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Warrior Culture : USMC

Subculture : Infantry

The Hazelwood sisters have made Marine history being the first sisters to both pass USMC Infantry training. Making the accomplishment even more stunning is that they are among the first females to have ever passed the course! Semper Fidelis sisters! Til Valhalla!


there is a house in new orleans
pairing: isaac/malia

The day Malia Tate agreed to let her father drag her along on another one of his church camping trips was the day her life went up in flames. Literally. All she did was accidentally bring one coyote back to life and suddenly she was a witch and being burned alive and ruining the last trip of the year. Then, a week later, she found herself in a similar situation to her coyote friend. She was in the woods, naked, and even more shocking—alive. When she looks for her dad after running home, all she finds is a woman and what she guesses are her two bodyguards. The assurance that the woman, Marin, could keep her safe was all she needed before she was packing her things and moving down to New Orleans, where apparently there was a school for people like her.

The other students she thinks she can get used to, even the magic and mayhem that are now a huge part of her life, but the ghost that lives with them that no one else seems to see? That might take some work, on both their parts.

for isaacled / from halemura

made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.


Fantastic Kris Anka Friday

  • Secret Wars: House of M #3 cover
  • Namor
  • Secret Wars: House of M #2 cover
  • Captain America
  • Gambit
  • All-New Invincible Iron Man
  • Emma “White Queen” Frost
  • Old Man Steve Rogers
  • All-New Marvel looks
  • Group pic:  Maria Hill, Agent Agent 13, Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird), Black Widow, Spider Woman, Daisy Johnson, Victoria Hand and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Eugenie Clark, whose work in the field of marine biology was absolutely groundbreaking, passed away this morning at the age of 92.

Not only did she make countless discoveries about many species of fish. Not only was she one of the first scientists to believe that sharks were more than mindless killers, and publish numerous studies demonstrating the complexity and intelligence of the incredible creatures. Not only was she a huge advocate for them, constantly working to teach the public about how amazing sharks, and all ocean creatures are, and how important it is that we actively work to protect them.

She was a woman marine biologist at a time when the field was almost completely dominated by men, but she never let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams. (When she applied to a Ph. D. program at Columbia, she was told by a scientist there, "If you do finish, you will probably get married, have a bunch of kids, and never do anything in science after we have invested our time and money in you.“ She then went on to get her Ph. D. elsewhere, and do many, many things in science.)

She founded a laboratory, first called the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, which then went on to become the Mote Marine Lab, one of the most important centers for shark research in the countries.

She literally changed the game in marine biology. But she was also just an incredibly kind, curious, and bold individual, who always sought to inspire young scientists and ocean activists.

Eugenie Clark was my hero as a child, and honestly, one of the reasons I’m pursuing a career in science. I had the absolute honor of meeting her (twice!!) and she was so, so, so incredibly kind to me, giving me words of encouragement, talking to me about my interests, and just truly, being one of the most humble, intelligent people I’ve ever met.

She changed my life, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to both know about her, read about her life and her work, and to talk to her.

Dear useless diary,

I have called my personal physician, three specialists and the Surgeon General. All of them confirm what WebMD told me at 5am: this swirling, sick feeling in my stomach is not a life-threatening condition.

Apparently, it’s nerves.

Which is ridiculous, because Cat Grant does not get nervous. 

I’ve broken laws, I’ve conducted a live interview with Sarah Palin, and I’ve stood between Kris Jenner and a red carpet. I know what nervous is. I know when it’s just common sense to be nervous. A simple date with Kara should not have this effect.

I could call the whole thing off. Cancel the event on the calendar without even looking at her. I could invite 12 other people and make it a work outing. I could call that deadly little Marine woman and have her kidnap me for 24 hours and make it look convincing. Only I’d have to ask Kara what her name (Sam.. something?) and number is, defeating the object entirely. 

The worst part? The thought of canceling feels even worse. Hell or high water, I am taking that girl out tonight. Now just the small matter of wearing something to blow her mind. The closet awaits.