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Up and Out (@upandoutcomic)

This self-described “serious autobio series” depicts the day-to-day of the artist’s gender transition. Some of the posts will make your heart ache, others will put a smile on your face. It’s super real, it’s very honest, and it’s almost always done in three panels or less.

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Pricks and Pretension (@pricksandpretension)

Here is a thing you never knew you wanted: an LGBTQ+, dual-authored comic adaptation of Pride and Prejudice set in Canada. Randi Hamel’s (@rannibuns) contributions are all tinted red, Tajliya Jamal’s (@heyimtaj) are awash in blue, and the Tumblr is updated every Friday.

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Queer Graffiti (@queergraffiti)

Whether it’s a really well-painted Bambi or just some hastily written permanent marker on concrete, all graffiti is welcome on @queergraffiti. It’s a submission Tumblr, and it accepts photos of graffiti all over the world.

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LGBT+ Moodboards and Art (@lgbt-moodboard)

Mood boards have been everywhere the past year or two. This is just one Tumblr out of a few that are serving up LGBTQ+ themed mood board goodness as their followers request them. The sky is the limit. No, actually—the sky isn’t even the limit. See the space themed lesbian mood board above. Hell yeah? Hell yeah.

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Lukee Thornhill (@lukeethornhill)

This graphic designer is illustrating one important person in LGBTQ history every day in June for Pride. Day 5 of the aptly titled 30 Days of Pride series featured Miss Major, a trans woman activist and Executive Director Emeritus of the Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project. Miss Major, who was at the Stonewall uprising in 1969, is ready to retire. You can donate to her GoFundMe, if you so choose. (And yes, it’s legit.)

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Born in 1878, Eva Dugan worked in cabaret before being hired as a housekeeper by Andrew J. Mathis, a Pima County, Arizona, resident. For reasons unknown, Mathis fired Dugan and shortly afterwards, he disappeared, seemingly into thin air. While his home was not in disarray, his cash box as well as his car were missing. Neighbours of Mathis reported that Dugan had recently been selling some of his belongings, however, when investigators went to question her, she was nowhere to be found. An investigation into her background revealed that she had been married five times. All five husbands had inexplicably disappeared. Eventually investigators tracked Dugan down - she was working in a hospital in White Plains. On 4 March, 1927, she was extradited back to Arizona. Months later, Mathis’ slain body was discovered in a shallow grave on his land.

Dugan denied any involvement in the murder and all evidence entered into trial was purely circumstantial. The prosecution claimed that Dugan had been assisted by a teenage boy named Jack. However, Jack was never identified or found. Despite the lack of evidence, she was found guilty and sentenced to hang. While incarcerated, she permitted interviews for $1 and knitted handkerchiefs which she sold. With the money earned, she purchased her own coffin. As her execution date loomed, a rumour began to circulate that Dugan was going to end her own life as opposed to die at the gallows. The morning before her execution, a search of her cell turned up a bottle of raw ammonia as well as three razor blades. She was led to the gallows at 5AM on 21 February, 1930. The noose was tied around her neck and the trap was sprung. The executioner had misjudged the distance and the snap of the rope decapitated Dugan, with her head rolling into the group of spectators.

Following the gruesome execution, the gallows were replaced by the gas chamber, making Eva Dugan the only woman to be executed by hanging in Arizona.


Office Romance — WonderTrev AU (Series)

Themyscira, SA is a luxury goods holding company founded by reclusive haute couture queen Lyta Prince. The CEO of Themyscira is Diana Prince, an extraordinary business mind who puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to corporate sustainability and nonprofit partnerships. Under Diana’s capable leadership, Themyscira gains a reputation for acquiring quality fashion brands and shaking up their corporate cultures so much so that women almost exclusively rise to the top.

The newest addition to the Themyscira portfolio is Argus, an international luxury watch brand headquartered in London. For years, Vice President of Sales Steve Trevor has enjoyed a skyrocketing career path that has taken him from designer to creative director to executive. When his colleague Etta Candy becomes the first woman executive in the company’s history, Steve has to come to terms with the idea that his promotions might not have been based solely on merit.

With most of the good old boy executives jumping ship, Diana becomes intrigued by the lone holdout. Rich, handsome, snake-tongued Steve Trevor should be the epitome of everything she hates about corporate culture. But his loyalty to the company and to his friends win her over. For his part, Steve immediately sees why the business world calls Diana Wonder Woman. He’s head over heals in no time, nurturing a secret hope that Diana’s lingering glances mean more. 

There’s only one problem with their burgeoning love affair — for all intents and purposes, Diana is Steve’s boss. With rumblings among the staff about the organizational redesign growing, Diana cannot afford a scandal. As hard as they try, Diana and Steve can’t deny the intensity of their attraction. The boss-subordinate dynamic becomes a large part of their private relationship to the deep satisfaction of both.

When their office romance becomes public knowledge, they support each other through the scandal. Along the way, Steve has helped Diana gain valuable allies. The acquisition becomes more like a merger, and Argus becomes the crown jewel holding of Themyscira. To celebrate, Diana reveals the trust she has in Steve by taking him to the uber private Mediterranean island the company was named for.

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Kelly Gissendaner and her husband, Douglas, had a rocky relationship to say the least. The couple from Georgia, Atlanta, had three children together and had divorced once in 1993 before remarrying again in 1995. On the 8th of February, 1997, Kelly called 911 to report her husband missing. “I’m at a total loss. I have so many things running through my mind,” she said. According to Kelly, Douglas had been at a friend’s home the night beforehand helping with car issues. At around 10PM, he left their home to return to his own home. Kelly had been out that night with friends and had dropped the children at her mother’s house. She played the concerned loving wife so stupendously that nobody suspected she could have been involved.

Shortly after reporting him missing, Douglas’ burnt out Chevrolet was discovered in a wooded area near the Gwinnett-Walton County line. However, no trace of Douglas could be found. A police helicopter with a heat sensing scope was flown around the surrounding area but nothing. Kelly told police that Douglas would have helped anybody and maybe because of this, he fell victim to foul play. If he had been driving at night and saw somebody in distress at the side of the road, he would have stopped to offer assistance. That’s just the kind of man he was. He was kindhearted and generous. He wasn’t involved in drugs or alcohol and was an active member of the church community.

On the 20th of February, the search for Douglas came to a tragic end. His body was discovered dumped among trash and empty beer bottles approximately a mile from where his torched car was found. He had been brutally stabbed to death. The case seemed to be at a standstill until police received a tip about Kelly’s sordid secret life. As it turned out, Kelly had been having an affair with Gregory Bruce Owens. When police tracked him down he “sang like a bird.” He confessed that Kelly had asked him to murder Douglas. When Douglas arrived home that night after assisting his friend with car trouble, Gregory was lying in wait. He forced Douglas into his own car at knifepoint and had him drive to an area near the Gwinnett Walton County line. From here, Gregory forced Douglas deep into the woodland where he bludgeoned him across the head and stabbed him several times in the neck. Following this, he messaged Kelly who drove out to the crime scene and helped set Douglas’ car on fire before driving the duo away from the scene.

For his testimony against Kelly, Gregory received a plea deal in which he was sentenced to life in prison. Kelly, however, was sentenced to death. During her time in prison, Kelly certainly turned her life around. She studied theology, earning a degree, and even started a one-woman ministry on Death Row. She helped other women turn their lives around behind bars. She counselled violent and suicidal inmates and became close with the guards as well as the inmates. One guard said that Kelly “is a peacemaker and has many times made the job safer for me and my staff.” In the run up to her execution, over 90,000 people signed a petition asking for clemency. She wasn’t a threat to society and took pride in helping anybody that she could. In fact, Pope Francis sent a letter of support, urging Georgia to commute her death sentence to life imprisonment. 

Nevertheless, Kelly was executed on the 30th of September, 2015. As she went to the death chamber, she sang “Amazing Grace.” She was the first woman to be executed by the state of Georgia in 70 years.

Fuck Seattle Police and Fuck Seattle. Sincerely, a Seattleite

Seattle Police killed 32 yr old Charleena Lyles in front of her children today after she called to report a burglary. Charleena Lyles did not have a knife as police officers claim. She was also 3 months pregnant. Thanks again Seattle for proving to the world why you have one of the most racist police departments in the country. The same police department that was under federal investigation for excessive force, particularly against people of color. Y'all stay under the radar because you’re a “progressive, liberal” city but POCs in Seattle know the truth. Shoutout to my friends and acquaintances in Seattle who met with Charleena’s family and helped organize the vigil for her. I’m so sick of hearing about another black person killed by police. I’m so sick of excessive and unnecessary force that these cops use. For fuck’s sake, soldiers in the army can’t even fire at the Taliban unless fired upon but we got these motherfucking trigger happy cops that will shoot anything that’s black and breathes.

“America: Where a pregnant, mentally disabled black woman will be executed in front of her kids, in her own home, by the cops she called to protect her. Scream her damn name. #CharleenaLyles”

(Spoiler Alert) Danganronpa Second Execution Torture


“Sorry, man…I couldn’t keep the promise we made…From one man to another.”

Game: Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc

Executed: Mondo Owada

Title: Ultimate Biker Gang Leader

Execution: “The Cage Of Death”

Execution Motif: The Story Of The Little Black Sambo

Cause Of Death: Electrocution and G-Force Liquefaction

“P-Please, Peko! Don’t go! I need you! Don’t leave me!”

“Young…master? …Young master!”

Game: Danganronpa 2 - Goodbye Despair

Executed: Peko Pekoyama

Title: Ultimate Swordswoman

Execution: “One Woman Army”

Execution Motif: Traditional Japanese Art

Cause Of Death: Multiple Stab Wounds

“Run! Run, Kirumi!”

“Please run awaaaaaaaay!”

“Hurry! Run as fast as you can!”

“Go! Get out now!”


Game: Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony

Executed: Kirumi Tojo

Title: Ultimate Maid

Execution: “The Thread Of Agony”

Execution Motif: Politics and the Indian Rope Trick

Cause Of Death: Multiple Laceration Wounds and Fatal Impact Fall

First Murder: Sayaka Maizono, Ultimate Imposter, Rantaro Amami

First Execution: Leon Kuwata, Teruteru Hanamura, Kaede Akamatsu

Second Murder: Chihiro Fujisaki, Mahiru Koizumi, Ryoma Hoshi

Second Execution: Mondo Owada, Peko Pekoyama, Kirumi Tojo (Here)

Third Murder: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada, Ibuki Mioda and Hiyoko Saionji, Angie Yonaga and Tenko Chabashira

Third Execution: Celestia Ludenberg, Mikan Tsumiki, Korekiyo Shinguji

Fourth Murder: Sakura Ogami, Nekomaru Nidai, Miu Iruma

Fourth Execution: To be listed

Fifth Murder: Mukuro Ikusaba, Nagito Komaeda, Kokichi Oma

Fifth Execution: To be listed

Final Execution: To be listed

Supergirl: Reign twist revealed

Supergirl‘s new big bad, Reign, is not going to be your typical villain — well, mainly because she has no idea that she actually is one.

At the close of season 2, it was revealed that another pod escaped Krypton’s destruction, housing a bio-engineered weapon called Reign, also known as a Worldkiller. In the comics, the Worldkillers are bloodthirsty, super-powered beings that set out to conquer Earth. But when House alum Odette Annable makes her debut in the season premiere, she’ll be playing a very different character than what comic book fans have come to know from the New 52s.

“When we meet Reign, she’s just a woman,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “Her name is Samantha and she’s a single mom, and she has no idea that she is Reign; she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season, so the journey that she takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.”

Samantha’s transformation into Reign will really speak to the show’s theme this year. “The thing that everybody is struggling with on Supergirl this season is What does it mean to be human?” Kreisberg says, stressing that Supergirl needed to shake things up with its choice of big bad. “I’m not only competing with myself on Supergirl, but I’m competing with myself on all the other shows that I’ve done, and by that I mean I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done on Supergirl, nor do I want to repeat what I’ve done on Arrow and Flash.”

“Usually on these shows,” Kreisberg continues, “you either meet the big bad at the end of episode 1 or you meet them at episode 7 or 9, and you realize that they’ve been pulling the strings the whole time, and were out there working with their multi-year plan to take down the heroes or destroy the city. When we were figuring out Reign, one thing we’ve never really seen on any of these shows is we’ve never seen the big bad become the big bad.”

Well, get ready for it when Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Of betrayals and backstabbings | The Dragonpit edition

Yeah the title really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I liked how it sounded 🤷🏻 I kind of wanted to explore the whole Jon betraying Dany thing again, and why the Dragonpit scene conclusively ended any doubts I might have had regarding that.

I’ve been staunchly against the concept of Jon betraying Dany and I’ve addressed it multiple times already. Betraying Dany doesn’t fit in Jon’s character sketch. There a million already existing problems which everyone has to deal with, and Jon playing Dany is not one of them. Of course, then we have the classic case of Ygritte brought up. If Jon could betray her for the Night’s Watch, why can’t he betray Dany for his family? What antis conveniently forget every time they bring this up is that Ygritte (and the wildlings) were coming to destroy the Night’s Watch (and a ton of innocent people while at it). So Jon betrayed her because he had no other option. Dany is coming with her armies and dragons to save Jon’s home, save the North…so why, why would Jon betray her? What would he have to gain by this?

Consider this. When Sansa and Arya played Littlefinger, that was awesome! We not only supported it, but we were thrilled af when it happened! But what about when Littlefinger had betrayed Ned Stark, and that was after telling him he shouldn’t have trusted him? I mean, he had warned him earlier hadn’t he? So the betrayal wasn’t out of the blue, right? It was something we should have been expecting, wasn’t it? But did we support that? Did we agree with or sympathise with Littlefinger?

And okay, when Jon betrayed Ygritte, who did you agree with more? Did you feel bad for Ygritte but also felt that Jon had done the right thing? Could you see Jon’s struggle between love and duty and acknowledge that the right choice wasn’t as easy to make?

Why were our reactions different to all those situations? Short answer - motive. Our reaction to betrayals are based on the motive, and how well it is portrayed in the narrative. ‘A woman murdered a man’ evokes a different reaction than 'a woman executed a man who had led to the death of her own father’. Throw in the fact that he was still trying to get her to kill her sister, and we not only agree with the woman in question here, we are positively cheering her on! Because that’s the difference motive makes - it justifies actions otherwise considered wrong, and we have numerous examples of it in Game of Thrones. My personal favorite, of course, is Jaime and the Kingslayer story because it perfectly highlights the difference between us knowing the reason, or judging the action as it stands.

So what could be Jon’s motives for playing Dany?

  • We have the obvious, to protect his family and Winterfell from the unstable witch (that is supposedly Dany on tumblr).

But that’s the thing again antis. Dany has never once, not once threatened or even implied in extremely vague terms anything that could be constituted to be a threat to Winterfell or the Starks. In all their interactions, whenever she wanted Jon to bend the knee, she never even went in the general area of threatening his family if he refused to. The issue of family wasn’t brought up at all in that sense, so the idea that she would harm his family now, after having clearly developed feelings for him, has only sprung from the minds of the Jonsa Fandom who very much want it to be true because it justifies their POV and their ship. Because the assumption that Dany would want to destroy Winterfell, destroy the Starks and Jon realized this and is appeasing her by catering to her romantic feelings would work extremely well if, if it had been implied anywhere at least once, even if vaguely. But it hasn’t been portrayed, and by itself fails to suffice as the motive setting up Jon conning Dany.

  • Jon will never betray Northern independence for love, and is only faking it to protect the North from Dany’s ire.

Considering that the North was already protected from Dany’s ire before Jon pledged himself to her, I don’t even know where this comes from. Dany promised to fight the White Walkers without asking anything in return (an action which squarely put her in the 'good guy’ category), Jon playing her to accomplish something which had already been accomplished is not only senseless, paranoic and unnecessary, but it also would then put him firmly in the douchebag category. Dany let him keep the North, only for him to offer it to her twice, and then ultimately turn right around and say lol, kidding?? Really Jonsa peeps? That makes sense to any of you? Why is it so hard to accept that Jon judged her worthy of his allegiance? But of course, that wouldn’t work for the antis and this mess is far more appealing.

About the Northern independence though, I’ve already mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. The whole 'King in the North’ concept arose because the Starks would not accept the Lannisters as their king, not after what they had done. Supporting the Baratheons would have been treasonous and dishonourable, and would have embroiled them in a civil war they had no interest in being part of. The main reason however, was that the Northern Lords had grown disillusioned with the Southern kings who did not care about the Northern issues at all and only paid attention to the North when it was in their own interests. Now, with Daenerys pledging herself to defeat the White Walkers, the entire dynamic of the game had changed, the Southern ruler in point, was not a Lannister or a Baratheons, but a Targaryen, who was coming to save the North instead of abandoning them to their plight and, contrary to popular belief, could in fact be trusted. The North Remembers, and it is this that Jon hopes the North will remember once the Walkers have been defeated, that Daenerys is not her father. So, in short, Jon is not playing Dany for Northern independence because it’s frankly ridiculous and the alternative (he feels she’s a worthy ruler) makes much more sense in this case.

  • Jon is playing Dany for Sansa’s sake, either because he took her advice about not making mistakes seriously or he’s deeply in love with her.

This is a very shipper reason, as canonically there has been no love shown from either of them, but I would have still accepted this reason if they hadn’t already made it crystal clear that Jon and Sansa don’t agree politically. They both have different views regarding politics, and while Jon does ask her for her opinions, he does what he believes he should do anyway. Also, while Sansa has a more grounded worldview which takes into account people’s feelings and motivations - rewarding those true to you for their loyalty (Karstarks and Umbers), taking Cersei more seriously, not abandoning the North and literally everything else, Jon’s are more idealistic and based on his strong moral code of 'honor’ - not taking the castles away from the Karstarks and Umbers, choosing to believe in Tyrion, putting his own life on the line to save his people (by going to Dragonstone). Jon has been consistently portrayed, all throughout this season, as valuing honor above everything - a very strong Ned Stark trait tbh - and not taking Sansa’s advice as seriously as he should (which is what she notices as well, and it upsets her). So with this set-up, believing that he is actually playing Dany because of what Sansa has told him is, quite frankly, a stretch, because there is no narrative indication which would make us believe that. This would also explain Sansa’s reaction to learning he had bent the knee, she’s resigned to it because she knows that though Jon loves and respects her, he still does what he thinks is the right thing to do. Also, Sansa doesn’t berate him for doing what he did in the way she would have had she believed he had been repeating Ned’s and Robb’s mistakes - - > she doesn’t believe he’s making those mistakes ie bending the knee to Dany is not disastrous (as the antis would have you believe). Sansa is upset because Jon clearly didn’t consider asking Sansa’s opinion about a very important political decision, and she’s upset because she knows that the Northern Lords will not accept this easily, but she doesn’t react as if it’s the worst thing in the world ever, nor does she act thoughtful, which would have indicated that all is not as it seems. In short, Sansa’s reaction is very much expected under the circumstances, which are that Jon doesn’t take her as seriously as he should. And given this, it seems unlikely to imagine that he’s in cahoots with Sansa and they’re taking down the Dragon Queen together (together! 😂)

Every reason for Jon playing Dany would have worked if the narrative had given some sort of suggestion about a possible motive, some indication of Jon treating Sansa’s advice seriously, or made Jon give up the North before she pledged to fight the Walkers. And the nail in the coffin for the 'undercover lover’ theory was the Dragonpit scene. Nothing would have cast stronger doubts on whether Jon truly loves Dany or not, than him accepting the truce. Despite it being the smart political move, it would have also raised a tiny red flag regarding Jon’s true intentions, in my mind at least. Jon basically had nothing to lose by accepting the truce, nothing except for his honor. And that made him refuse! It wasn’t just him making a public proclamation that he loves Dany (although it sorta was 😂), it was him being faced with a choice to sacrifice his honor, his word, to get what he wanted, it was him being asked to choose whether he truly was his father’s son, it was him being expected by the one who knew the truth to do the dishonourable thing for the greater good. He could have lied and supported Dany later, he could simply have walked away from the battles to come because they didn’t directly concern him and his people and let Dany fend for herself. But would it have been the honorable thing to do? Smarter, yes. Wiser, yes. More beneficial to his own people, yes. But honorable? After taking Dany’s help to defeat the White Walkers, which let’s be honest, are a far greater threat to the North than anywhere else, after taking her armies and dragons to save his home and then turning his back on her when Cersei came at her with fresh forces would have been as far from honor as possible. If Jon has indeed been playing Dany all along, then he should have accepted Cersei’s offer - which would not only have placated the Northern Lords later, but would also have served as a potential hint of him playing Dany. But in keeping with the characteristic theme of this season, Jon chooses honor over the alternative more politically savvy choice. He upset everybody, even Dany, with this choice when he could have gone with the easier one, which would have ensured everyone - those at the Dragonpit as well as the Northern lords - would have been happy with the outcome. Everyone would have gotten what they wanted, and the subsequent - if any - reveal of Jon having played Dany all along would have made much more sense to the audience.

But Jon did not make the easy choice. The deliberate inclusion of this scene was only to portray that even when the choice is tough, Jon would choose honor. This is his character, his identity. Also, the callbacks to Ned Stark, aside from foreshadowing that when the time comes to choose, Jon would most likely choose his Stark heritage, remind us that Ned Stark valued honor above all, and the only times he sacrificed it was over love - love for his sister and love for his daughters, which caused him to abandon his honor for their survival. So for Ned Stark’s son to betray a woman who trusts, loves, respects and admires him, a woman who’s had the same struggles in life as he himself has, a woman who is willing to set aside her own personal goals to help him destroy the threat to his home, for him to betray a woman who has already given him everything he wanted, is actually a betrayal of Ned Stark’s legacy and everything he stood for. By going so far as to blatantly lie in Ned Stark’s name, Jon would have, in one stroke, destroyed everything that Ned Stark inculcated and symbolised, given what we already know about him having no motive at all for the undercover lover angle. So the callback to Ned was very necessary in highlighting that Jon is truly Ned’s son, and throwing away his honor without an ironclad reason is not his character. It’s simply not.

Also, this scene was very important because it very starkly set up the contrast between Jon (and even Dany) and Cersei. Remember how all of us were totally skeptical about believing Cersei at all in the first place? Even after the convincing reason of her wanting to protect her to-be-born child, it still was hard to believe that she would actually help them. And why was that?

'When enough people make false promises words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.’

As the audience, we now know not to trust Cersei. Even when she’s being completely sincere, it’s hard to trust her because her words have long since stopped meaning anything to us, she’s not someone who’s promises we’ll ever trust, because as Jon said, they are only better and more elaborate lies. And lies won’t help us in this fight. So Jon not lying is very important to show us this difference, of how we basically trust Jon’s promises and how cautious we are when it comes to Cersei. And as if that’s not enough, Cersei’s scene with Jaime lays it all completely out, when Jaime is do adamant about sticking to his promise and is struggling to understand how Cersei could have lied to them.

Cersei: I’ll say whatever I need to say to ensure the survival of our house

To Cersei, the priority is only her house, her family, to the point that she can’t even acknowledge the enormity of the Northern threat. She’s focused on ensuring her family’s survival, everyone else be damned. And that is categorically shown as an evil thing. Saying whatever is needed to be said, making false promises, basically everything that the Jonsa fans expect from Jon is clearly and emphatically shown to be evil, to be wrong. The whole purpose of the Dragonpit scene is to bring out this contrast between Jon and Cersei - Cersei doesn’t care about futile things such as honor and promises when the question is about her own family’s survival, Jon however not only cares about the realm, as a whole, but he also highly values honor and takes his promises seriously. We even have Jaime Lannister (my cute nugget 💖) walk away from Cersei, whom he loves above and beyond all, because of his honor. If, after all this, Jon is shown to not have any honor at all, then…


Hey Kat, what do you think of a Reverse x One Piece crossover? Like during the battle where the Akatsuki ambushed the Jinchūriki fam while they were on the way to Konoha something wonky happened, (like kamui reacting odd with seals or something) and everyone there is hurled randomly into the One Piece world, with the last thing Kurama sees being the foxes latching onto Naruto and Gaara (because I think he would literally destroy the planet if he thought they didn’t have protection of some sort).

Then Kurama wakes up and he’s alone again but he contacts his siblings and they’re ok but nowhere nearby, so they make tentative plans to lay low and figure out what happened and how to get back to each other. Only, that doesn’t quite work out for Kurama, as he’s landed in the middle of Sabaody and one of the first things he witnesses is a Tenryūbito harshly beating a group of child slaves, and well, there’s only one way Kurama would respond to that (The bastard’s lucky, had he known the kids were slaves he would have made the asshole’s death so much slower). Now he’s got new kids in the form of Koala and the Boa sisters, an absurdly large bounty, and he can positively feel everyone he knows rolling their eyes from half a world away. So now he’s on a mission to reunite his family, punch every Tenryūbito in the face with a bijūdama, probably punch a good number of marines too, and collect all the abused children he can find.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Fuji make friends with a trio of brothers, Gaara and Momiji meet a desert princess, Kushina meets a man with hair as red as hers, Fū ends up on an island floating in the clouds, Roshi runs into a ship load of fishmen about to execute a woman protecting her daughters (the villagers aren’t sure if all the lava is an improvement), Bee finds a dojo with a pair of kids who are positively brimming with potential, Yagura is used to feeling short compared to others but the man with the white mustache is more than slightly absurd, Tsunade encounters a young boy with an ‘incurable’ disease and decides to help him and his walking hazard of a father, Yugito runs into some cat themed pirates and is amused deeply offended (okay, okay, I’m suitably offended, you can stop yelling Matatabi), Shizune meets a young boy who tells tall tales and does her best to save his mother, Tenzō accidentally gets hired by a ship builder to provide the wood for a train that crosses the water, Mei encounters another lava user (he’s not nearly as charming as Roshi), Zabuza and Haku have a run in with a man with hawk like eyes (like hell was he losing Haku, he grabbed him as soon as the seal imploded), Shisui winds up on an island full of dinosaurs and two very large people (why does everything always want to eat me, at least the giants were kind enough to help me salvage a boat and weird compass thing), Itachi winds up on a ship and helps a young blond in the kitchen, Sakumo and Orochimaru encounter a talking reindeer that helps them get medical aid, Jiraiya lands on an island filled with hot springs and is deeply conflicted (on the one hand research, all the research, on the other Naruto, decisions decisions), Kakashi encounters a clown themed pirate and wonders why is this even his life, Han meets a young girl on the run for a crime she didn’t commit, Utakata meets a white haired marine private made of smoke and wonders if he’s somehow related to the Hōzuki clan, Kisame is surrounded by people that look vaguely like him but are clearly not of the Hoshigaki clan and he is confused, Sasori is deeply offended by the walking flamingo that dares to make light of his art, Kakuzu doesn’t care where he is (he’s too busy staring at the number of zeros on the wanted posters he found), Konan and Nagato find themselves in the middle of a Revolution and it brings back memories (now if only the paths hadn’t been thrown out of range), Obito winds up in a gilded palace filled with slaves and is abruptly reminded of why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Supergirl: Reign twist revealed!

Supergirl‘s new big bad, Reign, is not going to be your typical villain — well, mainly because she has no idea that she actually is one.

At the close of season 2, it was revealed that another pod escaped Krypton’s destruction, housing a bio-engineered weapon called Reign, also known as a Worldkiller. In the comics, the Worldkillers are bloodthirsty, super-powered beings that set out to conquer Earth. But when House alum Odette Annable makes her debut in the season premiere, she’ll be playing a very different character than what comic book fans have come to know from the New 52s.

“When we meet Reign, she’s just a woman,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. “Her name is Samantha and she’s a single mom, and she has no idea that she is Reign; she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season, so the journey that she takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.”

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Regret. What regret? The judge doesn’t mention our names. We are your Feyli children, oh Baghdad. We are your loved ones, oh Baghdad. Your history of injustice is stamped with our blood. Exiled from the homeland without our children. Tell me… what regret… where are the mass graves…? Saddam drowned and the hatred persists. Against us. Against our ethnicity. Our history. Our story. Oh mother, we are scarred from all these wars. We are drowning in sadness. Exile devoured us. Nothing can heal these wounds. And in my heart I ask, “Why me?” Oh Iraqis, wake up. Sentence the butchers. Six feet under I still hear the brave children chant, “Sentence Saddam and his friends!” Oh old man, I swear to you, generations perished in flames. The thirst for our blood was never satisfied. The Iraqis slaughtered their neighbours without an ounce of regret. And the judge doesn’t even mention our names.. We are the brave ones, oh Baghdad. We are your loved ones, oh Baghdad.

*Leyla Qassim (1952 - 1974) was a Feyli Kurdish anti-Baa’th student activist. Sentenced to death, she became the first woman to be executed in Iraq.
Thoughts on Lucien and Tamlin

So I had a conversation with @midnight-wonder a while ago and we had an interesting chat about Tamlin and why he turned into the abusive asshole that he was and something occurred to me then.

Disclaimer: from now on Tamlin will be referred to as the Tool because it’s a habit and it feels weird to call him by name

So to start with, let’s take a look at the Tool’s background. Here are some quotes from the Tool about his family.

“My father was as bad as Lucien’s. Worse. My two older brothers were just like him. They kept slaves – all of them.”

“My mother – she loved my father deeply. Too deeply, but they were mated, and…Even if she saw what a tyrant he was, she wouldn’t say an ill word against against him.”

He grew up in the Spring Court with a father who was an ass who more than likely treated his mother the way the Tool treated Feyre in the beginning of Acomaf. He also had multiple older brothers who were also assholes.

I swear I’m going somewhere with this, but bear with me for a moment.

Moving onto Lucien’s background. The Tool said that his father was worse than Beron, and in Acowar we got to see him in all his asshole-ery glory, so it’s not hard to imagine just what Lucien went through growing up. Lucien also had his multiple older brothers to deal with, and also the death of Jesminda right in front of him. He saw Beron abuse and constantly shove down his mother, who never said a word against Beron.

Looking at them both at the same time, they have quite a bit in common. Both grew up in abusive families with a track record of mistreating women. Both saw women they loved murdered right in front of them. And yet these two couldn’t be more different.

The Tool’s love for Feyre became toxic. He suffocated her and did what he wanted without regard for her well-being. He never respected her boundaries and continued to ignore her even after she told him to leave her alone, and he didn’t even have the excuse – not that it is an actual legitimate excuse because there is never an excuse to abuse anyone – of saying that Feyre was his mate.

Compared to that, Lucien is the complete opposite. He saw the woman he loved executed right in front of him, a trauma that has obviously stayed with him throughout the years. And yet when confronted with his actual mate, he is the picture of a perfect gentleman. He is respectful to Elain. He respects her boundaries and never pushes her and gives her the space she needs, even though she is his mate. And that just blows me away. Here you have two males with such similar backgrounds, and yet they honestly couldn’t be any more different. That little glimpse we got into Lucien’s brain in Acowar was just…so pure. All he thought about was how Elain wasn’t eating enough and how pale she was and how he felt like he was betraying Jesminda.

So I lied and actually have no idea where I was going with this….oh well.

TL;DR: Lucien is a ray of sunshine and didn’t deserve the trauma he went through. Also the Tool is still a bag of poop colored bricks.


Rhonda Bell Martin was a female serial killer who poisoned numerous members of her family, allegedly to collect the life insurance. The people she killed included two of her husbands, her mother and three of her children. She attempted to kill her fifth husband (formerly her son in law), however he survived, but the resulting health complications - namely paraplegia - caused the authorities to question the earlier deaths within the same family.

Martin confessed and was sentenced to death for crimes and was executed in the electric chair on the 11th of October 1957. She was the last woman to be executed in Alabama until Linda Lyon Block in 2002. Despite her confession Martin’s motives are still unclear, while she collected the insurance from each of her victims this was typically just enough to cover the funeral expenses, meaning that any monetary gain from the crimes was minimal.