woman crush wednesday

Can we please talk about how beautiful is this human being…

I usually don’t consider myself a fan from something or someone

But tbh, she conquered my heart

I do not know if it was her talent, her humor, her personality, her great voice, her passion or her beautiful soul

All I know is, I support that beautiful human

and I’m proud of it…

Keep killing it girl, we got you

Some people make Alycia their “woman crush wednesday”, but I have this bish as my...

“Marry me Monday”

“Total package Tuesday”

“Woman crush Wednesday”

“That jawline Thursday”

“Fealty Friday”

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“Sit on my face Saturday”

“She’s special Sunday”

‪My WCW aka Woman Crush Wednesday former exotic dancer, reality star, rapper, and social media star Ms Cardi B. She is silly, crazy, funny, and real. She’s not trying to be anyone else but herself _______________________________________________________ #WCW #MyWCW #LoveandHipHop #AJBWCW #CardiB

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This week will feature a double entry. I couldn’t decide which set of photos to showcase. So, here’s the first set. These photos are from Gooseberry Intimates. I couldn’t stop thinking about these photos. They have a surprising sensuality to them. Which is effortlessly expressed by this woman. But, these photos aren’t an exception. All of the shoots that I’ve encountered have that same quality. So, obviously I concluded that she was the source. Then, I started investigating her. What about her that gives off that vibe? What does she do to acquire this qualities? Does she do it on purpose? Or is it just some natural aura surrounding her? An accurate resolution requires further analysis. Nonetheless, she is an amazingly gorgeous woman. Drop dead gorgeous.

Belle Lucia