Wonder Woman Style Tests (image 1), (image 2), by Stjepan Sejic

So I was kind of stoked to hear back from Stjepan with permission to use his art on Sartorially Smart Heroines. I’ve followed his galleries for a while now, and I admire his ability to keep up with so many projects at once, as well as his willingness to make fun of himself and other artists for certain stories and portrayals in comic book lore.

I enjoy depictions of Wonder Woman in armor, and found several excellent concept pieces in Stjepan’s galleries. Diana’s armor here fits into a category I refer to as “brawler armor.” I tend to think of brawler armor as protection for a combatant who fights mainly unarmed and/or using improvised weapons (chairs, tables, I-beams, Buicks). While we tend to think of unarmed fighters like monks, martial artists, and boxers as ones who forgo armor for flexibility, there’s no reason similar characters couldn’t wear light, flexible, punch-absorbing armor. (D&D monk being an exception, of course, armor interfering with class abilities and all that, but… bleah never mind, not important.)

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My husband and I were talking about the woman’s armor in a sci-fi rpg and how it bothered him that one of the designs leg was completely unarmored. After talking about it we arrived at a design that I for one would like to see. Energized fishnet shielding.

 Energized fishnet  

As a kind of force field armor.

Also it could glow. Glowing is almost always cool.