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Uh yes A.V Club, it totally looks like she is pissing fire?

“Besides making us squirm uncomfortably in our seats just looking at it—seriously, Diana, you should probably get that checked out—the poster raises a number of questions. Did a single woman look at this poster before it was released? Did anyone look at the poster, for that matter, or is Zack Snyder just throwing these together on Photoshop in his spare time? Why, oh why, did it have to be orange?”

The fuck is wrong with the media?


WONDER WOMAN official trailer teaser #3


Justice League: Wonder Woman Teaser

All For A Woman - Chapter 10 - TEASER!

“Hey,” I say, stopping Jackson by gently grabbing his wrist. “Can I talk to you?”

He glances toward the board and then back at me. “Make it quick,” he says.

“I just wanted to tell you…” I glance around and see a good number of people milling about - including people that we know. “Um, maybe we could talk in private,” I say.

“April, I have patients,” he says.

“It’ll just take a minute,” I say.

He sighs and looks off to the side, probably deciding whether or not this conversation is worth it. “Fine. But I only have a minute.” We walk into an empty patient room and shut the door; I even go so far as to pull the blinds. Once we’re completely alone, he leans against the wall and shakes his head. “We shouldn’t be in here. April, you can’t just get me whenever you want me. We haven’t spoken in what - a month? This isn’t your-”

“She’s a girl,” I say, and pull the printout from my pocket. I flip it around and hold my arms out straight so he can see it.

He stares at the 4x6 picture for a long time but doesn’t make a move to take it out of my hands. When he finally blinks, he meets my eyes and I see that his are shining with an underlying emotion that he won’t let show on his face.

“Why are you showing me this?” he asks.

Look for CHAPTER TEN of ALL FOR A WOMAN coming out tomorrow around 12:30/11:30c!!! 

I hate this trend of releasing dozens of trailers and teasers before a big movie comes out, it spoils everything. Literally, if you put together all the trailers you already have half of the movie’s footage. What’s the point of sitting through a 2 hours movie if i already know most of what’s going on… we’re not being teased anymore, we’re overfed.

All For A Woman - Chapter 11 - TEASER!

Matthew pulls out a list from his pocket and hands it to me. “You made this a couple nights ago,” he says, looking confused that I don’t remember.

“Oh,” I say. “Right. Pregnancy brain.” I take the wrinkled piece of paper from him and see that the first thing on the list, scrawled in my loopy handwriting, are pacifiers. And from there, the things we need seem to go on and on forever.

We get a cart and slowly fill it up. From pacifiers to bibs, diapers to nail clippers, little booties to boppy pillows; it piles higher and higher.

Matthew is enjoying himself, but I’m feeling drained and heavier than ever before. When we stop in the clothing section and are looking for a onesie to bring her home in, I can’t take it anymore. All I’m thinking about is what colors Jackson would like, what he would think is cute and what he would think is just plain silly.

I can’t keep this secret anymore.

“Matthew,” I say, as he flips through a rack of tiny, folded clothes.

“Hm?” he says, raising his eyebrows without looking up at me.

I stop flipping through the little hangers and rest my hands on the metal part of the rack. My mouth goes dry, and I have to open and close it a few times to create enough saliva to actually speak. “I need to tell you something,” I say finally.

Look for CHAPTER 11 of ALL FOR A WOMAN coming out either tonight or tomorrow!