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Fan Theory for the Carmilla Movie

With the news of the Brontë sisters and the Woman in Black being characters in the movie, I decided to do some research.

I already new the Brontë sisters were authors and that Susan Hill wrote The Woman in Black, but I didn’t know much about their stories. With a quick google search I found that Emily and Charlotte were born in the UK and died at the ages of 30 (1818-48) and 38 (1816-55) respectively.

Susan Hill wrote The Woman in Black (which takes place outside London) in 1983, however some people believe the setting of the novel takes place in the second half of the 19th century. This places the lives of the Brontë sisters on the same timeline as the setting of The Woman in Black novel.

At first I didn’t see the point in matching these dates because one was real life and the other was a fictional novel, but then I thought, “What if the Brontë sisters experienced/witnessed the events that conjured the ghost? the Woman in Black?

The two sisters have been confirmed as characters in the movie, thus obviously showing that they would be “alive”. My theory begins here; I believe that the Brontë sisters are vampires (because c’mon, it’s Carmilla) or otherwise immortal; turned when they were in their 30′s. They became friends with Susan Hill in the late 1900′s, bonding over literature and writing, and told her their story of the Woman in Black, where she then /stole/ this story and published it as her own work of fiction. The Brontë sisters couldn’t fight her on this though seeing as they should’ve died in the late 1800′s.

Because both the Brontë sisters and Susan Hill lived in the UK, I want to assume that our mystery-solving duo has decided to travel there after leaving Silas. The old house they seem to be scouring for clues? The old mansion that people claim the Woman in Black haunts. I doubt the main plot would be them finding out what happened to the Woman in Black or something simple, the plot of the webseries was more complicated and I imagine the crew is smarter/more creative than me, but this is what I have so far and I think it’s pretty neat.


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