woman with pears

Okay I said I’d post cosplay so here you go kiddos.


I can’t wait to cosplay queen toriel for Halloween :‘3

NC: I’m so tired of people policing black women’s bodies. No matter what we look like there’s always fault. I find it funny that a lot of people like to bring up the fact that the average black woman is overweight, yet curvaceous bodies are what is considered attractive in the black community. The same men who use this statistic in a negative way are the same guys who chase after women with very curvaceous bodies and big butts. A lot of the time these women are slightly overweight because of their curves. Then there are the people who shame black women who don’t have curvy bodies, even if they’re in the healthy weight range and live a healthy lifestyle. I heard a man say on live t.v. that if a woman doesn’t have a large ass, that he has to “Pass.” I also hate the fact that a black woman not having a pear shaped body or large butt and hips is enough for someone to question them. Black people come in all shapes in sizes, why is it such a crime of a lot of use don’t have very large butts ? Then when a black woman is in amazing physical shape she’s “Masculine.” Serena Williams for example. Ronda Roussey is very muscular  just like Serena, but no one calls her “masculine,” or tries to shame her on the fact that she is physically fit and strong. People don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Serena’s one of the most successful people of our generation and her physical and mental strength is what got her that. It makes me sick!