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hey guys, gather ‘round! i’m thinking about making a short zine of poems on feminine magic and magical women, and i want people in the witch community to contribute their voice! (non witches also welcome!) the zine will be inclusive of all women of course, including transgender women and WoC. i’d like it to be creatively diverse in order to capture the complexities of witchcraft & womanhood.

submissions and questions can be sent to me here on tumblr, or more preferably at my email spuksmail@gmail.com.

submissions can be NSFW (to a degree) and must be less than one page long. anyone who is chosen for the final print will be given full credit for their creative work. thank you, and please spread the word! 🔮🌙

my submission to the fantasy @buffbabeszine from a few weeks ago! since school started this year, i’ve been trapped in senior year hell/doing adult things (like going to NYC for illustration week!), so getting the excuse to draw a giant owl and some armor heLL YEAH a personal piece amidst all the chaos felt goooood

FAQ and Information

“It takes a woman” zine is a fanzine hosted by @catstealers​ to celebrate and appreciate all the girls in Overwatch. This fanzine is comprised of 47 individual pieces of artwork featuring a different one of the 10 girls that makes up the roster in Overwatch. 


  • When will pre-orders go up? The pre-order link doesn’t work in the title.
    • Pre-orders will go up around mid March and will be up for two weeks. All the pieces will be finished early March and then the book will be put together and the link will be provided then.
  • When will the books ship out?
    • Once the pre-orders have ended I will order the books and they should be sent out late April to early May.
  • Will the books be available after the initial pre-order session has ended?
    • There will be a limited supply after the initial pre-orders have been sent out and then it will be available digitally after that.
  • Is there anywhere I can find/buy the individual art if I miss the pre-order?
    • Each individual artist will be able to sell their works on their own if they so choose. Something to ask the specific artist themselves. 
  • What company are you using to make the books?
    • I’m using smartpress printing
  • How many pieces of art are there for each character?
    • There are 5 different pieces of art for each character with the exception of two characters. Those two are: Zarya with 4 and Symmetra with 3.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered send an ask!

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i wanna start a new zine

one with a girl* gang/punk/riot grrrl aesthetic in which anything/any form of activism can be included, anyone who sends in any form of art/writing/photography, and anyone who’s willing and wants to do something towards it can. this is NOT exclusive to just those who identify as girls, ANYONE can contribute on any subject matter they wish. once its done a mailing list can be started, idk. don’t think it will take off but if anyone is interested, message me, i don’t bite  ,’:)

i feel like the 90s would have been a good time to be a young angry asian american woman with a zine. now? in the 2010′s? I want to be a tall skinny hipless boobless bald white man with glasses and a startup. would have been good to be a tall skinny bald white man in the 90s as well but i mean currently