woman titan


Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.
It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.

6125. There is a YouTube channel called “SuperMetaFails” dedicated to public recordings of superheroes doing epic fails. Some of the videos include Superman accidentally shattering a window with a sneeze and Wonder Woman tripping over her own Lasso. Much to the annoyance of the League, the Titans are some of the most featured heroes. Popular videos of them include Aqualad trying to dive into frozen water but not breaking through, Starfire face-planting from a 3 story height, Beast Boy farting at a public commemoration and Kid Flash accidentally running off a cliff and having to be saved by Raven. The channel has yet to get video of any of a Bat Family member, since they mainly work in the shadows. Robin is annoyingly smug about this fact, but the others know it’s only a matter of time.

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