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Riverdale Episode 5 “Holy crap what is going on?”
  • There’s a set of parents crazier than the Coopers? No freaking way.
  • Oh nevermind, Betty’s dad has gone crazy and may have killed Jaon, false alarm people, the Coopers are still the wackiest of them all.
  • Veronica eating those fries and staring at Betty is so damn gay, like honestly are they trying to hide it?
  • Archie honey the only thing I care about in your story line is this Valerie girl.
  • But also Ronnie fixing him up was the cutest thing.
  • This episode is actually making me like Cheryl. Also I love this friendship between her and Ronnie.
  • This episode is also making me ship Bughead.
  • But seriously I cannot wait to meet Polly. That conversation between that old woman and Betty gave me chills.
  • Bring on next week (and a supposed Bughead kiss?).

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 3 Preview

Seriously, next week’s episodes are GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! First, Min Hyuk ends up with a broken feet because BS purposely steps on it at the police station, where MH is yet again trying to get BS off the hook and out of trouble. But you know how they say that  no good deed goes unpunished, right? But perhaps MH won’t mind that much since it gets him more quality time with BS as she ends up helping him walk and caring about him in the hospital.

Then he will get shot on while PROTECTING HIS OWN BODYGUARD. But now he is downright enjoying the experience because HE GETS BEING LITERALLY CARRIED BY HER BRIDAL STYLE AND THEN SHE EVEN TREATS HIS BULLET WOUND. Plus he gets to sleep with her, too! 

And finally, THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER! I’m literally melting here! And then he ever so slightly shifts his eyes to her lips! I can’t wait! It’s a pity BS is drunk here because if she were sober she would have realized that a man who looks at a woman like this couldn’t be a homosexual. You should never believe things written by some random people in a comment section.

Huge city, small world

Last week at the hospital, during my last 24 hour shift, I had a patient that had been in a car accident. Her hair and face were covered in blood, but we only found a small cut on her head and minor lacerations on her face. Her head CT and cervical x-rays came back clean. I sutured the cut on her head and cleaned her facial lacerations. Later that night she was discharged.

A week ago, I started working at a community health clinic. It is government funded and mostly provides primary care to the uninsured. We also provide basic procedures - placing sutures, cleaning wounds, draining abscesses, removing sutures, etc.

Yesterday a woman walked in and recognized me. It was the woman I had met in the hospital the week before! She was there to get her sutures removed. She was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her. Her wound and sutures looked great - I was so proud! I chatted with her as I removed her sutures. She lives close to the clinic and will now be visiting for primary care.

The metro area where I live has millions of people. And I had the same patient at two unrelated facilities.

Huge city, smałl world.

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Can you please do prompt 53 with Steve?

“Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

Originally posted by naih-reedus

You had been teasing Steve for a week now.  Every stupid pick up line, innuendo, and wink made Steve blush redder than you have ever seen.  He finally snapped. 

Pushing you against the wall of the gym, he pressed his lips against yours.  You stare at him in shock.  You never thought he would actually make the first move. 

“What? Do you think I’m a scared of a woman?”

He released you, giving you a grin and a wink before walking away. 

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Grandma who is eighty something told me "You van love a man, live with him, even have his kids, but NEVER get married." She paused to think a second and continued "but if you want to marry a woman that may be different" not a week later she said I need to marry someone rich. This is marriage advice from a woman married 56 and counting years

it seems like your grandma and i think somewhat alike bc i don’t believe in marriage


There once was a girl & boy who lived in Charolette Lane
The woman was gracious as ever
As she embraces her beauty
Her greatness in her skin
Her knots in the locs of her hair
She rides alongside her man
Seeing him
Seeing his reflection
She begins to stare at his soul
All of the hurt and all the pain
The universe moves faster
The air pushes faster
Brushes her away
God willing she wants to glide with him
But can’t leave her daunting past
As time knocks on her door ever single damn time like an overfull sock drawer
She wants to move
She wants to run with him
But she can’t because he must love the two of her
He must decide if he wants two of her not half
Slice a peer in half and give her one
But finish both and you have ate the seed of life
We join together as one but we live separate in the temple
He loves her just the way she is but finds faults in everything she does even though he loves her effortlessly
Your hair Is like a BRAIDED antenna touching the universe.
Your hair is made to fly
The best way to speak to God
We were created
We are one
We are love
We are one but separate in the temple a poem by Africancreature

Art & Creative Directors: @StevenOnoja
Photographer: @alherath
Wardrobe Styling: @StevenOnoja
Hair: @africancreature
MUA: @lilymoralesmakeup

#StevenOnoja #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackMonth"

Character: Marco Diaz

Fandom: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Gender: Trans woman

Why:  Marco dresses as a princess and is completely comfortably with it, even expressing a desire to keep the dress; Marco has called themself a “wayward sister”; they have a recurring dream where they find themself buried in a suit and are more concerned with the suit than being dead; stated they would love to be queen; covers the mirror when they shower due to feeling uncomfortable with their body; they are referred to as a girl several times throughout the show; in a scene discussing disphoria, the camera focuses on Marco frequently despite Marco not being involved in the conversation; there is an episode focused on Marco being trapped in a literal closet, Marco wears a skirt throughout this episode

-Models Imaan Hammam, Ysuanny Brito, Herieth Paul & Leila Nda Walked the F/W 2017 Show 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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