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“I’m masculine, so to speak, in the way that I am in my life, but I can embrace that co-existing other part of myself, and it doesn’t mean that I’m conforming to long-standing notions of how women should and shouldn’t be, or dress.”What Gillian Did Next…, Red Magazine, April 2017


The Subject Woman Project is still going strong!

Subject: Woman - Women are in charge of their own voices, their own bodies, their own lives. We are the subjects of our stories, not the objects. Proceeds still benefit Childreach International’s Taught Not Trafficked Campaign for which over $1500 has been raised since @chewiesgirlfriend wore it at Chicago Wizard World Convention in the summer of 2016. Be a Voice for the Voiceless - Be an Abolitionist

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Indeed, she persisted. #WeWomen did. In January, women across the world wore their Subject: Woman shirts as they rallied in the Women’s March. #IWontKeepQuiet became our battle cry, and many are still in the fight, pussy hats and all, ready to fight for justice for all persons regardless of race, gender, nationality or creed. “Nevertheless, She Persisted” is our newest campaign and proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.

If you haven’t already, click here to be pre-order “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere” written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel.

Men can write a million violent revenge fantasies about women, they can even create porn with this theme so they can get off! But one woman writes Scum Manifesto and suddenly violence isn’t the answer.

Rubyfruit Jungle| Issue 2

Ruby fruit Jungle

by Audrey Karnicheff 

Molly Bolt is smart as a whip. A deadpan smartass who doesn’t care about being “natural”, about doing what girls are “supposed” to do. She doesn’t care for religion, either. Have you ever wondered if Mary and Joseph even liked each other, if they bickered? Molly did, because a Nativity Play in school is more an opportunity to produce realistic theatre than it is a sacred mission. Liking girls is not quite a cosmic reveal - her first kiss makes her stomach weird, the good kind of weird, that’s alright and that’s it. In fact, most of the book’s soul-searching regards her upbringing as an adopted child.

Molly seems invincible, with a reckless attitude - until, slowly, she’s on the verge of breaking, tired of being “written off” by those who stopped being her friends after she comes out to them. “Written off” by lovers who won’t accept the fact that themselves are girls who like girls. “Written off” because she uttered the word “lesbian”. She talks about her sexuality in passing, like she always does, because it’s a fact of life and not an abomination, not a betrayal of same-sex friendships, not a fundamental misunderstanding of men. She doesn’t shout it out loud for the whole world to hear, but she doesn’t lie, and her sexuality is not played for angst.

“Madam, I am a full-blooded, bona fide lesbian. As for the way I look, most lesbians I know look like any other woman. However, if you’re hot for a truck driver I know just the place.”

Molly could have collapsed a thousand times, every time the all-American ideal slammed the door in her face. Her college scholarship doesn’t get renewed “for moral reasons” while her girlfriend is sent away on a conversion therapy.

But then Molly pulls herself together and moves forward. That no-nonsense attitude is what makes Molly a fresh, compelling character.

"Let’s stop this shit. I love women. I’ll never marry a man and I’ll never marry a woman either. That’s not my way. I’m a devil-may-care lesbian.”

That’s why Rubyfruit Jungle stands out, because it’s not a book about a woman coming to terms with her sexuality. It’s a book about an unapologetic woman, not a stand-in for a young reader confused about sexuality, religion and morals.

Arguably, Molly Bolt isn’t a flag-bearer and expresses her annoyance of labels on several occasions.

“So now I wear this label ‘Queer’ emblazoned across my chest. Or I could always carve a scarlet “L” on my forehead. Why does everyone have to put you in a box and nail the lid on it?”

Rita Mae Brown shares many a thing with her heroine - her childhood, her academic background, her passion for latin… Unlike her heroine, Brown was heavily politicized in the 70s, first through student movements then as a part of the Lavender Menace. Brown was a key-figure of lesbian feminism, and took part in the writing of the manifesto “The Woman-Identified Woman”. While Brown’s commitment to second-wave feminism brought a lot of attention to the discriminations lesbians were facing, some parts of Rubyfruit Jungle show their age regarding its treatment of butch woman. Molly doesn’t seem to get that being a woman sometimes means having short hair and being buff, without wanting to resemble a man.

“That’s the craziest, dumbass thing I ever heard tell of. What’s the point of being a lesbian if a woman is going to look and act like an imitation man? Hell, if I want a man, I’ll get the real thing not one of these chippies. I mean […] the whole point of being gay is because you love women.”

It’s important to remain critical of most exclusive aspect of lesbian history to remind ourselves that the advancement of LGBT people in society must be the advancement of all LGBT people, not only those who happen to conform to society’s view of gender and sexuality.

Rubyfruit Jungle is a lesson of resilience and strength - albeit an individualistic one.

(Black Girl Manifesto)


is for all my Black girls

with a capital B.

With big booties,

flat booties,

don’t drop that dun-dun-dun


For all the hip-hoppin’,



Black girls

flippin’ weave,

flippin’ all natural waves,

flippin’ twist outs with their 4C curl pattern,

patterning their pumps with their earrings,

their high-waisted jeans with their lipstick— 

This is for dark skinned girls who wear bright red lipstick

and deserved to be kissed by any prince or princess they desire.

This is for every Black girl who was told that they’re too good

or not good enough.

Who was told 

you’re too Black

act too white,

too light,

too dark,

too slow to text me back,

too lookin’ like a slut,

too much of a “hoe” to be cuffed,

too “wifey” to be fucked,

too “sober so i put molly in her champagne and she ain’t even know it 

cause i’m just tryna fuck”

*kendrick voice* fuck that.

This is for the Queens,

female Kings,

and every other feminine soul in between.

This is for my Karyn Washington’s,

my Brown girls carrying the weight of baby sons,

the weight of feeling like the need to be the sun,

the weight of an entire immigrant nation,

the weight of being two times as good

to get half as much.

This is for my Black girls who don’t get much

but deserve 400 acres and a Mercedes-Benz ,

who don’t get love

but deserve to be looked at like they’re the reason

someone else is right now breathing for them.

This is for the Black girls who

reason that dying is their best option

This is for every Black girl:

You. Are worth living.

Fuck a statistic,

Fuck eHarmony and every blind bastard that doesn’t think you’re 

beautiful enough,

Fuck being systematically oppressed since the beginning of time

when man wrote woman came from Adam’s rib

Just fuck it.

Because life too short to be buried in the bullshit,

drowned in the guilt of those who are too ashamed

to admit that you are worth it.

Fuck it because you are so totally worth it—

trust me.

This is for every Black girl who needed to read this,

who right now needs to read this,

who will need to read this.

This is for every single Black girl

because this world wasn’t built for us.

But Black don’t crack for a reason—

because we were meant to survive it.

This is for ever Black girl:

You are a survivor.

You are meant to live.

So live it up, Black girl.

So rise high, Black girl.

So fly far, Black girl.

Don’t give up on love, Black girl

because this—

This, I wrote because

I love you, Black girl.

Clearly, I am not some lump of flesh squeezed into tight jeans
I am active brain and lip smacking peach deep,
Sometimes to aggressive in it’s honesty and heart sweet,
That loves holy and completely whomever it may choose.
I am not gonna lie and pacify
I am arms to hold, I am lips to speak…
Strong legs that stroll off the thirty three bus, or out of a money green fathom comfortably
Knees that bend to pray, clean from Ajax washings
Hair that is thick and soft, thighs that betweeks an all amazing Grand Prize…
I am eyes that sing, smile that brightens, touch that rings and supplies euphoric release
I am warm…
I am peace…
From the roads of Buswana to twenty third street, from the inside third eye
Ever watching this wicked, wicked system of things, I do see
I am friend to pen, lover of strong woman, A diamond to men
I am curious and interested like children
I welcome the wise to teach, appreciator of my culture
Thick not from just bone dense and eat…
There is a rhythm in my ways, and a practice in my seek and yes I do crave
The rhythm of myspace…
With a man that rejoices in God’s Grace, with Faith I do hear to listen
Two hands that fists when force pushes to shove and your ego won’t submit…
and I am Gifted…
Clearly, I am not just an ASS
—  Jill Scott, Woman Manifesto
The Patriarchy Manifesto

TOP SECRET - For male eyes only

Charter 2.1 - Divide and Conquer

Once subjugation of the female sex has been established through violence and the threat of violence (particularly sexual, see Charter 1), men must protect our rule through systematically propaganda and fear-mongering. Women and girls must be made to believe they are each others enemies. Trust between women must be prevented at all costs. This alone will prevent them from recognizing the solidarity of their sex. If they understand that all women are oppressed they will recognize their real power and fight for each other. Organized resistance against male rule and privilege must be prevented. It is imperative that feminism be destroyed through legislation, censorship, threat, violence, stereotyping, humor, and most importantly - pretending it is not a threat to male rule by mocking - ensuring the social rejection of feminists.

Charter 2.2.1 - Hegemony

The division of the female sex must be maintained by regular conditioning (both subtle and overt); convincing women that they are fundamentally flawed and infantile/powerless must begin from birth. In addition, they must be led to believe that men are women’s only ‘true’ allies and therefore will keep them 'safe’. They must be convinced that women cannot help each other and that (ironically) men alone can 'protect’ them from the danger that 'other men’ pose. The quickest and most effective way to deliver this message, and for hegemony to gain traction in the female worldview; is via the internalization of misogyny, which must be reinforced through: (after violence), media, pornography, and the subtlest of all deceptions 'self-help’. These ultimately achieve a psychology of 'Stockholm syndrome’. (The myth of heterosexuality as a measure of 'normality’; also reinforces this ideology and should be applied, see Charter 3.)

2.2.1. Clause a). Note: Patriarchy’s success will be measurable in two ways; 1. when women raise their own sons to perpetuate patriarchy and misogyny and 2. when women defend their male oppressors.

Charter 2.2.2 - Competition

Female competition must be established. Women must be lead to believe that some women will be able to earn the right to join our ranks and rule with us over women as a collective. If all women believe that some women will be selected - then all women will mistrust all other women. Women must mistrust other women or they will unite and fight for each other and their collective human rights. Women standing together with women - is the greatest threat to patriarchal rule. Convincing them they cannot fight back and destroying their hope of liberation - is key to our continued success, therefore this lie must be maintained at all costs and through any means.

Charter 2.2.3 - Counterattack (including: distraction, redirection and personal attack)

If a woman highlights or directs public attention to male domination (such as our control of women through violence and sexual abuse) it is strongly recommended that the strategies of distraction and redirection are used. (For example only refer to the topic as “violence” or if pushed “violence against women” rather than “male violence against women” or “male sexual abuse of women”. Depersonalize and remove the gendered nature of a topic e.g. Use the term “human trafficking” rather than “female sexual slavery”.) If the strategies of redirection and distraction fail and the woman is not intimidated and maintains her focus on male power; then a full personal attack against the woman is essential.