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What you guys don’t know: about five years ago, this young girl (who is now a young woman) moved by herself from Seattle, Washington…She moved from Seattle, by HERSELF, to Philadelphia, to pursue dance, to do choreography. She came here to go to school, all by herself! No family, no siblings, no one, nothing. Her dance instructor–and she’s danced her whole life–her dance instructor told her, flat-out, “Kim, you don’t have what it takes, and you are a failure.”

Stage Door (Daveed x Reader)

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Summary: The whole “you see color when you touch your soulmate” deal. It’s fluff (and smut. There’s some in there).

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you for reading. You’re all too cool for me.

At least it was Friday. You just had to get through a day of work, then you could come home and binge-watch Netflix.  The entry level job you had been given was not challenging, and you spent a majority of your time reading or listening to music.  Though it was tedious it paid well, and you couldn’t complain about being able to make rent for once.  

“Your shirt and pants don’t match.”

You sighed.  Your cubicle-mate had recently met her soulmate, and every day for the past week she had criticized your choice of outfit.  

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Who is the Chevalier d’Eon exactly? I've never heard of them.

Short answer: the love of my life

Long answer: Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont (5 October 1728 – 21 May 1810), or Chevalier d'Éon, was a French spy, diplomat and soldier. She appeared publicly as a man for 49 years, then identified (and dressed) as a woman for the rest of her life.

Among other things, she fought the Seven Years’ War, infiltrated the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia, stole invasion documents from Louis XV while spying for him, and did fencing matches until she was 68 years old. Yeah. I said 68 years old. Here she is, on the right, fighting a duel:

So basically she’s all kinds of amazing and I love this spy/diplomat/soldier/fencing champion transgender grandma with all my heart.

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

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Why do you say "they" when it's Louis who stood up and Louis being punished? That's a disservice to him. No I don't think any of them are free, but Louis' situation is unique and diabolical.

So you’ve talked to Louis and all the other boys personally, have you? Good to know.

You have no idea what the other boys have been through. This story was one instance in hundreds, probably thousands. Harry was SIXTEEN when then band started. You’re saying he didn’t suffer? Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, because they didn’t sit down and tell you one story, they got off scot free?

We don’t know. We don’t know how deep this goes for any of them. Of course Louis’ situation is disgusting and terrifying. Niall may never be able to use his knee properly ever again. Zayn has anxiety and depression, has stated he suffered so much he can’t perform. Liam won’t even talk about things except to say that he was overworked and tired, I won’t say much more because his situation is pretty divisive in my opinion. And Harry. Sexualized with a woman twice his age. Pegged as the rockstar womanizer who sleeps with anything that moves. Hounded and rarely given privacy, blamed for the band hiatus, blamed for any solo success, blamed for anything and everything he does. You have NO IDEA what they have been through. And yes, I do mean all of them.

Louis has suffered. Of course he has. But are we really going to go around and have pissing matches about who has suffered the most? Because frankly, I’m not here for that. My heart breaks for each of them, young boys in the prime of their lives, excited beyond words and dreaming of fame, tortured and mentally abused by a sick individuals who were drunk on power, fame, and wealth.

Protect You (Part 1) (TJeffs x Reader)

Summary: You meet him for the first time

Warnings: None its bad tho so…. feedback is appreciated
“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

The first time you met him it was at a fourth of July party at Lafayette’s house. Laf had invited everyone he knew well. Alex, John, Herc, the Schuyler sisters, and you. You didn’t know Thomas Jefferson and his friend would be coming until you arrived. A genius plan in getting your brother to come without complaint. Well until…

“Gilbert Lafayette!” You had been talking with the Frenchman when Alex let out his bellowing yell.

“Thomas has arrived.” He said and soon enough your little big brother walked into the backyard. “Mon ami excuse me will you.” He said putting a hand on your shoulder.

“Good luck.” You said and moved to the picnic tables getting everything ready for the hamburgers that Herc and John were grilling. Eliza and Angelica were in the kitchen cooking everything else. Peggy was sitting by the pool soaking up the last of the day’s rays. You smiled as you moved past your brother and Laf arguing in French. You walked in the elegant sliding glass doors and into the kitchen.

Thomas was standing next to Angelica trying to talk to her. “It must be hard with your sense of direction to find your way to a decent pick up line.” You heard the oldest Schuyler sister say and you let out a laugh. You turned to look through Laf’s cabinets to find the napkins.

“I thought it was good.” You heard him say.

“Too bad you’re not trying to pick up yourself.” Angelica said and you heard Jefferson grunt. “Take these outside and set them on the table.” You found the napkins and turned around as soon as you did you heard the clattering of plastic plates on the floor.

You looked from the ground to Jefferson’s face. “Are you okay?” You asked concerned and walked to him.

“Um uh yeah, I’m fine,” he said and you bent down to pick up the plates, “Oh it’s okay, don’t worry about that please. I can take those too.” He said and gestured to the napkins.

“Oh okay.” You said and gave him the napkins. He got new plates and hurriedly moved outside. You let a small smile form on your lips Angelica looked outside at Jefferson looking inside at you and laughed.

“Oh my god, you made Jefferson make a fool of himself. He’s going to have a headache for days.” She said and you looked at her confused.

“Don’t worry about it,” Angelica said when she saw your expression. “Eliza did you see that? That was hilarious.”

“Angelica you are awful.” You said and shook your head. You took the food that was ready and brought it out to the table that Jefferson was setting. As you were setting down the food you felt him come up to you.

“Uh I’m uh um,” did he forget his name? “I’m Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson.” He said and stuck his hand out for you to shake. You gave a small smile and shook his hand.

“I’m Hamilton, (Y/N) Hamilton.” You said and he looked very confused. He looked between you and your brother.

“Oh that’s not fair.” He blurted out and then apologize and sulked back into the kitchen. You watched him retreat and your brother stomped over angrily.

“What did he say to you?”

“He just introduced himself, calm down.”

“Thas what I’m talking ‘bout. Who ready for food?” John yelled from the grills and that got everyone outside and around the picnic table. Everything was going great until someone brought up the recent discourse on campus. The library making people pay for coffee.

Alex went on a rant on how people were stupid for doing it, Thomas chimed in on how it would encourage people to get jobs to pay for it. Then it turned into an all out yelling match that ended in you telling them to shut up.

“Jesus Christ shut up. Why do you care it’s a dollar fifty get over it. If you would get an actual sleep schedule you wouldn’t need so much. God Alex it’s not life or death.” You rolled your eyes and both of them were silent and everyone else talked. When you’d finished you put you plate up and grabbed the beers.

“(Y/N) a woman after my own heart.” John commented as he grabbed a beer. Laf grabbed one too and soon everyone was talking and laughing and drinking. James and Thomas sat on pool chairs talking in the corner. Thomas kept looking at you and you caught him a few times he seemed tense as you laughed with Herc. What you weren’t expecting was Laf to jump in the pool close to you and soak you with the splash. Which was worse than it normally would have been because of your white American flag crop top.

You took a minute to get over the shock of being soaked. “Mon ami you are soaked.” Laf said and you turned.

“You don’t say.” You said and took your crop top off and your shorts only in your red, white, and blue bikini. “I’m going to strangle you.” You were about to jump in to do just that when John jumped in grabbing your arm dragging you in. Everyone was laughing as you play fought with John and Laf in the pool. It ended in the shallow end Laf and you in a tickle fight.

“I surrender jeez I won’t strangle you.” Laf let go and laughed. He swam to the diving board with John to do tricks. “Alex come help me out.” You said to your brother.

He scoffed,”No way.”

“Why not?” You poured.

“Because we’re siblings I know you.” He said and you rolled your eyes. Thomas did the same and got up to help you. He struggled not to stare at your boobs as he leant down. You grabbed his hand and pulled down bringing into the pool with you. He popped up sputtering and looked at you. You gave him a small smile, he returned it. You were about to swim to him but everyone else started jumping in and you were distracted. He left before you could talk to him again.

“You are so done for.” Peggy said as you wrapped a towel around yourself as you all sat around a fire.

The second time you saw him you were picking up Alex from debate club. Alex prided himself on being one of the top in the debate club. You told him it made him a nerd. He said that it qualified him for everything. You just rolled your eyes.

Today must have run late. You need let yourself go in because of all the nerdiness that must go on in there. You sighed and looked at the clock. It was supposed to be out twenty minutes ago. You had rehearsals in an hour. You had a few minutes to spare. Hopefully you wouldn’t have to stay long.

When you walked in it was a mad house

“When we were on death’s door, when we were needy, we made a promise, we signed a treaty. We asked France for help and they provided. In return, they didn’t ask for land, only a promise that we’d lend a hand And stand with them
If they fought against oppressors and revolution is messy But now is the time to stand!” You shoved your way through the crowd of men and women standing in the strange looking lecture hall. One side had seats and so did the other and there was a place for people to stand around in between them. It kind of looked like a stadium.

“Stand with our brothers as they fight against tyranny. I know that Alexander Hamilton is here and he would rather not have this debate; I’ll remind you that he is not Secretary of State!” When you got to the front you saw who was debating. Your brother and his super hot nemesis.
“He knows nothing of loyalty smells like new money, dresses like fake royalty desperate to rise above his station, Everything he does betrays the ideals of our nation. Hey, and if you don’t know, now you know, Mr. President.” Jefferson finished and you knitted your eyebrows looking at Alex and then Jefferson. There was tension as the taller man let a sinister smirk cross his face. The was not the same adorable man who had dropped plates at the sight of her was it?

“Thank you, Secretary Jefferson. Secretary Hamilton, your response?” George Washington, a history professor said and looked at your brother. It was silent for a moment everyone waiting for his response. Alex always had a way with a crowd since he was young and on the streets asking for money to buy his little sister some food.

“You must be out of your goddamn mind,” everyone shouted at that and you found yourself doing it as well. “If you think the President is going to bring the nation to the brink of meddling in the middle of a military mess, a game of chess, where France is Queen and King-less.” That’s when Alex noticed you and so did Thomas. And the Alex noticed Thomas noticing you and the glare that formed on his face. Thomas’ smirk had fallen when he’d seen you. He looked awe struck and you gave him a small smile.

“We signed a treaty with a King whose head is now in a basket, would you like to take it out and ask it? Should we honor our treaty, King Louis’s head? ‘Uh, do whatever you want I’m super dead!’” And like that it was over and you were being pushed out of there by Alex. “I hate the way he was looking at you.” Alex hissed.

“What with admiration, you know some people find me admirable.” You said as you moved around your car to get into the driver’s side.

“No like he was lovesick, you can’t date. I refuse to let it happen.” Alex said as he got in.

“Yeah yeah, say whatever you like, I can do what I want.” You told him and Alex rolled his eyes.

The third time you saw him was the charm.

You were sitting outside the theater waiting for your director to get there with the keys. It was cold and you had forgotten your jacket. So you sat huddle to the inside of the middle brick column. You could see the Political science building across the street and watched the students roll in quickly.

There was one that truly caught you attention. Tall, dark, ridiculously hot, and supposedly off limits. Thomas Jefferson was walking to his class and spotted you. You blushed when he caught you looking at him. His face knitted in concern when he recognized you. He quickly jogged over his bright purple jacket looking ridiculous.

“(Y/n) what are you doing out here without a jacket?” He asked and was quickly shedding his and wrapping it around you.

“Waiting on the director to get here. I have rehearsals today.” You said and he put his hands on your face. A weird thing for people who were practically strangers. His hands were so warm though you didn’t really care.

“You never stop surprising me.” He said and you hugged out a laugh giving a sardonic smile.

“That me, I’m full of surprises.” You said and moved your cold hands to his. “I’m actually really glad you came over here, I’m a tropical flower I don’t think I could have survived.” He laughed and so did you. His jacket was so warm. So absolutely warm. After a few minutes a silent warming Jefferson cursed at his watch.

“I’m late I have to go, if your director doesn’t come in a few minutes come in the Poli. science building okay. You’re lips are blue.” He said and you nodded. He got up and started walking away.

“Wait what about your jacket?” You asked.

“Keep it.” He said turning around.

“How will I get it back to you?” He smiled and your heart fluttered. He brought out a pen and wrote seven numbers on your arm.

“That’s my number, call me or text me when you wanna give it back.”

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This breaks my heart. These matching outfits are indeed ridiculous but it's so degrading as well. The fact he has to do stuff like this. And with a woman who has been nothing but disgusting towards him for years now. And then he still has babygate who has been going on for 1.5 years now, and that horrendous family, and all the bullshit from 'his' team and it just... it breaks me heart. I would have snapped a long time ago tbh, and I'm surprised he did now. He's so strong, but he's not invincible


Take Care Of You: Part 1

Xiumin x OC

Word count: 8600ish

A/N: Was going to make this smut but I couldn’t get it right so for now this is just rated like 12, cannot guarantee the next chapter will be the same!

Summary: Eunsoo was just looking for a new job when she meets a man who seems to be more than a pretty face. This man offers her something she hasn’t had in a long time. But can this flighty girl let herself fall for a man who makes no promises to ever let her go.

Minseok doesn’t know what it is about the little goddess that stumbled into his life that drives him insane he just knows he can’t let her little had slip through his fingers. He doesn’t care what he has to do he, he isn’t letting her go anywhere. Lucky for him, he has the means to do that.

I take a breath to stop my hands from trembling, I roll my shoulders a few times to get the nerves out, I can do this. I pull the heavy doors open and peek into the beautiful waiting area of the upscale restaurant. A pretty young woman is standing at a podium staring down at something, too distracted to notice I’m there until I’m standing in front of her.

“Excuse me,” I mumble softly to get her attention.

She jumps, dropping her pen and placing her hand over her racing heart, “Oh my goodness!”

“I’m so sorry!” I quickly apologize.

Her eyes scan me, taking in my tight fit dress pants, matching jacket and white button up, “You must be the girl for the interview.”

I nod, “Yes but how did you know it was me?”

“Our manager said you were a foreigner.”

“Ah, I guess I do stand out a bit,” I chuckle looking down at my tanned skin.

“I’ll go get the manager if you would like to take a seat right here,” She gestures to one of the tall fancy chairs.

I thank her before going to rest in one of the seats. My feet bounce anxiously though I know I’m more than qualified for the position as a bartender there is always the chance they don’t want me here. I let my eyes scan around the room, the high ceilings, crown molding, magnificent chandeliers; the one through the large archway draws my eyes into the dining room. I peek curiously, noting how expensive all the tables, chairs and dining sets look, making a mental note not to spill or trip or drop anything, ever. Someone staring in my direction catches my attention, finding a handsome young face lit up by the candle on the table and the soft light from the chandeliers.

Cat like eyes narrow on me, suddenly we are having a staring contest. Pink lips are pressed into a firm line, his soft jaw line sharpens as he sets his jaw, making him appear more mature than he did a moment before. He rests back in his chair, completely ignoring the woman in front of him, his fingers tap against the wooden table’s edge, far away from where the woman’s hand is obviously reaching for him. In a pinstriped suit he looks like a gangster sitting there, confidence and power pouring out of him. I bite my lip, my eyes run back up his body to find his eyes, noting the small smirk now gracing his handsome face.

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Mrs. America- Chapter Six

Summary- Captain America x y/n Kent - Y/n Kent is the daughter of superman and wonder woman. Her parents send her to another universe because their world is ending. Here she meets fury and he helps her get used to this new world and has been working unofficially as his assistant since she was 20. Then Loki attacks and she has to step up and become a member of the avengers.

Message- This is terrible! I’m sorry!! I’m not great at writing action. Sorry if this sucks!

Prologue Chapter One Chapter TwoChapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five

Word Count- 1724

You and Mr. Stark were currently flying to Manhattan. His suit was a bit damaged and he was having a bit of trouble keeping his thrusters working.

“I could carry you, you know?” You yell over

“No thanks, Mrs. America.”

“Mr. Stark, I’ve already told you my name is Super Woman! Stop making jokes!”

“I just can’t believe Fury made you and Capsicle a matching set! Also call me Tony kid! Mr. Stark makes me sound old.”

“Well, you are old so I think it fits.”

“Ouch, that hurts me in what left of my heart, kid. So why are you decked out in the patriotic colors of red, white and blue?”

“If we survive today, I’ll tell you. Deal?”


“I probably shouldn’t go in with you. If Loki gets control of me there would be no stopping him.”

“Wow, you think pretty highly of yourself.”

“I’m just stating a fact.” You say with a shrug. “I’ll go wait to meet up with the others. Good luck shutting it down.” You say as you break away from Tony. You listen in to Tony and Loki as you fly away.

“What have I to Fear?” Loki says

“The Avenger, that’s what we’re calling ourselves. Earths mightiest heroes type thing.” Tony says while pouring himself a drink.

“Yes, I’ve met them.”

“Takes us a while to get any traction. I’ll give you that one. But let’s do a headcount. Your brother, the demi-god, a super solider-a living legend, who kind of lives up to the legend. A man with breathtaking anger management issues, a couple of master assassins’, a secretary who is a lot stronger than she looks and you big fella, have managed to piss off every single one of them.” Tony says

“That was the plan.”

“Not a great plan.” Tony rebuts. After that you tune the conversation out and focus on flying to the quin jet. But then you hear. “Deploy, deploy!!!”  Tony’s falling out of a window. So you turn back around to fly to him, just in case his suit doesn’t catch up to him. Once you see that the suit caught him, you stay out of Loki’s sight. “Oh, there’s one other person you pissed off, his name was Phil.” Tony says as he blasts Loki back. Just then a portal opens in the sky and the Chitauri start flying through. “Right, army.” Tony says as you both look at each other and nod. The two of you start barreling your way through the soldiers but there are too many and you can’t stop all of them. You can hear the destruction that the ones that make their way past you are wreaking down below.  You could also hear Thor and Loki fighting. Then you hear Agent Romanoff tell stark that they are almost there.

“What did they stop for food or something?” you say. Tony then tells them that he is going to lead some of the Chitauri to them. “I’m going to go back up to the portal and take as many out as I can from up there.” You say as you fly back up. You can hear the battle rage on below you.

“Oh My God.” You say as you see this massive flying worm thing come through the portal.

“Stark, You seeing this?” Steve asks.

“I’m seeing, still working on believing. Where’s Banner, has he shown up yet?”


“Just keep me posted.”

“I think I can cut it in half.” You say as you start to fly beside Tony.


“With my heat vision. Do you think that will kill it?” You ask.

“Your what vision?” Tony asks “The armor is impenetrable, I don’t think that anything’s going to get through it. But I’m looking for a weak spot.”

“Well look faster.”  You say. “We need to get its attention, keep it focused on us and not on destroying the city.” Tony turns and shoots a bunch of little missiles as it.

“Well I got its attention, what was step two?” Tony asks.

“Keep it busy?” you say. Then the team starts to strategize. Then you hear that Banner has arrived. Steve informs Tony that Dr. Banner is here

“Well tell him to suit up.”

“We are bringing the party to you guys.” You say

“I-I-I don’t see how that’s a party.” Agent Romanoff says. You hear Steve tell Dr. Banner that now would be a really good time to get angry.

“That’s the secret, I’m always angry.” Dr. Banner says as he turns into the Hulk and then he punches the worm. As he does it starts to flip over and it looked like it would crush the rest of the team. So you use your heat vision to blow it up.

“I’m sorry did you just shoot lasers out of your eyes?!?” Tony yells.

“Yeah, I told you I could do that remember? Heat vision?”

“What are you?!?”

“I told you I would tell you if we survive today, it’s kinda complicated.” You say back. Then all of you stand in a circle ready for the next wave of Chitauri.

“Guys.” Agent Romanoff exclaimed as more worms come through the portal.

“Call it, Captain.” Tony says.

“Until we can close that portal, our priority is containment. Barton I want you on that roof. Eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or you turn it to ash.”

“You want to give me a lift?” Agent Barton says to Tony.

“Better clench up, Legolas” Stark responds before flying away with Agent Barton.

“Thor, you’ve got to bottleneck that portal, slow them down. You’ve got the lightning, light the bastards up. Y/N, get whatever Thor misses, keep as many as you can away from the streets. ” You nod before flying off with Thor.  Thor uses electricity to strike the portal as you use your heat vision to hit all those he misses. Eventually you and Thor separate due to the amount of Chitauri coming through the portal. You do your best to keep them in the air as you take them out there was enough destruction happening below and you didn’t want to add to it if you could help it.

“Cap, Y/N, there’s a bank on 42nd passed Madison, they cornered a lot of civilians in there”

“I’m on it.” You both say at the same time. You start to fly to the bank and when you get there you and Steve jump and start to take out the Chitauri.

“Everyone clear out!” Steve yells as a Chitauri grabs him from behind. You run over and rip the Chitauri’s arms off-literally. Then there’s an explosion and Steve goes barreling out the window because of the blast. You jump out after him.

“You okay?” you ask putting you hand on his bicep.

“As okay as I can be. How are you so strong?” he asks

“I drink a lot of milk.” You joke. He gives you a half grin. “Come on I’ll give you a lift back to the action.” You say as you pick him up bridal style and then you start to fly.

“Thanks.” Steve says as you drop him off next to Thor. The three of you start to fight and you see Steve get hit. You and Thor finish of the last of this group before you both turn to Cap. Thor helps him to his feet

“Are you ready for another bout?” Thor asks

“What you getting sleepy?” Steve asks and you chuckle.

“I can close it, can anybody copy? I can shut the portal down.” Agent Romanoff says.

“Do it!” Steve yells.

“No, wait.” Tony says.

“Stark these things are still coming.” You say.

“I’ve got a nuke coming in. It’s going to blow in less than a minute and I know just where to put it.” Tony says

“Stark, you know that’s a one way trip.” Steve says.

“I can be there in a minute, Tony. Let me take it through.” You say.

“No, I already have it!” Tony says back.  Eventually you see him fly past you and into the portal. Then all of the Chitauri fall dead.

“Come on, Tony” you whisper.

“Close it.” Steve says. That’s when you see him falling back through the portal. “Son of a gun”

“He’s not slowing down.” Thor says and you both prepare to fly up and catch him. But then Hulk beats you to it.

“I don’t hear a heartbeat.” You say quietly. That’s when Hulk screams in Tony’s face and he begins to breathe again.

“What the hell. What just happened? Please tell me that if anyone kissed me it was Mrs. America.”

“In your dreams, Stark.” You say back trying to hide your smile.

“We won.” Steve says

“Good job guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma? There’s a join about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is, but I want to try it.” Tony says

“We’re not finished yet.” Thor reminds us

“But then shawarma, right?” You ask.

All of you make your way to Stark Tower so you can apprehend Loki.

“If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll have that drink now.” Loki says.

A while later you all meet to see Thor and Loki off. You stand next to Steve as you guys watch them disappear. That’s when the rest of you start to say your goodbyes. Promising to meet back at Stark tower when it’s rebuilt. Natasha was going with Barton and Banner was going with Tony.

“Hey, Steve, can I catch a ride?” you ask

“Sure, where are you headed?” he asks as he gets on his bike.

“I don’t really know. I kind of quite SHIELD. Maybe we could go somewhere. I could teach you about some of the stuff that you missed?” you say as he smiles.

“That sounds great, Mrs. America.”

“Ugh, not you too!! I’m going to kill Tony.” You say as you hop onto the bike. Then as he starts driving away you put your hands around his waist. Today was a good day, you were no longer alone. You had a team. People to rely on and that felt amazing.  

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Do you have any Adam/Belle fic recs?

I have like a billion favorite fics in this fandom and they are a mix between the original film and the new version SO I’M GONNA PUT BOTH! I’ll write the year in the description (but AUs kinda apply to both versions..as most stories do because of the OVERWHELMING similarities in the two movies) (I could have added so many more but this is like too long😂)

Perchance to Dream (https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12422262/1/Perchance-to-Dream) (2017) (K+)
“Based on the 2017 movie, with a twist from the original French story. After coming to the castle, Belle meets someone in her dreams who seems oddly familiar…”

All Along (https://m.fanfiction.net/s/4130408/1/All-Along) (1991) (K)
“The spell has finally been broken. The Beast has some explaining to do, and Belle has a few secrets of her own to get out: she knew about the curse. Postmovie oneshot.” (I’m kinda obsessed with post-movie “woah what the hell just happened let’s talk this out” one-shots)

His Special One (https://archiveofourown.org/works/10558318) (2017) (G)
“The ballroom, it seemed, was consistently a place where his life would change forever. A post-curse fluff piece.” (This author has a ton of cute one shots this is just my favorite of theirs)

Impressions (https://archiveofourown.org/works/10627920) (1991) (G)
“Sometimes it’s the little things like getting ready in the morning that can be the hardest to get just right. Luckily the Beast has Cogsworth there to help out.” (This author is SO FREAKING GOOD at the 1991 Beast’s characterization like I swear. This is the fluffier of their stories also the newest but I love like all of their works)

And When We Touched (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10536363) (2017) (T)
“The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time he had it as a human himself after the curse is broken. Based mostly off the 2017 movie.”

Of course I have to plug my own fic so….
I Love You Too, By The Way (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10504920) (2017) (G)
“short conversation between Belle and Adam between the kiss and the reunion with the servants. Because you know Adam would be excited more by Belle being in love with him than by the curse being broken. (Immediately follows the 2017 movie)”

Human Again (https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10085111/1/Human-Again) (1991) (T)
“A series of short one-shots written for the February 2014 prompt on Bittersweet & Strange. The prompt was: “Write a scene or story about the prince doing something he couldn’t do as a beast.”“

pouf-pouf (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10497057/chapters/23157834) (2017) (T)
(Ok this is technically just a two-shot but..)
”“Not for the first time, Belle found herself curious about the dusting of gold Plumette so often applied to the corner of her eyes and the swell of her cheeks. ‘Actually. I did have one question. How do you…’ She touched the side of her face to indicate where Plumette’s skin shimmered.
‘How do I do my makeup?’
Plumette shook her head in amazement. 'There were really no other girls in Villeneuve?’”
In which Belle makes a friend and learns more about her fiance.“

The Anchor (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10514937/chapters/23206923) (2017) (T)
”“You’re alive,” she murmured softly, amazement smoothing the tone of her voice and filling the small void between them. Her eyes, brimming with unshed tears, locked on the loose waves of his shirt and the smooth planes of his chest.
“I’m…” he began, unsure of what to call himself. I’m me? I’m human? I’m…
"You’re alive,” she repeated, her tone insistent but her hands hesitant as they moved from his thin waist along the loose linen to his chest. The fabric bunched as her fingers pressed lightly across his torso, searching. “You died,” her voice cracked, her sorrow tangling desperately with her words, “but you’re alive.”
A series of vignettes following Belle and Prince Adam based on the live-action Beauty and the Beast. No set number of chapters or timeline. Please enjoy:)“

That Girl is Strange, No Question (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10381776/chapters/22928007) (2017) (T)
"He also remembers many times that Belle did this from before— he remembers her scribbling on bits of scrap paper in the library, getting ink on her face from her drafting pen over their own private dinners. She has nothing on her face now, even as his eyes drift up to catch every little detail. “I will allow you that disposition, my love,” he tells her as he brings up the knuckles of her right had so that he can press his lips against her skin. “Apart from one instance.”
“Oh?” Belle asks, eyebrows raising higher than Adam honestly thought they could go. “And which instance would that be, my Prince?”
“You were at the center of me,” he says. “From the very first moment you threw a snowball at my face.””

My Heart Will Go On (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10601274/chapters/23438256) (2017) (M)
“Engaged to be married to a woman who he does not love - a match enforced by his money grubbing father - the poised young aristocrat, Adam, is utterly miserable. On his first night aboard the RMS Titanic, he debates pitching himself over the edge of the ship and into the icy waters below, never to be seen or paraded around ever again.
He would have jumped, too, had he not been talked down by a shockingly beautiful girl who had somehow managed to smuggle herself onto the ship, hoping to see the world. Her name was Belle, and Adam quickly came to learn that she had been in France prior to boarding the Titanic, selling her sketches to make ends meet. A bizarre concept to the wealthy gentleman, which only made her, and her way of life, all the more alluring.” (I’m REALLY dreading the end to this story)

Mirrors (https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12347701/1/) (1991) (T)
“Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. A retelling in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father’s past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father’s debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries.”

A Prince in Molyneaux (https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11020498/1/) (1991) (T)
“AU. Prince Adam is never cursed and grows into a spoiled, self-centered adult. When an attempt to flee his responsibilities backfires, he ends up stranded in a small provincial town. Can he find his way out of the town before anyone discovers who he really is? Or will his developing feelings for a beautiful but funny girl cause him to reconsider his plans entirely?”

Behind a Fair Façade (http://archiveofourown.org/works/7213906/chapters/16370746) (1991) (T)
“Belle and Adam are college roommates whose dislike soon melts into friendship - and maybe more. But Adam has a reason beyond Belle’s smile for pursuing her love, to do with his parents tragic death ten years ago. And Belle has her own motives for choosing a college over a hundred miles from her beloved father. Can their friends get them to fall in love?
Alternate summary: Modern AU where the curse is in the law, the Bimbettes have
characters, for some reason France has been replaced by Scotland, and everything is linked thematically.”

neither one prepared (https://archiveofourown.org/works/8144708) (1991/2017 author has both listed) (G)
“he’s so cute, she thinks to herself. it’s adorable to see him so eager to learn new things. she then goes back to her filing, heart warmed by her previous thoughts.
suddenly, though, everything is… different.
or, the one where the breaking of the spell is a bit more… casual.”(AU one-shot)

I sit at the stoplight, waiting for it to change back to green, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel - not entirely out of impatience to get to him, more nervous at what I’ll find and how we’ll leave things this time. My nails are painted Vermillion Villian. He always loved that shade on me. I almost chose a black polish or some other color he detests out of spite, but this is my favorite. I tell myself I’m doing this for me.

I pull into his driveway behind his shiny Candy Apple convertible with titanium rims and a black racing stripe down the middle. I text that I’ve arrived and apply a fresh coat of lipstick in Cardinal Sin - it doesn’t quite match my nails, but I know he won’t notice. It’s the lipstick I wore when he first kissed me…not that he’ll notice that either. I step out, smooth out the skirt of my dress, and give myself a pep talk as I walk to the door: you will not, under any circumstances, stay the night. He has to earn your trust all over again.

On the way to the door, I notice another car farther up in his driveway, mostly concealed by the shrubbery. He told me it would be just the two of us. I ring the bell and wait for him to answer. After several seconds, I ring it again. Perplexed, I check my phone. Of course he hasn’t texted back, but I see the read receipt on the message I last sent.

I knock on the door now…‘bang’ would be a better word. In the ensuing silence, I hear an eruption of female giggles from inside the house. I try to tell myself it must be the TV, but before I finish the thought I hear it again and know it’s live in concert. Then it abruptly stops, as if suddenly muted by a hand over a mouth. I feel my face flush fiercely; I must look like I’ve been slapped. My hand is itching to do some slapping of its own, until his face matches mine.

I storm off and as I near his car, I think of the cliché of the scorned woman unleashing her fury on the jerk’s vehicle, damaging it in retribution for her damaged heart. Or maybe just writing a big F-you in blood-red lipstick on his windshield.

I take my revenge fantasies with me as I walk on to my car. The next time he texts begging me to see him, I’ll simply leave it on read until hell’s flames freeze in place.



[September inkstay prompt #3]


satisfied ’ from hamilton sentence starters. feel free to change pronouns & punctuation , ect.

  • ‘ that’s what i’m talkin’ about !
  • ‘ now everyone give it up for the maid of honor !
  • ‘ a toast to the groom !
  • ‘ to the bride !
  • ‘ from your sister , who will always be by your side. ’ 
  • ‘ to the union !
  • ‘ to the revolution. ’
  • ‘ may you always be satisfied. ’
  • ‘ i remember that night , i just might regret that night for the rest of my days … ’ 
  • ‘ i remember those soldier boys tripping over themselves to win our praise. ’
  • ‘ i remember that dreamlike candlelight. ’
  • ‘ but _____ , i’ll never forget the first time i saw your face. ’
  • ‘ i have never been the same. ’
  • ‘ & when you said “ hi , ” i forgot my dang name. ’
  • ‘ set my heart aflame , every part aflame. ’
  • ‘ this is not a game. ’
  • ‘ you strike me as a woman who’s never been satisfied. ’
  • ‘ you’re like me. i’ve never been satisfied. ’
  • ‘ is that right ? ’
  • ‘ i have never been satisfied. ’
  • ‘ my name’s ______. 
  • ‘ where’s your family from ?
  • ‘ unimportant , there’s a million things i haven’t done. ’
  • ‘ but just you wait. ’
  • ‘ so this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level ! what the hell is the catch ?
  • ‘ the feeling of freedom, of seein’ the light — it’s ben franklin with a key and a kite !
  • ‘ you see it right ?
  • ‘ he’s a bit of a flirt , but i’ma give it a chance . ’
  • ‘ handsome, boy, does he know it !
  • ‘ i wanna take him far away from this place. ’
  • ‘ then i turn & see my sister’s face & she is … helpless. ’
  • ‘ where are you taking me ? ’
  • ‘ i’m about to change your life. ’
  • ‘ then by all means , lead the way. ’
  • ‘ i’m a girl in which my only job is to marry rich. ’
  • ‘ my father has no sons. ’
  • ‘ i’m the one who has to social climb. ’
  • ‘ i’m the oldest & the wittiest. ’
  • ‘ ha ! doesn’t mean i want him any less … ’
  • ‘ i’d have to be naive to set that aside. ’
  • ‘ now that’s his bride.
  • ‘ nice going _____ , he was right : you will never be satisfied. ’
  • ‘ thank you for all your service. ’
  • ‘ if it took fighting a war for us to meet , it will have been worth it. ’
  • ‘ i’ll leave you to it. ’
  • ‘ i know my sister like i know my own mind. 
  • ‘ you will never find someone as trusting or as kind. ’
  • ‘ he’s a bit of a flirt , but i’ma give it a chance . ’
  • ‘ handsome, boy, does he know it !
  • ‘ i wanna take him far away from this place. ’
  • ‘ then i turn & see my sister’s face & she is … helpless. ’
  • ‘ he’d be mine. ’
  • ‘ she’d say “ i’m fine. ” she’d be lying. ’
  • ‘ but when i fantasize at night it’s _____’s eyes. ’
  • ‘ at least my dear _____ is his wife. ’
  • ‘ at least i keep his eyes in my life. ’
  • ‘ he will never be satisfied. ’
  • ‘ i will never be satisfied. ’ 

anonymous asked:

Tsuna, Dino, and Enma when they're in an arranged marriage and the person they actually love refuses to be their lover


“What is wrong with you?” Tsuna finally snapped, closing the distance between you two. “Why do you keep refusing me?”

You had done your best to avoid him but of course Tsuna couldn’t act like a normal person. He just kidnapped you.

You tried not to wither but Don Vongola’s glare was known to even make men three times your size whimper.

“Listen,” you took a step back, “you’re married to another woman and I refuse to be the ‘other’ in a relationship. It hasn’t even been two weeks since your marriage. Find someone else you can fuck around with–”

“She doesn’t mean a thing, (Name),” Tsuna said and raised his hand to touch your face but you moved away. “The one I love is you.”

“Do you even know what ‘love’ means?” you demanded. “Stop throwing around words. There’s never going to be an ‘us’.”

“I’ll divorce her then,” Tsuna said, his eyes glowing. “If you promise to never leave my side, I don’t see the point in being to married to someone else.”

“Why would I promise you anything like that?” you said haughtily.

“As much as I love your rebellious little attitude,” he cornered you against the wall, “this needs to stop. The whole marriage to someone else happened because of you. I can’t wait around for you forever.”

You know what Tsuna was like, the reputation he had. How could you give your heart to someone who had the reputation of breaking them? You were just a toy and he’d get over you as soon as he laid his hands on you. Then he went ahead and married someone else.

“You’re not a toy,” Tsuna said sharply, like he read your mind, “and I’m never going to get tired of you.”

“Let me go–” you pushed him away and tried to leave but he grabbed you and pressed him against his chest.

“I’m divorcing and marrying you. You will be my side forever,” Tsuna whispered into your ears. “You’ll eventually learn to like it.”


“See you tomorrow, then,” your co-worker said after he walked you all the way to your home.

You nodded shyly and, after a few seconds of hesitance, kissed him in the cheek. His face went red and you blushed as you waved him goodbye and walked back into your apartment.

You nearly fell on your feet when you saw freaking Don Cavallone in your living room, glaring at you. He walked strides towards you and grabbed your wrist.

“Who. was. that?” Dino demanded.

“How is that any of your business?!” You pulled away your wrists, and crossed your hands. “What are you doing in my house?!”

He immediately cooled down. “Fine then. I’ll find it out myself. Don’t be surprised if he goes missing. You should know better than to let someone else touch what’s rightfully mine.”

“You, a married man,” you said, sharply, “don’t get to treat me like I’m your fucking whore.”

“She means nothing to me, (Name),” Dino said coldly. “I don’t even sleep in the same room as her. She married me for my money and reputation, and I married her due to the pressure of heirs from the elders. If you would have married me when I asked you to then it wouldn’t have come to this. Say the word and she’ll be gone.”

“I love you,” you blurted, “I really do love you. I’m trying so hard to move on but this isn’t helping. Dino, I can’t start a family with a Mafia Don. You kill people for a living. You destroy lives. You aren’t the sort of man I can have children with–”

“So whose children do you wanna have?” Dino’s tone was dangerous. “That co-worker of yours? I might be dangerous but I love you. No harm will ever come to you or our children. You will have jewels and clothes others can only dream of, travel to the most exotic places under the sun, have any singer that strikes your fancy performing in our living room.”


“You stole a Don’s heart and now ‘no’ is not an option,” Dino said. “You either come with me willingly or I’ll be dragging you down the altar.”


“So a slut like you thinks that you can steal my husband, huh?” the woman had cornered you alone in the party and tightly grabbed your throat.

“Please,” you choked out. “I’m trying not to do anything–”

Enma’s wife was a mafioso herself and you were just some civilian that worked in the IT department. You were no match against her, and you felt yourself turning blue.

“He won’t even touch me and he has pictures of you all over the place. He has men follow you around, and eliminates any potential threats your ugly ass might have. He is completely obsessed with you. You must be really good at fucking to have that sortof charm on him.”

“We ne-never h-a-a-ad se-ex,” you tried to speak.

“You’re a whore as well as a liar–”

You heard a gunshot.

The hold on your throat loosened. Enma’s wife fell on the floor and a pool of blood grew around her.

“Enma?” you said when you saw who was holding the gun. “You just killed your wife!”

He took strides towards you and his eyes were redder than the blood on the marble floor. “No one, no one, hurts or insults my woman and gets to live.”

“I’m not yours,” you said.

“I’m tired of you acting like this,” Enma said angrily. “You were the one that tricked me into marrying her because you were too scared to be with me. She used her fucking illusions to get us married and you stood by and did nothing to stop it.”

“I had every reason to do what I did,” you said. “I saw you kill the entire Famiglia that kidnapped me and I had every reason to be scared of you–”

Enma threw a white dress at you. “Wear this. We’re getting married today. There’s even guests at this party.”


“I’ve been denied you for too long,” Enma said. “This ends today.”

I filled myself with false hope and dreams. I keep holding onto your words with dear life but I’m losing grip of the rope. My hands bleeding and blistered, I show you my wounds but you remain unconcerned. I told myself that he will change because I am young and so is he and this is how boys act right? Crush, snatch and destroy till there’s nothing left of you to manipulate and use, I've shrunk completely just feel the hollow shell of the girl who wanted more for herself but not just that; she wanted more for you. A drought is considered a damn tragedy but the condition you left me is just life, left thirsty for a love that never really existed now, did it? Teardrops dropping down my cheeks, your tantrums are getting harder for me to handle, “I don’t know what to do anymore, I am one woman”. I say pouring my soul into your mind only to feel you fade away and along my with my dignity.  The remainder of my heart left on the floor. Your bloody handprints smeared all over the door, you took the pieces you liked and spat on the parts you failed to understand. Left gasping for air trying to put myself back together but the pieces don’t match. 
Rotting on the inside out now I have grown to taste bitter. It’s been two years but I still wake up in the morning with that cold sweat and tears. I dreamt that you were kissing me and I couldn’t breathe, you sucked out the air in my lungs and they were collapsing but I never stopped you because I thought that this was love. Your words hurt me but your actions destroyed me.
—  requiem of a rose hearted girl #1
Imagine Hephaestion trying to seduce you, Alexander’s sister.

You giggled as you saw your brother laugh and cheer with the rest of his friends and confidants. Everybody was there, celebrating yet another victory. Everyone except for the one you were looking for. You bit your lip as your eyes searched for your brother’s best friend but felt disappointed once you didn’t spot him there-

“Looking for someone?” it was the only voice you wanted to hear at that moment and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. You turned your head and your eyes locked with his piercing blue ones. Oh dear Aphrodite, you already felt yourself going weak.

You gave him a small smile “No just- thought something was missing and then I realized-”

“It was me.” he completed your sentence with a small smile and hum and you nodded your head.

“Excuse me Hephaestion I just- I find it peculiar, that is all.” you said softly and he raised an interested eyebrow.

“What may I ask?” he looked at you with such intensity that it made you bite your lip.

“You are never there but… always are.” you whispered, looking at your brother “You are always by Alexander’s side, something I cannot thank you enough for, you are always ready to offer your help, ready to sacrifice your life for the greater good yet when it comes to celebrating you always stay… in the shadows, if I might say. I am not judging you, I know that I am not one for celebrating much either, I just- you’re not like any other man I know. That is all.”

He laughed softly, nodding his head “Well, you already said it. I am not like other men. I do not know whether this is good or not, only time shall tell but what I know for sure is that- there is no other place I would rather be.”

“Why may I ask?” you asked with a small tilt of your head.

He looked down as he played with his cup, still almost full of wine “Because if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have the chance to talk with you, would I?”

“So what, that is a good thing?” you asked shyly with a small smirk and he breathed out a laugh. He glanced at Alexander for a moment to see he was still enjoying himself with everybody else.

“The first time I saw you-” he started before he finally looked at you “That I really saw you- it was a couple month’s before your father’s death. During a celebration, when your mother had sent you to speak to Alexander.” his voice was soft “It took me a good while to realize it was really you, it had been years since I last saw you and the only thing I remembered was a little girl. But what stood before me then, I swear by the love of gods… took my breath away.” the sincerity in his voice made your heart skip a beat. And although the passion in his words made your face heat up you just wanted to hear more.

“I thought: “By the love of gods she cannot be real.” you had my mystified the moment you looked into my eyes, it felt as if time stopped. I wanted to say so much, do so much but- I did nothing. Not while Alexander was there.”

“So?” you whispered, urging him to keep going.

“For quiet some time I only did that.” he breathed out “I admired.” he laughed, you’d swear he looked shy “My heart has had the courage to fight enemies upon enemies for years but I couldn’t find the courage to speak to you after that first night, so I only did that. Admired. It was from afar yes, but I cannot deny this to you (Y/n)-” his eyes bore into yours and you held your breath “-I would much rather spend the rest of my life admiring your beauty that not even Aphrodite can match up to than waste even a minute to look at another woman.”

“You must surely be exaggerating, Hephaestion.” you mumbled shyly, eyes casting down.

The man grinned to himself as he put two fingers under your chin and made you look up “You have no idea, do you my queen?” he asked. You weren’t the queen but Alexander being your brother and the two of you being incredibly close meant that many, including Hephaestion, called you that. You had earned the respect coming with that title nonetheless.

“Do I?” you said a little breathlessly and he smiled softly, taking hold of your hand.

“Follow me?” he whispered and biting your lip, you nodded your head.

“Anywhere” you breathed out and he gave you a cute grin.

You didn’t even question him where he was taking you, not for a second. And you didn’t even care to think about it, or look at your surroundings. You were too occupied looking at him in the first place. Shame, though, because if you had been taking notice of where you were going the shock would not have been that big as it was the moment you stopped. You were…

“Your room?” you whispered, feeling your heart rate pick up. You swallowed and looked at him shyly.

He smiled at you, tucking a few strands of hair out of your face and behind your ear “Do not worry my queen, I would never take advantage of you… Unless you’d want me to.” he smiled softly and you huffed, giving him a look. You earned a chuckle from him.

“Come with me.” he lead you forward and you did so, trying not to get too caught up in what was in his room… or bed.

“It’s beautiful.” you whispered as you took a look at practically the entire city.

“It is, do you want to know why?” he asked softly and you nodded your head curiously. He placed his hands on your shoulders and turned you so that you’d look at what he was pointing at. The balcony of your own room.

“Alexander wondered why I wanted this room in particular.” he breathed out a laugh “I found it impossible to tell him why.” he whispered in your ear and you bit your lip.

“Trust me… I know how it feels.” you turned to look at him.

A smile played on his lips and no matter how much he was trying to fight it he couldn’t win “Do you my goddess?” his voice was barely audible but you heard him.

“Do not ever doubt it my warrior.” you breathed out and he slowly brought a hand up. He didn’t cup your cheek, much to your disappointment, but he did run his fingers delicately over your cheek; tracing every line.

“I do not know what the outcome of this will be. I do not care probably.” he breathed out with a small smile “I do not know whether or not we will make it but- gods forbid it if I spend another moment, much less a lifetime, without having the chance to worship your body the way you deserve my love.”

“Not even if death comes?” you whispered, shuddering as he ran his fingers over your collarbone now.

“You know it, my queen, every breath I take is for you.” he gave you a smile as you felt your breath “I am willing give my last breath for you too if I have to.”

“Do not think of such things Hephaestion, please.” you got closer to him, placing your hands on his bare chest “Alexander adores you, everybody respects you and I-”

“You?” he whispered expecting for an answer “What do you feel of me, (Y/n)?”

“Do you still wonder?” you smiled softly “Perhaps… I should show you.” you smirked and his eyebrows shot up.

“(Y/n), if Alexander finds out-”

“He will be happy for the two of us. So long as we are… Are you, Hephaestion?”

“Need you ask?” he breathed out with a big smile as his face inched closer to yours “How can you not see I envy even the moon at how much you smile at it?”

“Well, it’s a shame.” you looked down for a second “Because it is your thought that has me smiling.”

i have this idea for an arranged marriage finnrey AU where finn comes from a lush, green planet, similar to takodana, and rey’s planet is colder, with snow and constant clouds.

they agree to marry at their parents’ request, to strengthen both of their kingdoms. finn and rey both trust their parents, so they know that it will be a good match, but they’re still nervous to meet the person they’ve already agreed to marry.

in the weeks before the wedding, they each distract themselves from their anxiety by working on a gift for the other. it’s an elder house tradition to offer something handmade and from the heart, which is easier said than done.

on the day of the ceremony, rey sees some oddly shaped crates being carried into the palace, but she’s too busy getting ready to think much of it.

finn, on his end of things, is nervous as hell. he had wholeheartedly agreed to the marriage, knowing that it was the best thing for his kingdom. he also trusted his parents’ word that rey was a kind woman, as well as a fierce and passionate soul (”a good match to your own,” finn’s father had said with a smile.)

so finn knows, in his head, that this will be a good thing, but his stomach is still alight with nerves.

what if we don’t fit? what if our hearts aren’t a match? what if she doesn’t like my gift? he’d been working on her wedding gift for months, pouring his love into what he was making. just the thought of presenting his gift to his new bride makes him feel more exposed than the thought of their undressing together.

he’s distracted from his thoughts when his parents knock softly at the dressing room door, and enter the room.

“it’s time, son.”

his mother cups his cheeks and kisses his forehead, smiling at him with love in her eyes. his father hugs finn tightly, and when he pulls back, his eyes are a bit misty.

“we’re proud of you,” his mother says. “and happy for you,” his father adds. “this is a joyous day for us all.” 

arm in arm, with finn between them, they all make their way to the grand hall.

tradition dictates that both bride and groom be escorted by their family, and so finn draws strength from his parents as they lead him down the aisle. he tries (and fails) to ignore the weight of thousands of eyes on him.

on the stage, with the priest to his right and his parents behind him, he waits. he waits. he waits.

when rey walks into the room, he feels something in his chest loosen and leap. even in a room full of thousands, he finds her Force signature easily, and it’s breathtaking.

rey herself is lovely too, in a golden gown and a smile that lights up the room. but what finn hears, what makes him let out the breath he’d been holding since he arrived, is the quiet song she’s singing in her heart.

it’s an old song, from an even older poem, and the lyrics are sweet, and comforting, and full of hope. she meets his eyes, and he knows that she’s projecting it into the Force just for him. 

he loves her at once.  


(to be continued on finnrey friday)

It doesn’t matter who or how she does it, but when I see our first Miss Money in the Bank on top of that ladder with the briefcase in her hands, I know my heart is going to be so full of pride. As someone who watched women being treated as only eye candy with matches of 3 minutes and bad storylines, I know that when that woman grabs the briefcase and look down at it, she’ll feel happy not only for her, but for of how far women’s wrestling has come. That women represent dozens of girls whose matches were considered as bathroom breaks. That woman will make Lita, Trish Stratus, Chyna, AJ Lee, Melina, Molly Holly, Victoria and so many others proud. I love women’s wrestling and I’m happy that we finally are seeing them having the opportunities they deserve. That they’ve always deserved.

Domestic Bliss - Victuuri Week Day 4

Title: Domestic Bliss

Rating: T

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,460

Summary: Fake Relationship AU in which Victor and Yuuri are spys on an undercover mission. Victor and Yuuri move to Washington to start on their mission. They buy a cute little house in the suburbs and get a poodle and start to imbed themselves in the community as a happily married couple.

Keep reading