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White woman at Trader Joe’s to Muslim woman: “I wish they didn’t let you in this country”

  • On Saturday, South Carolinian comedian Jeremy McLellan posted a video of a white woman at a Trader Joe’s in Virginia accosting his Muslim woman friend, telling her “I wish they didn’t let you in the country.”
  • The Islamophobic incident began after McLellan’s friend allowed the woman to cut her in the check-out line after noticing she was in a hurry, he explained in a Facebook post. 
  • According to the comedian, before his friend started recording, the woman began speaking ill of another Muslim woman, who was wearing the niqab, or face veil, at the store. The woman asked McLellan’s friend why she didn’t wear the niqab as well. 
  • When McLellan’s friend responded by saying it was a choice, the non-Muslim woman didn’t believe her and decided to lecture her about women’s rights in Islam. Read more (5/8/17)

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Photo of women and children in the street together: A Muslim veiled woman, Zejneba Hardaga (right) and a Jewish woman, Rivka Kalb (2nd from right) and her children (with beret) are guided on the streets of Sarajevo in 1941. Zejneba covered the yellow star on the Rivka’s left arm with her veil. Bahrija Hardasa,  Zejneba's sister-in-law, is on the far left.