woman's curves

Tbh i love a girl with curves.  Like nothing against the girls that are super skinny and what not but i love a woman with curves on her.  I wanna be able to grab n squeeze and be as rough as i want without worrying about breaking her. 


This is Your Weekly Female Empowerment Post

Every week I have been featuring a photo series that makes a positive statement about women. The first tow posts were body positive and all about loving your curves and realizing you do not have to live up to society’s impossible standards put on you by the media, you can read them here and here. The most recent post was about the power of women’s bodies and the amazing things it can do, you can view it here

This post is all about celebrating women of all colors. Not only does the media tell us that skinny women are idea, they also reinforce the idea that thin white women are a cut above the rest. As a Native American woman I have an affinity for darker skin, and the community that I am a part of in NYC is filled with beautiful woman of color. Inside that circle we celebrate one another, but outside of that group we are bombarded by images that tell us that we are somehow lacking. 

There are several issues that add depth to that main problem, black and brown women have varying skin tones, hair, and body types. Women like me with lighter skin and “exotic” looks are often sexualized beyond the normal objectification women have come to accept as normal. With the black community, girls with lighter skin are often told they are prettier than their darker skin sisters. African American woman are told that their natural hair is unprofessional and less desirable. This needs to stop. 

First of all, all of us minority women are goddesses. My tan skin and green eyes are not for any man to fetishize. A woman should not have to decide how she chooses to wear her hair based on what society deems as appropriate for the workplace. Lighter skin is considered more beautiful because it is closer to that of a Caucasian’s, and that mentality is disgusting. 

Dark skin,light skin, thick or thin, black and brown bodies are gorgeous. Natural hair, braids, dark or light eyes, we women are beautiful and not to be constantly sexualized. Our worth does not come from the approval of a man, and how beautiful we feel should not be decided by what we see on a billboard. Eventually I want to see ads and magazines filled with women who look like me, and that is what I will be advocating for, but for now it is up to women of color to support and lift up the other women around us. We need to remember that we are not in competition with each other, and correct ourselves when we conform to society’s views. 

Dear Body,

I never thought that a day like this would come, and I am so grateful it did. 

You’ve been though a lot, and I’m sorry, because I never appreciated you enough. I’ve tortured you into being a size 0, and today you were a beautiful size 12.

I look at you and sometimes I feel shame, but then I remember that I won this body, I won this body through health and happiness. I remember being so small I had to buy kid’s clothes. I remember how fragile and weak I was and looked. Now I look at myself and see a strong woman, with curves. I look at myself and see confidence. My body no longer screams: help me! Now my body shouts: This is who I am, accept me or leave me!

I’m sorry for having hated you so much. 
Today, I make a pledge to never again, shame or hate my round tummy, my pretty butt, and my well-rounded thighs. 

Much love,
Maria xxx