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Royal Air Force Pilot - Lena “Tracer” Oxton

I can finally share my full illustration for​ It Takes A Woman Zine Vol. 2! This was the first zine I ever contributed to and I’m happy to have been a part of it. :)

Pre-orders are now closed but there are still a few copies available at @ittakesawomanzine!

Cheers love! It Take A Woman Zine Vol. 2 is preparing for takeoff! Here’s a little close-up preview of my piece that will be in the zine!  ★

Pre-orders start on August 15.

Every artwork in the zine celebrates the 11 ladies in the roster of Overwatch and there are many awesome artists participating in the zine! Hope you can check it out! ^^ ✧・゚: *✧

I also made one of the bonus merch that comes with the zine! ;D

I can’t believe how beautiful and buff Vanasha is

apologies for lack of art, so SO busy.. making said art LOL, hang tight ;u;

WIP. Pride Wonder Woman is going well! Something happened during this piece were I suddenly feel more confident in my painting/ blending/ strokes! Thank you WW! 

Also I have decided to do the different pride flag variations after all, it’s a bit more work but you guys have been so amazing and I want to do what little I can to give back to the people around me and hopefully make their day a little better. 

On a different note I am a part of a Dragon Age zine! for some reason when I link it it doesn’t show for some people so can you please google Arcana, Dragon Age Zine and check it out if you have a minute? 

You can get a chance to get a full, painted commission from me if you back it. Also there are so many amazing artists and all proceeds go to charity!

My piece for the @ittakesawomanzine !
I wanna thank @catstealers for hosting such a wonderful zine and giving me the opportunity to work on a project with such amazing artists! I also want to thank all those who purchased it!

And if you missed your chance, there are still digital copies available !