woman power

Why Wonder Woman and Superman being a couple is bad.

It’s bad because it ruins Wonder Woman’s character .It’s been all about Superman in the comics. Wonder Woman is just a prize trophy to Superman. She’s because nothing but a love interest to him. No one likes them being a couple. No big fans like them as a couple. No true fans likes it. No one who really knows the characters likes them as a couple. I’ve  never  understood the appeal of Wonder Woman and Superman. It seems to be a choice people make when they’re unfamiliar with the two characters .Their relationship is boring. I’ve heard people say they stop reading DC comics because they made them a couple. People like Superman being with Lois Lane. Their relationship is iconic. Lois is his true love. Wonder Woman should be with Batman or Steve Trevor or no man at all. More people rather see Wonder Woman be with Batman than with Superman. Even I would rather see them as a couple. Steve has alway been her love interest . Wonder Woman doesn’t have to be with someone. Wonder Woman is a strong feminist independent woman. Her being with Superman ruins that.

Superman and Wonder Woman  have always been used to raise awareness on many issues world wide ( Landmines, HIV/Aids Awareness, Blood Donating etc) . This time the power couple brings attention to fixing potholes in Mumbai and (hopefully) eventually across the world.



Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger,
you may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know,
You know even then
That somewhere you’ll see her
Again and again.

Who can explain it?
Who can tell you why?
Fools give you reasons,
Wise men never try.

Some enchanted evening
When you find your true love,
When you feel her call you
Across a crowded room,
Then fly to her side,
And make her your own
Or all through your life you
May dream all alone.

Once you have found her,
Never let her go.
Once you have found her,
Never let her go!

Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific 

I used to loathe my stretch marks. Then one day, my best friend made this lovely comparison to ocean ripples and I began to fall in love with them. They show how intertwined we are with nature. How could that be considered ugly?

“At different stages of their design Go Go’s wheels were powered by electrical lines overhead, by gravity, by generators, by batteries. One idea gave her a magnetic harpoon she shoots out of her hand to attach to a car, powering up by water-skiing behind it.” -Kevin Nelson, visual development artist