This 79-year-old grandma is our new favorite Skyrim player
Shirley Curry is proof age is just a number.

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Gaming grandma Shirley is a lunar eclipse in our YouTube solar system. The 79-year-old Virginia native originally started her YouTube channel in 2011 in order to better follow the channels she loved, including Vsauce, Good Mythical Morning, and Jacksepticeye. From there, it was only a matter of time before she decided to broadcast her love of Skyrim to the world.

Last week, she uploaded her first Let’s Play video to YouTube. In a matter of days, the video hit nearly 800,000 views and tallied 3,400 comments from fans of all ages charmed by her outrageous commentary. With four more gaming uploads in the past seven days, Shirley’s subscriber count has skyrocketed to 34,000 followers. There is something just so charming about a grandma yelling in the midst of a fight with a dead army, “Yeah, down at the knees!