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I know the Montagues well. And you, Benvolio, are nothing more than a gutter scoundrel. Unprincipled, undisciplined - Often drunk. So why is it that the only person fighting for your life is a woman you took from her home? Whose honor must now and forever be held in question, a woman who should hate you more than any man on Earth? Because Rosaline Capulet is my friend. I trust her and she trusts me.

FULL Dangerous Woman Tour Setlist (as of 2/3/17)

VICTORIA MONET (source: @monetupdates twitter)

  • New Music
  • More Of You
  • Better Days
  • Bad And Boujee
  • Made In China
  • Do You Like It

LITTLE MIX (source: @LMWorld_Updates twitter)

  • Salute
  • Hair/Whip My Hair
  • Move
  • Wings
  • Secret Love Song pt. II
  • Touch
  • Shout Out To My Ex
  • Black Magic

ARIANA GRANDE (source: @DWtour twitter)

  • Be Alright
  • Everyday
  • Bad Decisions
  • Let Me Love You
  • Knew Better pt 2
  • Forever Boy
  • One Last Time
  • Touch It
  • Leave Me Lonely
  • Side To Side
  • Bang Bang
  • Greedy
  • I Don’t Care
  • Moonlight
  • Love Me Harder
  • Break Free
  • Sometimes
  • Thinking Bout You
  • Problem
  • Into You
  • Dangerous Woman (encore)
Humans are weird: The Forgotten World

*Quick note before I start: This is the 2nd installment in a series I’ve called the Lost Colonies which is largely about human society adapting to the strange environments of other worlds. You can read the other installments here: 13, 4, 5, 6, 7. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this series, but with my new work schedule I had to bring it to a close. If you’ve enjoyed this story follow me on here for my other writings. Thanks again to everyone who has reblogged, liked, replied, DMed, or otherwise shown their appreciation for this series. It means a lot to me that people enjoyed it and the love you’ve all shown me has really helped keep me going for these last few months.*

Jeanne had been sitting for nearly half an hour in stony silence glaring at the Turic across from her. She had been in interrogation rooms before, never one this nice though. Her eyes kept taking in the room any time he looked away as she scanned for anything she could use as a weapon. She had never had to fight a Turic, or any alien really, but it paid to be prepared.

“Are you sure I can’t get you anything? Food? Water? Our scans indicate that you are lacking in several nutrients required by humans for optimal health.”

The door opened and a human woman she didn’t recognize came in. Of course they would use a human to be the “bad cop”. Well this slag wouldn’t get anything out of her.

“Thank’s for keeping her company Kit’cha, took forever to get here.” The woman smiled at the Turic and they did some kind of secret handshake before the Turic left the room. The woman turned to Jeanne and smiled again before sitting down. “Sorry to keep you waiting Miss…” she glanced at the file on the desk “Jeanne. Do you have a last name or something you prefer to be called?”

Jeanne met the questions with more silence.

“I understand that re-acclimating to interstellar society can be rough, but that’s why I’m here. My name is Kiara Williams and I am the special liaison between the galactic council and what’s being called ‘The Lost Colonies’. I just want to assure you that we’re all here to help and you don’t have to be scared of any of the alien races you’ll see aboard this station, they’re all friendly, especially the Turics like Kit’cha.”

Jeanne settled back into her surprisingly comfortable chair with her arms folded and glared at Kiara. It had taken her years to perfect this look and it felt like a waste to use it on someone as soft as her, but she knew better than to give any information to a cop, or worse, a shrink. Kiara, for her part, just smiled again and made a note in the file.

“I get it, I do. Finding out that there are other alien races out there and that you’re part of a larger galactic community can be a little jarring. When my colony was found it took years for some of my closest family to warm up to those outside our species, but now that we’ve opened up to the galactic community we’ve managed to make huge strides in settling worlds that were previously thought to be inhospitable and exploring some of the unknown reaches. We don’t know much yet about your colony, but I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other.”

Jeanne ground her teeth together as she mulled over what Kiara had said. There was a long moment of silence before Jeanne finally spoke.

“I already know about the aliens, and about other humans, never saw them of course. You keep saying lost colony and shit. Are you telling me you don’t know why we were on that planet?”

Kiara shook her head and spun the file around so Jeanne could read it. “From what I was told on my way here, there was an underground human colony detected on a planet orbiting a red dwarf star. Apparently the communication array was destroyed several hundred Sols ago and the surface was inhospitable to human life due to the high levels of radiation from the nearby star. We only detected it due to the unique formations on the surface that corresponded to human architecture. We assumed that it was a self sustaining scientific outpost that had managed to get stranded. As usual the rest of the search team was surprised anyone could live there until they realized that it was humans. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have records of your colony though.”

Jeanne narrowed her eyes but uncrossed her arms as she looked over the file. Either this Kiara was one helluva bullshit artist or they genuinely didn’t know what PX-9 was.

“We were never a research colony or any of that shit. PX-9 is blacksite prison run by EarthGov. My father says that the warden robots destroyed the comms array and the transport during a riot a few generations back. We’ve been stuck on that prison ever since. A few riots later and we managed to take out the warden robots too. That was a long time ago. Doesn’t matter though. We found the databases and prison logs. According to EarthGov law, anyone born in that prison is automatically guilty of their parent’s crimes so I’m stuck there. You seem like a nice person. You should probably take me back before they find a reason to lock you up too, if they haven’t already.”

Kiara’s jaw dropped as she tried to gather her thoughts. “I’m so sorry Jeanne, both your people and to you personally. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be born into that, but I want you to know that you don’t have to go back if you don’t want. No one will make you. EarthGov hasn’t existed for over 200 Sols.”

From the outside Jeanne appeared as composed as she had all day. Someone who knew her well enough would have recognized the twitch in her lip and would have known to take a few steps back. On the inside her heart was pounding and her mind was racing. What did she mean EarthGov didn’t exist? Jeanne had spent a long time learning to read people, it was an important skill to have when you needed to know who you could trust in a fight. Kiara didn’t seem to be lying about any of this. Could she trust Kiara? IF she could trust Kiara, what would happen to the people on PX-9 once whatever government was in place found out about it? “Suppose I believe you. What now? What happens to me and my family?”

Kiara smiled again, a hint of sadness in her eyes. “When EarthGov fell we lost a lot of records of colonies, research outposts and apparently prisons as well. Most of them still had communications, but some either lost them or purposefully never set them up to avoid the government so we keep finding pockets of humanity in the most surprising places. I was on one of those planets 20 sols ago and ever since I’ve been one of the specialists they call in to help people find their way in the galactic community. I don’t know yet where we can send you if you don’t want to stay on PX-9 though there are plenty of beautiful worlds I’ve found that could use the ‘human touch’ if you and your family are willing. First though, we would like to know more about you and your society.”

“Leaving would be… good. I want that in writing.”

Kiara nodded “Will do. I’ll send a message to my contacts on the galactic council and get set up with some priority transport ships to get as many people offworld as want to leave. We’ll find a planet that will work for you and your people. Several if necessary. Also I can personally guarantee you that no one will be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors, that’s just not the way we do things anymore.”

“What- What if” Jeanne’s voice broke for a moment as some darker thoughts came rushing in. “What if we did some things that might be against the law of your galactic council. I’m not saying I did, just that suppose someone like me had to do something, something they’re not proud of, in order to get by. What then?”

Kiara thought for a moment before finally speaking. “We haven’t run into this situation before. PX-9 is the first, and hopefully only, prison colony we’ve found so far. I would hope though that we can use this to set a positive precedent and grant some kind of clemency for people unjustly imprisoned by a defunct government. I’ll have to get clearance but as long as someone that ‘had to do certain things in order to get by’ is able to abide by the laws of the Galactic Republic then I think we should be able to work something out.”

The only thing holding Jeanne together at this point was a lifetime of conditioning to suppress her emotions.

“I still have a few cycles before we’re back in comms range of the council so we’ve got some time. I understand you’ve got a lot to process so if you don’t want to talk that’s fine but at some point before you leave I’d like to know more about you and your society. It will help us find out how to best help you find your place in the galaxy.”

Jeanne’s mouth twitched up, starting to form a smile. She stood up from the table and took Kiara’s hand. “Get it for me in writing shrink. Then we’ll talk.”

I know I’ve said this before but I’m honestly so angry at the liberal/genderist LGBT community for allowing - hell, encouraging - bisexual people to “”“identify”“” as lesbian/gay or use those terms freely to describe themselves whenever they prefer.

As a bisexual woman who took forever to figure out my identity and dealt with an internalized reluctance to embrace the term because of all the shit stereotypes, I passionately and aggressively want to legitimize it as its own perfectly valid orientation so bisexuals in years to come are proud of who they are.

And we cannot fucking DO THAT with all of you people erasing us, erasing ourselves by appropriating inaccurate terms. It is okay to be bisexual. It is wonderful to be bisexual. You are not “more woke” if you are gay. If you are bisexual, BE YOURSELF so we can be an awesome, cohesive community instead of trying to insert ourselves elsewhere.

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I work in a small restaurant. Besides myself, the only other server is a trans girl (P) who is always nice and gives good service. Last week we had a lady come in for dinner As soon as P went to hand them menus and water this woman starts screaming 'oh god, it's a tr*nny! How dare this MAN think he can just come over here!' Etc. P just started to cry and I brought her out back while the cook told this woman to leave or he'll call the cops. It took forever to calm P down but she was so brave


Lizzington week: day 1, 2 & 3.

Since I am very late to the party, I decided to make one post for the 3 days that I missed. 

This is one of my favourite quotes and some of my favourite scenes.

She is his second chance, his ray of light, his Polaris, his way home. The woman he loves, his life, his heart.  

darlin’ you got to let me know (should i stay or should i go?)

A snippet of a pretty woman au that no one asked for.

Also on ff.net | AO3


“Three days.”


“And you will be paid. Handsomely.”

She cocks her head to the side. “How handsomely are we talking here?”

He purses his lips though she senses it’s more out of amusement than of irritation at her. He runs his tongue along his bottom lip in a leisurely move that still seems too calculated to be anything but deliberate, and yet it’s with Herculean effort that she not bite her own lips and let out a soft moan in response to the sight.


Her face gives nothing away but internally, she crows, well shit.

The left corner of his mouth tips up into a crooked smile, as if he knows what she’s thinking. She should be annoyed as hell, but… but, the smile brings out the dimple in his cheek despite the scruff that lines his face and she finds that she’s abso-fucking-lutely fuckstruck.

Double shit, she thinks.

He holds his hand out, fingers uncurling slowly and inching towards her space. “Do we have an accord?”

Six fucking grand, Christ. Is the sky blue? Is water wet?

But still, her face is a blank canvas.

“Fine,” then she narrows her eyes at him. “But this isn’t Pretty Woman. You’re not Richard Gere looking to sweep me off my feet and I’m not Julia Roberts looking to be swept off my feet. This isn’t some movie or a goddamn fairy tale. Got it?”

He scoffs, and rolls his eyes for good measure. “Of course not. Julia Roberts stayed for a week. I asked for a weekend. Also,” his smile takes a smug turn then, “I am more devilishly handsome than Richard Gere and you, my dear,” this time she’s certain the way his eyes leisurely sweep the length of her body is intentional, “are most definitely more… enchanting than Julia Roberts.”

His perusal ends in an intense inspection of her lips, and it makes her roll her eyes.

“Whatever,” she returns though her lips quirk upwards in poorly concealed humor. But before he can comment on it, she continues with, “Deal.”


His eyebrows do a dance atop his forehead that should not be endearing but by god it is and just what the hell has she gotten herself into?

She gives a near imperceptible shake of her head as if she can dislodge the crazy thoughts up there. Then she glares at him like it’s his fault.

(Because it is)

“Did I stutter?” She looks at his still outstretched hand and also because she has apparently arrived in Crazy Station she might as well board the train too.

So she takes it.

Gives it a quick shake.

(Tries to ignore the way electricity shoots up her arm at the contact)

(Or the way her skin warms and her blood sings when, instead of giving it a shake too, he raises it to his lips where he bestows a lingering kiss upon her knuckles)

(A kiss that is hardly chaste, if that hint of tongue is anything to go by)

She’s quick to withdraw and if he’s offended by the action, he’s got a funny way of showing it because there’s a shit-eating grin on his face and an excitable bounce to his step when he nears her.

“Oh, love,” the grin turns soft suddenly, as he tucks a stray lock behind her ear. Her breath catches. “It’s sure to be an interesting weekend.”

She doesn’t reply. Just tries to swallow the acquiescence that burns in her throat in lieu of the thought that pushes itself to the forefront of her mind once more.

Just what the hell has she gotten herself into?


Should I keep going? Thoughts? :) Title taken from The Clash cause it’s currently stuck in my head.

thinking too much

vax/grog | ½ | ao3

Summary: Romance and love and sex are all tangled up for him–he knows people who can do casual sex, but he’s never been that way. Vax is an all-or-nothing guy.

But…maybe he can change that. He can sleep with someone who he knows he loves. He doesn’t have to make a thing of it.

Notes: This will be two (maybe three?) parts. I’m posting it now because I’m about to go on a trip and I wanted it to be up already.  Takes place about two years post-canon, on the assumption that Taryon was a temporary party member who left after a while.  If anything happens after ep 89 that debunks this I am ignoring it.

I’m dedicating this to “Talk Too Much” by COIN, which inspired the mood of this fic if nothing else.

Looking back, Vax supposed he couldn’t be too surprised.  He had always been turned on by the ability to kick his ass, and he had always been preoccupied with Grog–what Grog was feeling, what he was feeling about Vax.  And he hadn’t seen anyone since he and Keyleth ended things over a year before, so of course he was lonely.  It made sense that he would seek someone out.

The only surprising thing about the whole affair was that Grog started it.

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Many don’t know my story but this is the woman who took me in and made me who I am today. My birth mother decided she didn’t want me but this woman took me in. I will forever be in debt to her for that. She accepted me through everything even when I let her know that I like girls. I love you, mom. Thanks for always being you.  

Bloom - Tendou Satori / Reader

This is the submission @milk-s0da sent to us!! I hope you guys enjoy hanahaki disease as much as i do cause *tears rolling down* i love hanahaki disease scenarios so much. -mod owl

Your stomach curled and thrashed inside of you. It seemed to lash out with every thought and movement. It probably did, what else was a girl in love to think about than the boy she cared for? Yet here you squatted in the girls room, bent over the toilet as you wretched. Sourness built in the back of your throat and with a groan petals fluttered down to the water, floating before growing too heavy and sinking down with just as much grace.

You had read about your affliction in stories but never thought it was real. As long as your love wasn’t met in kind, blossoms and petals would form inside of you and fight their way to the light.
It was painful, when you stumbled out to the sink to rinse your mouth your eyes were red and cheeks streaked with tears. Your tongue was thick as you cupped your hands beneath the faucet and brought it to your lips.

You must have coughed up enough flowers to fill entire gardens by now, yet it didn’t seem to stop. Pink buds, purple blooms, ivory blossoms. All of them tumbled up your throat in bushels and in a burst of singular posies. And you hated it.

In the hallway you saw him, the crazy redhead from the volleyball team. The Guess Monster who had stolen your heart. As you approached he glanced over and waved with a silly grin, “Hey, (y/n)-chan~”

“Hi Satori-kun.” You said as you came to a stop in front of him, head tilted back just so you could look at the giant’s face.

“You got the newest Jump yesterday, right? How great was the mecha fight scene?”

“Hey no spoilers! The convenience store was out of stock when I went, I’ll have to get it today.”

Bonding over manga and anime was what drew you to him. He had no qualms about reading the thick magazine during breaks and you happened to sit by him one semester during first year.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted you reading the page from your peripheral vision, tilting your head slightly to get a better look at the art. He turned his head to look at you fully and you flushed in the shame of being caught. You expected him to take his magazine elsewhere, and were surprised when he scooted his desk next to yours instead, settling the tome on the seam and asking who your favorite character was.

It only took a few months of outings at merchandise stores and impromptu sleepovers where you picked from each other’s manga libraries before the first flower petal found it’s way to your lips. You remembered it exactly, a tiny Violet petal, velvet soft against your tongue. You had no idea that such softness would eventually scrape your insides raw.

It was only when an entire rose, red as blood, was crushed between your teeth did you decide to confess to him. It was going to be brilliantly cliche, you would leave a love note in his shoe locker telling him to meet you on the roof before volleyball practice. Only Tendou would appreciate just how shoujo like it was going to be.

Before you had the chance to sneak him the letter, however, he intercepted you. “(Y/n)-chan, I’ve been looking for ya! Come with me, I gotta tell you something.” He said with a sense of urgency you had never seen on him before, not even on the court. You nodded and followed him, helpless to do anything else. His grip on your wrist was tight and his normally skittish movement was even jerkier than normal.

When you were alone he released you, swinging around to look at you. “I need your sage advice, master!”


He nodded, “All those girly manga you have makes you the romance master.”

“Um, okay..go on.” Your heart thudded and the urge to cough was strong. You tried to swallow it back and listen. Maybe he was going to take the lead and confess to you? You could only hope.

“How should I tell Wakatoshi-kun I like him?”


You blinked in shock. You knew Tendou loved Wakatoshi, you couldn’t have a conversation without the ‘Miracle Boy’ being mentioned at least once. You just didn’t realize his love ran so deep.

“I,  uh…” Your cough began to morph into something much bigger, and…wetter. “I’ll be right back.” You stuttered out before rushing around the corner, expelling an entire bouquet into toilet water. Flowers of all colors mingled with your saliva, it was almost beautiful in a way. In a painful, disgusting way. You marveled over it before another surge overcame you, and you were grateful that it was only the flowers and not their stems.

When you emerged the bell had rang and class was in session. Your head pounded as you made your way to the nurse’s office. You had only just arrived at school not long ago and you were ready to go home. And stay there forever.

The kindly older woman took one look at you and gave you permission to lay down on one of the cots behind the white curtains. Your bag was on the floor and you kicked your shoes off, nestling into the cot and letting your tears flow down the sides of your face and into the flat pillow.

As you stared at the blank ceiling you realized that as long as your feelings remained you were stuck with your illness. You were just a student, you were far away from affording the operation to remove the buds inside of you. Sliding your eyes closed, you tried to relax. Surely there was someone else you could focus your feelings on. Hell, you had loved fictional characters before it wasn’t so hard to do so again, right?

Ushijima entered the nurse’s office during science class, an angry red burn on the side of his hand. It wasn’t anything serious, some ointment and a bandage and he’d be on his way. When he saw that the nurse wasn’t there he was prepared to turn around and return to class when he saw your sleeping form, the curtain slightly drawn from when a cup of water was placed beside you.

The large spiker approached you and looked down. He long since figured how you felt about his best friend. If he knew then everybody knew, yet somehow Tendou was still in the dark. With a seemingly impossible gentleness he brushed your hair from your face, his lips tilting upward as he let his fingers linger on the strands.

Ushijima drew the curtain shut before grabbing a tube of ointment and a roll of bandages and leaving, making sure that the door was firmly closed as well. With his free hand he plucked a crinkled carnation flower from his tongue and placed it in the trash bin. He made a mental note to go to the library, there had to be a reason flowers seemed to flourish from his throat. Especially when he thought about you.

We’ll Be Fine Pt.1

Request: Hiiiii! I was wondering, if it is possible can you please write a fic where you & Yoongi have been together for quite some time now (married for 2yrs and known each other for 7 years) and whenever you bring the subject of children he becomes cold and ignores it and says “No.”…[there’s more to this request but might contain ‘spoilers’ so i left it out]

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I really have to get these requests done! Sorry for the wait but here it is. I broke the story into a few parts

gif cr.

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A Thousand Years Part 1

This story was created for @wadeyourebarelyalive. She’s been there for me and always helping me out. Sorry it took forever woman, but you know me lol. 

Summary: Logan A.K.A The Wolverine as been on the road for years. He finally found a place to settle down and start a new life. As he drives to and from work, a young woman name Bri, catches his eye. Though Logan is a brave warrior, he finds himself too shy to talk to her. Till one day, she’s in a need of a hero. 

Logan - A Thousand Years

Warning: Very, very slight cussing.

Chapter 1

Logan’s POV

I’ve been on the road now, for what it seems to be centuries. Day and night, riding to from town to town, not staying longer than a couple of days. I didn’t know if I’ll ever find a place to call home or even call a temporary home. I always find trouble wherever I go. Will, more like trouble finds me.

Assholes from my past don’t want to say in my past. They track me down and raise hell for me each chance I get. I guess that’s why I’m on road so much. No point in unpacking if I got to pack right back up again. That was till one day, I found a small place where in was nice and quiet. 

It was a beautiful town out in the country, it was in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t really on any maps. It was a small community, pretty much everything you needed was in one area. Police station and fire station was one building. The park and the school were right next to each other, along with the library. The Hardware store, clothing store, grocery store were on the small block. 

Like I said, small community but it was nice and quiet. So I decided to settle here for while. I got a job as a lumberjack and got myself a small cabin right outside of town. I started to feel like maybe, I found some peace in this small town. But that’s not all I found.

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Personally I think Power Rangers was such a better teen action movie than Spiderman homecoming.

I haven’t seen SM homecoming yet unfortunately since the closest theater to me is an hour away and i rarely have time to actually go (it took me forever to see wonder woman) so I can’t say, but Power Rangers is definitely on the list of my all time favorite superhero movies and I know I’m gonna love homecoming too, but I don’t think it can top PR for me personally.