Week Ending June 12th, 2017

  1. Klance
    Keith & Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender
  2. Malec +4
    Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters
  3. Victuuri −1
    Victor Nikiforov & Yuri Katsuki, Yuri!!! on Ice
  4. Wayhaught
    Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught, Wynonna Earp
  5. Dan and Phil +3
    Daniel Howell & Phil Lester, YouTubers
  6. Emison −2
    Emily Fields & Alison DiLaurentis,  Pretty Little Liars
  7. McHanzo
    Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada, Overwatch
  8. Jikook −3
    Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook, Bangtan Boys
  9. Otayuri −6
    Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky, Yuri!!! on Ice
  10. Wondertrev
    Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman
  11. Paperhat +1
    Black Hat & Dr. Flug, Villainous
  12. Destiel −2
    Dean Winchester & Castiel, Supernatural
  13. Supercorp −4
    Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor, Supergirl
  14. Camren
    Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui, Fifth Harmony
  15. Nygmobblepot +3
    Edward Nygma & Oswald Cobblepot, Gotham
  16. Drarry +1
    Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter, the Harry Potter universe
  17. Yousana
    Yousef Acar & Sana Bakkoush, Skam
  18. Sheith +1
    Keith & Shiro, Voltron: Legendary Defender
  19. Evak +1
    Even Bech Næsheim & Isak Valtersen, Skam
  20. Bughead −7
    Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones, Riverdale

The number in italics indicates how many spots a ship moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.

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The Law of Attraction Technique More Powerful Than Visualizing:

What is it? Re-writing or imagining the day as you wished it had been. Every incident and conversation.

Where did it come from? Neville Goddard, a mystic teacher who taught in Los Angeles and New York in the 1950s, was the first to understand and apply the technique of revision.

How do I do it? In your mind recall the day from when you woke up. Make each incident conform to your ideal wishes. So, if you woke to a loud bang from the neighbour above, you would change that to seeing that you woke peacefully. If you received a letter with disappointing news, mentally read the letter you wished you had read instead! Imagine all your bills were paid. Imagine he/she didn’t snap at you, but infact helped you. Imagine that phone call you’ve been waiting for. Imagine you had a sense of peace that never left you today. Imagine you had more than enough time, money and energy left over at the end of the day! And either see this in your mind or write it out. The essential point is to feel the reality of what you wished had happened.

Why does it work? Neville Goddard said revision allows you to radically change your attitude to your present circumstances and to the world. And to the degree you can change your attitude, the world around you will change to reflect that.

What are the benefits?
•It is similar to mindfulness meditation because it helps remove the residue of stress that builds up daily.
•It helps you press Pause on the negative flow if you are in one.
•It enhances your mental faculties of imagination and willpower as you imagine what you’d like
•It helps you believe you are more in control of your life than you know.

•A woman that saw a hat she wanted but couldn’t afford, imagined she had it and was later gifted the exact same hat.
•A boss that was hard to work with for 11 years, became more appreciative of his employer overnight, praising her design skills. All the designer did that morning was imagine on her walk to work that her boss was with her the whole commute, praising her.
•A young person imagined a tax refund letter and a revised bill, with an apology for the over-charge, came within a week.

*For affordable private law of attraction coaching please see: http://manifestingsuccess.tumblr.com/post/159165420894/new-offer-law-of-attraction-life-coaching-for-10*

Change your today, and tomorrow will follow.


One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga / Enies Lobby Arc] : Cipher Pol Number 09 (CP9) vs The Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin : “First with Aokiji..and now, I’ve involved you twice! If this is to continue forever, no matter how kind and compassionate you all are…someday, it will be too much of a burden. Someday, you’ll betray me and cast me aside! That’s my greatest fear.. That’s why I didn’t want you to come rescue me! If I’m going to die someday anyway..I want to die here! 
Chief Spandam : “I see, that makes perfect sense! Hahaha! Look at that symbol Straw Hats! It represents the unity of more than 170 nations…it represents the World! Do you realize how frivolous your resistance is?! Do you understand the sheer power of the organization that is after this one woman?!
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “I totally get who Robin’s enemy is. Sogeking. Shoot down that flag.
“Sogeking” Usopp : “Roger. Hissatsu Firebird Star!”
Chief Spandam : Are you crazy?! Do you really think you can survive now that the entire world is your enemy??
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “Bring it on!! Robin! I still haven’t heard it from your lips! Say that you want to live!!”
Nico Robin : *Live? I didn’t think I could wish for that. No one..ever allowed me to wish it. If it’s really okay..to make one little wish..I..*  “I WANT TO LIVE!!”
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : *heh* “Let’s go!”

A.U. where CP9 are secret paramilitary police like the Nazi SS & the Straw Hats are a (gang) crew in high school. My 2nd all-time favorite moment in One Piece! The Water 07 Saga was a superbly written storyline in OP. The twist of the Cipher Pol Number 09 members, the story of Cutty Flam & Shipwright Tom, and the clashes between the two groups blew me away. The Enies Lobby arc also revealed the Straw Hats in their peak conditions, very similar to the “Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc” from Naruto, these are my favorite kinds of arcs when you get to see many key characters fight to their full potential. Nico Robin was such a beautifully written character and her backstory was precious. I’m kind of sad to see her thrown on the backlines in the New World because she deserves better. Also, Sogeking was a huge development for Usopp, really pushed his character forward in the series. And of course, Blueno vs Luffy & Rob Lucci vs Luffy were some of the best fights in the series. Gear 2nd!

: Haikyuu!! - Makko Shobu

FEBRUARY 10 - Aimée & Jaguar (1999)

On this day in 1999, the film Aimée & Jaguar was first released in its home country of Germany. Set during World War II, the movie tells the true and devastating love story of Lilly Wust and Felice Schragenheim, one the wife of a respected Nazi soldier and the other a Jewish journalist hiding in plain sight at a Nazi controlled newspaper.

The film begins in Berlin in the 1990s; two old women meet in a nursing home, and when the narrator sweeps back in time to 1943, you know you are in for a decades-long story that will stick with you long after the credits roll. The foundation of Aimée & Jaguar is something we’ve all seen before: bored housewife is swept off her feet by the charismatic and dangerous queer. However, what makes Aimee & Jaguar stand out from the crowd of a dozen other lesbian movies is the lingering knowledge that these were real women who actually lived and loved in the city that was the heart of the Nazi empire; a gang of lesbian friends all sitting around a table joking and playing cards, or a Jewish woman in full suit and top hat waltzing around a ballroom with her lover are the type of images that I never would have associated with 1940s Berlin before I saw this movie. They are the type of lived experiences that have been buried under the mythologizing of WWII-era Europe, and it is through Aimée & Jaguar that you are able to see that, even though it was stifled under the rise of fascism, Germany’s thriving gay culture of the 1920s and 1930s was still there, still dancing and laughing and kissing no matter how many closed doors and curtains it was forced to hide behind. At the beginning of the movie, I wondered why it wasn’t titled Lily & Felice or something more obvious, but by the end I had come to realize just how crucial Lily and Felice’s pet names were to their relationship, and just how important sublimated identity was during this time for lgbtq people, for Jewish people, and for any marginalized person living under Hitler’s rule.

The real Felice Schragenheim and Lilly Wust as pictured in Erica Fischer’s novel. The text at the bottom reads: (Left) Felice, in a photo taken by Lilly, on the Havel River, August 21, 1944. (Right) Lilly, in a photo taken by Felice, during the summer of 1944 on the balcony of Lilly’s apartment at Friedrichshaller Strasse 23. 

Before the film was released, Lilly and Felice’s story was told in novel form by Erica Fischer in her bestselling book Aimée & Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943, which you can check out here! Or hear the story told through Lily’s own words in this 2001 interview with The Guardian.

And of course, here’s a link to the full movie on YouTube!


Every Wednesday

IMAGINE: Every Wednesday, (Y/N) comes into Steve’s cafe. Every Wednesday Steve tells himself to gather up his courage to finally ask her out. Every Wednesday he fails. 

[gif is not mine. still cannot believe the amount of love ‘misunderstandings’ received. I don’t think y’all know how much it made me feel. you truly are all the best. also I put blair in this one-shot from gg because i’ve been binge-watching it and i rediscovered my love for her…and dan]

warnings: swearing

word count: 1.8k+

Steve picked up the leftover muffin, sighed and threw it in the bin. He really didn’t know why people didn’t use the trash can that was conveniently provided in the cafe. As he wiped the mess he heard the bell ring and decided that he had to clean this later. He made his way to the counter, pen poised in his hand ready to write down whatever the customer wanted. Steve looked up and all he saw in that moment was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

He probably looked like an idiot, standing there, hand awkwardly dangling barely clutching the pen his eyes probably glossy and idiotic smile on his face. A cough brought him out of his reverie and he realised that she wasn’t alone. Next to her stood a woman around the same height with brunette hair and an obnoxiously large hat and sunglasses.

“If you’re done staring at my friend, I would like to order now,” she spoke haughtily.

Steve shook himself out and readied his pen again, “What would order?”

The woman with the large hat made a face, she was about to open until the woman that Steve was fixated on said, “Blair.”

Blair rolled her eyes, “Large cappuccino, skim milk double shot.” As Steve wrote down the order, Blair kept tapping her feet.

“Blair, honestly.”

Blair turned to her friend and pulled down her glasses, “(Y/N), seriously.” She mocked.

Steve watched in amusement as the now named (Y/N) shook her head. (Y/N), he mentally spoke. What a beautiful name.

“Ugh, if you’re just going to stare at her, I’m going to try and find a seat.” Blair groaned as she flipped her hair dramatically and made her way to one seat. Both (Y/N) and Steve watched as Blair scrunched her face and retrieved a handkerchief from her handbag and a hand sanitiser.

“I’m sorry about her,” (Y/N) apologized to him. “She recently realised that she’s in love with a person she thought she hated.”

Steve turned to her. Fucking hell, even her voice was beautiful. “Classic love, huh?” Steve spoke. ‘Classic love? What kind of moron says that? You do, Steve Rogers. Maybe Barton was right, he was really an idiot when it came to flirting.’

“The classic Romeo and Juliet,” (Y/N) chuckled. “Probably more dramatic since Blair’s the main part of the story.” He gave a little chuckle as well.

“Would you like to order anything?” He asked, knowing that she probably wanted something as well.

 She gave him a soft smile, “Large latte and two sugars, please?” Steve nodded and jotted down the order. “And two chocolate croissants?”

Steve smiled and totalled up her order. He watched as she dug out her purse, finally she found the note and handed it to him. As Steve reached for the money their hands grazed and Steve could feel a blush appear on his face.

He passed over the change only to have her put it in one of the tip jars, he noticed that she put the money in the far right. “Lord of the Rings is so much better,” she winked at him and smiled to herself when she saw him blush.

“God, you’re amazing,” Steve mumbled out. Obviously he thought that he said it to himself,  but judging on her confused face he said it a bit too loud.

“I’ll get your coffee agoing,” Steve pointed to the machine behind him and she gave an awkward chuckle.

Once he knew that he wasn’t in their view he knocked his head on a shelf twice. 

“You could have done worse,” a voice sounded to his left. He saw Sam approach with an amused grin on his face. “You could have said that you loved her.”

From the faithful and groan-worthy Wednesday, it seemed like ‘Falcon’s Brew’ seem to gain a faithful customer. As Steve realised her pattern, he decided to ask for the extra shift of Wednesday. Luckily, Wanda who usually had that shift started University.

“Okay, but you have to actually be nice to him Blair.” The familiar voice of (Y/N) filled the cafe as her and Blair walked into the cafe.

“I know that! It’s just, it’s Humphrey,” Blair made a face. Steve knew them well enough now that (Y/N) was rolling her eyes.

Throughout the weeks he realised that the only reason why they were in Brooklyn much to Blair’s distaste was her possible boyfriend was living in these parts, and according to (Y/N), Blair needed the courage and sugar. Weeks went by and throughout that time he thought about how he was going to finally ask (Y/N) out…when he found the courage to do so.

“Hey guys,” Steve greeted. “Usual?”

“Black coffee,” Blair grumbled out. He knew that she didn’t personally hate him…probably.

“Sugar?” Steve asked and Blair shook her head. She gave (Y/N) a weird look that he couldn’t decipher and made her way to their usual spot.

“Is she okay?”

 (Y/N) blew a raspberry which Steve couldn’t help but smile at. She was too adorable for her own good. “Dan went out to dinner with his publisher and Blair’s gone all psychotic on him. Insulting him left and right, you know, the usual Blair treatment.”

Steve nodded understanding somewhat. He wrote up her order and as usual she gave him the money and tipped the change. “Star Wars, dude. Is that even a question? Darth Vader rules.”

“You like Darth Vader? You like Star Wars?” Steve questioned, not really seeing (Y/N) as the Star Wars type.

(Y/N) gave him a look and he smiled at her. “I may or may not have a Darth Vader figurine in my room.” She confessed sheepishly, with another look she walked over to where Blair was.

“You’re so great,” Steve accidentally blurted out.  

(Y/N) turned back around and gave him a quizzing look, she chuckled, “You’re pretty great too, Steve.”

He couldn’t help but smile at her compliment, at least his blurting out random confessions finally came to good use. As he prepared his drinks, he went over their conversation.

‘Her room, (Y/N) in her room.’ Steve thought. He shook himself out of it, suddenly realising how creepy it was. He look towards where (Y/N) and Blair were, the latter woman giving (Y/N) an annoyed look and (Y/N) shrugging. ‘Huh, wonder what that’s all about.’

Steve grumbled and pulled the knobs a bit too tightly. He bit his lower lip and furrowed his brows, “Idiot.” He mumbled to himself.

“You know people who speak to themselves often indicate insanity,” a biting voice spoke to him. He looked to his left where Blair was standing, one brow arched.

“Is something the matter?”

“No, is something the matter with you though?” Blair tilted her head. “It’s not related to that man sitting next to (Y/N) over there, is it?” She asked with an all knowing look. She looked back to where they all sat, then turned back Steve. “Not the man who’s currently holding (Y/N)’s hand while whispering into her ear?”

 Blair grinned when Steve accidentally dropped the coffee beans and swore. Steve looked over the machine and realised that (Y/N) and the man was nowhere near each other, he turned back to Blair who had a grin plastered on her face.

“Honestly, are all men cowards? Just ask her out. I’m sick of you pining over her,” Blair rolled her eyes and grabbed a muffin from the stand. “Stop with the puppy look, Rogers. Unlike some people I don’t find it cute.”

Steve wondered what Blair meant by that last sentence. Who was the person that found his ‘puppy look’, cute? He was brought out of his thoughts when a cough interrupted him. Steve look to the counter and found (Y/N) there.

“Sorry, Blair took the muffin without paying for it,” (Y/N) smiled apologetically at him. She handed him a note and he gave back the change. “Interesting choice you have here?” She examined the jars. “I have to say though, I prefer blondes.” She gave him a look and smiled. He smiled, confused at her.

Steve locked the door and made his way to the car, as he walked he realised that her companion had brunette hair. Suddenly her last words to him made sense. Was it her way to say that he shouldn’t be jealous?

 “I have blonde hair!” Steve blurted out loudly. He looked around and saw a couple of people giving him odd looks. He quickly ducked his head. As he mulled over his thoughts he couldn’t help the smile on his face. 

Next Wednesday he eagerly anticipated (Y/N)’s arrival. Everytime the bell rang he looked up, a small smile on his face only to be let down. On possibly the fiftieth time, he finally heard Blair’s familiar loud voice. He looked up and saw (Y/N) and Blair arms linked with a curly-haired man.

“Hey (Y/N),” Steve greeted loudly.

She looked taken aback. More quietly this time, he greeted her again. He saw the amused face on Blair’s face as well as their companions.

“Hey Steve,” she greeted happily. “This is Dan. Blair’s Dan.” She winked at him.

“You guys got finally together?”

Blair nodded and rolled her eyes, “Humphrey finally realised that he can’t do better than me and that I’m the love of his life, and he was wasting his stupid flannel-filled time by ignoring me.” Blair unexpectedly yelped as Dan poked her in the ribs. “Humphrey!” However, both (Y/N) and Steve knew that Blair was too happy to be annoyed. The new couple both sat down after giving their orders to Steve.

“Usual?” Steve asked, knowing the answer.

“Do I ever get anything else?”

“Touche,” Steve wrote down her order. He gave her the total and and she passed him the money. “Wait, we have special jars today.”

(Y/N) gave him a questioning look but nodded nonetheless. Steve took a deep breath and kneeled down, gathering the two small mason jars. It was now or never. He put the two mason jars in front of her, eagerly looking at her reaction.

She looked shocked at first but soon started to smile. For the first time he saw a small blush appear on his face as she placed the change daintily inside the right jar. “I’m eagerly anticipating our date Rogers.”

Steve picked up the jar and saw the label ‘yes’, he looked at her a huge grin on his face. “Yes!”

She chuckled at him, and awkwardly looked around at the cafe and noticing that it was only the four of them in the cafe.

“My god, Rogers, can you be more embarrassing?” Blair yelled. 

Every Wednesday, Steve opened the door with a small hop in his step, a smile on his face and humming a small tune. Wednesdays were now his favourite day. It’s been a year since they had their first date and everyday with her was always better than the last.

Her and Blair with the occasional Dan come in every Wednesday. He greets them with a smile, when they reach the counter, (Y/N) leans over the counter to kiss him, always earning a groan from Blair.

She stays back on Wednesday, waiting for him to take them both home. In all of his life, Steve doesn’t think he’s ever been this happy. He knows that he’s going to happier in the future because he knows, that one day, (Y/N) will become (Y/N) Rogers, and that their Wednesdays together will be their forever.

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