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(1/3) This show got me all fucked up okay I just woke up from a nap and I dreamt some shit and I needa tell someone. Ok so after everything culminated, Laura chose to live out her life and Carm agreed she thought that was best but she didn't want interfere any longer, she wanted to give her a chance with someone who could grow old with her. So Laura and Carm part ways, heartbroken but amicably, and Laura lives her life, meets someone new, gets married, has children, grows old.

(2/3) But not a day goes by when she doesn’t think about Carmilla. Sometimes she even thinks she sees her. On her wedding day, she spots a mess of dark hair in the crowd of her loved ones, but when she tries to focus, the girl is gone. When she’s rushed to the hospital to deliver her first born, her partner nearly bumps her wheelchair into a dark haired woman wearing heavy boots. And again, when she gets close to focusing, the persons already vanished.
(3) This happens now and again over the years, though less frequently as Laura ages, and she wonders if it’s just her mind refusing to let Carmilla go. When she’s on her deathbed, her family all having passed away and the nurse taking care of her is gone, there’s a light knock on the door and the dark haired girl, as young and as heartbreakingly beautiful as Laura remembers, walks in to sit beside her. For a second Laura wonders if she made the right decision.
(4) The machine hooked to her beeps erratically and Carmilla grabs her hand, trying to get her to relax. She then cups her cheek with a soft “cupcake” and then I woke up in tears what’s happening to me oh god

how could you

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