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I’m gonna need her to hold me in her arms while she kicks ass or something smh

when i was like, 19 i decided to volunteer at a polling place during election just to see what it would be like and i dont know what i was expecting but i ended up stuck in a room all day with a bunch of volunteering senior citizens and BOY HOWDY if they weren’t the most entitled fucking group of old musty ass people i had ever met i still remember them all talking about world travel and where they’d been (germany, hawaii, korea, etc. etc.) and they literally scoffed at me when i was like ‘yea ive been to mexico like..twice’ like OH PARDON ME, GERTRUDE, IM SORRY MY FATHER WASNT A HIGH RANKING OFFICER IN THE MILITARY AND FLEW US AROUND TO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WHILE ON DUTY


So, here is a great example of fragile masculinity, mansplaining, and I have no fucking clue what’s wrong with this guy. Lol.

I was specifically asked if Hippolyta is a god or a human in a discussion about Diana being a Demi-god (half god) I answer simply that she is a third option. She is more than a human, less than a god.
The man Daniel does three things.
1) tells me I’m wrong.
2) talks about Amazon canon from an unrelated show.
3) says I’m “insulting his intelligence”.
But he ASKED ME A QUESTION. and I simply answered it! Not condescending. Not harshly. Just simply. And he attacked me.
So I reply sarcastically, with evidence from the movie. Hippolyta has been alive since Ancient Greece. So, if she is “just human”, she got one hell of a secret to a long life. I explain to him -in the movie- the Amazons are all still alive since Ancient times, and only one child was born on that island, Diana, so clearly they are the same generation of women. Remember, we are talking about the movie. So I only mentioned what was explained in the movie.
I then also point out the only one attacking anyone’s intelligence was him in regards to mine. He asked me a question. Wth?
His response?
“You are 100 percent wrong. That is final”
But….I’m not wrong? And how can he be so sure I’m wrong if he had to ask in the first place?
He blocked me. So my friend asked why he would ask in the first place if he didn’t want an answer.
He says “reasonable people” said Hippolyta is human. So he had a preconceived idea that the Amazons are human, I’m unreasonable for not agreeing with him, and I’m wrong.
But I’m not. Lol.

So that is Daniel. He watched Xena one time, so he knows more about the Amazons than I do.
#manfacts 😂🤣

One of the things I really liked about Wonder Woman (aside from the everything) was how they depicted war.

Like especially when you compare it to Captain America: the First Avenger. Now this film is still one of my favs in the MCU but upon rewatches something that sticks out is how…..nicely they depict the war. I mean first off its barely shown and when it is its only these spectacle pieces. Then comes how the soldiers act, aside from when Steve tries to do his skit for them there doesn’t seem to be a lack for moral at all. Like everyone is super gunhoe at all times. The only soldier that appears just done is Bucky and Steve only feels bad when he thinks Bucky died. What I’m getting at is its a very G rated version of war. And i get it you want to have broad appeal you don’t really want to show the gritty side just kinda imply it.

Except Wonder Woman doesn’t. 

Aside from showing actual blood Wonder Woman does EVERYTHING it can to show you how devastating war is and how it wears people down. The front lines are dirty grimy and cramped on both sides, there are visual casualties of war. Not only that but one of Diana’s allies has legit PTSD and night terrors and none of his comrades give him shit about it cause they know how bad this all is. And several times several different characters state how much they do not want to be there how they’d want to do anything else.

Then there is a scene when Diana asks Steve what they will do after the war ends. And he’s silent for a moment before saying he’s not sure. As i was discussing the movie with a friend she made not that at his age this war took up a large chunk of his life and he may not actually be sure what he’ll do after because he can’t really remember what was before it. 

And they do all this while still keeping hope while still showing there is good and there are moments in-between worth remembering. I dunno i just had to gush.