Imagine if Dudley did have a magical child though.

He and Harry haven’t spoken since ‘I don’t think you’re a waste of space’ and he’s matured enough to realise his parents were not good to Harry, especially since the birth of his own little girls because God forbid anything happened to him and they were treated like Harry was.

On Daisy Dursley’s eleventh birthday theres a knock on the door and his wife, Anita, just stares and he feels his stomach drop because the stern lady on the doorstep is wearing a cloak and pointed hat.

They listen to the woman - Professor McGonagall - explain and Anita is surprised but receptive, Daisy is excited and Dudley is terrified of what this means.

It’s a surprise to his wife and little girl when at the end of her explanation, while Daisy’s flicking through a book with moving pictures and Anita peers over her shoulder, Dudley blurts out ‘it’s safe now then? Your world?’

Professor Mcgonagall gives a wry smile and assures him that the magical world is indeed safe. It dawns on him that she was expecting this, that she’d perhaps researched him and was aware of his relation to Harry.

He then admits to Anita and Daisy that his cousin is a wizard, before turning to the Professor and asking if she by chance knows a Harry Potter. Looking amused, professor Mcgonagall acknowledges that she does.

’D'you know where he lives?’

That does surprise her a bit, and she tells him that yes, she knows and that though Daisy’s acceptance into the school has been confidential up until this point, Harry would likely not mind a visitor if he wanted a word.

Daisy begs to come along and he relents eventually, bringing Anita and their youngest, Poppy, along.

All four of them stand on the doorstep of a modest house that Dudley would call nice if there weren’t squat little creatures snickering and running around the front garden.

The door is opened by a slouching boy with turquoise hair who arches a purple eyebrow at them. He yells over his shoulder for someone named Ginny and steps back to let them in, and, when he notices Daisy staring at his hair, he smirks and a second later it’s bubblegum pink.

Daisy squeals in delight and Dudley is still trying to get his head around that when young girl and boy around Daisy’s age with bright red hair and thick brown curls respectively, hurtle down the corridor.

‘Teddy you promised you’d practice the sloth grip roll with us!’ The girl yells in an accusatory tone.

A woman with hair the same shade of flaming red as the little girl appears with what Dudley recognises as a wand in her hand as the boy with blue hair flashes a grin at them before chasing the two younger children outside to a shout of ‘No higher than the treetops Teddy!’

Harry is much like Dudley remembers him, lanky with a pointed face, straight nose and mess of untameable black hair. It’s awkward, but, apparently forewarned, Harry greets him pleasantly and introduces his wife before Ginny goes outside to reign in a gaggle of children he assumes aren’t all Harry’s.

A woman with thick, bushy hair pulled into a messy bun with a wand stuck in it smiles and makes an effort to talk to Anita. She’s not too strange, he thinks, and reassures them that her parents were just as baffled when they found out she was a witch.

‘Why don’t you take Daisy outside to see the broomsticks, Al?’ Harry suggests to Daisy’s obvious delight and Dudley swears Harry’s trying not to laugh.

By the end of the visit Dudley is more informed about the wizarding world than he ever thought he would or wanted to be. Daisy, with a bruise on her forehead and scraped knees, because despite both his and Harry’s warning she hadn’t been able to resist trying to fly, is bouncing off the walls because ‘daddy how could you not tell us?!’

They visit Harry’s a lot over summer and Daisy befriends Lily Luna Potter and Hugo Weasley. Dudley doesn’t feel up to the trip to Diagon Alley but regrets his decision to not go when Daisy comes back with two owls, 'uncle Harry bought the second one for me! So you can write without having to wait for me to send my owl!’

Petunia Dursley faints when she finds out, and Vernon spends a good half hour cursing and brandishing things aimlessly before retreating to his shed.

Dudley being introduced to what he calls 'all those bloody gingers’ some of whom are only just on the right side of civil to him (one cheerfully introduces himself as someone who once visited his childhood home in a flying car and asks if he’s going to need to do the same for Daisy or will she be allowed to attend without punishment).

Daisy is shocked to find out Harry’s famous, and finds out as much as she can about him during her first term, which she relays to an increasingly guilty feeling Dudley, who’s gradually coming around to the idea.

It’s not as bad as his parents made out it was. He’s learned to understand Daisy’s ramblings about her subjects and spells and is proud of her achievements at school. He’s met a handful of witches and wizards through Harry and the world that he’s always been told is terrible doesn’t seem too bad anymore, after all, how could it with his little girl in it? He is prepared come excitable little Poppy’s eleventh birthday, for her to join her sister at Hogwarts instead of standing jealously on the platform as she leaves.

Poppy Dursley never gets a letter.



  1. The Offering 
  2. Bubble Bath 
  3. Underneath It All 
  4. Multifaceted 
  5. Rayguns 
  6. Overly Sunbathed Woman with Map Hat 
  7. Happy Hippy Hippo 

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QuakeCon information

From IGN’s live blogging so far

  • Bloody Mess is on there. “Everyone likes to pick that.”
  • Showing the perk UI. It’s laid out like a giant poster, with each “column” designated to one letter of SPECIAL.
  • “We have a bunch of perks, and those are tied to your SPECIAL stats. Every time you level up you get to pick one.
  • “They are showing "four of about a dozen” companions. Dogmeat, Mr. Handy, Piper, and Preston.” 
  • Preston Garvey can be a companion, but now they’re introducing us to Piper, another possible companion. He meets her at Diamond City.
  • She’s a woman wearing a red leather coat and an old-fashioned newsboy hat. She gets the player access to the destroyed park. Her boss, Mayor McDonough, is not happy with it. 
  • In-game demo. Mr. Handy will say out loud the name you give your character. From “Shaun” to “Mr. F***face.” Yes, he actually said it. 

If it’s another stressful Friday, take a moment to envision soothing and invigorating ocean waves. We hope a few wave-inspired fashions will help.

Woman’s Hat, 1988, designed by Hubert de Givenchy

Man’s Trousers, c. 1998, designed by Issey Miyake

Woman’s Short Evening Dress, c. 1987, designed by Pierre Cardin

Woman’s Robe, 19th century, China

Woman’s Veil, Spring 1938, designed by Elsa Schiaparelli


If you’re planning to become an artist, here’s one nice way to do it: be independently wealthy, easily pay your bills without needing to sell your own work, buy up the paintings of your marvelously talented friends, and then give their works to the nation. A little-known 19th-century artist named Gustave Caillebotte’s did just that and there's a big show devoted to him at the National Gallery right now.

Caillbotte’s best-known work, owned by the Art Institute of Chicago, depicts one of those rainy Paris days. His 1877 painting Paris Street, Rainy Day, shows top-hatted men and woman in long dresses walking on wet cobblestone streets past imposing wedge-shaped buildings. They are sheltered under dark umbrellas.

“It’s what we think about Paris — it’s what you see in movies,” says Chicago curator Gloria Groom.

Known As A Collector, Gustave Caillebotte Gets His Due As A Painter

Photo credit: (top) RMN-Grand Palais/Art Resour/Courtesy National Gallery of Art, (center) The Art Institute of Chicago/Courtesy National Gallery Of Art, (bottom) Private Collection/Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art