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Dean Ambrose - soon to be dad

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“Dean, have you seen our ultrasound picture? I wanna show our friends when we go for Smackdown.” I walked downstairs, holding my lower back with one hand and the other rubbing my six month pregnant belly. We were having our first baby together and we decided to keep the gender a surprise til birth. 
Dean looked up from the couch. “Yeah, I got it!” He raised his arm and the ultrasound was in his hand. I smiled before walking over. 
“You have had that in your hand since we gotten home with it.” I told him. Dean just looked at it as he traced his finger across the picture. “I just can’t believe we are gonna be parents. I am really excited. If we have a girl though, she is not allowed to date.” Dean then got up and walked over to me.
“I never seen you this excited.” I told him with a smile. Dean shrugged before placing his hand on my belly. 
“Hey little one. Princess or Prince, whatever you are, we can’t wait to meet you. I am going to teach you everything you need to know. With me and you, your mom will have trouble pulling us apart. We are going to be mischievous partners in crime.” Dean spoke to my stomach.
When he finished, the baby kicked. Dean grinned. “Looks like you are going to have a hard time with the both of us.” Dean said. I rolled my eyes.
“If we are having a boy, we will. I think with a girl, it will be the same too.” I sighed before laughing.
After the cute little moment between Dean and baby, we have to leave for Smackdown.
Dean was already in his gear which was a tank top and jeans. “There is the glowing pregnant woman!” Nikki ran over and hugged me. I smiled as she rubbed her hand over my stomach. “He or she is getting closer to being here.” Nikki said. I smiled.
“ I know. I will have two troublemakers on my hand.” I said as I looked at Dean who was showing AJ and everyone else the ultrasound picture.
“He has been holding that ultrasound picture all day since we got home.” I told Nikki. Nikki smiled.
“That’s adorable. He is gonna be an amazing dad.” Nikki told me.
“I know.” I agreed. 


‘You didn’t say goodbye. I should have known then that you would come back.’

Don’t Tempt Me *Newt Smut*

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Request: Could you write a smut where you walk in on Newt getting off and you sexually tease him the next day until he drags you off into the deadheads

Pairing: NewtxReader

Rated: M (Mature)

Warnings: Smut

( A/N: I’m Sooo sorry this took forever, I’m a terrible person. But I hope you like it and I’ll be posting regularly now)

I had just finished taking a shower and I realized I left my clothes back in my hut. I didn’t feel like running across the glade with only a towel covering me, so instead I decided to walk over to Newts hut and ask him to either let me borrow clothes or if he could go and get mine for me. His hut was right next to the showers so it’ll be the least embarrassing thing to do, plus I trusted Newt with my life. He was the first friend I made in the Glade and he was the kindest of all the guys. I made my way over and about halfway there I could hear low whimpers and moans. The first thing that came to mind was Newt was hurt and he needed help like now. For some stupid reason I didn’t run in there, instead I walked towards his window and peaked in. That was a mistake, a huge mistake. There he was, he wasn’t injured. He was perfectly fine, his head was thrown back, lips slightly open, and his face was scrunched up as his hand pumped up and down his shaft. Almost instantly my thighs clenched together and my bottom lip was caught between my teeth. I forgot all about being in a towel, the only thing on my mind was the sight in front of me. He was huge and the longer I watched him the more I wanted to be the on doing that, the ache between my legs wasn’t going away anytime soon.  My eyes trailed up and down his body numerous times, the way he looked with messy hair and biting down on his lip made my knees go weak.

“(Y/N)”???? I snapped out of my trance when I heard Thomas call my name. Suddenly, the fact that I was still wet and naked made its way back to me and I clutched my towel before spinning around quickly. “Why are you outside of Newt’s place?” Thomas asked with a raised eyebrow. Shit, I couldn’t say what I was actually doing cause then I would be a creep. “I left my clothes in my hut, and I didn’t want to run there in only a towel, so I was going to ask Newt to borrow some of his clothes for now” I’m sure my face was a slight shade of pink, technically I wasn’t lying to him. I just left out the part where I was watching him get off like a creep. “So uh…. Bye” Once again my brain wasn’t registering anything I did and I ran into Newt’s hut and locked the door. “That was close…” I muttered. I turned around to find a more than startled Newt who was still very naked, and my eyes. Those little traitors, before I could stop them my eyes wandered down to between his thighs and lingered there for more time than needed. It was only when he cleared his throat that my eyes snapped up to his face. “I-I’m sorry, I left my clothes and then Thomas and now this” I spun around and covered my eyes so he could get dressed. God knows I didn’t want him too.

“You can uh, turn around now” He said and when I did he had on a pair of grey sweats but still no shirt. Thank the lord. “I’m sorry I really am” No I’m not. “I left my clothes in my hut and its all the way across the Glade.” I started explaining. He nodded when I was done and rummaged through his draw for spare clothes. He handed me an old t-shirt, a clean pair of boxers, and some sweats. “I’ll go outside while you change” He coughed again and made his way past me. I quickly dried off and threw on the clothes he gave me. I didn’t have a bra but that’s okay his shirt was big enough not to show anything. Once I was done I mumble a quick “thanks” again before walking back to my hut.

I tried to go to sleep but it was no use, images of Newt clouded my brain and honestly I don’t know if I was happy or upset. I have to work with him in the gardens tomorrow and if all I could think about was him fucking my senseless we would have a problem. When I finally fell asleep, I dreamt about him. His hands all over me, His lips following the actions of his hands, the way he made me scream his name. I jolted awake in the middle of the night sweating and the ache between my thighs didn’t subside. It was almost time for the rest of the Gladers to wake up so it was pointless in trying to go back to sleep. I went to shower, this time I made sure I remembered everything I would need. It was silly of me to think that a shower would help clear my head. It did the exact opposite in fact, it gave me more ideas of what Newt could do to me. A frustrated sigh made its way past my lips once I finished drying off. It was going to be hot today, so I threw on a white tank top and a pair of denim shorts. As I finished tying my hair up Newt walked in. Just looking at him made me want to moan. “Morning (Y/N)” His voice was so raspy and my name sounded so good coming from his mouth. God (Y/N), You’ve become a sex crazed woman. My eyes ran over him once more and I moaned internally. Or not, the look on his face made it clear that my moan was far from internal. “Oh gosh” I muttered. I didn’t even say morning back. I just walked out and made my way back to my hut to drop off my dirty clothes.

There was no way I’d be able to work today, not with him next to me. I’ll continue to embarrass myself and this time it’ll be in front of all the others. I’ve always liked Newt but I thought it was just a silly crush. And now this boy is making me go crazy. I didn’t realize how needy I actually was until yesterday. Maybe if I stay in my room no one will notice and they won’t need me. That way I could avoid everyone.

Around 2 hours passed when there was a knock on my door. “(Y/N) …” Great it’s the person I was avoiding in the first place. The door slowly opened and Newt stood there watching me “Alby sent me to get you” Of course he did, good job Alby. “Yeah okay, I’ll right out” I bent down to pick up a few items of clothing and I could feel Newt’s stare on my behind. The sexual tension in this room was so thick you could cut through it. I threw my clothes into the hamper and made my way past Newt.

I smirked as my ass brushed again his crotch. His hand flew to my waste “Don’t tempt me like that, baby girl. I don’t think you know what you’re doing” I bit down on my lip, damn that was hot. But I did know what I was doing and if I was lucky, I would get what I wanted by the end of today. I don’t know where this confidence came from but I’m glad it’s here. He let go of me and I walked over to the gardens to help Zart and the rest of them pull out weeds. I made sure to bend down right in front of Newt so he had a full view down my top. His eyes were always fixated on me, or some part of me. The entire day consisted of me bending down in front of him and “accidentally” pushing against him. Right now everyone was sitting at the table eating dinner. I know I had Newt around my finger now, I just needed to push him over the edge. I was seated between him and Thomas, ok (Y/N) you can do this. My hand slowly made its way onto Newt’s thigh. His eyes snapped up in my direction and he mouthed “What are you doing”. Everyone else was too engulfed in their conversations to notice us. I ignored him and moved my hand higher up until it was fully over him. He was already hard; I can only imagine how long he’s been like this. He gripped the table as I started to palm him. His grip only intensified after that. “Newt are you okay?” Alby asked looking genuinely concerned. He nodded. “Yeah I think I left something at the deadheads. (Y/N) is gonna help me find it.” He stood up and yanked me up with him dragging me towards the deadheads.

“Way to be subtle…” I chuckled before he pinned me up against a tree. “Subtle….? I’ll show you subtle when you’re screaming my name” He growled. His lips automatically attached to my neck causing me to moan lowly. “You have no fucking idea what you’ve been doing to me. Since last night when you ran into my room in nothing but a towel” I moaned at his words and at the fact that he was sucking hickies onto any open spot of my neck. Newt moved his head to the other side of my neck and I tilted my head back to give him better access. “And then this morning, the way you moaned in the showers, Fuck baby that was so hot. I’ve been hard since then.” More moans left my lips at his confession. “Oh fuck Newt” I went to move my hands down to the front of his pants but instead he pinned them above my head. “No, you’ve been a bad girl. Who do you think you are? Running around in almost nothing.” He pushed his hips onto mine so that his bulge was pressed up against my heat. The moans that left my mouth kept getting louder and louder. I normally would be ready for foreplay, but I needed him inside of me now.

“Newt please…” I begged. He smirked literally ripping my top and bra off. He kneaded my breasts on both his hands before his head dipped down and he took one of my nipples into his mouth. My back arched and he kept alternating between them. His other hand cupped me through my shorts and he slowly massaged my clit. “Please what baby?” He let my hands go and Immediately I reached for his shirt. After he helped me get that off of him my hands flew to the button of his jeans. “Please fuck me” I moaned as I pushed his jeans and boxers down. His erection sprung up and I felt myself get more wet at his size. I knew he was big from yesterday, but damn. I pushed down my shorts and my underwear in a rush. “Gonna have to do better than that baby girl” He pinned me back up against the tree and slipped his hand between my thighs again. His thumb and index finger lightly pinched down on my clit and I screamed out in pleasure. “Daddy please fuck me” I moaned seductively in his ear. That seemed to do it because in no time he picked me up and wrapped my legs around him. “Fuck” he muttered before literally ramming himself inside of me. I threw my head back as he thrusted in and out of me at a pace I couldn’t comprehend. All I knew at that time was that this was the best thing that ever happened in this Glade. My moans were mixed in with his and his lips reached for mine eagerly, I kissed back instantly letting him take control. Our tongues danced together and you could hear our skin slapping together. I moaned into his mouth when I felt myself getting close. Newt broke the kiss panting and my nails raked up and down his back. I’d have to remember to apologize for that tomorrow, because it’ll leave marks. “Newt, I-I’m” He shushed me and circled my clit with his fingers. “Come on baby, cum for daddy.” I moaned his name loud while I rode out my high. Soon after his thrusts got sloppy and I felt him pull out and release onto my stomach.

“Fuck……” He mumbled looking at me. “There’s no way I’m going to get tonight off my mind” I giggled and nodded “Same here” I went to pick up my clothes but he stopped me “I don’t want you to think that I’m asking you this because of the sex.” He whispered looking me in the eyes. “But will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled and nodded. “Of course I will Newt”

And with that he kissed me one last time before helping me get dressed.

No, you can't have my parking space.

I’m a commuter student in college and the parking is extremely crowded, and unless you come to school at 6:30 in the morning you won’t find a decent spot.

With a little luck by my side, I managed to snag a semi close space. Well as I was leaving class, entering the parking lot, another woman almost ran me over trying to find a spot, yelling at me in the process. I end up at my car and notice that the woman has slowed down to see my glorious parking space. As I get in the car she reverses instantly in the hopes of getting this spot. No such luck b*tch. I sat in my car for a solid 15 minutes until I saw her enter the building.

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Prompt: After buying a new camera, you find something that shouldn’t happen when taking pictures.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2368

12th Grade History
History was a subject that had always seemed boring. Whatever happened yesterday was over and done with, it didn’t matter anymore. And it was one thing worrying about an hour ago, but a completely other thing that happened more than a decade ago. You didn’t care if George Washington was the first president or who won the Battle of Hastings. If it wasn’t affecting you, you couldn’t care less.

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The Boys Don't Like You

You and Luke had been together for 2 years and were currently living together. You had always had the feeling that his band mates didn’t like you because they would always turn down doing something with you and Luke. The only time you and the boys were even in a room together was when it was one of their birthdays, at one of their concerts or when they are out celebrating. One day you finished work early and planned on surprising Luke so you didn’t ring him to let him know. You had picked up cake because you knew the other boys would be there because they were practising and planning out their next tour or something along those lines. You opened the door quietly and snuck in with a smile on your face. Placing the cake on the kitchen table you started to creep towards the door of the living room but froze when you heard your name,

“So Luke where’s y/n?” Calum asked,

“At work,” He answered, you heard a guitar being strummed and you smiled a little,

“When is she back?” Michael asked,

“Why?” Luke asked,

“So we can leave before she gets back,” Ashton answered,

“Why don’t you guys like her? We’ve been together for 2 years and you’ve not once tried to get to know her,”

“Because there is something about her, she clearly wants your fame and have you noticed how many promotions she’s been getting in work since you two started to go out,” Ashton said, you had gotten those promotions because you stayed behind to work later than the others and you were a hard worker.

“She got those promotions by herself, I have nothing to do with her work,” Luke argued,

“Look! She makes us argue! How many arguments have we had about her?” Michael asked,

“Because you always say mean things about her! I don’t say anything bad about your girlfriends,” Luke answered,

“Because our girlfriends are nice and worth it,” Ashton said simply. You didn’t want to hear anymore so you grabbed your jacket and ran out the door slamming it shut so they know that you were there. You would probably be accused of being an eavesdropper but you didn’t care because right now you felt terrible and worthless which wasn’t a nice thing to feel. What made it worse was that before you and Luke started to date you were a huge fan of their band so hearing your once idols saying that made you feel deflated. You plugged your headphones in and blasted the saddest song you had on your phone because you were feeling sorry for yourself and wanted to continue your sadness. Your phone started to ring which cut off the music and you saw someone’s caller ID you never expected, Calum’s. You hit ignore and but your phone on airplane mode so your song couldn’t be cut off again. You walked into the park and sat on a bench far away from anyone with the hood of your green parka up and your headphones on a loud volume. You brought your legs into your chest and you sat there looking at everyone in the park. They all looked so happy. A little girl spotted you and pointed you out to her mum, the next thing you knew the mum was sitting next to you with a sympathetic smile on her face,

“Hey sweetie, are you okay?” She asked once you had pulled one of your headphones out and paused the song,

“No,” You answered simply,

“My daughter came over to me and asked why a pretty girl was sitting on her own with tears in her eyes so I told her I’d come over and ask her,”

“My boyfriend friend’s don’t like me,” You said, once you heard it you felt stupid and pathetic. The woman nodded her head,

“And why is that a problem?” She asked relaxing into the bench,

“My boyfriend is in a band, they’re his band members. I used to be a big fan of their band before I started to date him and it just hurts knowing your idols hate you,” You answered,

“I’m sure they don’t hate you,”

“They do, I overheard them saying that I’m not nice and not worth it,” You said wiping your eyes on your knees,

“How old are they?” She asked,

“2 of them are 18 and one of them is 20,” You answered,

“Well they are very childish for a starter,” She said, you nodded your head,

“That’s why everyone loves them,”

“Even you?” She asked, you nodded your head,

“They hate me but I care about them,”

“So I’m guessing if one of them really hurt themselves you would help them?” She asked,

“They’d probably just push me away and tell me to go get my boyfriend or someone else, anyone else,”

“Is that one of them over there?” She asked pointing at a boy, who was frantically looking around the park,

“Calum,” You answered, she stood up and walked over to him pointing you out. He thanked the woman and ran over to you,

“Y/N,” Calum said sitting down next to you,

“Go away Calum,”

“Did you hear what they were saying?” He asked,

“Clearly I did Calum! I don’t just come to a park everyday to cry,” You snapped, he looked down and fiddled with his hands.

“I get it, we haven’t been nice to you for the past 2 years,”

“You haven’t been nice? Are you kidding me? Do you want to know the amount of times I have cried because my once idols hate the guts out of me?!” You shouted,

“You like our band?”

“Used to,” You said cuddling into your knees more,

“Y/N, we just needed to make sure you weren’t using Luke,” Calum said after a moment of silence,

“Luke accepted your girlfriend straight away; in fact the other boys accepted your girlfriend straight away so tell me why I have had to spend the past 2 years trying to prove to you guys that I don’t care that he is Luke Hemmings!” You shouted angrily,

“We’re sorry,” Calum said looking down,

“I get that Luke is the youngest but he is by far the smartest out of all of you so you have got to trust his decisions,” You said shaking your head slightly,

“Okay,” Calum said,

“I’m sorry,” You said,

“What are you sorry for?” Calum asked confused,

“Not being good enough,” You answered starting to cry again, Calum froze but moved closer to you wrapping an arm around you,

“You are good enough y/n, Luke doesn’t settle for anything. In fact if anything you settled,”

“Shut up Calum, no-one settles for Luke, he settles for you,” You said,

“Wow,” Calum said,


“I think I just accepted you,” He joked, you knocked into him and started laughing, he pulled your hood down and you hair fell forward,

“Did Hood just pull my hood down?” You joked; he laughed and shook his head,

“I should have given you a chance earlier we have the same humour,” He said, you laughed and pulled him into a hug,

“I don’t care if you still don’t like me I’ve always wanted to hug you,” You said, he laughed and hugged you back,

“Can I tell you a secret?” He asked,

“Yeah sure,” You answered pulling away,

“I’m on Luke’s side,”

“Luke has a side?” You asked,

“Your side,” He answered nudging me, I rolled my eyes and stood up,

“Let’s go back to my boyfriend then,” You said, Calum stood up and nodded his head,

“He’ll probably still be shouting at Michael and Ashton,”

“Wasn’t he shouting at you?” You asked,

“I told him I was going to look for you and then I ran,” He answered, you laughed and walked home with Calum talking to you like you were a human bean and not a piece of shit on his shoe. When you walked into the apartment Luke came running out of the living and nearly crashed into the wall,

“Y/N! Oh thank God! You heard all of that didn’t you, they don’t mean it! They feel horrible,” Luke said walking over to you,

“It’s fine,” You said smiling at him,

“No it’s not you’ve been crying,”

“Because I’m a big baby,” You said laughing. He pulled you into a hug and rocked you side to side,

“Y/N?” Michael and Ashton asked, you pulled away from Luke and looked at them,


“Can we talk to you?” Ashton asked,

“Of course,” You answered following them into the living room,

“We want to apologise,” Michael said,

“It’s fine,”

“It’s not, we should have gave you a chance but we didn’t,” Ashton said,

“Are you going to give me a chance now?” You asked,

“Yes,” Michael answered,

“Then its fine,” You said, they stood up and ran over to pulling you into a hug. Your scream made Luke and Calum run in but start smiling at the sight in front of them, they ran over and joined the hug and the 5 of you stood there hugging for a long time.

It’s hard to believe that these guys used to hate you. 



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Parent/teacher SQ AU (maybe conference or over the school year?)

OK, this one got away from me a little bit, and is 4k of you guessed it supa-fluff. Enjoy.

“Head’s up!” Regina turned at the sound just in time to see a football hurtle by her head, wisps of hair brushing against her cheek with the action.

Instinctively she tightened her grip on Henry’s shoulder, and looked out to find the source of the forceful throw. “Sorry about that!” A young woman ran over, waving one hand apologetically. She slowed as she neared Regina, long blonde curls falling around her shoulders. “Hey, I didn’t hit you, did I?

“You did not,” Regina tilted her chin up a bit. “Though I do believe you tried your best.”

Henry stiffened beside her, and looked up. “Mom,” he nudged her a bit in the side.

“My hair got in my eyes,” the woman defended, pulling her hair back and up into a ponytail as she spoke.

Regina raised a brow, and looked down at the ball on the ground. Lips pursed, she looked back at the woman, appraising her torn jeans and Guns ‘n Roses T-shirt. “Perhaps you should have done that before you started playing,” she admonished, gesturing to the woman’s action.

Mom,” Henry whispered desperately beside her.

“Yeah, well I didn’t exactly expect to be pulled into a game, you know?” The woman couldn’t be more than 24 - if her sense of appropriate school picnic attire was anything to go by - and Regina wondered if she was the sister of one of Henry’s classmates or - heaven forbid - a parent.

“Toss it back!” one of the boys shouted from the makeshift football field across the school lawn. The grass was lush, still green in the last days of August, and the grounds were full with parents, teachers, and students, for the annual pre-school year picnic.

“It seems your peers are calling you,” Regina nodded towards the half-dozen middle schoolers that stood waiting for their ball.

The other woman’s lips twisted in a smirk, and she popped one hip forward, and slid her hands into her back pockets. “I take it you’re Henry’s mom?” she asked, giving Henry a truer smile.

“Miss S., you coming?” a girl yelled over, her hands held up in an exaggerated shrug.

Regina’s eyes narrowed. “Miss Swan?” she questioned, and the woman nodded. “You’re Henry’s homeroom teacher?”

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