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Can DCEU fans please, please stop defending the female characters of this franchise? Cause when you look at them beyond what the film wants you to think, they are just awful. Like, Michael Bay levels of awful.

In Man of Steel, Lois Lane suffers from the same problem as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse, where a character and/or actress is given more screen time and importance just because. The way the film bends itself backwards to give her screen time is just pathetic. But what’s even worse is that they are all excuses for Superman to save her. Seriously. Lois Lane goes into the Kryptonian ship. Robot attacks her so Superman has to save her. Lois Lane investigates Superman: the government kidnap her, so Superman has to make sure she is safe (but he was going to turn himself in anyway, so Lois being kidnapped feels like an odd choice story wise). Lois is brought up to Zod’s ship, just another excuse to put her in a situation where Superman has to save her. Then she ends up on a military plane so that she can push a button. I’m sure only she knows how to do that, it’s not like they could have just told them what to do or anything. And not only can she not push a button properly, it’s just yet another excuse for Superman to save her. Then there’s Martha, who’s impact on Clark is completely sidelined for Jonathan Kent’s pretentious monologues. Outside of one good scene. she’s just sort of there cause she has to be.

In Batman V Superman, we have 3 more characters. Mercy, who gets the same treatment as Jimmy Olsen (given about 3 lines and then killed for no reason.) Senator Finch, who’s actually the most well done character in the whole film in terms of execution of characterization. Blown up with Mercy. Wonder Woman? No. Just no. I hate that they reduce her to a one dimensional ‘badass warrior chick‘. I hate that her only purpose is the worst possible kind of sequel set up. I had that this version of the character does nothing during a ‘century of horrors‘ because man just doesn’t work well together so what’s the point?. And I hate that her solo movie has to carry all that baggage. And as for Lois Lane: way too many problems for this post, but the main one is this: to all the people who say ‘she’s not just Superman’s love interest in this version.‘ Yeah she is. Her interview with the terrorist is just for Superman to save her. Her investigation into that bullet is just for the movie to tell us that Lex ‘Most Obvious Bad Guy In Cinema History‘ Luthor is the bad guy. And then Lex kidnaps her to get to Superman. Then she shows up at the title fight, and all she does is explain something Superman already said. Then she throws a spear into water, just so she has to go get it later, leading to, big shock, Superman saving her AGAIN!! Oh, and the movie strongly suggests that Superman will go nuts if Lois were to die, which is just horrifying. And don’t get me started on how Martha is just a reason for Batman to suddenly start helping Superman. But hey, at least she gets to give Superman a horrible monologue of her own, right?

Then in Suicide Squad (note. I have not seen the extended edition, so maybe these problems were fixed), 4 female characters yet again. Enchantress is the main villain, and wow, she is the most average villain in superhero history. She’s another ‘god who thinks they should be worshiped and in charge‘ type character with a dash of ‘technology is bad‘ thrown in. She’s Gozu from Ghostbusters but with none of the build up or threat. Lame. The split personality thing is interesting, but it’s forgotten about as soon as it’s brought up and never goes anywhere. Kitana is…. just sort of there. Much like Wonder Woman, she’s just a ‘badass warrior chick‘ with nothing to her. Her only character trait outside of that is that her husband, a character we have never seen or given any reason to care about, is trapped inside her sword, and I guess that’s meant to make us care about someone who just stands around and occasionally killing something. And Harley Quinn is only entertaining because Margot Robbie is perfect casting. But even with that in mind, she’s a character that can be defined in one word: ‘crazy‘. There’s no depth, no interesting analysis of her craziness, she’s just crazy. And the movie keeps acting like she’s this super dangerous criminal who needs her own cell in the open cause she’s just so crazy. Yawn. Oh, and take a shot every time the camera focuses on her boobs and/or bum. I dare you. Amanda Waller is…. OK, yeah, she’s pretty damn badass. But that’s one pretty good character out of 9 who range from disposable to wasted potential.

Are those really the kind of female characters you want more of from Hollywood?

  • 2017: Hey Guys!
  • People: *sigh* hey 2017
  • 2017: How's it goin?!
  • People: It's going okay. Honestly just tired of our government. Last year didn't go so well.
  • 2017: Aww I'm sorry. Let me try to make you feel better.
  • People: Yea I don't think anything is going to make me-
  • 2017: Remember that show Prison Break?
  • People: Yea? It was a pretty awesome show. Sad Michael had to die
  • 2017: Well.... it is coming back this year!
  • People: What????
  • 2017: And you are getting your Michael back!!
  • 2017: By the way.... Have you ever heard of Twin Peaks?
  • People: Yes. It was canceled after only being on the air for a year. It sucks cause it was pretty awesome-
  • 2017: Well that is coming back too
  • People: SERIOUSLY???!!!!! That is so awesome!!
  • 2017: Since we are on the topic.. remember Will and Grace?
  • People: YES THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST COMEDIES...Wait... are you...???
  • 2017: YUP!
  • People: *Squealing*
  • 2017: Also, I heard that you have been waiting for a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 since 2005
  • People: YYEEAAAA???
  • 2017: Well right now I can't get you a complete date
  • People: ... oh
  • 2017: But I can give you a year
  • People: Seriously???? For me????
  • 2017: Yup! 2018
  • People: Awww 2017 you are so sweet! You don't have to give anymore-
  • 2017: You sure?
  • People: Yea you've done enough
  • 2017: So... you don't want an awesome Wonder Woman movie??
  • People: What??!!!! A what??!!!
  • 2017: okay guess I will take that back
  • 2017: Well if that made you excited. I can't imagine what my next news would do.
  • People: What is it?
  • 2017: Wellllll I think you are a huge fan of Doctor Who correct?
  • People: Yea?
  • 2017: ....
  • People: oh my god
  • 2017: 😏😏😏😏
  • People: Your not-
  • 2017: 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
  • People: Are you really
  • 2017: The Doctor
  • People: no
  • 2017: Is now
  • People: NO
  • 2017: A Woman
  • People: 😱😍😱😍👏🏽😱👏🏽😍👏🏽😱😍👏🏽😱😍

I’ll put my nails into your back
Yeah, you’ll feel me like a spinal tap
You want it from me on both knees
But not until you beg me, please

The side effects are sexual
Are you dying for a taste?


The last time Mary McDonnell was kissed onscreen was 2009. 6 YEARS AGO.

At this point, I don’t care WhoTF she kisses as long as it happens. Pass it on. 

So basically everyone on ‘Backstage’ is gay af and I won’t accept any other canon.

Master Tigress’s new out fit ;; 

I already had a fucking major crush on this badass kitty and I just…asdfghmjoauhgbASDFGHJKLIJIUG. 

                WHY MUST MY WAIFU BE SO HAWT DAMN!?! 


                          hALP I AM IN A MESS

HEY TAYLOR!! Okay this is actually my second follow list I’m making for you but I just had kind of an overwhelming response to my offer to make a follow list and I don’t want to leave anyone out! I understand you’re super busy but I just want to try to do my part in helping others get noticed, since it’s such an amazing feeling to be noticed by an empowering woman and role model like you. So, maybe check these awesome Swifties out?? @taylorswift












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Hace Calor

A/N: Back at it again with another fic for Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge. I thought of this at work and wrote 80% of it there (don’t judge me lol). I had the hardest time coming up with a name for this. It translates to “It’s Hot”. You decide which part is hot… 

Prompt: Negan x OC of Color (African American)

Word Count: 2,920

Tags: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash , @negans-network

Warning: NSFW, language, fingering, teasing, spanking,unprotected sex and a little daddy kink in there.


What the hell have these idiots done?! Your twin cousins Joshua and Casey had just burst into your room and locked the door behind them, not realizing that you were in the room. You watched them as they whispered urgently to each other before you loudly cleared your throat. They jumped at the noise and Casey hit the door, almost knocking it down.

“What have you two dumb asses done now?!” You growled at them, arms crossed over your chest. The two boys shared a glance among each other before nervously looking back at you. You tapped your foot impatiently as the silence drawled on.

“So yall are deaf now? Can’t talk? Or just plain stupid?” You asked as you took a step towards them. Casey looked at Joshua for an answer as Joshua ran his hand across his face. You took another step towards them and balled your fists. Joshua raised his hands in a defensive stance and sighed.

“Ok, ok! We may or may not have been in the pantry.” Joshua started as he whispered. You raised your eyebrow questioningly and crossed your arms as you waited for him to continue. Joshua broke eye contact with you and placed his hand on his head before running it down the length of his dreads. You turned your attention to Casey who stared back like a deer caught in headlights.

“I’m giving you guys until the count of three to say what the hell is going on before I ring your bell. One.” Casey’s eyes widened in fear and Joshua groaned in hesitation. You narrowed your eyes as you held up your hand with two fingers signaling you were counting to two.

“Ok!” Casey yelled throwing his hands in the air, signaling defeat. “We snuck in the pantry and stole this.” He lifted his shirt to reveal a small bottle of tequila tucked in his waistband. Your eyes go wide with disbelief as the horror of the situation sets in.

“You idiots! What were you thinking?! Stealing is a capital crime. If you guys are caught, you’re dead!” Your head shook in anger as both boys looked at the floor remorsefully. You closed your eyes to try to regain your composure and regulate your rising blood pressure.

“Give it to me, I’m taking it back. Now.” Joshua looked up and made a sound of distress as Casey reached into his waistband to retrieve the stolen merchandise. You snatched the stolen alcohol from him and sighed.

“Now I’ve got to sneak this back into storage before they realize it’s gone. I swear if we weren’t related, I’d kill the two of you.” You warned before stepping in between the two of them. You punched Joshua hard on the shoulder before turning to Casey and assaulting him as well. The boys groaned and clutched their arms in pain.

“Let that be a lesson. Don’t do anything stupid before I get back.” You warned before sticking the bottle inside your bra and exiting the room.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. My name is Rodger . I love going to convention's and attempting to pass my cosplay. I'm recently lost a bet with a friend's and now has to go as a female character. I'm terrible with thinking of who or what to go as. Can you just ramble off a few idea's that I can choose from?

There’s so many characters out there that I wouldn’t even know where to start with listing. When picking a character, I think the best place to start is just with what you like. Love Marvel movies? Pick one of the ladies! Like DC better? You literally can’t go wrong with Wonder Woman right now. Are you a big gamer? Overwatch has so many awesome female characters or Chell from Portal is always a favorite. Think about what media and characters you love and just go for it regardless of your appearance.

My only other advice with genderbend or crossplay costumes is to never play gender as the butt of a joke. I’m not saying you can’t be funny or silly, but doing the schlocky “man in a dress” trope style cosplay for laughs is a big “no.” No one’s gender should be the punchline of a cosplay.

Why The Song of Achilles is currently my favorite book: On Achilles, The Iliad, and Wrath

I love The Song of Achilles, not just because it’s a beautifully written book, but because it captures the real character of Achilles in a way that I feel many modern readers may not fully appreciate when first reading the Iliad.

I know I didn’t.

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the-ethereal-nymph  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to drop a line saying that I just found your blog and I just love it! I'm a baby witch who's been looking for some stuff to work on (if you're interested, my witchcraft blog is @a-witchy-woman) and I've found some awesome stuff thanks to you! So thank you and I hope you have a great day/night!

thank you so incredibly much I’m glad I could help you out!!! You have an amazing blog yourself I love all of the pictures of forests and nature that you have it makes me think of home for me, have a wonderful day/night yourself!! <3


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