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Song of Themyscira | Nine

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Language?

A/N: Update! We’re so close to the end… s/o to mi amor, abril, for being with me every step of the way w/ this fic, te amo || SoT masterlist

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Red Carpet Stunts

(A/N): As you can tell, I am an awkward introvert who doesn’t know how to flirt. 

Pairings: Gal GadotXReader

Request: Would you do a gal gadot x reader where you’re on the red carpet with her and you flirt with her to get her attention? The ending can her her asking you out? Thanks so much :)

Warnings: None?

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You and Gal had met when she was filming Wonder Woman. You were her trainer and stunt helper on set and you were always helping her out on what to do. You spent about two months training her for her role and you enjoyed it a little more than you should have. Her willingness to learn, bright smile and hardworking mentality is what made this your favorite job yet. You two had become close over the entire film process and on more than one occasion Patty had to get the two of you to stop flirting with one another while filming, even though she had a smile on her face the entire time.

Gal was a busy woman, going back and forth to Israel, doing interviews and looking towards her next movie and you figured after the finishing of the movie you would be forgotten so, it was a complete surprise when she invited you to be her plus one of the red-carpet premiere. You questioned her choice, asking her why she’d choose you out of everyone she knew, saying you were just her trainer and all she did was give you the sweetest smile while responding with ‘You’re more than a trainer to me so, why not?’. It made your knees weak and heart flutter at her reasoning and you couldn’t help but accept her invitation.

Since you had arrived at the red-carpet premiere, all you and Gal had encountered were photographers, interviewers and screaming fans. It was a bit of a shock for you, this was your first time in an actual big-time premiere and you didn’t know what to do. All you could do was stick close to her as she maneuvered through the multiple people around you. As exciting as everything was around you, you couldn’t help but stare at her the entire time. Her floor length, red dress hugged her body just right, her hair was done in a tight bun which shaped her face perfectly and her vibrant smile was brighter than any camera flash there was around you. She was exquisite.

You watch and smile as she talks passionately about her role, takes photos with little girls dressed as Wonder Woman and signs autographs. You were pulled out of your stare when her brown eyes meet yours and you can feel your smile growing as a light blush paints your cheeks at being caught. She walks up to you, smiling ear to ear and stands closer than you expected. “I can feel you staring.” Gal smiles out and you give a chuckle as you look down at the ground.

“It’s because you look beautiful.” You state as you avert your eyes back up to hers and you can see a blush take over at your compliment.

“Thank you, I feel awkward.” She comments as you both begin to be ushered towards some photographers and she grabs your hand, making sure to keep you close. You stop in front of people with cameras and flashing lights take over your vision as you smile for the photos. After several seconds, you turn to focus on her, met with a beautiful side view of her face and you give a smirk.

“As awkward as that time in the dressing room?” You comment quietly for only her to hear and you hear a muffled laugh as she looks down, giving you a playful nudge, recalling the time you walked in on her almost naked.

“That was an accident.” She chuckles out, looking back up at the photographers who are still snapping photos of your interaction and you do the same, giving a wide cheesy smile.

“You thought it was an accident?” You tease and out of the corner of your eye you can see her giving you a shocked expression, mouth open slightly but before she can say anything, she gets pulled over by another interviewer. You laugh as she gives you a playful glare before giving a polite smile at the person talking to her.

“You look great, Gal! Your dress is absolutely stunning. Who’s your plus one over here?” The man questions enthusiastically and she turns to you, gently grabbing your arm so you’re standing next to her.

“This is (Y/N), they were my trainer for the movie and one of my stunt helpers. We’re very close.” Gal beams proudly as she introduces you, pulling you closer and the interviewer smiles, turning to you.

“Well, you both look amazing tonight. So, (Y/N), what was it like training and preparing Gal for her role as Wonder Woman?” He questions and instantly memories of training with the beautiful woman beside you, pop into your head. You give a chuckle before looking into Gal’s brown orbs.

“She always looks stunning. Well, it took some time but she got the hang of it. Everything was new but after a few weight training and sword fighting sessions, she was ready to go. I also got to see her film with her armor on so, that was kind of hot.” You respond confidently, giving a cheeky smirk and you can see pink overtaking her cheeks at your compliment. The man asks a few more questions before thanking you for talking with him and you give him a small wave as he leaves.

“You think I look hot in the armor?” She questions, thick accent present with a curious smile in place as you both walk down the red-carpet, getting closer to the building you were supposed to be headed to. An amused, suggestive smirk grows on your face as you turn towards her perfect form.

“You would look hotter with it off.” You purr out and you swear to god, you’ve never seen someone turn so red in their life. The surprised look on her face makes your smirk widen as she stumbles with her words, unable to come up with a coherent response. She finally looks up with a nervous grin as she grabs your hand, giving it a squeeze and you can’t help the tingling sensation that runs throughout your fingertips.

“Would you like to go to dinner? After…” She comments, gesturing to the chaos around you. “All this is done?” Your heart leaps out of your chest and an exuberant sensation fills your whole body at her question. You can’t manage to say anything but two words as you look at her with loving eyes and a Cheshire smile.

“Of course.” And at those words, a certain glow seems to shimmer around her as she takes your hand in hers while walking down the red carpet.

And I, you.

YEY 😁 thanq thanq ! Diana prince x f reader (was an experiment like Logan ) they fought in WW, obv there’s something between them. But the reader is actually scared to get close given her state (esp since  she’s a mutant and dangerous) but fast forward reader is is London, Diana in Paris right ? And they occasionally talk and she sends her the photo from WW ? Modern day they meet up ? 

requested by @subjectx17

Sorry this took such a long time! I had to rewrite this a couple of times because every single time I was finished with it, I ended up not being satisfied. I don’t think I am satisfied much with this one but it’s a little bit better than the previous ones I have made! Hope you enjoy!

You place the framed photo back on to your desk, smiling to yourself. You have been doing that a whole lot lately. Smiling to yourself. But receiving that photo only simply reminded you of the fact that you should probably start to move on too.

You pick up your phone, dialing the number you have memorized the first time you received it. After a few rings, it finally gets picked up. “Hello?” The moment you hear her voice; you are hit with memories from the past – the two of you had been on two different sides, had fought against each other during the war but ultimately, you had been more worried about trying to live and ended up helping her instead. “Is that you, Y/N?”

You smile when you heard your name falling from her lips. “Hi, Diana. It’s me.” You could hear her chuckling and the smile on your face grows bigger. “How are you, Diana?”

“Better, now that I have heard from you. Did you receive my present?”

You glance at the photo – it was a photo taken of the six of you – and you nod your head. “Yes, I did. Thank you for sending me a copy.” Like Diana, the two of you had outlived the rest of your friends and even though it’s been such a long time, you still miss them.

“I received the original from a friend.” She tells you and you nod your head, wondering who her friend is to be able to find a photo from all those years ago.

“Do you think we will be able to meet up some time soon?” You know your unspoken message went unheard when you hear the sharp intake of breath and you bite the inside of your cheek from wanting to smile too much.

“Of course – we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, Y/N. I was surprised when I received your call – I did not think my mail would have reached you or you are still living in London.” She explains and you nod your head. This country is where most of your friends are buried, you could not bear to leave them.

“Yeah, I am still in London. What about you?”

“I am currently in Paris now – curating but I will be back at the end of this month and perhaps, we can go for dinner then?” She asks and you check your calendar – a little bit less than two weeks until the end of the month. If you could wait a few years to contact her, you certainly can wait a few more days to see her.

“Yes, of course, Diana.”

“I really am happy that you finally called me, Y/N. I have missed you,”

“And I, you, Diana.”

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diana prince + A + F + T

Headcanon List!

Headcanon Masterlist!

A - Asking you out

F -Flirting with you

  • She doesn’t know how to but she makes you blush anyway? how she does that? Idk
  • compliments, classy compliments
  • always with respect nothing that may sound inappropriate or disrespectful
  • little arm touches, will go a little farther if she sees you blush by grabbing your hand
  • just smooth dorky flirting

T - Taking care of you when you’re sick

  • Panic panic panic
  • she will call Superman because she doesn’t know what the heck do
  • why humans are so weak Zeus? why?!
  • she is confused by how many medicines are out there
  • she will also not understand why you don’t want to go to the doctor
  • if you are pale and the fiber is pretty high, she will ignore your protest and drag you to the doctor..and maybe call Superman because “she’s too pale Clarke and sick!”
  • will study a little about disses just to be ready next time you are sick
  • and will also try to learn some recipes
  • will cuddle with you so you can squish her like a pillow
  • Kisses, so many kisses, and little pecks
  • gentle touches and her soft hands caressing your hair
  • she will really panic if you throw up

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Love You Always

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Steve Trevor x Reader

Request: A Steve Trevor imagine

Summary: Reader is part of the team Steve created to help him and Diana but she doesn’t come in until later. 

Word Count: 2137

They were in Belgium, standing in the trenches in no man’s land. Steve was worried; you still hadn’t shown up yet, you told him that once the job that you were on was over you would meet him where ever he was. The last letter he sent was telling you that they were going to be in Belgium at the Western Front. You both knew that they were going to be halted by the enemy lines for the Allied forces still hadn’t gotten the job done to take them out.

Steve turned around when he heard a bunch of gasps and mumbles fall from the soldiers that were around him. He turned around to see Diana releasing her dark cape to the floor and gearing up to go into the field. He tried to stop her but it was no use, Diana was quite determined to get across.

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diana prince | flowers


Diana Prince x Reader

Warnings; Mild spoilers towards the movie, but no biggie.

(Y/N) - Your name
(E/C) - Eye Color
(H/L) - Hair length
(H/C) - Hair color
(B/T) - Body type

A/N; I really had trouble to finish anything, I have a lot ideas, but never know how to end them. Anyway, I really adore Wonder Woman and I am still amazed by the movie. Gal Gadot is so stunning in that role! So therefore, I had to write something about our favorite precious Amazon Princess. <3 It’s like really cheesy, but I hope you enjoy it. (,:

When Steve Trevor died Diana was sure she would never fall in love again. For years she has been avoiding relationships which went beyond friendship and over all never felt the need to find a romantic partner.
That was until she walked into that sweet little flower store of yours.
She was lost in her thoughts and unconsciously stumbled through the pastel blue door.
She found herself in a vintage dream full of different flowers and in the middle of all that beauty, there was you over shining everything simply with your smile.

For the first time in years the Amazon princess felt something in her heart. The ice that formed over her heart was slowly starting to melt and since a long time Diana didn’t know how to act. She was totally mesmerized by your (e/c) eyes and how your (h/l) (h/c) hair perfectly framed your face.
She walked over to some white lilies.
“Lilies are a symbol of purity and the beauty of youth, but also known for passion and drive. ”
To the Amazon Princess your voice sounded like a choir of hundred angels. It made her feel warm around her chest and increased her heartbeat. For decades she was known as the confident warrior, always standing her ground and being steady when it comes to decisions, but right know she had trouble forming any words. She was speechless.
Diana studied dozens of books surrounding flowers, she knew they were also a symbol for motherhood and fertility, also of rebirth and renewal. She just couldn’t bring any words up.
The Amazon simply nodded and payed for the flowers only to give them to Superman, who was a bit surprised, but accepted the gift gladly.
Diana started to visit your shop regularly, only to listen to you talking about flowers. Everyday, you’d wear a flowerprinted Outfit, which fitted your (b/t) body perfectly, but more she loved how your eyes started glowing as you lost yourself in your rambling. Sometimes, you’d stop midsentence and apologize for talking too much, but she would always say, that she enjoys listening to you. Every time you finished talking, the Amazon would buy flowers, only to give them to her team members. She started placing new flowers on the league’s main table every week.
While some members teased her about turning from Wonder Woman to Flower Girl, she didn’t care. At least the Martian Manhunter would regularly express his appreciation for the lovely plants.

Like every other day Diana was heading to your store. It was a quite noon, not much traffic and the weather mildly warm.
The princess turned around the corner, when she sensed something was wrong.
Usually, you’d let your door open, especially when the weather was good. She also noticed some broken flower pots lying on the ground.
Diana rushed to your store, getting slower and quieter as she got near the front door.
Carefully and without making any sound she opened the door, only to find your store completely devastated. Than she noticed a person wearing all black pointing a gun at… you.

The Amazon’s heart dropped as she saw your (e/c) eyes wide open a pleading look gracing them.
“Oh, please don’t do this.” Your voice trembled with fear.
“Nobody will miss you. It’s not like you have any people who care about you.” A deep male responded mockingly.
“I disagree on that!”
Diana had enough and stormed through the door, right towards the robber. He fired the gun at her, but the Amazon simply dodged the bullets with her arms, leaving the man shocked, but only for a split of second. The Amazon already grabbed him and threw him into the next wall, his body falling unconscious onto some broken flower pots.

“Y-You are Wonder Woman?!”
Diana simply turned around and gave you a gentle smile,
“But this is a little secret between us.”
You nodded and started to fumble with your hands, still trying to proceed what just happened.
“You saved my life! I don’t know how to thank you.” You looked around your now ruined little store and hung your head.
“I’d like to give you some flowers, but they all have been destroyed. I am so sorry.”
You sighed with an apologetic look lingering in your (b/c) orbs.
Diana took your hand and gave you an reassuring smile.
“Don’t apologize, you are clearly the harmed one here. I should be apologizing for being too late.”
The Amazon princess took a look around and noticed an intact bundle of red roses. She picked them up and turned to you.
“I’d really like to take those. I want to give them to someone who means very much to me.”
Diana could have sworn your head dunked further down.
“Oh… They must be really lucky then. I hope they’ll appreciate them.”
When you lifted your head your (e/c) eyes met her deep blue ones.
“I hope so too. (Y/N), would you like to go on a date with me after we clean up your store? I know a wonderful place where we can get the best ice cream around here.”
Your eyes sparked up and that frown on your face turned into a bright smile.
“Yes I’d love to!”


So I was reading injustice, and I almost didn’t notice this. Barry didn’t just CARRY Bruce, he gave him a FUCKING PIGGY BACK THROUGH METROPOLIS IM SCREECHING THIS IS THE BEST PANNEL IVE EVER READ

DC Masterlist

Batfamily in general :

The Great Mall adventure

“It’s gone…all gone…” (batsis)

Fun Fair with the family

“Mother, it’s your day”

“Mother has been poisoned”

The Batmom Glare

Burrito Blanket Batmom

The Last Pit (part ½)

The Last Pit (part 2/2)

Master of Diaper

Batfam NSFW headcanons

Oh shit, it’s father’s day ! 

How terrible it is to love something that death can touch

“Vacations are rare for the Waynes”

“Let me get one thing straight…I’m not !”

Don’t leave us… (Batsis)


Bruce Wayne/Batman :

Making Bruce Wayne blush

Beach Bod’

Catching the Bat’s heart (slightly NSFW)

“Admit it, Bruce” (totally NSFW)

“Your wife is hot”

“Your wife is hot” part 2

Early Mornings with the Bat

Baby Wayne

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 1/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 2/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 3/3)

And when I’m gone… (warning, SAD)

I’m not drunk, you are

“It’s her, but it’s not her !” (part ½)

“It’s them, but it’s not them !” (part 2/2)

Scars, loving names and a bath

“That’s not how you negociate !”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous”

“My parents are gross…ly in love" (slightly NSFW)

Tickles and loss

Sneaky Bastard (NSFW)

Shaky steps and bad teaching

A chance to say goodbye

Ma Broosh !

“She should cut her nails” (part ½ of the League teasing the “batlovers”)

“Bruce…sucks !” (part 2/2 of the League teasing the “batlovers”).


“I’m lost without you…”

Silly Bat’

Fate is a bitch part 1/?

Fate is a bitch part 2/?

“Hopefully, no one will notice”

“I don’t like cats”

Odd socks

The Talk

Wedding and pop-corns

Relationship headcanons part 1/?

“You could have anyone you want !”


“I don’t wanna get married”

Alive (NSFW)

Anonymous Hate

I’ll always be here for you

“You slept with Superman ?”


Richard “Dick” Grayson/Nightwing :

“She’s too good for you”

Surprise Surprise


Jason Todd/Red Hood

Cutie and the Beast (slightly NSFW)

Caught red-hooded (slightly NSFW too)

“Draw me like one of your French…boy ?”

I bacha(ta) can dance better than you ! (hispanic reader)

Costume Party


Timothy “Tim” Drake/Red Robin :

Naked Birds

You taste like coffee


Damian Wayne/Robin :

The First time is serious business (slightly NSFW)

Titus likes you…too much

“Just play the damn game with me !” (Batmom x Damian)

True blood son..and daughter (Batsis x Damian)

Period drama with mama (Batmom)

My mom is better than yours (Batmom)

Mistakes and Forgiveness

“Are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room ?” (Batmom)


Clark Kent/ Superman :

Eighth time’s a charm

Happy (belated) Fourth of July

Hatred an Grief


Kon-El “Conner” Kent/Superboy :

“You’re kind of an asshole”

“They’re kind of assholes”


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman :

Drunk Amazon

Dating Diana Prince would include…


Arthur Curry/Aquaman :

I don’t talk to fish

Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

Anonymous requested:  Dating Diana prince would include, please? Thank you!

  • You being the first human she was ever attracted to
  • Finding her strange and mysterious, and doing everything you can to learn more about her
  • Diana awkwardly asking you out on a date, because in Themyscira people didn’t go on dates
  • “Would you… like to go on an outing with me? To get food?” “Are you asking me out on a date?” “Yes, I believe so.”
  • An amazing first date planned by Diana - which included horses, picnics, and a beautiful view
  • Diana expecting you to be surprised when she told you she was Wonder Woman, but you had a hunch she was Wonder Woman from the start.
  • Her letting you try on her armor
  • And thinking you look totally hot in it
  • Slow, gentle kisses
  • But hot, passionate sex
  • Diana teaching you how to defend yourself 
  • Constantly worrying about each other
  • Freaking out when she tells you about the Justice League
  • “You’re working with Batman! And the Flash! Oh my god, can I meet them?” “You sound like Barry.”
  • Diana doesn’t like to admit it, but she loves cuddling
  • Lots of late night talks
  • Her telling you stories about Themyscira
  • Not being afraid of PDA
  • And, if any homophobes gave you any nasty looks or dirty comments, Diana wouldn’t let them get away without a lecture
  • “Where I’m from, women only date women! Get your head out of your ass!”
  • Thinking her accent is adorable
  • Braiding each other’s hair
  • Diana being afraid to save “I love you” for the first time, but once she says it, she can’t go an hour without telling you
  • Just an all around loving, trusting relationship
Dating Diana Prince/ Wonderwoman would include...

• Meeting her through knowing Bruce and Clark

•At first being vaguely intimidated by her but also finding that you can’t seem to draw your gaze away from her

• Diana being entranced by everything about you

• Bruce wingmanning for her and Clark trying to play matchmaker for you

• It works

• You better be down for PDA because Diana is not at all bothered by it

• She always finds a way to be touching you somehow whenever you’re together

• Whether you’re sitting on the couch together, walking down the street or even hanging on the Watchtower she will gently interlock her fingers with yours

• Cuddles

• LOTS of cuddles

• Diana loves hugging you from behind (she’s much taller than you so she always rests her chin atop your head

- “Di, stop it! You’re making me feel short.”

- “Y/N, you are short”


• Slow, passionate kisses

• Sometimes you just spend hours aimlessly making out

• Sweet, loving sex

• But also really hot “I just got back from a really dangerous mission and I have an adrenaline high” sex

• Basically a lot of sex, all the time

• Cute good morning kisses

• When you can’t sleep, Di will sing old Greek lullabies until you eventually drop off

• Late night pillow talk that can last for hours

• She adores listening to you talk and it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, she will always listen avidly

• You love it when she tells you stories of her home and the adventures she had back on Themyscira

• She likes carding her fingers in your hair as you lay your head on her chest/stomach because it’s relaxing and she likes the way it makes you smile

• Sometimes you go through old photos of her as wonderwoman

• You start learning Greek to surprise her

• “Σε αγαπώ”

• Nobody had better mess with you because Diana is very protective

- And she has a sword.

• You and her just having a perfect, loving relationship.

A/N: Basically I’m just trash for Diana

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Prompt: Hello my love!! Could you do a Steve Trevor Imagine where the reader is an Amazon warrior and when she goes to the real world steve calls her “her partner”. So one day when she first sees a baby she was like “where can u purchase one” and Steve tell her that it’s something you have to do with your partner. So the reader asks him when will they have a baby?? I don’t know if you understand it but it’s okay if u dont wanna do it❤️

AN: This was so much fun to write!!!!!!!!

Fandom: DC

    Man’s World was a funny place. It had changed greatly since you had last seen it. There were roaring machines and funny clothing, and it was so utterly different from what you remembered as a child. It was fascinating.

    “If you keep stopping to stare, you’re going to get run over.”

    You smile at Steve Trevor, and he gives small smile back before motioning with his head. You jog lightly to catch up, and fall into step beside him. “It’s changed so much.”

    His voice is soft, “When’s the last time you were here?”

    You smile, “I was a girl, no older than six. My mother had just fought for our freedom from our oppressors.” He gives you a confused stare, before he simply continues walking.

    That’s when it catches your eye. It’s small, and delicate, and smiling. You make it two steps, before Steve’s hand wraps around your arm and attempts to pull you away. You remain rooted to the spot. “It’s an infant. A baby.”


    “I have not seen one since Diana was given to us. Even then, I was not allowed to hold her. Do you think she’ll let me hold her?”

    “Considering she doesn’t know you, probably not.”

    “But I mean the child no harm.”

    Steve winces, “That doesn’t matter here. Mothers are protective of their children.” He takes your hand, and this time you let him lead you away.

    “Is there a place where I can get one? Like Hippolyta got Diana?”

    He stutters for a second before saying, “You can’t have a baby on your own. It’s something you do with your partner.”

    You smile, “Then where do we get ours?”

    He nearly trips, but you catch him by the coat before he hits the ground, “Excuse me?”

    You smile, “You called me your partner in that proceeding with all the men. Why can we not get a child when our mission is done? When this war is over?”

    His cheeks turn a bright red, and he stammers over his words, “Tell you what, why don’t we revisit this subject when we finish the mission.” And without another word he starts walking.

    You catch up, and take his hand, “I want a girl.”

    He stares at you, “Excuse me?”

    “A girl child. I think it will suit us.”

    He sighs, “We’ll save that for the same discussion.”

    You smile, and keep walking, the warmth of his hand reassuring you, and the thought of a child of your own pushing you forward.

Being part of the Justice League would include...

• Being a metahuman with your own city to protect
•You were first approached by Superman
•He was impressed after seeing one of your fights on TV
• “You saved a lot of people out there. How would you like to help us save a lot more?”
•You’re shocked at first but try to remain cool because hello it’s Superman?!!
•Batman is always suspicious of you until he warms up to you
•Or until Wonder Woman tells him to knock it off
•The rest of the League accepts you right away
•Hal and Barry are always fighting for your attention and flirting with you
•"You know, my ring can create anything with the power of my mind.“
•"So not much?”
•"Can it fastest man alive!“
•Wonder Woman is your workout buddy
• “Now we are ready to train.”
• “That was the warmup??!!”
•Cyborg teaches you basic hacking
•Aquaman takes you to the beach to chill sometimes
•One time you try organizing a dinner after you all had to work on a holiday
•Batman may have cracked a smile
•It actually went well
•Especially because you thought ahead and got more food for Barry
•All in all you’re all just one happy dysfunctional family

Dating Princess Diana:

Originally posted by harleenlovespuddin

A/n: I saw Wonder Woman and… i’m in love, send help.

-She is a very very passionate and caring partner, which can have a few learning curves, but it’s completely worth it.

-she will do anything to protect you, anything. Which leads to her often times being quite overprotective without knowing it. And you would never blame her, cause you know she has lost so much,

- But sometimes still you need to remind her that you can handle things on your own

“But the mug is too hot! you’ll burn yourself.”

“I think it’s fine, but thank you for caring.”

-you are the sun and moon to her, and she tells you every single day

-”normal” dates aren’t a thing for you two

-They’re usually stargazing, or staying home with some tea

-You both would much rather talk than anything else, with nothing to distract. It’s not really needed for you two

-but if you do end up going on a “date” then it’s to an old school dancing diner

-she never told you exactly why she loves those places, but she is thrilled and scared every time you go to one

-she really loves kissing, but only for special moments, like when she gets back from a bad mission, seeing you hurt, or if you look at her with loving eyes for more than 10 seconds,

-before anything, you’re best friends, you match so perfectly in every single way

-you like to braid her hair, since it seems to calm her down more than anything else

-she’s not much of a cuddle person, so when you share a bed you only hold hands, or rest your head on her shoulder/chest or vise versa

-you sometimes call her “Ana”, or “Princess”, and she gets really flushed by that

-she calls you “everything,” ‘Beautiful” or “My love”

- You two are actually the cutest couple ever, and no one will change that.

Song of Themyscira | One

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 972

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: SURPRISE! As a welcome gift to my new wave of followers, I’ve decided to post the first chapter of SoT a week in advance :) I hope you all enjoy this (April beta’d and said it’s good so I’ll take her word for it) and please, let me know what you think!

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