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The Haunted Sensabaugh Tunnel, Part 1

For a while, now, we’ve heard stories about the Sensabaugh Tunnel over near Church Hill, Tennessee.     No sense in completely re-telling all the ghost stories, but the supposed spooks are reputed to be the result of either a baby that was drowned in the pool of water at the end of the tunnel; or the Sensabaugh family who were all killed by Mr. Sensabaugh right before killing himself in the tunnel; or a woman whose car broke down in the tunnel and who was never seen again; or the seven workers killed during construction who might be buried in the tunnel.  Take your pick, or use another one, there’s supposed to be a bunch of other stories out there, too. 

Anyhow, on Monday, February 23, 2017 we scooted over there in our Miata to see the tunnel; and this is what we found.

That’s one of the haunted Sensabaugh Tunnel’s entrances, and the little body of water to the lower left is known as the “Crybaby Pool” because that’s where the baby was supposedly drowned in one of the ghost stories.   The water comes from the little stream that runs through the tunnel.   The tunnel is paved, so it’s fairly safe for walking or driving through provided you remember to turn to the left as you come out of the tunnel on this end.   

One of the ghost stories tells of seeing two red, glowing eyes of a grinning monster in the tunnel.  We figured out what that obviously was:

Navigator did remember to make the left turn, thus avoiding ending up in the waterfall and the Crybaby Pool. 

OK.    Enough fun.   You ask:  “Is it really haunted?”   The answer is YES.   It is absolutely haunted.    Now we get to the serious part of this story.  

There’s something “different” about Navigator’s camera.    I don’t know what it is.    Every time we’ve seen something apparently supernatural in one of our photos, it’s always been from her Nikon.    Or, maybe they usually just like her better than they like me.  But, Hey…. Clara did like me over at Major Graham’s Mansion.   So there.

Here’s a photo Navigator took with her D-3300.

You’ll notice that there’s a strange, white thing about 30 feet inside the tunnel, near the tunnel ceiling.    I don’t know what it is, but this photo is straight from the camera with no post processing.  

Tumblr says I’ve got this entry as long as they’ll allow, so we’ll continue in our next blog entry…………..

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.