Taylor Swift exhausts herself for fans on every single tour and even outside of tour. She’s found more ways to get in touch with fans than any other celebrity. She has invited fans to her house, she has a 13 hour meet and greet, she has free meet and greets, and even interacts with fans on instagram and tumblr. She’s used tumblr to actually have conversations with people. 

Outside of interacting with fans she donates loads of money to various charities, and visits sick children in the hospital. She has donated money to fans for heart surgery, cancer treatment, and even gave money towards college. One boy was raising money for a service dog and she donated to that cause too. She donated to Louisiana flood victims and also donated to the Dolly Parton Telethon when fire was evacuating people from their homes and essentially making people homeless. Let’s not forget giving $250,000 dollars to Kesha for court fees and you pathetic people actually complained and shamed her for this. (If beyonce, or any other singer had donated you all would have praised them to this day. And if a MAN donated that moeny you all would have been on your knees crying)

The charities she has donated to include: 

Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, ALS, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Economic/Business Support, Education, Environment, Family/Parent Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Mental Challenges, Miscellaneous, Philanthropy, Physical Challenges, Poverty, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Refugees, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Substance Abuse, Unemployment/Career Support, Women

I’ve seen people say Taylor is selective in what she supports and that is bullshit. Never has Taylor ever made any comments that would say she support selective groups. The bolded causes above also combat this claim. 

Stop acting like Taylor Swift sits back and does nothing. Before the Women’s March none of you had a real reason to be mad at her. Even now you still don’t have a real reason to call her these names or claim she is selective in her feminism. 

And to the people who said Taylor voted for Trump when she voted for Hillary, now you’re just blatantly lying to support you misogyny towards this woman.

Women who did not go to that march are not defined by a march. If Taylor had gone to the march you all would have called her attention seeking and you know it. I saw people saying that Beyonce couldn’t have gone because there would have been too much attention drawn to her but someone who is as equally famous, if not, more, can’t have they same kind of understanding?

Stop with your double standards just because you don’t like a woman. Just stop. 

And stop using these pathetic, untrue excuses to not support Taylor Swift during her Sexual Assault trial. The word feminism holds very little weight when women have just as many double stands as society does. Open your eyes.

anonymous asked:

God imagine if WW had been directed by snyder or whedon. It would've been awful. It's also so funny to me to see the difference between a film like this directed by woman side by side with a superhero film directed by a man. It's almost as if women want to show other women as strong and fierce while men only see us as objects /s. It's so upsetting that there aren't more female directors in the industry like I know they're out there but ya know, male dominated world.

Honestly, it’s not even that there aren’t more female directors, there are so many female directors, problem is Hollywood is so antiquated in it’s thinking that they’re still of the mindset that men know best what women want, so men get the jobs more often. You’ll find a lot of really great indie films with female directors but not so many big blockbusters and it’s a shame. Because there are absolute gems directed by women like: Pariah (2011) dir. by Dee Rees, Bend It Like Beckham (2002) dir. by Gurinder Chadha, The Kids Are Alright (2010) dir. by Lisa Cholodenko, Selma (2014) dir. by Ava DuVernay,  The Hurt Locker (2008) dir. by Kathryn Bigelow (who was the first woman to win an Oscar for directing, not even 10 years ago), Heck, even that damn Babadook y’all have turned into a meme is from a 2014 movie directed by Jennifer Kent. And now Wonder Woman.

Women are making damn good movies. I wish Hollywood would start recognising that and giving them more opportunities to shine.