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I understand how “women and femmes” caught on, because there was a desire to describe a group of people associated through the general lens of womanhood/misogyny/lesbianism when some of those people are non-binary or otherwise not strictly identified as women

But the thing is:

1) this usage distances the word femme from it’s specifically lesbian connotation and history

2) and it alienates butch and gnc women by the implicit association of womanhood and femininity (this, when the phrase is not explicitly used in an argument that ‘masculine people’ exert power over ‘feminine people’)

and like… ultimately it’s an incredibly lazy, vague shorthand that does not really represent a cohesive group of people yet somehow still manages to throw a ton of women and nb woman-aligned people under the bus because they don’t fall under some bullshit umbrella of feminity

full offense, but if you are not a bi woman yourself you literally have ZERO business “deciding” what oppression bi women do and do not face. it doesn’t matter if you fall under the lgbtq+ umbrella yourself, if you’re not a bi woman it is not your place to write fucking paragraphs on our identities, and how YOU think things don’t effect us, you’re making an ass of yourself 

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Some of you asked if i could explain some gender-related terms, so here’s a quick list: 

A cis person is a person who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth. 

A trans person is a person who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. 

A nonbinary person is a person who does not identify as a binary gender (man/woman). “Nonbinary” is also used as an umbrella term for any gender idenity that does not fit in the binary system. 

A bigender person is a person who identifies as two genders. Those two genders can be binary or nonbinary (Example: Agender and female). 

A demigender person is a person who identifies partially but not wholly with a gender. (Example: A demigirl identifies partially as a girl). They may or may not additionally identify with another gender. 

A agender person is a person who does not identify with any gender or identifies as gender-neutral. 

A genderfluid person is a person whose gender idenity is fluid. They change between two or more genders. Those genders can be binary or nonbinary. 

If you have questions about pronouns, here’s a list with common pronouns and here’s my Pronouns FAQ.  

People of any gender idenity can have any romantic or sexual orientation! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: This post does not cover all gender identities (or all “real” gender identities). As there are lots of different gender identities and some cultures have unique terms for identities, it would be nearly impossible to write down all of them! 

Green Eyes

Parring: Dean Winchester X Reader

Word: 1154 or something

Summary: Soulmate AU! the thing your soulmate loves shows up in your skin. Idea by @phan-cannons

A/N: Yes, I know I should write the Emma requests, but… just read this instead, it’s probably better anyway:/

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You payed for your groceries, and grabbed your bags, before heading outside. It was a cold day outside, and you wrapped your scarf around your neck once more, before heading to your car. The wind was howling, making your hair get in your face as you opened your car, and sat the bags, before you got in yourself.

You let out a small sigh, before you took of your scarf, placing it on the seat beside you. You turned your car off, and looked out of the back, before you froze.

On a place, not far away, was a car you would be able to recognize anywhere. You did not know what its name was, but you had spent hours looking at the one on your left arm. It had appeared on your inner arm, a bit under the elbow years ago. You had not been able to work probably that day, because of the new tattoo. And now, the car was right in front of you. Or behind you maybe.

You turned away, and shook your head. It was a car! A car! Your soulmate wasn’t the only one who drove that car!


“Have a good day” You said with your best costumer smile as the women turned away, and walked out of the door. You sighed, and turned away to fill up, before you saw a guy was waiting to order, hopefully!

“What can I do for you? “you asked the guy with the costumer voice, and he looked up at you. His eyes immediately made you want to take a step back. They green, almost shining, intimidating, just beautiful.

“Do you have any pie? “he asked, and you nodded slowly, not being able to answer. The only thing you thought of, was the small piece of pie on your ankle.

“Fantastic! “he said with a smile. “I’ll take a piece of it”

You nodded, walking away to get the man his pie. A lot of people ordered pie, and you should really stop getting your hopes up every time someone said the word.

But, you saw the car yesterday… a small voice said, before you mentally hit yourself in the head, and gave the pie to the green eyed man.


You were running down the street, the rain heavy on your body. You opened the door to the diner, and hurried inside. People looked at you briefly because of your sudden entrance, but quickly turned back to their own stuff.

The diner was more crowded than usual, but it wasn’t so bad that you couldn’t get a table. You found a free one near the window, and sat down. You unwrapped your scarf, and ordered a coffee and a muffin when a young girl walked over to you.

A few minutes later she sat it on your table, and you thanked her. You took a sip of your coffee, and looked out on the rain, and the few people who walked around there. There was a family that was hurrying into a house, a couple under an umbrella, and a woman with a dog.

A car caught your eye, and not any car, the same you had seen earlier the week, the one on your arm. It stopped outside the diner, and the door opened. Out stepped the guy with the beautiful green eyes, dressed in a suit. He seemed to be talking, but a few seconds passed before you noticed that another guy had stepped out of the car. The first thing you noticed was that he was tall, the second that he was also wearing a suit, and the third was that you had seen him before.

You weren’t able to take your eyes off him, he seemed so familiar. He seemed to feel that someone looked at him, and he turned around to look at you through the window. You widened your eyes a bit, looking down. Now you knew why you recognized him. You had a small picture of him on your back.

When you dared to look up again they were walking towards the diner. You looked down as they entered the diner, but was forced to look up when they sat down in front of you. Your breath got stuck in your throat, but who could blame you? In front of you sat a guy who liked pie, drove a car you had on your arm, and was with a guy your soulmate loved. There was a chance, that this man, was your soulmate.

“FBI” The tall guy said, and they both held up some badges. You bite your lip, and looked at the other guy’s arm. There, right there, was a couple of eyes. Green eyes. His eyes, you realised after a few seconds. You looked up, meeting the real ones. They looked at you as if the owner could see right through you, and knew what was going on in your head.

“Miss” The tall one said, and you quickly looked at him.

“Y-Yes? “you asked, stumbling over your own words. He narrowed his eyes, and you suddenly noticed your hand started shaking.

“Are you okay? “he said, suddenly seeming concerned. You nodded, not being able to meet any of their eyes.

“Yes, it’s just… I’m nervous I guess? “you said, looking at your coffee. It would probably get cold, but you weren’t sure you could drink it right now.

“Don’t be, we just want to ask you some questions” He said, and you looked at him a second, before returning to your coffee, at least that didn’t judge you.

“It’s not that… “you said, and suddenly something changed about the guys. The tall one took one hand away from the table, and you were sure he grabbed a gun, the other one only narrowed his eyes, straightening his body a bit.

“I… have a picture of you on my back” you said quickly, looking at the tall one. He exchanged a quick glance with his partner, before looking at you.

“I-I’m not that self-centred” he said with a small smile, obviously trying to make it less awkward. You could feel the other guy’s eyes on you, but you did not look at him.

“No” you said, shaking your head. “But you drive a car I have on my arm, and then there’s the pie… “

You finally looked up at the other guy, the one with the green eyes. His expression was shocked, before a smile spread on his face. Somehow that made he even more beautiful, and you couldn’t help but blush under his look and look down.

He had seen it too obviously. The connection. He knew he was your soulmate, you could feel it, the way he looked at you. You dared yourself to look up at him, meeting his eyes.

“So… “he said, the sweet smile still on his face. “You really like my eyes that much? “