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the truth is, life constantly changes every minute of everyday. you lose friends. you gain friends. you realize who you considered and thought was your friend wasn’t ever really your friend and the person you used to hate could of actually made a really good friend.
you look for for love. you find love. you lose love. you realize all long that you’ve been loved, that you are loved. you laugh. you cry. you laugh so hard that you cry. you do this, you do that. you really wish you hadn’t done that. you then learn from that and end up glad you did that.
you have memories you wish you could relive. you have memories that you never want to relive.
you have your ups. you have your downs. you read good books, see good movies. you read bad books, see bad movies. you wounder if your life is just a big movie or a strange, wonderful book. you look at others and wish you were them. you then realize who they are and end up being glad that you are you.
you love life. you hate life. you love humans. you hate humans. In the end, you just find yourself happy to be living life, no matter what is being thrown at you because of life and maybe, just maybe, this is a book or movie after all, and you want to see how it ends.

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Happy Monday everyone! 🌻
It’s really amazing seeing other women encourage and compliment each other. If you think someone is beautiful or is rocking a really nice outfit why not let her know. No need to hate or be jealous, get rid of that negativity and show more love. That one compliment you gave could’ve been that extra boost of confidence she might have needed to feel better about herself. There’s a lot of women who don’t necessarily feel beautiful when they should have every reason in the world to, and as women we need to uplift each other. There’s enough room in the world for another beautiful, smart, or successful woman. Be confident in yourself because another woman isn’t your competition, she’s your motivation to be an even better woman.
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So I had my trial work at the magazine publishing house in Wolfsburg today. I was there all day, first they showed me around - great impression, everyone there is about my age and super nice, everyone laughed a lot all day. Then I had to write two texts, after the first one the woman who read it told me that it’s great and that I have a lot of talent. We all took our break together, they have a big kitchen there and we ate together, in the afternoon there was a second text to write and after that I had to wait a bit until the job interview with the boss. He asked me how I liked the work and the people and all that and I told him I liked it cause I really did, then the boss was like “let’s make this short, I have an appointment and I gotta leave, I wanna hire you, would you like the job?” and I said yes and now they’ll send me the contract ^__^
It’s a traineeship for two years, but after that I’ll most likely be able to stay there ^___^

I am feeling pretty grim this morning but I managed to get on the tram to head to school (feeling double grim because I missed the first day of semester yesterday and hate myself for it) and i saw a woman reading The Darkest Part of the Forest, which would be a Good Sign enough BUT the stamps along the sides of the book reveal that it’s from the beloved library where I work so
That’s good

Oh, God, Area Woman Making Her Move

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by yelling

Codsworth suggests a hot bath in the cold wasteland is a good idea. Whether he was right or not is up for debate.

Words: 2023, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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OOC: HAHAHAHah, ooh, HAH. Hmm. I’m going to share this here and now because all the people I did talk about this with sadly aren’t here anymore. 

So in at the start of proto-feminism there was a fairly predictable response from men and the pornographic industry fetishsizing the “intelligent woman.” So around the late victorian era there was more of an explosion of pornographic drawings and pictures of woman reading and entertaining themselves. Women lasciviously reading was just this huge thing, and Otto’s father may have kept a stash of special postcards hidden in a book in the library, that a young and impressionable Otto may have stumble on. Leading to a very embarrassing very long-lasting kink. People who read and touch their neck, chew on a pencil too enthusiastically, lick their lips, he has to turn away and compose himself for a bit.

Otherwise Otto would have to feel a bit more comfortable with someone to be turned on by them. But neck kisses, caresses, and touches are a good starting point. Giving or receiving. Which is also the reason he prefers feeding from the wrist, the neck feeling too intimate for simple meals.