woman moon


minhyuk ♡ bongsoon

↳ fell in love (at first sight) → became friends → dated → got engaged → got married → became parents

Korean dramas totally changed my views on skinship/physical contact. If we are not in love, I see no reason why you should be holding my hand, hugging me let alone kissing me. bye. 


That’s how love between male and female lead should be portrayed. Give us more male leads who: quickly fall in love with female lead, patiently wait for their friendship to turn into deep love, those who are devoted to female lead and act super cute in front of them, who are thirsty for kisses and hugs, who are loyal, protective and love deeply and they show it right after they realize their feelings instead of acting jerks. Give us female leads who are assertive, don’t act like a silly, naive girls and start to care and love male leads as much as they care and love them too.


Kdrama kisses

I wonder if K-actors ever watch their dramas and feel what we feel. 

Like has Lee Joon Gi ever gotten the chance to watch Scarlet Heart; did he cry or almost break his screen? 

Or has Gong Yoo watched Goblin and felt the rollercoaster of emotions that came along with it? 

Did Soong Joong Ki ever watch DOTS and have hypertension when everyone thought he died? 

What of Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk, have they gotten the chance to sit down to watch WLFKBJ and think “we invented love” “every girl out there needs a Joon young”

Has Park Hyungsik watched SWDBS yet and realised that he’s the sweetest and most beautiful man on the planet?

(anyone that feels like keeping this going, can)