked into a video game  
  15. dystopian future 
  16. soulmate 
  17. battle of the bands 
  18. celebrity  
  19. zombie apocalypse 
  20. alien invasion 
  21. rebellion/revolt 
  22. genderbent 
  23. expedition/new world discovery 
  24. end of the world 
  25. time travel 
  26. slice of life + jobs + seasons 
  27. mythology 
  28. deserted island/plane crash/lost 
  29. younger/older age 
  30. bank heist + masks 
  31. spies 
  32. futuristic 
  33. serial killer 
  34. haunted house 
  35. witches/warlocks 
  36. tv host 
  37. hollywood 
  38. lower class/upper class 
  39. neighborhood/suburbs 
  40. war 
  41. heavy government control 
  42. orphaned 
  43. run away/wanted 
  44. stalker 
  45. romance/bromance & womance 
  46. cowboys  
  47. medieval times 
  48. psychic/ghost whisperer 
  49. hackers 
  50. thief 
  51. problem child 
  52. disease/virus 
  53. bounty hunter 
  54. model/porn star 
  55. magical girl 
  56. vacation 

its really fun to combine multiple au's 

edit: part 2  

New Years

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of 2015. The world has gone through a lot these past few months but hopefully we will come out stronger because of it. Thanks to everyone who made this year special for me. From the sweet messages to just actually being willing to follow, I thank all 1k+ of you and I wish you the best as we charge into 2016. I was too lazy to do another full length fanfiction recommendation so I’m attempting to do a follow forever. Happy New Year!

You’re in My Womance (courtesy of @e-wills)

@the-httyd-lover// I can’t even begin to explain how great of a friend you are Helen. When we met a couple months ago, I was so happy to find a person who truly understood me and wanted to listen to what I had to say. It’s hard to find people like that now a days. You’re so sweet and I love talking with you just about whatever is going on in our lives. I’m always going to remember that one Skype conversation we had where we literally couldn’t talk to each other because we both knew we already had talked about everything on Tumblr. We’ve been through each other’s ups and downs and been a rock in those times. Thanks for being an awesome friend!

@sasstrid-and-dorkcup// I love love love talking to you Cara and every conversation I’ve had with you makes me just want to get to know you more. You got me obsessing over Starco and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for that (haha jk). You share my obsessive love for everything HTTYD which simultaneously scares me and relieves me because I know that you’re not judging me and my craziness. See you next year!

@apolloluna-255// You’re so kind and sweet and you’re pretty much the best human being ever. I haven’t talked with you in forever but you understand me and you’re always there for me if I need to vent out my frustrations. I don’t feel like I need to be someone else when I talk to you which is a super nice feeling to have. I miss you so much and I hope we can talk more in 2016!

You’re Honestly a Cinammon Roll and I Need to Hug You Forever

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You’re Probably Too Cool and Rad for Me But I Stil Want to Talk to You

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You Seem Really Nice So We Should Talk More 

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You’re Insanely Talented and Awesome and Yeah I Probably Stalk You 

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