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I can’t believe how beautiful and buff Vanasha is

apologies for lack of art, so SO busy.. making said art LOL, hang tight ;u;

My piece for the @ittakesawomanzine !
I wanna thank @catstealers for hosting such a wonderful zine and giving me the opportunity to work on a project with such amazing artists! I also want to thank all those who purchased it!

And if you missed your chance, there are still digital copies available !

hey guys, gather ‘round! i’m thinking about making a short zine of poems on feminine magic and magical women, and i want people in the witch community to contribute their voice! (non witches also welcome!) the zine will be inclusive of all women of course, including transgender women and WoC. i’d like it to be creatively diverse in order to capture the complexities of witchcraft & womanhood.

submissions and questions can be sent to me here on tumblr, or more preferably at my email spuksmail@gmail.com.

submissions can be NSFW (to a degree) and must be less than one page long. anyone who is chosen for the final print will be given full credit for their creative work. thank you, and please spread the word! 🔮🌙

my submission to the fantasy @buffbabeszine from a few weeks ago! since school started this year, i’ve been trapped in senior year hell/doing adult things (like going to NYC for illustration week!), so getting the excuse to draw a giant owl and some armor heLL YEAH a personal piece amidst all the chaos felt goooood


Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in my zine, “I Don’t Have to Put Up With This Shit! I’m a Fucking UNICORN!: A Queer Self-Care Coloring and Activity Book” zine [issue #1]

I will be releasing issue #2 in the Glitterwurst coloring book series in July. “So, Life is Hard: Queer Self-Affirmations and Coloring Book” zine [issue #2]

Keep checking back because I have other way cool zines in the works, “All In Your Head: Queerness, Neurodivergence, and Disability,” “Queer (Recovering) Catholic,” and “I Just Have a Lot of Feelings: A Big Queer Coloring Book of Feelings” [issue #3].

To get your copy of issue #1 in the GlitterWurst coloring book series check out my store: 

I don’t own any of the images featured. I only compiled them. I’m kind of over it.

i wanna start a new zine

one with a girl* gang/punk/riot grrrl aesthetic in which anything/any form of activism can be included, anyone who sends in any form of art/writing/photography, and anyone who’s willing and wants to do something towards it can. this is NOT exclusive to just those who identify as girls, ANYONE can contribute on any subject matter they wish. once its done a mailing list can be started, idk. don’t think it will take off but if anyone is interested, message me, i don’t bite  ,’:)