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How many people (especially villains and Wayne Ent employees) know of Bruce's identity in your universe? Is it a large number that only grows when Dick shows up, or is it a really selected elite?

Relatively select elite. The list of people in the League who you probably can’t hide your identity from are:

  • Batman
  • J’onn
  • Wonder Woman
  • Zatanna
  • Superman

Though everyone likes to believe that they are better about it than most people and only J’onn knows because he’s psychic and therefore cheating. They are wrong. It is hard to lie to Wonder Woman. Superman can literally see right through you. Batman is literally called The World’s Greatest Detective and despite what some people seem to think he did not just start calling himself that while hoping it would catch on. Zatanna is probably the dark horse on that list, she just seems so sweet and harmless while also being a woman of immense magical power.

So, obviously everyone on that list knows, and the Batfam knows, and eventually Selina knows. Ra’s al Ghul knows right from the start, therefore so does Talia. Lois finds out shortly after she finds out about Clark. Jason Blood also knows basically from the start. Circe knows, but doesn’t really care, because she’s pretty sure revealing it would not end well for her (she believes this for Magic Reasons which bruce is suspicious of but appreciates because she isn’t even his fucking villain diana please make her go away some of us have enough shit on our plates right now without literal witches causing us minor magical inconveniences).

On the list of non-superheroes/villains who know, Leslie figured that shit out right quick, his dentist has serious suspicions because jesus christ this man will need dentures before he is forty and good luck trying to tell him that because he has already picked out his future dentures and they have gigantic fangs because he is an asshole, and his personal accountant hasn’t said anything but must consistently gently guide him toward better ways of explaining where all this fucking money is going because stealth jets are expensive and the IRS tends to wonder about that kind of thing.

@chieftess-of-the-haladin portrays their muse in way that really brings out her stubbornness and yet also her kindness. Haleth is a joy, someone who can kick-back and have some fun when the moment is there, but she is also always ready to defend her people as a good leader should be. A perfect role-model and defiantly a female character that I am always thrilled to read about; someone who doesn’t need love to be a powerful woman. Haleth doesn’t need help to be strong and some people might call that stubbornness -which it is- but she knows that she doesn’t need the help of the Elves or the other men, she can do this just fine on her own. The ability to push away her past and hurts to help the people she loves so dearly, I love that about her and always will.


Rules over how female students wear their hair at a South African high school have been suspended after anti-racism protests from black pupils, a local minister says.
“There will be no learner that will be victimized purely because of their hairstyle until the School Governing Body have finalized a new code of conduct that deals specifically with this issue,” said Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi in an article for Eye Witness News.

The victory in Pretoria is a victory for every Black person in the world ‘cause the policy of the Black hair is never about hair. This is a protest against whitewashing of blackness in any environment. Policing the hair styles of Black people is a type of racism that is lurking in company handbooks and school codes of conduct.

These young girls are our inspiration to continue to fight until we are fully and completely accepted.