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Playwright Producing Web Series About Dating Lives of Transgender Women

A new web series seeks to explore the dating lives of trans and queer women.

Her Story, a scripted series from Speed of Joy Productions and producer Katherine Fisher, tells the story of two trans women who have all but given up on love a series of chance encounters give them renewed hope. Trans activist Jen Richards stars as Violet, a women who falls for the reporter (Laura Zak) sent to interview her, while Angelica Ross stars as career-driven Paige who meets James (Christian Ochoa), the first man in years she considers opening up to.

Richars and Zak penned the series, with Sydney Freeland directing. The Vagina Monologues playwright Eve Ensler serves as executive producer on the project.

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Dear Sleepy Hollow Writers... Please Read

“What I thought was great about it was it’s really submission to the organic progression of two characters. That’s what I like. I like storytelling that’s truthful. The idea of saying we shouldn’t do it because with certain types of characters you don’t want to see that side of them, it sounds like an imposed concept rather than following a story’s organic progression. To me that sounds like copping out of going in a direction these characters are naturally going in. They’re living in the same house for God’s sake. They have so much in common and they’re so connected that it just makes sense they find each other this way. And it would be strange if Michonne never explored this part of herself. She is a full woman. As a playwright, when I’ve researched war zones — people fall in love in war zones because they’re in a life and death circumstance and they’re able to get to the truth of things.”

- Danai Gurira on Rick/Michonne becoming lovers on The Walking Dead