Fantastical, samurai, warrior, justice trinity thing! I think an adventure featuring a version of Superman and friends set in a fantasy driven Edo/early Meiji Japan would be fun. Beyond that I honestly have no idea what this is supposed to be you guys… :/

I drew the first image (the one with the green smoke and them all in profile) back in 2013. I ran across it on my computer and I thought it looked kinda cool so I decided to make prints and take it to Heroescon. I got really great feedback so last week I drew these character designs and illustrations kinda based off the style of the original drawing. :D

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So trans Qunari. Like humans aren't strongly sexually dimorphic but it looks like the Qunari are, how does that play in? And I want to see a trans woman qunari warrior, bc I know Qunari have a notion of warrior=male and I want to see how she'd fit in

Trans Qunari exist in canon, and Qunari society has a word for ppl who change genders (shitty terminology I know). The thing is they don’t allow women to be warriors or men to be politicians, so a trans woman Qunari would have to abandon their job as a warrior and take on a ‘female’ job under the Qun

it could have been worse tbh they could have said that all Qunari females just stay home and have their babies, but female Qunari run most of their government afaik


St. Joan of Arc was a 15th century martyr who led the French in battle against the English during the Hundred Years war. She was eventually wounded, captured, tried for heresy, and burned at the stake at the age of 19. In life she was known for being incredibly inspirational and brave.

 When I was doing research for this piece I found quite a few depictions of Joan that showed her as a sorrowful, willowy, very young girl with long, flowing hair–I wanted to stay away from depicting her in the dress she was executed in, looking helpless, because there’s plenty of that around already (though there are many wonderful images of her in armor as well!) From the transcripts of her trial historians generally agree that she was a short (~5'2") muscular, stocky woman, with short black or dark brown hair, which fits her image as a farmer’s daughter, who wore full armor and carried a long sword and a large banner into battle. She was known to be at least semi-literate, and signed her name “Jehanne”

(I know I said I’d be done with this yesterday, but shh, it’s done now, I put a ton into it, and I love how it came out)

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Theodor de Bry. The True Picture of a Woman Picte. 1588.  

A Pict woman (a member of an ancient Celtic people from Scotland) stands with a long spear held upright in her left hand, and two long spears held horizontally in her right. She wears only a large ring around her waist, from which a curved sword hangs behind her, and a smaller ring around her neck. Much of her body is painted or tattooed. 

“The women of the Picts above said were no worse for the wars than the men. And were painted after the manner following, having their heads bare, did let their hair flying about their shoulders, were painted with griffon heads, the low parts and thighs with lion faces, or some other beast as it comes best into their fancy. Their breast hath a manner of a half moon, with a great star, and four lesser in both the sides, their paps (nipples) painted in manner of beams of the Sun, and among all this a great lightning star upon their breasts. The saids of some points or beams, and the whole belly as a Sun, the arms, thighs, and legs well-painted, of diverse figures: They did also carry about their necks an iron ring, as the men did, and such a girdle with the great sword hanging, having a pick or a lance in one hand, and two darts in the other.”

Female Fighters

“With our perceptions of ourselves culturally, women have a hard time getting into a full contact fighting sport. There are a few brave women who say, ‘Forget this, I’m going to do what I want,’ but for most girls, it’s harder to make that transition. As a feminine woman, I can show other feminine women that it’s okay to fight.”

-Extract from my full interview with Thrivewire. Check it out for my story on getting into sword-fighting and the film industry, and for what can happen when you fiercely do what you love!