woman looking at the window

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

Project: Lure

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Here it is - the a/b/o one-shot I promised you guys to celebrate reaching 2k! Feedback is welcome, as always. Enjoy, everyone! (Here’s the Ao3 link if it suits you better!)

Broke and forced to choose between food and your suppressants, you sign up for a drug trial that promises a lifetime supply along with a fat pay check. However, all is not as it seems as you unwittingly become caught up in Hydra’s latest experiment - ‘Project: Lure.’ (6,246 words; Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader; STRICTLY 18+, smut; Manipulation, hospital mentions, guns, blood, guts, angst, fluff)

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if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.
OKAY BUT WHY: 67 questions that have popped into my head in the past 24 hours

In stream-of-consciousness order:

1. Skull hell.
2. Why kill Mary if she’s good
3. Why was the hospital dedicated in 2044
4. Why is he writing the blog post about the baby being born in an image file befORE THE BABY WAS BORN
5. What the hell was John’s letter to Sherlock and why do we never hear anything about it again
6. Why was the lady Carmichael mirror so perfect we could predict actual dialogue lines (“You promised!”)
7. Why did TAB “PROVE” Moriarty was dead when it only proved you need a friend to help you make the blood splatter
9. How did John get out of the stupid well if his fucking feet were chained to the bottom
10. Why does a gun go off at the end of TLD, but in TFP it’s a tranquilizer
11. Why bring up that romantic entanglement “would complete you as a human being” if you don’t return to it
12. How did Mary jump in front of a bullet, and why is her death scene just like the “Hollywood deaths” that they criticized when Sherlock was shot
13. Why did nobody know who John was in TLD when in THoB everyone knew it was his blog (he fucking writes it in the first person)
14. Why is the blog stopped since S4 starts
15. How does EVERYONE know the story of the Merchant of Samarra when it’s not actually that common
16. How does Mary know to call him a Dragonslayer
17. How did Sherlock know that Ghost!Mary was saying he should wear the hat
18. How did John make the deduction about how Sherlock figured out how he knew which therapist he would choose and when he’d be there
19. How did John have an affair with a woman but he DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HER WHEN SHE’S SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM AT THERAPY
20. Why has Mycroft been so clearly linked to Moriarty
21. Why set up that footage of a shooting can be altered
22. Why have Culverton say that line about revealing your secret to your friends when it’s completely irrelevant thereafter
23. How did Lastrade know about Sherlock killing Magnussen anD MARY’S PAST
24. If Mycroft knew who Mary is then why didn’t he ever say anything
25. What happened to the stupid black pearl
          a. What’s the point of DI Hopkins
26. Mirrors
          a. You will John-style never convince me that these mirrors were a lie
27. Making history? What history
28. Promos
          a. Sitting in the “married ones” room with the burnout in the shape of an                anatomical heart
          b. “Sherlock’s in love, but with who”—is this really just to be cruel
29. How does Mary know where to go when he texts “the curtain rises” but texts John the actual address
30. Let’s talk about the mysterious crypt lair that Sherlock has for ONE SCENE and then never returns to
31. How come the Six Thatchers was already a different case they had done on the blog
32. Vatican Cameos
33. Umbrella sword gun
34. James or John
35. Mrs. Turner next door has got married ones
36. What was Sherlock going to say on the tarmac
37. What couldn’t John tell Ella after Sherlock died
38. And why does Sherlock go to see Ella and talk about a recurring dream in a weird ass attic office but it never comes back around
39. Gerridebs is their favorite case but it’s made into the biggest “no homo” joke
40. Why be obsessed with Sherlock’s sex life
41. Why does the AGRA drive look different
42. How do you survive being exploded from a second story flat with no injuries
          a. You. Don’t.
43. How can you possibly redeem Euros after everything she’s done
44. Why did Euros have a random breakdown in the middle of her grand plan—ALSO THE WHOLE PLANE MAKES NO SENSE
45. Why were people not more worried about how she killed Victor
46. “Drowned Redbeard”—an ACTUAL CHILD was missing and the suspect said this and they didn’t think to check all the fucking wells
47. How did his family all agree to pretend that Redbeard was a dog and never mention his sister ever again
49. Euros appears to have super mind-control powers?
51. Why has every episode been focused on how relationships are more important than the stories, but then Video!Mary is all like “relationships don’t matter because YAY detective stories”
52. Why did Euros just leave John after she tranq’d him
53. Whole episode is about how his childhood is what makes Sherlock who he is but ends episode with “but who you are doesn’t really matter”
          a. Great man -> good man? Eh. Doesn’t really matter.
54. The camera error in TST
55. How did they get onto the boat? A helicopter? Why not just take it to the island? How did Sherlock get inside as a member of the team? They only found John and Mycroft
56. How was the chess game promo a spoiler
57. Why was he using twitter in TST but then John was surprised he was on social media in TLD
58. Lamp hell.
59. What was the lie in TLD
60. Why was the episode called the final problem? The final problem was established to be to burn the heart out of him
61. Why is the static in Sherrinford a weird waterfall
62. Why did Sherlock paste John’s face on the Vetruvian Man (okay this wasn’t S4 but also I CANNOT LET THIS GO)
63. Why wasn’t Euros in the family video and why did noBODY EVER BRING HER UP IN SHERLOCK’S LIFE AGAIN— “Euros may have been my daughter but Sherlock seems to want to forget she existed entirely so let’s all pretend we didn’t have a daughter”
64. Why are all the villains textually queer
65. Who is the woman in the photo who was looking out the window holding an elephant
66. Why did Sherlock say that Mary destroyed the AGRA drive, when it was John
67. 26 pages of dialogue.

Add ur own! 


During my down and depressive time last night, I took some time to plug in Syndicate and walk about Lambeth and Westminster for some background references and screenshots I could use if I didn’t have the energy to make any. What I found was Westminster to be quite lovely looking—the shops, which I never truly stopped to look at, are all beautiful.

It was nice to actually walk this world at a slower snail’s pace. ♥

It is hard to clip Jacob and Evie out of the shot of these pictures, but still doable in some fashion. :P Minor touch ups just done in PSP8.



A short supercat fic. First one I’ve written in a while. I’m trying to get back into it. Please, excuse any and all mistakes, and possible terribleness. I’m out of practice. (1000~ words). Takes place when Cat says she’s leaving.

“I’m leaving.”

Cat’s words immobilized Kara. Blood thrummed in her ears, drowning out Cat’s next words. Panic snaked its way down her spine, striking quickly and lashing out with an intensity that rivaled a physical blow. What did she mean ‘leaving’?

No, no, no. Kara’s chaotic and unsettled life couldn’t take another upheaval, especially if it meant one of the few stabilizing forces in her life was leaving. Leaving her. Leaving her when she’d just come to terms with not being able to be with Cat. It was impossible, she knew. The nature of their relationship wouldn’t allow for it. However, she had convinced herself that it was enough to just see Cat each day, to work with her.

Regardless of whether Cat returned her affections, it would have been enough. But now? Now, even that was impossible. She was losing Cat twice, and the thought gutted Kara.

“I really can’t imagine being here without you,” Kara confessed. Cat walk closer. Tears glistened in her eyes, or was that just Kara’s imagination?

“Oh, Kara.”

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every anti-depressant commercial

there’s a woman. She’s in a house it’s decorated nicely.

She looks out of her window and sees her kids on swings with her husband. She looks down in defeat. The voice over asks if you’ve had feelings of depression.

The woman and her husband are sitting across from a doctor, the doctor is always wearing glasses. They all nod in slow motion. The voice over talks about taking this drug.

The woman is walking her dog. She’s outside and the sun is shining. She’s in an open field or a park with no one else around.

Her kids join her. She buys a soft pretzel. All in slow motion.

It’s late at night. She’s walking with her friends down a busy sidewalk, she’s laughing, in slow motion.

They enter a building. It’s a smooth jazz concert. The woman is dancing, In slow motion.

The voice over reads us symptoms of taking this anti-depressant. But it’s fine since the woman at the smooth jazz concert doesn’t seem to be experiencing signs of a heart attack.

ask your doctor if Zootopia is right for you

Modern Au where Shaun Gilmore finds out that he’s got new neighbors in the apartment across from his. At first, He only met the dark haired female who is very nice. Vex’ahila tells him that she’s got a twin but she doesn’t know where he is. 

Later, as Shaun is making himself something to drink, there’s a knock at his window that leads out to the fire escape. The person standing on his fire escape is a fit looking male that looks identical to the woman across the hall. After he opens the window,  Vax just sticks out his hand, introducing himself. 

“ My name is Vax’ildan and I got locked out of the bulding , so could you give me a hand?” 

And That’s how Shaun developed an interest in the strange man across the hall.

The Date Part 2 [Jughead Jones x Reader]

Thank you for the feedback!! I am pretty new to this, as  I said and yeah… anyway, here’s part 2!!! perhaps a part 3? lol jk. not really…

Part 1
Part 3

Summary : You and Jughead have an awkward thing going on between you two ever since the kiss, but with a few wrong decisions you guys come to your senses… or do you?

He didn’t kiss back. And it wasn’t like one of those sappy movies where he’d look you in the eyes and then kiss you, no. He did look you in the eyes after you let go of him, and quickly murmured a ‘sorry’, as he nodded.

Uhm… anyway, you should wear this tonight.” He cleared his throat. “You really think that I am still going after this?” You laughed. “Y/N…” He started, but you interrupted him. “I’m going to stay at home and fuck yo— I mean cry over you!I mean  cry! No, that is not better…” Your cheeks became as red as your dress. Which was maroon. Good job, Y/N. 

Jughead then laughed at your silliness and said then that you should’ve gone to your date, but you just couldn’t. You had called Reggie and told him that your mother is sick and you had to take care of her, and he said that it’s okay, maybe some other time.

“I said that I’d stay at home and fuck him.” You said,looking at the ceiling, then at your phone. “I said that I’d fuck him.” You laughed and looked again at the ceiling, then at the phone. “Screw that.” You threw your phone across the bed and shot up.

Juggie, are we okay?” You said, as the brunette sat on the bed, right after you finished talking with Reggie on the phone. “You have feelings for me?” He suddenly asked you. 

You threw on a green hoodie and a black cap and made your way to Pop’s Chock’lit. You needed a cheeseburger to process the past two weeks. Or maybe three… and a chocolate smoothie.

I…” You were speechless. “Forget it.” He sat up. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow?” He casually said and you smile and nodded, as he left your room. 

You sat at a booth and saw Veronica’s mother. You greeted her and she asked you casual stuff, avoiding any questions that included Jughead. Did everyone in Riverdale know about you and Juggie? Or… whatever was going on between the two of you. 

She left, already knowing what you wanted to order. She has always been so sweet to you. She was really a good woman. You were looking out the window, waiting for your order, when you saw Reggie sitting in front of you. You gave him a soft smile.

“Hey, Reggie.” He gave you one of his smiles that would make any other girl melt. But he wasn’t Jughead. “How is your mother?” He asked. “She’s feeling better now. I am sorry I bailed on you.” You said, but he shrugged it off. “Don’t worry about it. But, since we are both at a table and the food isn’t here yet, how about we take advantage of this?” He smirked. You thought a bit about it. A speed-date? Yeah, that could work after the whole Jug(Y/N) drama. “Sounds good to me.” You smirked back at him.

Your ‘speed-date’ with Reggie really was good and it was just perfect, ‘up until the moment Jughead entered the diner. He saw you and Reggie all smiley-dovey-holding hands, and he wasn’t such a big fan of that. He came to your table and looked at you.

Even though he tried his bet to avoid you for two weeks until he sorts out his feelings, he just couldn’t hold back anymore.He had to do something.

“Hey, (Y/N).” He smiled at you with a smile that made you melt. That smile. “Oh, hey Juggie.” You smiled at him. “Reggie.” Jughead nodded at him, and he did the same. “Can we please talk?” Jughead asked, grabbing onto his laptop bag. You looked over to Reggie who nodded and you followed Jughead outside. “I was stupid. There have been the worst two weeks of my life, I need you.” You both said. “That was just creepy.”You frowned. “Can we be friends again?” You added. “We never stopped being friends, and we never will, but I was hoping that…” Juggie started, but Reggie exited the diner, interrupting him. “You ready to go, Y/N?” He smiled, putting an arm over your shoulders. “Wha…?” Jughead was confused now. When did that happen. “I’ll talk  to you later, Juggie! Reggie and I have to get to the movies!” You smiled at him and left to the cinema.

This is the right thing to do.

Invisible, Prologue

Invisible Summary:  Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone.  When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate.  What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid?  Will Sam believe that you’re real?  Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone?  And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterpost

A/N: Here it is, the prologue to my newest series, Invisible!  This series will be posting a new chapter each Tuesday.  Enjoy!

warnings: scary things for a 7-year-old and a creepy old lady

word count: ~650

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[Smutfest] Blue Doll - 04 Role Play

@tpthvegebulsmutfest[Read from ch01 here on AO3]

Raditz and Nappa were darting anxious glances his way. Vegeta steadfastly ignored them to read the memo on his scouter display for the third time, just to be clear he understood it correctly.

They were being ordered to stand down.

It appeared that some intricate galactic politics were in play. A dispute between Frieza, his brother, Cooler, and a few other powerful galactic ‘allies’ (that term being used more generously than literally) had come to a head. Until the politics could be resolved (or war was declared), all of the Frieza Force was to halt activities and remain on standby at their current locations.

It was essentially a forced vacation. Most would have been thrilled.

But not Vegeta. Being told what to do never settled well with him even in the best of situations, and this was far from that. Being told he couldn’t travel, couldn’t kill, couldn’t essentially do whatever the fuck pleased him in the name of galactic expansion, was tantamount to being collared. Caged. 

Or so it normally would have. Only, Vegeta was in what one could call a ‘good mood’, which was remarkable considering there was no blood on his hands, just the lingering scent of a blue sex doll’s juices still on his fingers, hidden under his gloves, and the peace that a good night’s sleep brought.

His men were waiting for the fallout, to see if Vegeta would blow something up, or tell them to ignore their orders and fly off to wipe out another unfortunate civilization. 

“Try not to get in my way, or I’ll kill you,” Vegeta told them nonchalantly. He walked away, off to inquire about the nearest training facility. If he was going to be stuck here a while, he would need something to keep himself busy with. That was, until night came around and he could visit the woman in secrecy.

Raditz and Nappa shared a look, floored by his lack of reaction. 

[Read the rest under the break, or on Archive of Our Own here.]

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Fallen Angel-Part 2.

Summary- A young angel gets cast out of heaven for accidentally freeing Heaven’s most dangerous angel.

Characters- CastielxSister!Reader, SamxReader(platonic), DeanxReader(platonic).

A/N- Here’s part deux, hope you enjoy it!

Sam walked into the library, he had fallen asleep on his laptop researching some case and when he woke up it was gone, he stopped in his tracks when he saw you sat at the table engrossed in his laptop with Castiel sat in the corner looking around the room, he cocked his head slightly to the side, 

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what’s that? some miscellanoues fluffy Ghostbusters headcanons? okay, if ya’ll insist*

  • Abby and Holtzmann got into some disgusting food-related habits while they were working in their seedy basement lab together, namely never throwing anything away ever. Every couple of weeks Erin and Patty have to strap on gas masks and excavate the fridge to keep it from becoming a study in the various stages of decomposition.
  • Holtzmann: the friend who will literally pull your pizza crust out of the trash and eat it if you don’t.
  • There’s a part of the lab known as the Patty Corner that contains most of her very impressive NYC history library, which consists of both conventional books and a lot of scans of historical documents, newspaper clippings, and black and white photos. There are two duct tape lines separating this corner from the rest of the lab and if any freaky ghost science or god forbid the slime gets near Patty’s books there will be Trouble.  
  • Every once in a while Erin feels compelled to remind her friends how much she loves them by feeding them, finds a recipe online, and makes them dinner. They love her back, so they all very nicely pretend it’s edible and wait until she’s not looking to drop the leftovers out the window. The woman can’t cook for shit.
    • Abby’s been putting with this literally since high school, bless her soul.
  • Abby will unironically rock a fanny pack over her jumpsuit. Content includes: batteries, tampons, shit that lights up when there’s a ghost nearby, band aids, wet wipes, glasses wipes, pepper spray, duct tape, whatever Holtzmann crammed in when Abby wasn’t looking, probably a single fortune cookie.   
    • Somebody gets pictures of said fanny pack while they’re out busting and the internet goes wild. There are actual talk show segments dedicated to the fanny pack. Patty keeps sending Abby youtube clips about it and Abby can’t wrap her head around how this is even something people care enough to discuss it’s just practical
  • The firehouse gets paid for but cash is still pretty tight, so on ghost-free weekends the girls are usually driving out to the suburbs for garage sales or digging through dumps for spare parts. Even if they don’t find anything else Patty usually goes home with like seventeen books that she haggled down to like a nickel.
    • All hail Patty Tolan, Garage Sale Queen
    • If they find something really heavy they’ll sometimes stop and consider calling Kevin to help them move it. And then they’ll consider what the process of trying to direct Kevin out to their current location would be like and how they’d like to get home before midnight, and they find miraculously find the motivation to lift things themselves.
  • Erin never learned to drive and after what happened when the first time the other girls tried to teach her in the (new) Ecto-1 she is never going to. They don’t talk about it.
  • Holtzmann would probably rather cut off a finger than waste time shaving. Every so often she walks into the lab, announces the jungle is flourishing, and hikes up her pants for the other girls to admire. They’re all duly impressed.
  • You know that post about how Clint Barton would totally ask if he can get an Avengers discount at Starbucks? Abby. Abby all the time, almost anywhere she goes. It almost never works and it’s getting a little embarrassing. 
  • Erin was almost definitely an only child, but Abby really hits me as one of those people who has like 8 siblings and had to learn to be loud and fighty really young to survive with them. What I’m saying is that going over to Abby’s house in high school was an Experience for Erin. 
  • Kevin starts an Official Ghostbusters Twitter and it’s like a month before any of them even notice. It consists almost entirely of Kevin selfies and deeply unflattering candids of the girls that they didn’t realize he was taking. They can’t get verified because nobody thinks it’s real and Erin is pissed.
  • She starts holding hours long Q & A sessions and then gets even more pissed when she realizes there are far too many questions to ever practically answer.
    • “Holtzmann a lot of thes people just really want to know if you’re gay”
    • *Holtzmann cackle*
  • Patty let’s one of her friend’s kid’s Girl Scout groups come visit the lab, and suddenly they’re getting requests from groups all over the state. Boxes of free cookies show up. Crayon drawings of the Ghostbusters get hung up all over the lab. The girls posing for awkward selfies groups of elementary girls dressed up in little jumpsuits. Bless. 

*nobody asked for this at all. i just needed this.

Perfect Timing


Warning: Nothing but love and feels. 

Summary: Y/N has a scholarship to study abroad in France, and very little time to admit her feelings to the boy who has her love. 

I stared hopelessly at the letter, a flurry of emotions pricked at my body. Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, excited.. all of it. I was feeling all of it. But most of all, I felt uneasy. A year. I was going to be gone for a year. Sure, technology would create the thin bridge in hopes to keep me connected to my friends and family, but I couldn’t shake the thought, that seeing them all through a screen would just make it so much worse. I was avoiding the obvious. I can’t leave him. 

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 3

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: Your arrival in the kingdom has certainly drawn a lot of attention.

Word count:5183

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (In later parts)

     Jaebum paced around the library. Today was the day. The princess was arriving today. He had only just returned from patrolling the wall, hopeful that his father would have decided against marrying him to a princess, but unfortunately no. His father had come back from the Wind Kingdom beaming, excited to inform Jaebum that he had chosen a wife for him.

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