woman stop living through your child!

Kiwi || Part Five.

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Harry-” His eyes scan you from head to toe, lingering a little longer on bump more than anywhere else. You’re eyeing him up and down too. His hair is messy, his eyes are red… You’re not even sure he can stand up by himself let alone how he walked up two flights of stairs in the dark to your apartment. How did he even know where you lived?  So many unanswered questions, but right now you weren’t getting any of those, and you knew it. You grab his arm over your shoulder, helping him to balance and walk him to the dining room table where you seat him fetching him a glass of water. 

When you return and sit next to him, it becomes more and more evident that the Harry that you loved, isn’t here anymore. This is a dark and bitter Harry, the anger swelling in his eyes. You want to talk but the recollection of him yelling drunkenly on the phone at his mother stops you. You don’t want him to yell, you know you’ll cry and you don’t want him to know that he can still get the better of you so easily. So you just sit there and wait for him to talk. The awkward silence is broken by the buzzing of your phone.

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"Many families would love to adopt the baby".

Here is my response to people who suggest that pregnant women, under any circumstances, should carry out a pregnancy because ‘many families would love to adopt that baby’.

A 2014 study by the University of California, San Francisco found that hospital charges for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery ranged from $3,296 to $37,227, depending on the hospital. This is not including the price of ultrasounds and doctors visits leading up to the birth. Completing a pregnancy could cost tens of thousands of dollars to someone uninsured. A woman could be in debt for the rest of her life for having a baby she didn’t even want. Now let’s say a woman was raped and impregnated. This woman could end up in unbearable financial debt for the rest of her life that will be an extra reminder of a horrible trauma.

Now, there are currently 400,000 children in foster care without families. No, 'many families’ would NOT love to adopt this hypothetical baby. This baby would likely end up in the brutal foster care system, living in horrible circumstances where they may be on the receiving end of abuse, and where they will likely have no guidance to help them create a financially stable life for themselves upon being kicked out of foster care.

So when you say women should not be able to have an abortion early into pregnancy, you are saying a bundle of cells is more important than a woman being in immense debt for the rest of her life. This bundle of cells is so important to you, until it becomes an actual child who will have no family and have a life full of hardships. You care more about CELLS than you care about REAL, LIVE PEOPLE.

THIS is an issue. THIS is a problem.

So many of you are so incredibly naive when it comes to the right to have an abortion. You all claim that pro-choicer’s are savages who want fetuses ripped violently from the womb at 6 months. NOBODY FEELS THIS WAY. THIS IS NOT A REAL THING. Late-term abortions are only legal in situations where the child is severely disabled and will not have a chance. IT IS THE HUMANE THING TO DO. Should a woman, who is told at 6 months into pregnancy that her baby will die within moments of birth, with their brain on the outside of their skull, be forced to remain pregnant for the next three months, dragging out her terrible loss? Absolutely not. Doctors induce a pregnancy, and allow the woman to give birth to her child and hold it. Or they inject the baby through the womb to stop its heart and then remove it. NOBODY IS TEARING APART LIMB FROM LIMB A LIVING BABY. And NOBODY DECIDES AT 6 MONTHS THEY NO LONGER WANT A BABY! Late term abortions are done to WANTED babies. DO NOT SHAME GRIEVING MOTHERS FROM A DECISION THEY HAD TO MAKE.

Please, open your eyes. Educate yourselves. Do research. Listen to the DOCTORS who are sharing this information, who are far more educated than you on the subject.

Our people are living in poverty, our people cannot get jobs regardless of tens of thousands spent on degrees, our people cannot afford the healthcare they need, our soldiers are being sent to die in illegal wars, our people are paying high taxes while the rich are paying less than the poor, our people are being jailed for smoking a harmless plant while rapists get parole. THESE ARE ISSUES. THIS IS WHAT MATTERS.

The things we forget

This is was from a prompt I can no longer find! Wish I could give credit but I can’t if you find the post can you link me please. 

Prompt - Imaging being captured by Djin and Dean using Dreamroot to find you. 


“It isn’t good Dean.” Cas moved away from your unconscious body. You had been taken by Djin four days ago and they had only just found you except nothing they did not even the cure they had could bring you out of the sleep you were in. Cas had pressed his hand to your forehead in a hope that he could pull you from the slumber but all he got was a hint of the pain you were in.
“She is scared, very scared and in pain.”
“But Djin make you dream of your greatest wishes don’t they?” Sam asked folding his arms over his broad chest.
“What about the half Djin we fought a few years ago, the ones who made me see Yellow eyes everywhere.” Dean reminded him. “We have to get her out of there Cas.”
“I could go into her dream and find her.” Cas suggested, looking down at you. You looked so peaceful, despite the blood that caked your face, the bruises forming on your pale skin.
“No, I mean yeah it’s a good idea but let me do it. I’ll take dream-root or something.”
“Dean it would be much easier if you let me-”
“No. Cas you gotta let me do this one man.”

It didn’t take long for the Angel to grab some dream-root and get the potion ready. Dean sat down next to you, his head rested in his clasped hands. Cas came up beside him and pulled a strand of hair from your head, dropping it into the potion and handed it to Dean.
“Are you sure you want to do this Dean?” He asked.
“Yeah, it should be me, I mean I got her into this.”
“Dean it wasn’t your fault. You weren’t even at the bar when she was taken.” Sam protested.
“No, but I should have been. She was only in Kentucky because of me. If I hadn’t called her to come see me.”
“Dude, you had seen her in a month of course she was going to come.”
Everyone was silent for a moment all looking at you. It wasn’t that you and Dean were a couple, but it had become an unwritten rule that two of you belonged to the other. Neither of you had been with anyone else since the agreement had come about. Not that you had slept with each other either. The two of you would spend time together, researching some new monster, or drinking in a bar. Dean would find himself content in your presence, his hand resting on the small of your back. The hardest thing was that you lived so far away. The two of you would visit each other whenever your paths came close. That was how you had found yourself in the bar, something had caught your hunter’s eye and you left the bar to investigate. Four days later the Winchesters had found you and killed the Djin you had taken you.
Dean took the potion from Cas and put it to his lips, with a final look at you he gulped down the liquid. Cas put his fingers on Dean’s forehead and the hunter fell asleep.

When Dean opened his eyes he found himself in a room, it wasn’t a room he recognised. There was a large four-poster bed that had white curtains draped from it, matching the white bed spread. Looking around him he realised that he was in a child’s room. A set of pictures on the mirror told him that it was your room, he had seen these same pictures in your car’s glove box once. A scream echoed up from downstairs and Dean went running. he stomped down the stairs and into the living room where he saw you standing in the door way, but you weren’t you or rather you were you but the child you. Standing in a small white dress with a peach coloured sash around the middle, you turned your head to look at him, tears in your eyes. Dean tore his eyes away from you and looked into the room where a tall, wide man towered over a beautiful woman. He was hitting her and laughing as he did it, the man glanced up you, Dean could see his black eyes. You ran. You ran faster than Dean thought a child could run and you ran out of the house. A farm, you lived on a farm, and you were running through the wheat field, Dean could hardly keep up with you.
“Quickly you have to run before he gets us!” Your little voice called back to Dean. But it was too late. A shadow blocked out most of the sun and you stopped in your tracks. Dean couldn’t see you any more but he heard you scream, a scream that made his heart almost drop to his feet.
Then hand was taking his. And a voice whispered in his ear.
“You shouldn’t have come here.”
He turned just in time to see you dissapear in to the woods that had appeared behind him, you were older now, around eighteen maybe. He didn’t know what he was running from this time but he found himself darting in to the woods after you. After a few minutes of running he stopped. Dean recognised the trees, he had grown to them well one year.
“No (Y/N). You couldn’t be here!” Dean had spent a year in these woods fighting for his life everyday, he knew the only way you could have known what this place looked like is if you had been there. You had been in Purgatory at some point in your life and you had escaped it as well.
A knife flew past his ear and he spun round to see a Demon fall to the ground. You appeared next to it and yanked the knife from the Demon’s head, wiping the blood off on your jeans. Dean looked at your teenage body, it was different to the way you looked now, not a lot more, a little plumper. Baby fat he thought to himself, like you hadn’t yet needed to be toned the way you were now. You looked up at him then, your eyes meeting his, they were cold and didn’t seem to recognise him.
“(Y/N) you need listen to me, you’ve been captured by Djin you have to find a way to wake up!” Dean called after you.
“We have no time to stop, if we stop we die.” You turned and sprinted away before Dean could get close to you. The vision around him changed, he was no longer in the woods but stood in a cemetery. He could see you not to far away digging up a grave. He watched curious as it seemed you couldn’t see him this time. He looked down at the grave stone and his breath left him for a moment.
“I’m sorry mum.” You said through broken tears. A ghost stood in front of you then. The beautiful woman from before, your mother. She looked different though, her face was ripped open in places and her dress was torn.
“It was your fault! The day you were born was the day I died!”
“I’m sorry” You said again, lighting a match and dropping it on the bones below you. The ghost of your mother rushed forwards flames taking over her just as she reached out for you. Dean watched as you broke down, falling to your knees. He moved to you, he wanted to hold you, to tell you it would be all right but he was stopped by the booming voice of the towering man. You shot back up to your feet and started running, you were running so fast Dean wasn’t sure which way you would go next.
“(Y/N) come on listen to me! you have to wake up!” He was shouting after you.
Suddenly you stopped turning back to him, your face was streaked with tears and blood from a cut on your forehead was drying.
“Wake up?” You were looking right at him now.
“Yes, a Djin captured you, you have to wake up.” Dean panted out.
Something washed over your face, a new strength and you turned towards the man who had gained on the both of you. He stood so tall, much taller than Dean or even Sam. He laughed as you approached him.
“Now you will come with me.”
“No, I am not your child! I will never be one of your children.” Dean looked at the man, he knew he was a demon but now he looked harder, the eyes he had thought were black before flickered to yellow.
“You killed everyone, my mother, my father, my sister. You won’t have me.”
“I could have your soul.” Yellow eyes lunged forward his hand driving into your chest, Dean was frozen in place by your screams.
When he could move again Dean thought he was going to cry instantly. In front of him you laid on a table, your hands and legs tied with leather straps. Tears fell from your eyes as a man moved in front of you, Dean knew that man. In stunned silence Dean watched as he cut in to. There had always been something he knew was familiar about you, from the first moment he saw you, he knew he had seen you somewhere before but he had never thought this.
How could you even look at him? How could he be with you now knowing what he had done to you. He remembered you know, you were one of his favourites because you never screamed. Dean enjoyed trying new interesting ways of torturing you, trying to find your breaking point. You never screamed.

“No.” Dean pushed himself forward, he couldn’t watch this anymore. He shoved the other him aside and pulled you into his arms. You didn’t argue, you didn’t fight back you just allowed him to carry you.
“(Y/N) Wake up. Just get yourself out of this!”
“Dean. Why? Why should I?”
“You have to because there is a guy out there who is your best friend, and he’ll miss you. And there is an Angel who would tear hell apart to find you and bring you back. And I… I want you to come back. If you can forgive me for this.”
You didn’t say anything, you smiled at him weakly before your eyes closed and your head fell back. Dean didn’t know what to do so he stayed there and held you as the world around him slowly faded to black.

Dean woke up suddenly, jumping out of his chair. Sam was above you helping you to sit up, Dean shoved him aside and knelt down before you.
Your arms flew around him as you began to cry, Dean scooped you up and carried you out of the old house you had been kept in. He slid himself into the back of the Impala sliding the keys over to Sam as he held you tight against him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He kept repeating in your ear. For you the ride back to the bunker was filled with turmoil. the arms around you both gave you comfort and frightened you. In your dazed state you were sure at any moment he would turn and begin his onslaught of torture once more. Once home Dean carried you down to his room and slid you into his bed, he stroked your hair as you slept, wanting so much to make you forget what he had done to you.
He stayed sat on the edge of the bed all night as you slept. When you started to stir he had thought you had woken up but the moan told him you were still asleep. You were dreaming, and it wasn’t a nice dream, you started to thrash about. Dean caught your arms and knelt over you calling your name. Your eyes flew open and you screamed when you saw him, pulling yourself away from him and falling to the floor. Dean watched you as you darted out of the room.
Sam had heard the commotion and slid his head out of his bedroom door just as you ran up to him. You buried your head into his chest and cried. He faintly heard you mumble not let him get to you, to keep him away. Sam took you into his room and eventually got you back to sleep. Then he went to find his brother.
“What was all that about?”
Dean was sat in the library, his head rested against his curled fist, a tear running down his face.
“Did you know she went to hell?”
Sam sat down opposite Dean.
“She went to hell because Yellow eyes was trying to take her, he killed her and then I… I tortured her. I guess she didn’t remember before but she does now. She’ll never be able to forgive me now.”
That night Dean told Sam everything about the dream world you had been in and how you had been running from these things. Sam didn’t know if you would forgive him, but he knew he was going to try damn hard to help you get there. He had too. Dean had saved you once and you had saved him back, neither of you could lose the other and you wouldn’t as long as Sam had anything to do with it.

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Ned bein' all cute with his babies :D

Well, Anon, as I happened to get to this cute prompt in the midst of an explosion of Ned feels, I’m afraid I got a bit carried away, and you get a fairly long fic. Hope that’s all right.

Most definitely cut for length, and I apologize to anyone who is stuck scrolling past this thing on their phones!!

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