woman with shot hair


Trying to get better. I don’t like the colors overall on the skin and I think I rushed parts too much. But overall I’m happy with this and it’s good to have more finished work. Which is my overall goal less studying and more applying what I’m studying.

I really like girls so a girl with a ladybug theme.

photogenic opportunities || @i-see-dead-people-on-camera

Cold weather was no match for Lucio
Even if it was 20 degrees out and snow still covered most of the campus, the Brazilian had already put on a turquoise sweater as his only source of warmth for the frigid air.
As he was practicing his goalie shots, he caught a glimpse of some woman with short black hair holding a.. camera? Lucio grinned and he waved towards the woman.

“hey there! be sure to get my good side, alright?”

The other day I mentioned that I was working on a Rebels AU where Padme is still alive (but only a handful of higher-ups in the Rebellion know about it). So, here’s one of the altered scenes from Fire Across the Galaxy:

“The protocol has changed,” said a female voice, and a Togruta woman descended the ladder, dressed in archaic Jedi armor, her lightsabers displayed prominently at her hips. She was then followed by a slender, middle-aged human woman, streaks of silver shot through rich brown hair that was pulled back into an elegant braid.

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Hi! I’m Maya. I’m 22 and I just graduated art school with a degree in printmaking. I’ve been on HRT for almost 4 months. I like fashion, food, makeup, and cars. My tumblr is sunlit-sky.

[Upper body shot of a woman with long straight brown hair and a nose piercing. She’s wearing a floral print strapped dress and is sitting in a car]

Hi! I submitted a long time ago and have undergone a lot of changes since then. I am 34 - Female Presenting - From PDX. I am proud of my journey and know it is not over, but looking forward to embracing every day as a new one.

[upper body shot of a woman with long brown wavy hair and one side of her head shaved. She’s wearing purple glasses and a blue scarf over a blue short sleeve top]

Transtioning at 30 is scary but the most important thing to do is remembering to love yourself and be true to you. @lowkieco

[upper body shot of a woman with long wavy brown hair falling over one of her shoulders. She also has glasses and is wearing a black cardigan over a dark low cut flower pattern top or dress]

Hi I’m Eva I submitted a picture of me in a Red dress in May. Here is my bikini I bought for Summer (I live in the southern hemisphere)  I don’t know If I will get a chance to wear it however. (woman/lady she/her)

[Full body shot of a woman with long tied back brown hair. She’s wearing a purple bikini]

I’ve been feeling kinda depressed lately so I decided to take a really long shower and doll up a bit. I’m on a wait list to start HRT and have been slowly coming out person by person. Some days I feel like a trash queen and others I just want to scream to the world that I’m cute AF and if you don’t accept who I am then you don’t deserve to be in my life.

Honestly, seeing all the beautiful girls on this blog gives me so much hope and makes me strong. Thank you!

[upper body shot of a woman with straight neck length dark brown hair. She’s wearing glasses and a blue t-shirt]