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First Artificial Insemination Was An Ethical Nightmare

During the first successful artificial insemination in 1884, a woman was chloroformed in front of six medical students and the “most attractive” student gave his semen. She had come to Dr. William Pancoast due to her inability to conceive. Pancoast worked with her, but eventually determined it was her husband’s low sperm count that was the issue. Rather than do something like, I don’t know, tell them? The doctor instead decided to do a surprise artificial insemination! Neither the husband nor the wife was told. She became pregnant after one last “treatment” with Dr. Pancoast and gave birth to a healthy baby boy nine months later.

When the child was born, Pancoast told the husband the truth of the child’s parentage. They mutually decided not to tell the woman – who had carried the child in her body for nine months – what had happened. Great ethics, Mr. Doctor! In fact, no one besides the six medical students, Dr. Pancoast, and the husband knew what they had done because everyone swore an oath of secrecy.

Twenty-five years later, one of the medical students contacts the now-grown baby. He wants to write an article about what had happened. For science and the advancement of medicine and all that. The child was a 25-year-old businessman living in New York, the medical student kindly informed him of the details of his conception, before going off to publish that article. His letter in Medical World describing the case hit the newsstands in 1909. And as far as anyone knows, that’s how the poor mother found out her child’s parentage.

BTS Reactions - They feel their baby kick

You call for your husband as you feel the baby start to move. You’re 9 months pregnant and due any day now. Your husband gets excited to feel the baby move, so you always call for him when it happens. From the noise now coming from the baby’s room, you assume he’s in there, still trying to assemble the crib he insists he doesn’t need instructions for. A few moments later, he races into the living room, sitting himself down next to you.

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Hey!! Can I ask why are you pro abortion? I mean you have this prompt where you wrote your body, your choice and you reblogged that abortion is not murder? and it said it simply isnt? Like yes it is murder. like youre killing the life before gotten a chance to live. I mean if ppl cant handle the responsibility, shame or they think theyre not yet ready then use protection or better yet dont practice premarital sex. I mean if its not murder, what do you call the procedure of killing an unborn kid?


Okay, yes it is no shock that I am pro choice. Why? Because it is about choice. Women aren’t breeding centres where their main role in life is to carry children and give birth to a child. I don’t think it is fair for a woman to carry around a child she does not want. It isn’t fair for the child either. 

What if the woman was raped? 

Is she meant to carry around that child then, if she doesn’t to? On top of having to live with the fear and anger and trauma after the attack, the psychological, emotional, physical and mental damage that this person has done to her, she has to carry around a child that is the product of a rape? 

What if she was raped and she’s a teenager or younger? What if she was still a child? I was nine when I got my first period. There are cases that I’ve heard where a girl as young as twelve fell pregnant and she died during child birth because she was forced to keep the baby. Is that fair? 

What about her body? She’s been through emotional, physical and mental hell and then she has to carry a baby around, that she doesn’t want, while the rapist is off scot-free. And she’s a child herself. Is that right? In your opinion? 

In mine, that’s not right at all. I believe that a woman has a choice over what happens to her body. If she doesn’t want to have a child, then she doesn’t have to. It isn’t murder because the child hasn’t formed yet. You do realise that when a woman becomes pregnant, the child takes nine months to form? In the beginning, when most abortions take place, the child isn’t a child. 

It is a cluster of cells. Even if the abortion took place later, it is not murder. The cells aren’t a sentient being. 

I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone because they had sex. A woman is allowed to have sex. She’s allowed to explore her sexuality and of course, using protection is good to ward off diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but sometimes, these things just happen. Why is it that the woman gets the blame? Doesn’t the man? It takes two you know. 

Some women aren’t financially stable to have a child. They may be mentally unwell, too young, or the victim of abuse. Or, in some cases, they just don’t want to have the child. It’s her body. She has a choice. It isn’t fair for her to give birth to a child she doesn’t want. For either her or the child when it is born. 

My mother had breast cancer and fell pregnant with my little brother not long after. She was assured that no harm would come to her or the baby, so she had the child because she wanted to. But if she had chosen to have an abortion, would I have called her a murderer? No way. 

Abortion is not about killing a child. It is about terminating a pregnancy and each woman has her own reasons. The child, the baby, isn’t formed yet. In the beginning, when a woman is pregnant, as I said, all it is, is cells. She’s not killing something. Because it’s not alive yet. It doesn’t have a heart or a brain or a set of lungs. You can call me a murderer all you want. 

But I am a strong believer in a woman’s choice. 

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 15.2

Here’s the last half of chapter 15! @outlandishchridhe is my soul sister and I love her. We’ve got so many plans for the future of this story, so don’t worry. I can’t say when the next chapter will post with Ish having a lot of stress at the moment. I promise there will be more, but you’ll have to wait.

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 9

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one thing that bugs me on jtv? the complete lack of acknowledgement of what petra’s been through. petra is an abuse survivor. the one constant presence in her life is a mother who amongst other things has threatened her, belittled her, constantly gaslights her, all for her own selfish gains. struggles through post-partum depression. discovers she has a twin- who could have become the family petra so desperately needs who drugs her, assumes her identity and tries to screw her over. watches her husband who she really does love fall in love with another woman whilst said woman is carrying the child she wanted so much. not to mention being kidnapped, suffering a late term miscarriage and feeling inferior to jane. and like? there is barely any mention of petra’s past. the only thing they bring up are her mistakes- which yes are a lot, and yes she has done some terrible things, but geez. please let petra go to therapy!!!!! please let petra be happy!!!!!!

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scenario w someone trying to seduce away Tsuna, Dino and Xanxus' pregnant s/o thinking that now's the chance since they have lost interest in her


Admin Enma would like to apologize for being an absolute donut and misreading the prompt, Anon. Instead, here are some women trying to steal away the men because they think the S/O lost their interest now that she’s pregnant. Please forgive Admin Enma, she is sorry.


When the announcement of the pregnancy reached the ears of the mafia world, many people tripped over themselves to give the Vongola Decimo their congratulations. Presents were sent to him and his wife - diapers, powdered formula, baby clothes, baby toys - and they sent back personal thank you cards for their thoughtfulness. Each present was also pre-screened and analyzed for safety protocols but of course, that was to be expected.

Some of his closest friends were amused by the man’s outlook towards his pregnant wife. The first few months were filled with anxiousness and overprotection, much to her dismay and Tsuna’s insistence. She even went far as to get multiple doctor’s notes on how she was still capable to doing her regular desk job without any issues, not that Tsuna didn’t ignore them. But the effort was there and Tsuna eased up just a tiny bit. Instead of five bodyguards to look after her through the day, there was three.

There were some women who saw this as their chance to climb the ladder in the mafia world. It was evident near the end of the second trimester during a formal party held by an ally family that women had their sights set on Tsuna once more since his marriage to his wife.

“She looks like she swallowed a watermelon!”

“Do you see how her stomach is bulging out of her dress?!”

“Yes! What a shame too, that dress was designed by the same man who did my dress tonight.”

“Really? It flatters you but definitely not her.”

“Oh dammit all, Abrienne is making the first move.”

Sure enough, a slender woman had managed to strike a conversation with the Vongola boss and his wife. Abrienne was what many people can call beautiful, tall with nice curves, flawless skin, and shiny hair. She knew exactly what to wear to accent her best assets and took advantage of it. She also knew exactly what to say to befriend the wives of many bosses only to sweep their men from under their feet.

“The poor woman.”

“She has no idea what Abrienne is capable of.”

“Do you think Don Vongola would still acknowledge the child as his heir if he leaves her?”

The women at the party watched as discreetly as they could at how Abrienne caused the Donna to laugh brightly, holding onto her husband for support and to her belly, as if laughing too hard would make her due date come faster. They stared petulantly at the triumphant look on Abrienne’s face as the Donna left to go towards the direction of the bathroom, the female Mist guardians following behind her for protection, and completely missed the adoring look the man sent his wife.

Abrienne latched onto Tsuna’s arm quickly, tiptoeing up to whisper in his ear. It was exciting for the women to watch the scene unfold as she gave him the most seductive look she could after lowering herself back down and licking her lips. They watched in horror and fascination as the Don Vongola retched his arm out of her hands, his face full of controlled rage and spat something at.

The could-have homewrecker stepped back, causing the women to burst into conversation as they watched the Vongola walk away from Abrienne. The next time they saw him, he was completely wrapped around his wife and was practically showing her off to everyone he came across.

“Oh my!”

“That was exciting!”

“The Donna is so lucky to have him!”

“I wish my husband was like the Don Vongola when I was pregnant!”


The meeting was dragging on and on and the other man would just not shut up. Dino resisted the need to roll his eyes as he listened to the boss of some small family from the west of his territory drone on about how beneficial an alliance between their families would be for the both of them.

Normally Dino would have killed this man and crushed his family’s forces under his boot but he wanted to challenge himself to a bloodless 9 months while his wife was pregnant to avoid causing her stress. It was a challenge he had set himself and he was doing pretty well 7 months in.

The other man’s wife smiled serenely next to him, occasionally fluttering her eyes at the Don Cavallone. Her make up perfectly accentuated her face, bringing attention to her bright green eyes. She was a young thing, probably 10 or so years younger than her husband and was around Dino’s age.

“Ah, my apologies, Don Cavallone,” the man said after listening to Dino mused aloud on the prospects of an alliance. “May I be excused to go to your nearest restroom? I’m afraid I drank too much water as a result of talking your ears off. That was terribly rude of me.”

Dino laughed it off politely. “It’s all right, my friend. My subordinate here will guide you to a room. I will go ahead and draft a treaty while you are gone.”

Both men stood up and shook hands before the elder left the room, following after one of Dino’s men. The blonde sat down in his chair, glancing at the picture of his pregnant wife on his desk before beginning to type out a treaty on his computer.

There was a silence between Dino and the other man’s wife as he typed away on his laptop. Such an alliance would be beneficial and the other man seemed like a good business partner to work with. Everything he had proposed, albeit in a lengthy way, was sound and fair and if Dino worked hard enough, he could find an advantage to use and abuse.

“Ahem, Don Cavallone,” the woman interrupted his thoughts, causing him to pause in his typing. He looked up to see her look at him under hooded eyes and knew exactly where this was going.

He quirked an eyebrow before turning his attention back to his computer. “Yes,” he indulged her to go on. Dino was always fast at typing, something he was proud of. Given no distractions, he could probably finish this document and print it out just as the older man returned to his office.

“Ahem,” she went again. Dino sighed as he looked up from his desk to look at the woman. He was not amused at the sight of her shirtless, obviously trying to use what little breasts she had to entice him. “Everyone knows your wife is pregnant but I figured someone of your caliber wouldn’t be interested in a woman as big as she is now.”

She leaned forward on the desk with her arms, obviously hoping to push her breasts up more than they were by her push-up bra. “Of course, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Dino stared at her face for a moment before leaning into her space with a smirk. He pressed a button on the phone on his desk, never breaking eye contact. “Martin,” he told the subordinate standing outside his office as a guard, “can you please come in and remove this trash in front of me. Thank you.”

The woman stared in shock as she was bodily hauled, shirtless and all, out of the office by one of his men. Dino picked up her shirt she left in her chair, threw it outside of his office, before sitting down back at his desk and returning to his typing. This time, he added he condition of the other man to file for a divorce in order to secure their treaty.


There was nothing more amusing to Xanxus than someone trying to cozy up to him to climb up the social mafia ladder. He’s had men and women throw themselves at him multiple times throughout his entire life and he’s always used and thrown them away before they could do anything. They were his toys, they were the ones who chose to play with fire.

However, this time it was just annoying. The woman practically ground her hips against his side, hoping to elicit some carnal reaction from him. Useless really, he wasn’t in the mood. Even if he was, he had an S/O he knew would be happy to take care of him. Pregnancy hormones were a blessing sometimes.

Xanxus didn’t do anything to tell her off, but he didn’t encourage her either. It wasn’t bothering him at all, just a mild annoyance that would surely tire of his lack of reaction and reciprocation.

The entire night, she had plastered herself to him. It was beyond annoying now, it was down right irritating. He could feel the woman’s lips on his cheek and his neck, biting at his ear. It was funny to see how desperate she was for his dick, for a higher position in the mafia world.

It was when she tried to palm him between his pants that drew the line.

Tired of playing games, Xanxus roughly shoved the woman off of him. He watched as she fell to the floor with a shriek, her eyes flashing with anger. “What is your problem?”

He stared back at her, not amused and with disgust lacing his voice, “Nothing. I don’t like it when trash try to hang off of me.”

She stood up, huffing and fixing her bra through her outfit without a care of who was watching. “I was trying to offer you something. Figured your pregnant bitch wouldn’t put out and thought you might need someone to warm your bed.” The woman scowled at him, her face distorting ugly. “I guess you’re pretty happy with your hand.”

Xanxus lazily took out his gun and pointed it at her head, watching her freeze in place. “One - you’re trash. Two - trash like you shouldn’t say a damn thing out the woman carrying my child. Three - we have plenty of sex, most definitely better than anything you can try to give.” He used the barrel of his gun to push her down to the floor, the fear in her eyes getting his blood boiling.

Damn, he hopes his pregnant lover was ready for a long night.

He pulled out his wallet and threw a couple of bills at the woman on the floor. “Here, this is probably more than what you would get in a night out standing on the corner. I’ll be sure to tell my men about you if they’re interested for a romp.”

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Do the hunters of Artemis still get periods after they join the hunt I've never really known just wondering 😊I love your account

Damn, I forgot to answer this sooner, I’m so sorry! But this bothers me so much!! Every time I read a fantasy novel I’m just like … are all of these female heroines infertile? Do they have magic? Do all of them just have way better period game then any real girl alive ever? I don’t know…

But back to your question :) I did a bit of reading on this particular subject (which I wanted to do for a very long time so thank you for the incentive :)) and I found a pretty good essay about menstruation in the Ancient Greece and Artemis. 

Most people know Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and maidenhood, which at first led me to believe that maybe they wouldn’t have their periods as periods are often seen as a symbol for fertility and thus sexuality (at least unless you actual start trying for a child, then it’s quite the opposite). Also it obviously is still seen today as the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s also good to note that Artemis herself was granted eternal youth from Zeus before she reached menarche (back then this was around the fourteenth year and often the reason parents started marrying out their daughters), which meant she never had her period herself. All of this at first seems like the answer would be “no, Hunters of Artemis don’t get their period.”

But in this article the author also told of a myth, where a group of kids were killed by their village for ‘strangling’ a statue of Artemis, which was sacrilege. Every woman in that village got cursed and their babies were stillborn, because those children were unrightfully killed. As it turns out, Artemis is also the goddess of motherhood (which I wasn’t sure about at first Edit: She’s not the goddess of motherhood, but the patron of pregnant women) and thus can give people a healthy child or take their child away from them. Besides this, the article also said that Artemis watched over the marriage of the young girls and along with Aphrodite watched over the marital bed, symbolising the transition from maidenhood to sexually active. All things that would lead to the answer being “yes, they do get their periods.”

“The woman who can’t carry a child has the power to give or take away babies, just as the woman who can’t bleed can decide over the bleeding of others.” 

This line is almost straight from the article, which makes me believe it’s different for every hunter. There are canonically both hunters like Thalia (I assume), who became a hunter after their menarche, and hunters who decided to follow Artemis from a younger age. 

But I think everything put together that they don’t get their period for two reasons; a, so there is no difference between all hunters (e.g. hunters without periods are more ‘pure’ than the ones with, because they were more dedicated or the other way around) and b, which is probably the most important one, to mirror Artemis. 

From all this information you can decide for yourself, of course, what you choose to believe. Both options seem interesting and appealing to me, but once again I believe the answer is no. 

This got kind of long, but I hope it was a sufficient answer XD

Here is the link for the essay if any one of you want to do some extra reading and sorry again for answering so late. X

- Marge 


(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: “No, sir. I’m not underestimating my kidnappers. You are underestimating my grandmother.”
Pairing: None
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: canon SPN violence and gore
A/N: I saw the prompt and couldn’t help myself! This is also my first time writing both Mary and a daughter!reader so please be kind. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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I spend a lot of my SW musings thinking about Hux's biological mother. Do you have any hcs about her? The kind of relationship she had with Hux? Then and now, if she's still alive - if they get the chance to talk or see each other?

I imagine her being really soft and caring, the complete opposite of Brendol Hux. But he seduced her one late evening when he’d had an argument with Maratelle and too much to drink, so he wandered down drunkly to the kitchens where she was cleaning up, and she tries to tell him to go back to bed but he comes on very strongly and they have sex…and he gets her pregnant.

It’s kept a secret, of course. Maratelle is infertile and it’s rather common knowledge in Arkanis because Brendol has been pressed for when he’ll have an heir to aid him in his work. But the woman who is carrying his child is not his wife and it’s a scandal on Arkanis and it takes a lot for Brendol to keep his position after being unfaithful to his wife in a time where the Rebellion is growing and all Imperial focus needs to be on intimidating loyalty.

So the kitchen woman, with her long red hair and soft green eyes, gives birth to a baby boy in the late hours of an Arkanian winter night. No pain medication, only a standard droid to help her through it in one of the servant’s chambers in the grand Hux estate. Brendol refuses to enter until the child is born, cleaned and dressed.

The boy, a little small for a newborn, already has tufts of red hair atop his head and quietly sleeps in a basket beside his mother’s bed. She asks about the baby’s name, wanting to call him ‘Armitage’ because it’s a family name, but Brendol gets extremely defensive that she is merely a carrier for his heir and she will have limited contact with the boy as he’s trained for the Empire’s use. She holds onto her baby, begging Brendol not to take him and turn him into a heartless monster like him but Brendol is ordering the droid to sedate her and it does, and the crying baby is taken from his mother’s warm arms and into his father’s callous hands.

But whenever Brendol is away from the home, she sneaks up to the nursery where her son is being supervised by nanny droids–Maratelle refuses to acknowledge the 'runt’s’ existence so droids take care of him–just to hold him and talk to him. Armitage is a quiet baby but he babbles and gurgles a lot when his mother holds him and kisses him all over, telling him how much she loves him and how she’ll love him forever, no matter what.

It kills her to watch her son growing up from a far, being enrolled into the Academy even as a toddler to take classes to be, no doubt, indoctrinated against the Rebellion and the Republic. Armitage is a particularly sickly child too, thin and pale, but she makes him soup when he’s sick as an excuse to go and see him. He’s not old enough to understand that she’s his real mother but that doesn’t stop her from kissing him and hugging him and helping him grow (like sitting on one side of the room and beckoning him over to walk!)

But four years after Armitage is born, the Empire falls, the siege on Arkanis comes and the New Republic attacks them, and Brendol has received word that Gallius Rax is sending Rae Sloane to rescue him and his son. As soldiers approach his home to arrest and persecute him, all Brendol has to do is find Armitage and flee to the meeting point, but the boy is nowhere to be found. He runs to the kitchens where he finds Armitage in the arms of his mother, clinging onto her and telling her that he’s scared.

Brendol orders Armitage to follow him but the boy doesn’t move, asking to stay with her but Brendol yells and Armitage cries. She begs Brendol to keep him safe, because she knows that the New Republic will see her precious boy as a future threat because he’s Brendol Hux’s son and all she wants is for him to be safe. For the first time, Brendol nods at her, saying yes, Armitage will be safe but they must leave now. She pulls the crying boy away from her embrace and tells him that he’s going to be alright, and to remember that she will always, always love him. Armitage asks if she’ll be alright and she just smiles at him and tells him to go. She’s left crying in the kitchens below the Hux mansion whilst Grand Admiral Sloane ushers the two onto her ship and they fly away safely. Armitage holds his father’s hand for the entire journey, sniffling and crying quietly, and not once to Brendol pay him any sort of attention.

Armitage grows up and becomes the youngest General to ever command an Imperial army, having an extremely high ranking role among the First Order and fully believes that he’s the one destined to rule the galaxy. But it was in his early 20’s when he began to wonder about his mother that Brendol comes clean about the kitchen woman who was so attached to him being his real, biological mother. Brendol tells him that she died in the siege of Arkanis, as did Maratelle, so there’s no point dwelling on it, but Hux can’t shake the thoughts of his mother from his mind. He remembers the kitchen woman’s kindness, how she’d held him and read him stories and comforted him when he cried, not like his father. And he did nothing to save her.

Unable to accept her death, Hux goes to Arkanis to find answers (maybe taking Kylo with him! Maybe it’s Kylo who convinces Hux to go back home to because Brendol’s words could be another lie, and secretly Kylo wants Hux to have at least one loving parent). They ask around, but it’s pretty obvious without him saying so that he’s Commandant Hux’s son; red hair is a rarity. They eventually find themselves in a market place where they ask a blond-haired lady, selling jewels and silks, about the whereabouts of a woman who birthed Commandant Hux’s only child. The woman lowers her hood and it’s Maratelle, looking incredibly less glamorous than Hux remembers her, and she looks both shocked and overwhelmed to see Armitage again. She tells him that he’s lucky that he looks more like his mother than his father, and Hux asks again about his mother.

Maratelle tells them to wait for her at the end of the day and, after she’s packed up her things, leads them to a house a few streets away; nothing grand but it’s quaint and well-kept. Sturdy. Maratelle smiles at Hux softly before unlocking the door and they step in, and a sweet smell attracts them towards the kitchen where a greying-red haired lady stands at the oven and stirs at pans on the hob. She turns, dropping the spoon from her hands and gasps.

It’s her, it’s Hux’s mother, and she’s still as soft and as beautiful as he remembers her being. She whispers his name and he can’t do anything but open his arms as she runs at him, hugging him and crying into his shoulder as he apologises profoundly; for what? Even Hux isn’t sure. But she tells him that she never stopped loving him, never stopped thinking about him, even watched a few of the First Order propaganda broadcasts just to get a glimpse of the man that her precious boy has become. Hux tells her that he never stopped thinking about her either and even curses Brendol for keeping the truth from him, but she says that Brendol kept his promise, kept her little Armitage safe. They stay (his mother even gives him the 'is this your husband?’ question whilst smiling at Kylo!), and Maratelle even apologises to Hux for being so cold with him when he was a boy, and Hux accepts her apology, but he can’t stop staring at his mother with a deep and almost agonising fondness.

Because her memory is what gave him strength in his darkest times. When Brendol had beaten him down and called him 'weak-willed’, 'thin’ or even 'useless’, when he faced challenges that seemed unbeatable and won, when he felt the most alone in a room filled with his officers, Hux had thought of his mother.

'I love you, Armitage. No matter what. Whatever your father makes you do, whatever wicked deed he dirties your beautiful hands with. I will always love you.’

“Stalker” (Jonathan Crane x Reader x Jason Todd) Part 2.

Hello my little wings!! 

Here it is! The second and last part of stalker!

The next week will be published the two endings! One of them will be smutty!!

Thank you all the ones who comented and messaged me! 

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Part1 Part2 (here)  Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

Hope you enjoy!

Its been a week since The scarecrow had taken Gotham. The villains ran wild while the civilians tried to escape, but being intercepted and captured by any villain to serve as the playthings. The worse one could get was being captured by the Joker, as death came slow and torturous.

You looked out of the windows at the burning city, the screams of panic hurting your ears as you hugged yourself. Your white nightgown did nothing to stop the piercing coldness of the once city Gotham.

Your back was to the door as Jonathan came in, sitting behind you in the windows and hugging your waist. His head laid on your shoulder and he gave you little, sweet kisses.

“Good night my beautiful” He whispered before kissing your ear.

“…” Since he had kidnapped you, his words were answered with silence.

“My love, come to bed. You are freezing. Come, we shall warm you “ He got up and carried you bridal style to bed, he laid you on the right side and then he laid next to you. His hand caressed your naked legs slowly as he kissed your neck.

“I love you so, my (y/n) …” He whispered before kissing your lips. You didn’t move, to scared of him. “You love me too….” He cuddled you and fell asleep. You silently cried until the darkness overcame your senses.


Jason Todd wasn’t the most patient man.

Nor the most peaceful

Batman’s shit was pissing him off greatly

He seriously didn’t expect him, Jason Peter Todd to not go save the only person on the world he truly trusted and loved.

Fuck you bats.

So in order to destroy the villains he had the best group in mind.

“ Hello, ladies gentlemen. I’m thankful you all came to this hideout, and decide to defy Batman” Jason smirked as he looked at his companions.

His team

Damian Wayne aka Robin

Roy Harper aka Arsenal

Koriand'r aka Starfire

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

Clark Kent aka Superman

Barry Allen aka Flash

“ We are all here because Bats plan isn’t gonna work. There is people, kids, babies dying…and he’s taking to much time to act!”

“I normally don’t agree with Todd. But you are right this time.”

“ We can’t let more people die! I can’t take his pleas and pained screams of terror anymore!” Said Superman, holding his head. Wonder Woman patted his shoulder amicably.

“ This is the plan, we enter the city on-“

“That’s not going to work Jason” Barbara welled to the middle of the circle. “I’ll help you…we all help you “ Dick and Tim entered with Cass behind them. “ I’ll plan everything, she’s going to be okay…everybody is” Barbara opened her laptop, where a map of Gotham sewers was displayed.

“This is the plan, Jason, Dick and Cass will enter Gotham sewers and fight Killer croc, then walk to the scarecrows hideout in Wayne Labs.

Superman, wonder woman and starfire will fight Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal take penguin, riddler and catwoman.

The joker presumably is with Scarecrow, trying to ask for …expand their territory…”

“Well, those fuckers are mine!”

“The rest will take Twoface and Clayface”

“OK” Everyone said, and they prepared to march to Gotham. Jason looked down at a locker with a photo of you and clutched it in his hand.

“I’m coming (y/n)… I’m saving you” Jason kissed the locker and hided it under his shirt.

“ LET’S GO!”


Jonathan waked up with his beautiful fiancée next to him, he kissed her shoulder and then all his bite marks.

“Wake, my dear “Jonathan kissed his lover lips…those lips he haven’t seen laugh or smile since his jail time on Arkham. “My dear… today is you day! Joker will get another experiment for you to investigate! Aren’t you happy?! You can write another thesis!! Any editor will publish it!!! ” Jonathan smile was wide and crazy and you couldn’t look at him. “ My love…please look at me” You still didn’t look, he got angry and turned you around harshly “LOOK AT ME!” You looked at him with wide, scared eyes and whimpered. His harsh look softened and he smiled kissing your lips over and over. “ shhh, my love…I’m sorry….you just-made me angry! I’m sorry! I love you!” He kissed you passionately “ Now dress…your test subject is getting loud….Joker is getting antsy. “He opened the door to exit the room as a woman’s pleas and a child’s cries made you feel light headed and nauseous.

You let yourself fall to the ground of the shower, the cold water clashed with the hotness of your tears. You hugged yourself and whimpered.



“ Nightwing to Oracle, fase one of the plan done” Dick talked to his com.

“Great, now you had to be careful…Bane has disappeared of my radar… You just have to follow my voice. Now, right and go on!”

The team followed Oracles orders but just before the exit to the hideout of the Scarecrow a big, burly, shadow blocked their way.

“Birdies came to play” Said the Bane.


Jonathan waited for you outside your room, he was getting worried when you took too long and when he was about to enter the room you came out in the black, short dress he bought (robbed) for you.

“Beautiful, my darling….” Jonathan smiled “As beautiful as your mind! “a deeper voice said, but it still came from Crane.

You bowed your head in acknowledgment and Crane smiled lovesickly.

“I have a present for you!” He searched on his pants smiling wildly, his tongue sticking out a bit until he found it. “Here!” He kneeled on the ground “My beautiful fiancée. It would be my honor if you had this ring! This belonged to my mother! It would be my pleasure if you had it!” His smile was so bright you couldn’t say no.

“It’s…. beautiful…” You half smiled.

“Let me your hand?” He grabbed your hand and put the ring on. Then he kissed the ring. “I love you, (y/N) (y/l)! Now come! Your subjects are waiting!”

He dragged you to a room were a woman and a child here hugging desperately, with a few bruises. The joker laughing menacingly next to them.

“We had to…convince them to stop screaming…” Jonathan gave you a paper and a pencil. He then pushed a button to open the mic.

“Joker out, the experiment is on” The joker laughed and got out of the room. The woman and the child screamed and pleaded. Crane smiled and let the button go.

“Now, my love! We have improved my toxin! Now it’s worse! Hahaha! You will be the first one to see my beautiful princess of fear!” Jonathan pushed another button and a weird lilac gas was pushed in the room. The screams got worse, the woman started hitting her head on the wall and the child was hiding in a corner. You let the notepad go and started trembling.

“stop please. Jon please!! STOP!!! STOP THIS! I HATE THIS!” You started crying “ STOP THIS ! NOW ! PLEASE!” Jonathan pushed a button and all the gas disappeared, letting the woman and child breath. The child ran to the woman who hugged him back.

“YOU MONSTER!” You yelled at him, running in the room with blankets. “I HATE YOU!”

You put the blanket around the both of them and hugged them, saying sorry, over and over again.

“Buhh, I wanted to see the show!” Laughed the joker.

Jonathan didn’t answer, his eyes where put on you. His eyes started feeling hot and hurted as his head only remembered your words, the first words you said to him…

I hate you.

I         hate    you

You monster…


“out” Cranes eyes didn’t look away from you.

“What?” the joker said.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” Scarecrow yelled.

Joker laughed as he went out “Oh? So jonny boy’s heart is brooookeeen hahahaha!” Joker ran out as Scarecrow punched the wall angrily.

“I see…we will….need it in the end” Crane smile was wicked and vicious as he saw you carry the women and child out.


Jason smirked as Bane body fell to the ground.

“Peachy, now let’s follow!”

The three of them exited the sewers, arriving on the parking lot of the labs.

“Great, now what?” Nightwing said.

“You and cass take the guards, I’ll go get (y/N).” Jason said and cass noded.



After you helped the woman and child out of here and gave them a safe map out of gotham.

“Be safe” You smiled.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!!” The woman said.

“It’s nothing…just go! And be safe!” The woman carried the child.

“Thanks!” The child smiled.

You smiled as the both ran away.

But while you weren’t watching, someone knocked you out.


When you waked up you were tied to your bed. Scared, you tried to untie yourself nut the bonds were too tight.

“HEELP! SOMEONE HEELP!!!” You screamed as Jonathan came in.

“Jonathan???” you smiled.

“Yes, my dear.” Crane smiled as he caressed your cheek. “I’m sorry my dear…I didn’t want this to come to this.”

“What? Jonathan?? What?” You said, afraid.

“ I wished this hadn’t come to this….but you didn’t gave me options.”

“What- are you talking about?”

“You…said you hated me…that I was a monster…I love you…I need you to love me back…. i hope you aren’t afraid of needles my dear… This will hurt me more than you.” Crane smiled crazily.

“Jonathan?’ no please! Im-im sorry!!” You cried as Crane injected you a tranquilizer.

“now sleep.”


Jason punched the last crony before entering the labs.

“Babs im in! How are the others?” Jason said

“It’s Oracle, and Dick and Cass have took all the cronies and  Superman, wonder woman and starfire took care of  Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal beat penguin, riddler and catwoman. They are now taking them to BlackGate.”

  “Okay, Thanks Oracle”

“Did just Red hood said thanks to me??”

“Red hood out!”

“Wait i-”

Jason turned off his com and smiled looking at the picture again.

Now it’s a matter of finding you.

And he wasn’t going to give up”

“I’ll save you, (y/N)… I love you” He kissed the picture before puting it near his heart.

Jason entered the labs and  walked around opening the doors, finding scared civilians who ran away.

But there was no trace of you.

He went up, closer to the main labs. He knew his way around, this was Wayne’s, and even if he said no. He’s still was a wayne.

“HEY YOU! YOU CANT BE HERE!!!” a armed crony shot at Jason. He smirked and trew his gun at the cronie’s face, the gun bounced and returned to Todd’s hand, then he jumped above the crony and shot him four time.

“Oh, but i can. “ Jason smirled and went up the stairs. When he was about to enter the room you were on…

“well well well! A birdie fell from the nest!” Tha joker laughed.

Red hood smirked.

This was going to be fun.


Crane was sitting next to you unconscious form, caressing your hair lovingly. He smiled ar the little smile you gave him when he kissed you cheek.

“Soon, (y/n)… very soon the process will be over and you will love me back! We  will then fly this scum place and live together! We’ll go to Europe! I’ll be a teacher! And you will be a brilliant psychologist! Oh and our child! Our child will be beautiful and smart!!” Jonathan kissed you lips

“I love you, (y/n)…” Scarecrow smiled. “you are the only one for me.,,”

“I just hope Stockholm syndrome is enough….i don’t want to hurt you more…” He kissed your lips and fell asleep next to you.


“Well birdie…looks like you are about to lose hahahahaha!!! This gives me so many memories! Ahh! To bad the big bad bat won’t come! ☹ But anyway…im sure you came for your little princess??? Ohhh you did hahahahaha!! The little robin is alone again!! Poor youuu! Too bad she doesn’t love you anyway!! Hahahahahaha” The joker laughed, over the blodies body of Red hood.

“ Fuck …you” Jason said.

“Good night!” The joker prepared for the last strike.


Jason Todd Ending     (here)

Jonathan Crane Ending.   (here)


Summary:  Prompt for Negan’s Smut Week 2017: “I guess I didn’t notice.” Negan needs to spell somethings out for one of his wives.

Warnings: It’s smut week. Do I really need to do this? Fine. Fluffy smut and language.

Word Count: 2070

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

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She knocked on the door, staring at the floor as she waited for a sign to enter. She pulled at her tight dress. She didn’t have to wait long. Negan swung the door wide open. Her eyes traveled up taking in his long legs and lean form. Dark jeans. White shirt. He wasn’t wearing his signature jacket which was a shame. He was so menacing and dominant in that jacket. People knelt before him as he sauntered around the Sanctuary sheathed in that black leather. Of course, she didn’t have a problem kneeling for him in whatever he wore.

“Hannah banana! Get the fuck in here. Give your husband a god damn kiss, doll.”

She threw her arms around his neck as she placed a soft open kiss on his mouth. He needed no further invitation and invaded her mouth with his tongue. She moaned softly. His right hand grabbed a fistful of her chocolate tresses while his left grabbed a handful of ass. She nibbled his lip and gently sucked on his tongue.

“Whoa there, hot stuff, we need to fucking talk about something first,” he pulled her all the way in to the room and shut the door behind him.

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and just for the record, referring to someone who has died in the most brutal way as a “dead puppy” is disrespectful as fuck.

it’s not cute.  it’s not funny.  it’s disgusting.

there’s no way around it.

it’s disrespectful to the child you were referring to.  it’s disrespectful to the woman carrying that child.  and it is sure as hell disrespectful to the man who is dead.

Week Ten: Maybe

Concept: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night?
You can read previous chapters here.

August 13th, 1743; Leoch

“Out with it, Sassenach,” Jamie sighed into the darkness, interrupting my internal musings.


The mattress shifted as he rolled onto his side and faced me.

“I can hear ye thinkin’ all the way over here.”

“Oh?” I scowled at him. “Then do tell me what it is I’m thinking about.”

“The bairn,” his voice was matter of fact, yet held a tone of such understanding that it made me reach out my hand to find his. Taking it, he gently massaged my palm with his thumbs. “Something has had ye lost in your thoughts all day, mo nighean donn. What is it? What has ye bothered so?”

How do I explain it?

My mind scrambled as I tried to think of a way to put words to the overwhelming sense that something wasn’t entirely as it should be. Nothing was wrong, per say, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling and I couldn’t put my finger on it long enough to give it a name.

“It’s just that I don't… well, something feels… something isn't… I’m not sure if I'm…” I let out my breath in a huff, “I’m confused.”

Jamie scooched closer and slid his arms around me, gathering me against his chest. He didn’t speak, waiting instead for me to gather my thoughts.

“I thought I knew what my body should be doing at this stage, but, well…” I trailed off.

“Somethin’ isna as ye thought it would be?” Jamie supplied after a moment.

How did he do that? How could he read my mind so accurately?

“Yes,” I grumbled, feeling slightly affronted that he could put words to my thoughts when I could not.

His hand cupped the back of my head, cradling me as he asked, “Have ye spoke to the midwife?”

Mistrust and skepticism surged within me as I thought of Leoch’s midwife. I hadn’t approached her for the sole reason that I wasn’t sure what I would do if I found her to be an eighteenth-century farce who had very little bedside manner and even less knowledge of childbirth. Of course, logic reasoned that I’d heard more than one story of her good deeds in my tenure as healer to the castle people, but that didn’t mean she’d meet my standards.

“No,” I admitted.

“Mhmm,” he acknowledged. “Maybe Mrs Fitz could help. Ye’ve asked her questions before when ye didna ken which way was up.”

I’d already thought of that.

She’d only tell me not to worry, or rather she’d pat me on the shoulder and croon dinna fash, lass. She’d undoubtedly assure me that every pregnancy was different and that every woman carried a child differently. I didn’t need to be told that nothing was wrong, I felt that with a good measure of confidence, I needed someone to help me decipher the messages my body was giving me.

My arms tightened around him as I pressed my face against his chest, needing to feel his reassuring, steady heartbeat.

Maybe I was being overly sensitive to the changes my body was going thru.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe all was as it should be. I hadn’t come into medical contact with many women who were this early in their pregnancy, after all.

“Maybe,” I whispered.

I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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