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Guess Who Asked? : Spencer Reid x Reader

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“Excuse me?” You say, tapping a blonde woman in a blazer on the shoulder. “Do you know where I can find Doctor Spencer Reid?”

You read the name off a card that was given to you by Dr. Reid himself whenever he met you for a genetic analysis of the most recent suspect’s DNA in their case in northern Virginia. 

“Oh, hi, I’m Agent Jennifer Jureau or JJ and you are?” She extends a hand toward you and you shake it lightly.

“I’m Dr. (Y/F/N), genetic analyst and forensic criminologist, odd combo, I know.” You smile, dropping JJ’s hand. “Dr. Spencer Reid contacted me about conducting a genetic analysis on Mr. Louis Green for your case and I had some very interesting findings.”

You pull your manila file closer to your chest as JJ leads you to a little office where Spencer had set up. 

“Spence, there is a Dr. (Y/F/N) here with some results that you requested.” JJ shuts the door behind you as you make your way closer to the man that requested your assistance. 

“Hi, Dr. (Y/F/N), it’s great to see you again.” Spencer smiles as you hand him the file.

“Please, call me (Y/N). The only people that actually refer to me as ‘doctor’ are my parents,” you laugh.

Spencer chuckles slightly as he speeds through your findings. “With Mr. Green,” you start. “The reason why your eye witness testimonies and DNA testing doesn’t match is because he has a rare genetic disorder in which the DNA in his blood differs from the DNA in his semen. His blood was tested against the semen in the rape test kit, which rendered the results inconclusive. He most likely absorbed a twin in the womb before the twin was detected and inherited the DNA from there.”

“A human chimera,” Spencer whispers. He closes the file and looks up at you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). This helps our case tremendously.”

“It’s really no problem. I’m happy to help any time.”

Spencer walks out of the room with the file in hand as Morgan gives him a clap on the back. 

“Hey, it’s one step in the right direction, lover-boy,” Morgan chuckles. You could hear them through the door, but waited to see where the conversation was going.

“(Y/N) is an amazing genetic analyst and is extremely smart, I just asked for a professional opinion. From one doctor to another.” You can see Spencer start to blush a little and you can feel heat rising to your cheeks too.

“Alright, if that’s all you wanted, then you won’t mind if I ask (Y/N) out then, hm?” Anyone could tell that Morgan was just trying to get on Spencer’s nerves, and it was working. 

“Really, Morgan?” Spencer asks, obviously slightly annoyed.

“I’m just joking, kid. You go get ‘em, just make sure (Y/N) doesn’t leave before you ask.” He walks away and as soon as he passed the office you were in, you stepped out. You head toward the doors, hoping Spencer will stop you before you get there. As soon as you have a hand on the door, you hear someone call your name.

“(Y/N)!” Spencer jogs over to catch up with you at the front of the station. “I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime away from work? Maybe go see a foreign film or go to the Smithsonian together.”

“I would love to see a foreign film sometime, but the Smithsonian sounds like a better option. We can actually talk without disturbing anybody,” you laugh.

“That sounds great.” Spencer takes your card from you before opening the door to the station. “I’ll let you know when the case is over so we can go to the museum!” he called after you.

“Perfect. Talk to you soon.” You hop in your car and just take a second to process what happened. 

Spencer walks back inside and shows Morgan your card. “Guess who asked?”


OOTD: Another Polka Dot

My mothers gave me this blazers hehehe. She knows how much i love polka dot :) 

Blazers: Leona Bangkok

Tops: Forever 21

Shorts: Ratchaburi Market, Thailand

Shoes: Converse

Hard To Forget.

The sharp sound of what sounded like heels could be heard echoing outside of the door. It was an unusual sound, the Barca boys so used to hearing cleats and sneakers hit the hardwood so when the sound arrived all eyes fell on her.

“Wow,” Ivan uttered.

“Damn,” someone else added.

The woman walked into the room of men. “Neymar…Jr.” She added that in so as to not sound too casual. She didn’t know him personally and didn’t want him to feel as if she thought she did.

She clutched the paper in her hand while she waited for him to come forward. Secretly she knew all of the players by name and face but again she didn’t want to feel weird just walking up to him. Sitting on the bench, Nemyar held up his hand.

Seeing him she walked up towards him while holding out the paper. He took it and quickly began reading over it though he still asked, “What is this?”

“It’s a sponsorship agreement the club needs you to sign. All of the players were given one but it seems you haven’t signed yours yet.”

“Right,” he said as if he knew exactly what sponsorship agreement she was talking about. Thankfully the company’s logo was at the top so he could at least believe this wasn’t some sort of fake contract he was signing. In reality he was too distracted by her deep eyes sparkling while she looked at him. Or at least they looked to be sparkling. Maybe he was just imagining it.

“Do you need a pen or would you like to read it over first and give it back to me later?”

“No. I trust you.” And maybe Neymar trusted her solely off of the fact she was drop dead gorgeous but when she held out the pen for him to take, he grabbed it without hesitation. There was this sort of electrical shock that ran from his fingers and deeper through his body as their fingers brushed against each other.

He shook it away feeling as if he was once again making a big deal out of nothing. He had seen beautiful women before but there was something else about her he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Finger. Right. The thought reminded him of why she was here in the first place and he finally looked down towards the paper, placing it onto a bench and scrawling his dominant signature.

They say you can tell a lot about someone’s handwring. When she looked down at his, she noticed its size. It had a large, commanding presence on the paper as the black ink glistened until dry. It was accented by neatly carved loops showing a sense of status and confidence. She tucked her random analysis in her back pocket for now.

Once Ney was done he passed the paper off to her with a smile and she returned the gesture. She didn’t say anything else, instead beginning to head out of the area but not before saying, “Congratulations again, Xavi.” She winked towards the maestro.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Xavi responded with a grin. She sauntered out after that.


Neymar turned to his captain. “Who is that?”

“Y/N. She works in external affairs for the club. Handling legal stuff, contracts and things I think,” Xavi shrugged while he sat on a bench, sliding into his sneakers. He didn’t even realize his teammate’s interest.

Legal. That’s what it was! Neymar realized now why she was so oddly familiar. He could remember pulling up to Carolina’s home one day and seeing a young woman leaving in her car. Naturally he felt attraction but he didn’t relay those thoughts to Carolina. He simply asked who she was and she explained that she was a lawyer helping her out with something or another. The details really didn’t matter.

It was her. Only now she was working for Barcelona?

He had many quesitons, most outside of the realm of her work and more about getting to know the mystery woman, so he got up and headed out of the area to find her.

Neymar turned his head in both directions to see which way she may have headed. It didn’t take much scouring as he could see her somewhat in the distance, her heels betraying her location and she seemed distracted as he could see her looking down at the phone in her hand.

“Hey!” He yelled after her to get her to stop while he jogged to where she now stood.


“Sorry if I’m interrupting your work or anything but you looked familiar and I had to say something.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and laughed as if she was about to relay a joke. “I don’t go to clubs so I’m not sure where you’d recognize me from.”

“Carolina. You worked with her on something.”

She squinted her eyes while trying to remember the woman. The truth was she worked with many people on a weekly basis. It was hard to keep track of them all. Thankfully Neymar stepped in and elaborated.

“Blonde hair…”

He was going to continue describing but it seemed the memory came back to her quicker. “Oh! Oh! Dantas. Yes I remember. Are you her boyfriend or…?”

“No, no. I’m…we have a child together.” He wanted to make sure he clarified they weren’t together and that he was single.

Incredibly single.

“Adorable,” she smiled. The woman pushed her blazer jacket sleeve up so she could look towards the gold watch on her wrist and check the time. “I have a meeting to attend to. Always business with this club but thank you.” She held up the signed paper to remind him of the reason for her visit in the first place.

“Right. I guess I will be seeing you around?”

She turned with a smirk before yelling over her shoulder, those heels seeming like a sweet melody to Neymar now as he watched her walk away. “My office is on the second floor to the right. Can’t miss it.”

He was definitely going to pay her a few visits.

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“Oh do I have stories for you.”

“One time Abby thought it would be hilarious to tell me the Faceless Old Woman set my favorite blazer on fire. Well, needless to say she regretted it after I almost went toe to toe with the Faceless Old Woman myself for it. That was my favorite blazer after all.” 

“And another time I wanted to practice for my Dark Summoning badge, and Abby kept criticizing my chalk lines. So I told her to do a better one, and you know what she summoned? An armadillo! Hah!!” 

 “Oohhhh man, this one time, my brother and I - “

“I…. I-I don’t remember… ever since that rip in reality I keep seeing things that aren’t real. I mean, they couldn’t be, right? We um… made a pillow fort, or, he and the other Cecil did, when they were about ten? I think? But that wasn’t me. I don’t think..”

Pick-Up Lines 2

Synopsis: Remember how I said in the author’s note of this post  that I had another 3.5k words of Rocket Angel involving corny pick-up lines? Here you go! Rocket Angel AU fluff!

Pairings: Rocket Angel/Pharmercy (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler), WidowTracer (Lena “Tracer” Oxton/Amlie “Widowmaker” Lacroix), Ice Bears/Russian Winter (Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova/Mei-Ling Zhou)

The year is 2012. Lena Oxton is convinced that the world will end tomorrow, so she convinces Angela, with incessant wheedling and a pout she can’t resist, to attend an appropriately-themed party, hosted by the most elite women’s club in the city. The cover is an exorbitant, absolutely absurd thirty dollars, and that’s almost enough to make Angela abandon Lena, her current fuckbuddy/project/flavor-of-the-month Amelié, Genji, and Mei at the door, but the combined wheedling of her three friends and Amelié’s scathing glare make Angela turn over a twenty and ten to the gorilla of a bouncer with a deep sigh.

He adjusts his glasses as he steps aside.

“Have fun, Lena, Genji, ladies.”

“Cheers, Winston, mate!”

The thirty dollar cover seems fairer when they’re greeted in the line to the coat check by an absolutely stunning go-go dancer with flawless skin and brown eyes so light they look gold offering a tray of free ‘Revelation’ shots. Angela’s jaw drops and doesn’t close until Genji jabs an elbow into her side and whispers into her ear.

“Doctor Ziegler, if you keep staring at her ass like that, she might actually slap you.”

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