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First Artificial Insemination Was An Ethical Nightmare

During the first successful artificial insemination in 1884, a woman was chloroformed in front of six medical students and the “most attractive” student gave his semen. She had come to Dr. William Pancoast due to her inability to conceive. Pancoast worked with her, but eventually determined it was her husband’s low sperm count that was the issue. Rather than do something like, I don’t know, tell them? The doctor instead decided to do a surprise artificial insemination! Neither the husband nor the wife was told. She became pregnant after one last “treatment” with Dr. Pancoast and gave birth to a healthy baby boy nine months later.

When the child was born, Pancoast told the husband the truth of the child’s parentage. They mutually decided not to tell the woman – who had carried the child in her body for nine months – what had happened. Great ethics, Mr. Doctor! In fact, no one besides the six medical students, Dr. Pancoast, and the husband knew what they had done because everyone swore an oath of secrecy.

Twenty-five years later, one of the medical students contacts the now-grown baby. He wants to write an article about what had happened. For science and the advancement of medicine and all that. The child was a 25-year-old businessman living in New York, the medical student kindly informed him of the details of his conception, before going off to publish that article. His letter in Medical World describing the case hit the newsstands in 1909. And as far as anyone knows, that’s how the poor mother found out her child’s parentage.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 15.2

Here’s the last half of chapter 15! @outlandishchridhe is my soul sister and I love her. We’ve got so many plans for the future of this story, so don’t worry. I can’t say when the next chapter will post with Ish having a lot of stress at the moment. I promise there will be more, but you’ll have to wait.

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 9

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anonymous asked:

Do the hunters of Artemis still get periods after they join the hunt I've never really known just wondering 😊I love your account

Damn, I forgot to answer this sooner, I’m so sorry! But this bothers me so much!! Every time I read a fantasy novel I’m just like … are all of these female heroines infertile? Do they have magic? Do all of them just have way better period game then any real girl alive ever? I don’t know…

But back to your question :) I did a bit of reading on this particular subject (which I wanted to do for a very long time so thank you for the incentive :)) and I found a pretty good essay about menstruation in the Ancient Greece and Artemis. 

Most people know Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and maidenhood, which at first led me to believe that maybe they wouldn’t have their periods as periods are often seen as a symbol for fertility and thus sexuality (at least unless you actual start trying for a child, then it’s quite the opposite). Also it obviously is still seen today as the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s also good to note that Artemis herself was granted eternal youth from Zeus before she reached menarche (back then this was around the fourteenth year and often the reason parents started marrying out their daughters), which meant she never had her period herself. All of this at first seems like the answer would be “no, Hunters of Artemis don’t get their period.”

But in this article the author also told of a myth, where a group of kids were killed by their village for ‘strangling’ a statue of Artemis, which was sacrilege. Every woman in that village got cursed and their babies were stillborn, because those children were unrightfully killed. As it turns out, Artemis is also the goddess of motherhood (which I wasn’t sure about at first Edit: She’s not the goddess of motherhood, but the patron of pregnant women) and thus can give people a healthy child or take their child away from them. Besides this, the article also said that Artemis watched over the marriage of the young girls and along with Aphrodite watched over the marital bed, symbolising the transition from maidenhood to sexually active. All things that would lead to the answer being “yes, they do get their periods.”

“The woman who can’t carry a child has the power to give or take away babies, just as the woman who can’t bleed can decide over the bleeding of others.” 

This line is almost straight from the article, which makes me believe it’s different for every hunter. There are canonically both hunters like Thalia (I assume), who became a hunter after their menarche, and hunters who decided to follow Artemis from a younger age. 

But I think everything put together that they don’t get their period for two reasons; a, so there is no difference between all hunters (e.g. hunters without periods are more ‘pure’ than the ones with, because they were more dedicated or the other way around) and b, which is probably the most important one, to mirror Artemis. 

From all this information you can decide for yourself, of course, what you choose to believe. Both options seem interesting and appealing to me, but once again I believe the answer is no. 

This got kind of long, but I hope it was a sufficient answer XD

Here is the link for the essay if any one of you want to do some extra reading and sorry again for answering so late. X

- Marge 

one thing that bugs me on jtv? the complete lack of acknowledgement of what petra’s been through. petra is an abuse survivor. the one constant presence in her life is a mother who amongst other things has threatened her, belittled her, constantly gaslights her, all for her own selfish gains. struggles through post-partum depression. discovers she has a twin- who could have become the family petra so desperately needs who drugs her, assumes her identity and tries to screw her over. watches her husband who she really does love fall in love with another woman whilst said woman is carrying the child she wanted so much. not to mention being kidnapped, suffering a late term miscarriage and feeling inferior to jane. and like? there is barely any mention of petra’s past. the only thing they bring up are her mistakes- which yes are a lot, and yes she has done some terrible things, but geez. please let petra go to therapy!!!!! please let petra be happy!!!!!!


(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: “No, sir. I’m not underestimating my kidnappers. You are underestimating my grandmother.”
Pairing: None
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: canon SPN violence and gore
A/N: I saw the prompt and couldn’t help myself! This is also my first time writing both Mary and a daughter!reader so please be kind. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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Shu Headcanon (King 6 Edition)r

The water soothes your body, the aches fading away.
Ugh, what a long day…
Hearing Shu accuse you of such a thing.
You rolled your eyes and sigh, of course the girls had twisted the truth.
But you couldn’t believe Shu would listen to them.
‘Fool..’ You tut.
You stretch out a leg and watch the water run down and drop into the bath.
Your growing pregnant belly sticking out the water.
‘Who is a fool?’
Your eyes snap open.
'Shu?!’ You sit up out of surprise.
His eyes immediately trail over your body.
You blush but frown, 'Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be moving my belongings out of your room and throwing them on the street?’
Shu raised his eyebrows, he had suspected you would be upset but you surprise him with your anger.
He had never known you to be angry.
'I apologise, deeply.’
You look away and dip back down in your bath.
He frowned at the fact you were ignoring him. A King apologises; you have to accept and move on.
But you were stubborn and held your ground.
'I said..’
'I heard what you said but it doesn’t make me feel any better.’ You snap.
He gasps at your behaviour.
'I am king..you cannot..’
'That is irrelevant to this situation, this is about us. This is about trust. I know we are not married or officially together, you probably only think of me as the woman carrying your child but in the end there always has to be trust!’ Your chest was heaving with emotion.
Shu nods slowly and kneels down beside the bath.
You grew weary of how close he was to your naked body.
'Forgive me. We should not be putting stress upon you or the baby.’ He runs his hand gently over your little bump sticking out of the water.
'I shouldn’t have believed them straight away.’ He sighed, 'But hearing that; it made me…jealous? Angry? I’m not one to usually feel those emotions.’
You watch his face carefully, at least he looked sincere.
'Then..I guess I can forgive you a little.’
You look back to his hand resting on your stomach.
'Thank you. I have spoke to my brother. Subaru confirmed everything you said. He was also angry I believed that..but it was he who helped me realise why…’
His blue eyes shyly met yours, 'Because..of my emotions towards you.’
'Ohh..’ You feel butterflies in your stomach.
Shu looked away and withdrew away from you.
'I best get back to my paperwork.’
He was leaving?!
'Ah! Um…why don’t you..’ You blushed, 'Why don’t you stay? Or ….join me?’
'Join you?’ He frowned, 'I couldn’t possibly. I should leave you to rest.’
'But I’m ok..I’d rather have company than be on my own.’
Shu watched you blush as you request him to stay. His chest tightened.
'If my lady wishes..’
He kneels back down beside you.
'Oh? Your not getting in?’
'I think I should stay here..’
You grin in amusement, 'Why?’
He sighs when he notices your teasing.
'You can probably guess why.’
You smirk and lean closer to him, 'I don’t mind..’
His eyes meet yours, 'I don’t think it’s wise in your condition.
'My condition?!’ You laugh, 'I’m not ill! Baby is only a little dot right now! The bump is just the womb growing.’
Shu blushed, 'Ah I guess that’s fine then..’
He scolded himself for not knowing enough information about pregnancy. He shouldn’t be laughed at like that.
But seeing you finally smile and laugh like that made him happy.
'So join me.’ You say, your face close to his. Your lips only inches away.

Imagine you live in a world where it is impossible for a woman to carry a child to full term because the babies grew rapidly.

When a woman has reached the halfway point in her pregnancy her labor must be induced and the fetus must continue to grow in another uterus. At 20 weeks a woman would actually look like she was 35 weeks pregnant and the last 5 weeks would continue in the other woman. When you turned 16 you were taken by the King’s men to become a breeder for the village, along with all the other women up to the age of 30.

You were brought into a big room divided into cubicles. You took everything in with wide eyes as guards held you from each side leading you to your own space. Each cubicle held a simple bed and blankets and pillows. You were told that you wouldn’t have to share like some girls did. You looked at everyone you passed through the aisle. Some girls you couldn’t tell were pregnant yet and some were ballooned so big they couldn’t even move. You were brought into your cubicle and the guards released you. You were stripped of your clothes and bound by your wrists to yout bed. The guards left you and you wondered how long you would have to wait.

You couldn’t see over the short walls from your position but you could hear snores coming from one side. You lifted your head and looked across the hallway. A small girl was leaning against the headrest holding a vibrator to her pussy. She had to be older than you but she looked so young. Your eyes widened as she gasped and let out small moans. Her belly was huge, it dwarfed her body. You looked away.

Just as you started to grow impatient a man came in to your room and stood at the foot of the bed. He stared at you. You knew what you had to do. You spread your legs as wide as they would go. The man smirked and stripped of his sarong. He climbed on top of you on the bed. He started sucking on your nipples. You moaned and wrapped your legs around his waist. He reached one hand down and massaged your clit. You imagined that not everytime would be this gentle and that the only reason it was, was because it was your first. His erection rubbed against your leg and you couldn’t wait any more. You begged for him to fuck you already.

He guided his dick to your entrance and slid in with one smooth motion. You gasped and bucked your hips. He fucked you hard and fast. You felt tears in the corner of your eyes. He held on to your hair with one hand and rubbed your clit with the other. You were close. His pace sped up. With a grunt he came deep in your pussy. You followed immediately after. You laid there feeling sweaty and spent. He pulled out and grabbed a firm pillow to elevate your hips. He left you alone still tied to the bed.

Hours later someone came and untied you and gave you a cotton dress to slip on. You were free to roam around and talk to some of the other women. Sexual activity was encouraged among the girls and women. The dresser next to your bed held dildos and vibrators and other toys that you used frequently.

20 weeks later your belly had grown substantially. Your boobs were heavy and you were horny all the time. The morning that you hit the 20 week mark a man came in to your room and escorted you to a separate room. In the room was a large contraption that would hold 2 bodies. You stripped of your slip and layed on a flat plank. A strap went under your belly. Your hands were tied above your head and your legs were tied across the machine in a V. A second woman was brought in to the room. Her stomach was empty but looked as if she’d recently given birth. She was attached to the other plank the same way you were. Her plank was rotated so that your legs scissored together. Both of your pussies were pressed firmly against one another.

A guard came over and stuck a needle in your arm. You wondered what it would do until you felt the first contraction. You groaned. You could feel the baby shifting inside of you. Your entrance stretched quickly and the baby moved down. The other girl’s legs tensed against you. You were both nervous but you were also extremely turned on. You groaned loudly as the baby started to crown. You tried your hardest to push but nothing happened. One of the guards came over and strapped a vibrator to your hips so that it stayed against your clit. You gasped and writhed but you couldn’t go anywhere. The baby started moving faster. With one big push the head popped out of your opening and pushed against the other girl. She let out a long scream. You could feel the baby wiggling, trying to enter her. In another shift of your hips the baby’s head slipped in to her. She let out a groan and you sighed.

The movement stopped for a while and all you felt were the vibrations against your clit. You gasped and tried writhing but there was nowhere to go. With a shout you came and the baby moved down suddenly, the shoulders widened your opening and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. You pushed as hard as you can. Your entire body ached with tension. A guard came over and started pressing on the top of your belly, apparently not satisfied with how slow the process was. You stop to take in a long deep breath and with one hard push the baby is completely out of you. The girl screamed as the baby worked its way into her womb.

Another guard cut the umbilical cord and you let out a deep sigh. They let the both of you rest for 10 minutes. They escort the other girl back to her cubicle first, where she’ll grow the baby for 5 more weeks before it is finally born. They finally unstrap you from the plank and you feel unsteady as they guide you onto your feet. You think you’re going back to your room to sleep but they lead you down the hallway to a room similar to the last.

They open the door and there is the same contraption. A heavily pregnant woman is already strapped to one half of it. You eye her warily. They push you into the room and strap you into position. You heart starts racing as you realize that she’ll be birthing her baby into you. Before your bodies get positioned together one of the guards whispers in your ear, “Good luck, she’s having twins.”

(A/N You can call me A.B.B. in case anyone wants more of my writing. I hope you enjoyed this one)


Summary:  Prompt for Negan’s Smut Week 2017: “I guess I didn’t notice.” Negan needs to spell somethings out for one of his wives.

Warnings: It’s smut week. Do I really need to do this? Fine. Fluffy smut and language.

Word Count: 2070

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

Originally posted by rikkisixx

She knocked on the door, staring at the floor as she waited for a sign to enter. She pulled at her tight dress. She didn’t have to wait long. Negan swung the door wide open. Her eyes traveled up taking in his long legs and lean form. Dark jeans. White shirt. He wasn’t wearing his signature jacket which was a shame. He was so menacing and dominant in that jacket. People knelt before him as he sauntered around the Sanctuary sheathed in that black leather. Of course, she didn’t have a problem kneeling for him in whatever he wore.

“Hannah banana! Get the fuck in here. Give your husband a god damn kiss, doll.”

She threw her arms around his neck as she placed a soft open kiss on his mouth. He needed no further invitation and invaded her mouth with his tongue. She moaned softly. His right hand grabbed a fistful of her chocolate tresses while his left grabbed a handful of ass. She nibbled his lip and gently sucked on his tongue.

“Whoa there, hot stuff, we need to fucking talk about something first,” he pulled her all the way in to the room and shut the door behind him.

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Edmund Oneshot 1/2

(A/N: Hey guys! I’m rereading The Horse and His Boy and I forgot how much I love this book! I think that it might be my favorite in the series, mostly because I had no expectations for it? Like, there isn’t a movie or TV series or whatever so the story is just so new and raw and oh my goodness I love it. I have no clue if what happens in the story could actually make you temporarily deaf but just go with it. Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Oneshot: Okay I can’t explain it just read with Edmund

Edmund played a role in front of the Narnian court, in front of the people that would so quickly undermine him that he couldn’t afford to not know everything. He made it his job, prided himself on it. He heard things others didn’t, found ways of getting information and when hearsay became rumours and rumours became truth, pleasantly, he was never surprised by the developments.  

Sometimes, acquiring this information became treacherous and questionable as to whether or not it was worth the dangers the young king had to put himself in. He never truly heeded their words, knowing that swords nor arrows nor any amount of poison could bring him to his knees.

When he met Y/N, things were decidedly and explicitly different for Edmund. With someone to care for, and someone that cared about him in this unexplored vein of love, the way he saw his actions changed. He thought that he would miss the danger, the thrill and rush of adrenaline when a sword swings just past your chest and barely misses your heart that is beating oh so fast-

He didn’t miss it. And he did. And he didn’t and he did and it seemed to be an endless cycle of not knowing whether to give into this addiction that could only be fulfilled by tragedy or to give it up and live a peaceful life with the woman carrying his child, his wife that he loved so dearly.

It was a simple battle in Calormen, nothing but a dispute that had escalated as Edmund and Peter made their way to Tashbaan in an admittedly poorly armed carriage. Additional guards had ridden a quarter of a mile behind them, so as to not alarm the Tisroc by what looked like a war party, so for the time being it was only Edmund, Peter, and a handful of guards that had been riding on horseback next to the carriage against a company of Calormen soldiers.

Edmund knew that after a horn had been blown, their small band would have to hold the Calormen off for several minutes before reinforcements could arrive. After quickly jumping out of the carriage, Edmund drew his sword, intercepting a blow that nearly struck a horse one of his men was riding. Men were engaged in combat in every direction of the boy king, and Edmund suddenly felt much less confident in his odds as he watched his men fall with each second.

Suddenly, Edmund heard a scream, and before he could compute it there was a gust of wind by his head and then silence, all except for a sharp, high pitched screeching noise.

Edmund let his sword fall, dropping to the ground on his knees and clutching his head. He saw Peter’s feet in front of him, turning and moving as he struggled to defend his little brother against the Calormen.

After nearly ten minutes of enduring the pain in his head without explanation, Edmund watched as Peter crouched down in front of him, watched as his mouth moved but sound was produced, at least that Edmund could hear.

Outside of Edmund’s head, Peter was terrified and confused as to what was happening to his brother. He wasn’t responding to his questions and seemed just as confused and bewildered as Peter spoke to him.

“I-” Edmund began to spoke, but stopped short as his brows furrowed. “I can’t-”

“Ed, you need to speak,” Peter said, hands on Edmund’s shoulders. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I can’t hear.”

Being Natasha’s Boyfriend/Husband Would Include

Requested by anon

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  • Natasha teasing you frequently - playfully, sexually, sarcastic - whichever way she always pulls you into a hug or a kiss when you pull that ‘offended’ face at her
  • Not being too into public displays of affection but around either of your friends - you’re basically attached at the hip.
  • Natasha always hugging you tightly before she leaves for work and always kissing you passionately when she comes back
  • Subtle handholding in public
  • If someone ever flirts with you Natasha bites her lip and pretends she finds it amusing, not stepping in until the person flirting gets too attached. When you’re alone after she makes sure you know that you’re with her (like you need reminding though. I mean really.)
  • If someone ever flirts with her she laughs and says they’re not really her type before leaning over and pressing her lips to yours right in front of them
  • Her always wearing her wedding/engagement ring. On missions she keeps it in her breast pocket, close to her heart. She makes sure there’s a special zip pocket for it in all her mission outfits
  • Occasionally having short heated arguments but quickly making up and having make up sex or watching a film together or something
  • Natasha always laying her legs across you when you sit down on the couch together
  • Always being able to get a smile or a laugh out of her
  • Natasha always making sure you’ll be safe. Especially during the events of Civil War and Ultron
  • Worrying about her, even though you know who and what she is
  • Natasha saying you can always have another woman carry your child if you want since she can’t have children
  • Deciding that if you ever do want children, you’ll adopt together
  • Running around your house together, piggy backs, nerf wars, tag, the ground is lava, sometimes you just want to be kids together
I'm fine (Sherlock x Reader)

This is for my new friend @sweepakeepa as a payback for sending me this horribly sad imagine. evil laughter Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERLOCK MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDHOOD HERO

It all happened way too fast for Sherlock to react. Within the glimpse of a second their suspect attacked (Y/N), but she seemed to be able to fend off his punch. He fell to the floor while she was still standing. “(Y/N)!” Sherlock yelled. She smiled softly. “I’m- I’m fine!“

Then she lost conscience and landed on the tiles with a quiet thump. Without thinking the detective ran to her. ”(Y/N)! (Y/N), do you hear me?“ At first he didn’t even notice John’s hand on his shoulder. “Sherlock.” He pointed at their suspect, who still held a knife in his hands. There was blood dripping down from it. The former soldier knelt down next to (Y/N), Sherlock did the same. There was a cut in her t-shirt- and the delicate skin of her stomach. The detective kept whispering ‘oh my god’ and distractedly searched for more wounds while John at least tried to keep calm. “John.” His friend didn’t listen. “John. Why is there blood between her legs.” The doctor felt his heart stopping for a second. “Because she’s just lost a baby. Call the ambulance.”

“(Y/N). Please. Talk to me. Please.” Sherlock was sitting next to her hospital bed and looking at her with pure desperation. She’d been like that for three days already. She didn’t talk, didn’t eat, didn’t smile. Sherlock felt like he was losing his mind. Why hadn’t she just told him about the pregnancy? He would’ve had a chance of protecting her, he could’ve given her some minor reason to keep her from working on cases together… Had she been so afraid of his reaction, of him? Without getting a single reaction from (Y/N), Sherlock left the hospital room only to meet John in the hallway. His best friend nodded at him respectfully. “Can I visit her, too? Just look at everything, give her a quick check, have seen worse cases before, eh?” At first, Sherlock planned on just giving him a quick response and leaving the hospital. But then he noticed that something, he couldn’t tell what, was off with his words. “You knew it, didn’t you?” John frowned at looked at the detective. His eyes treated him. “You knew about (Y/N), the woman I love, carrying my child!”, Holmes screamed in pure anger. He grabbed John by his collar and shoved it against a wall. “You knew it. You KNEW IT!” He’d already risen his fist, ready to punch his best friend into unconsciousness. “Stop it right now, you idiots!”, her voice echoed through the almost empty hallway, causing both Sherlock and John to bolt together. There she stood, pale as a ghost, skinny as a skeleton, looking as fierce as never before. “He didn’t tell you about it, Sherlock, because I told him not to do so.” A hurt expression appeared on his face, at the same time he let go of his friend. A single, whispered little ‘why?’ was all he was able to say. “Because I love you with all my heart, but you’re a huge dick sometimes, many people would even say more than sometimes. Additionally, you’ve said yourself many times that ‘being a father is not a role you could ever see yourself in’ 'because you are married to your work’. I lived in the constant fucking fear of you rejecting me, okay? I-” The normally so strong woman broke into tears, sobbing helplessly and pressing her arms around herself in order to not fall apart. She let herself fall into one of the chairs in the hallway. “I lost it. I lost my baby. My baby.”, she continued whispering to herself with widened, tears-filled eyes. Sherlock stumbled over to her weakly, falling onto his knees and taking her hands. “I am so sorry, (Y/N), I am so sorry for not making you feel safe, I should have taken better care of you and never, never in my life would I be able to reject you, okay? We are going to get through this together, as we always do, and don’t think for one moment I wouldn’t have loved this child with all I am.” (Y/N) nodded silently and snaked her arms around Sherlock, clinging onto him tightly. Oh how she needed him right now, a weird feeling because normally it had always been him needing her. “I just feel so empty, Sherlock.” “I know.”, he answered, because he knew there were no words to make her feel better at the moment.

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It had taken (Y/N) weeks to recover physically as well as mentally. But slowly, with the help of all their friends and a psychiatrist, it happened. She slowly opened herself up again and it was the most beautiful thing in the world for Sherlock to see her smile again.

“Why is everybody smiling?” “Because it’s your birthday, Shezza. Just smile back and say 'thank you’.” She chuckled quietly and took his hand. “But I never like the stuff they give me.” “You secretly appreciate the gesture. Now be a good boy and go greet your friends, I still need to get something done.” “How can you still have something to do? It’s my birthday!” He asked her, but she’d already disappeared.

“Everything ready for the big present?” John smiled at you and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. “I’m still not sure if he’ll really see it as a present.” “If he doesn’t, I’ll kick his ass. Done that before, remember?” She laughed, glad that the laugh relaxed her a bit. “Now then. You know what you’ve got to do?” “(Y/N), we have been going through this plan over and over again in the last two months. It’s going to be okay.” She nodded to herself. “Alright then- John, do your work.” He smiled at you one last time before leaving Sherlock’s bedroom. Two minutes later, the detective himself entered the room. “You wanted to talk to me?” “I wanted to give you something. See it as a second present.” With the anticipation making her heart flutter, she watched how Sherlock frowned in confusion. She walked up to him and handed him an envelope with a bow around it. “Happy Birthday, Sherlock.” The confused expression still scrunching up his face, he took the envelope and opened it. He widened his eyes. “Is that-” He pointed at the picture that he was now holding in his hands. “That’s our baby. Third month’s ultrasound copy.” Without saying anything, Sherlock pulled her into a tight, loving hug. “Are you happy?” He whispered against her hair. “I’ve never been happier.” You answered with tears of joy filling your eyes. The both of you pulled away to be able to look into each other’s eyes. “Then I am happy too.” He kissed her softly but bolted together as the door opened and Lestrade appeared in the doorframe. “Oh, shit, sorry.” He chuckled and looked at the both of them looking all flustered. “We’ll be back in a minute.” (Y/N) assured him with a beamy eyed smile. Back alone, she gave Sherlock a quick peck on the lips and already wanted to go, as the detective suddenly pulled he back and snaked his arms around her. “Boy or girl?” He asked with the same happy eyes as her. She couldn’t believe- he was actually happy about the news! (Y/N) smiled. “They think it’s a girl.” For a moment, Sherlock didn’t seem to react at all. Then, all of a sudden, he ran to the door, almost ripped it open and happily exclaimed into the living room of 221b: 'We’re getting a girl!“ Silence filled the room, everyone just stared at Sherlock and (Y/N) behind him. Then they started cheering.

Hello! I have a paper due tomorrow (technically later) and I am just so frustrated that I have to resort to my happy pill, which is the amazing OTP! ANyway, here’s a rushed, and probbly crappy since it’s still unedited, one shot, from yours truly. this is dedicated to @fanwright who is a fellow bbrae shipper too. And as usual, this is also dedicated to Sokkla goddess which is Sey. Thank you for everything. 

Sokka stands in front of a brown door, imagining huge fiery claws grabbing and feasting on him.

           Still, albeit a slight exaggeration, the person who sits behind those doors has been called by everyone in their workforce, as the dragon lady. Her eyes turn to slits in her best and worst moods. Her words burn and hurt like the fire found in hell.  And she is goddamn attractive.

Azula, CEO of the Azulon Corporation.

           Sokka raises his hand, about to knock, then changes his mind at the last second. He thinks, he should have focused on his work more. He should have submitted those goddamn paperworks on time.  But he hasn’t, and now, the dragon has sent him a memorandum and might eat him alive at her den.

           Last week, Katara announced that she is pregnant. Everyone in their little family has been happy. Ecstatic even. But when he has went home, and found himself lying flat on his back, eyes trailing randomly on his apartment’s ceiling.  Sokk has felt a tinge of envy creeping on his heart.

           Sokka is 26 years old, two years older than Katara. He is still single, but not sure of he will be ready to mingle. He’s straight. Sexuality is not the problem. But, despite of the years that passed since Yue died, he hasn’t found himself opening his heart to anyone. He doesn’t even have the guts to sleep with anyone. There were casual dates. Dinners with his co-workers. Barhopping. Blind dates. He has tried to find a new girl. But his efforts have failed.

           Because of that, he has accepted the fact that he’ll die alone. Single.  Living with 100 domesticated dogs. But when Katara has announced her pregnancy, the denied truth that he hasn’t really accepted that fate blossomed.

He wants a child.

           And since it’s impossible to have it the natural way, he decides to ask for Science’s help.

And since he has been so busy with his new plan, he has forgotten his responsibility in his job, and now, is in danger of being fired from his position as the Head Manager of the Marketing Department.

“The door won’t open itself you know.”  A deep, lulling, but definitely feminine voice, says behind him. Turning, he sees the nightmare that he should encounter when he enters the pit.  

Miss Azula stands behind him. She’s wearing a deep red turtle neck shirt, topped by a deep black coat. Below a pencil- skirt is embracing her hips down to her  knees.

She is hot.

“Sokka, I don’t think staring at me will do you at your current predicament. Enter the room.”

           Sokka almost dashes inside, praying to all gods known to man. Please let me survive this one.

Azula is known for being merciless.

           She goes for the kill. There are no second chances. A mistake is a mistake. There is no reason for that. And when she has seen the declining performance of Sokka, she would have normally fired him on the spot.

But he is different.

           The man is brilliant. His intelligence is almost in spar with hers. He is one the of the company’s aces. And she knows for a fact that if she fires him, it will be the company’s loss. And as CEO, her actions will always be for the company’s well being.

And a bit for herself.

“Sit down.” She orders him.

           She clasps her hands together, and stares right through his eyes. “I can fire you right now, you know that. And I want to.” She lies.

“I am so sorry Ma’am.” Sokka answers. He knows of her policies. And if she sees fit to fire him. He can’t blame her judgment.  

“But, luckily for you. This is the first time in your 5 years of employment  that you performed poorly.”

           Sokka’s eyes brighten. Anticipating her next words.

“I’d give you a second chance. Don’t. Make. Me. Regret. It.”

“Thank you so much Ma’am. I promise you. This would be the last.”

           Azula nods at him, waving her hand, a sign that he could leave. Sokka stands, bows down, and exits.

           Azula eyes his black fitted pants that emphasize his rear.

Decisions for the company, indeed.

The clock reads 12:00 pm. Break time for the first shift of employees. Sokka grabs a soda from the vending machine, and climb to the building’s rooftop to unwind.

Aang has been waiting for him. The young-looking man waves at him, enthusiastically. What a bother. He should be thankful that they have been friends since college. And add the fact that he is Sokka’s brother-in-law.

“I’ve heard from Katara about your plans…” Aang says, straight-up. Sokka nods at him.

“She thinks that it’s a bad idea, finding a surrogate mother to bear your child…”

“I know.”

“But I think it’s okay. You want a child. So be it.”

Sokka turns to Aang, surprised by his statement.  “Really?”

“Yep. As long as you’re happy bro.

Lunch break ends. Sokka goes back to his office to finish extra work to get back to his boss’ good side. On the table, he sees a pamphlet of a hospital. Its services are printed on the third page. The third bullet is underlined. Obstetrics and gynaecology.

Sokka thinks of Aang. He felt touched at his best friend’s support. Sitting down, he immediately contacts the hospital and sets an appointment at the nearest time possible.

Which is later at 9:00 pm. Lucky.

He sends a quick thank you SMS to Aang.

Sokka sits at a coffee shop, waiting for the woman who volunteered to carry his child. She has been recommended by the ob-gyn he has met last night.

Doctor Ty Lee has given him everything that he needs for this pregnancy. All the details. From the rules to be followed, to the certificates— everything that needs his attention.

And from her ‘good graces of her heart’— Doctor’s words, not his— she can even recommend a surrogate mother. Sokka has accepted her offer and agreed to meet up with her today.

And the girl is an hour late.

Sokka gulps his second cup of cappuccino. Am I wasting time? He asks himself.

He orders a third cup.

He literally has not blinked an eye last night. He has been too excited for this moment. He may be meeting the woman who will carry his child.  The woman of his dreams in a different sense.

The clock ticks.

One hour and a half.

Sokka decides to rest his head on the table for a moment.

Suddenly, the chair in front of him moved. And someone sits down.

She sits like she owns the place. Her arms are crossed. Hear head is tilted. A smirk on her face.


The volunteer is goddamn Azula.


Azula only smirks at him.

“Yes. Me.”

Sokka is surprised beyond words. And at the moment, he wants to call himself, Shocka.

“B-but why? Is this some kind of prank?”  Sokka drastically turns his head around him.

“Nope.” Sokka bites his lips in frustration. He releases a deep breath.

“I’m leaving.” Sokka stands up from his chair. Regretting the time he has wasted.

“Leave, and you’re fired.” Azula says. Sokka immediately goes back to his seat.  She unabashedly grabs his unfinished third cup of cappuccino, and takes small sips, like she owns it.

“I heard everything from Ty Lee. The method you want to used. Everything. But I would like to tell you this. I am willing to carry a child. Our child.”

“I’m hearing a but…”

Azula, eyes him from top to toe. “But, I’ll only do it, unless, we do it, naturally…”