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“Marilla was a tall, thin woman, with angles and without curves; her dark hair showed some gray streaks and was always twisted up in a hard little knot behind with two wire hairpins stuck aggressively through it. She looked like a woman of narrow experience and rigid conscience, which she was; but there was a saving something about her mouth which, if it had been ever so slightly developed, might have been considered indicative of a sense of humor.”

-Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 1


“And our final tribute for district 8 is…” a deafening pause filled the air as every young woman in district 8 held their breath.

“Jellybean Jones!”

The courtyard went deadly silent for what felt like hours before the piercing scream of Jughead Jones broke through the air


He was being pulled away by guards, tugging him out of the courtyard as his baby sister was placed on stage next to a shivering little boy and a woman dressed extravagantly in colors that district 8 had never seen.

“Oh” the woman in the light purple wig tsked “how very valiant, unfortunately we already have our male tribute.” Her eyes were blank as she went back to congratulating the two terrified children on stage.

“No, please.” The dark haired boy sobbed, his eyes meeting his sisters, she was crying now as well, thick tear drops dripping from her eyes.

It was all over before it began, people went home to their families somberly, mothers held their children and cried, fathers released anxious breaths as Jughead lay desperately on the floor of his home, slamming his fist into the dusty hardwood.

“We have to say goodbye.” His mothers cold, distant voice spoke from above him, her purse on her shoulder as she kept her distance from his father and left the house . F.Ps eyes were red rimmed as he clutched Jugheads shoulder

“We have to be strong for her, we need to show her we believe in her.” He choked out.

Jughead whipped to face him

“She’ll die in the arena! You know that! She won’t make it a full day!” He yelled shakily.

F.P sobbed,

“I know boy, I know.”

They arrived at the station and were instantly shuffled into a plain white room, jelly bean was sitting in the center looking smaller than ever. Jesus Christ she was only 9.

Her eyes met Jughead instantly and she leaped towards him, clinging to his body.

“I’m going to die.” She weeped.

Jughead caught his fathers eyes over jellybeans head and pulled away

“No you won’t, you’re going to live, you’re going to fight and you’re going to do everything you have to do to make it out of their alive. You are not leaving me alone with these looney tunes.” He made a silly face and Jellybean giggled through a sniffle.

“Okay Juggie.” The tiny brown haired girl looked up at him with watery blue eyes so desperate he had to look away.

After hugging her father as he whispered in her ear, Jugheads mother turned to her daughter.

“Don’t embarrass us, you’ll be on national television.” She turned quickly and left the room.

Jughead growled as F.P shook his head sadly.

“That’s all for visiting, out now.” A capitol guard grunted, shoving the two men out of the room as Jellybean waved sadly.

“We won’t ever see her again.” F.P whispered, watching as the train pulled away.

Jughead stared at his fathers profile
“You don’t know, she’s been known to surprise us.” He dropped a hand to his fathers arm and they both made their way home

“You never know.” The older man mumbled.

A week later everyone gathered in the popular food trading port, it was called Pops and it had the largest screen to watch the games.

“It’s just interviews today, she just has to be herself, she’s adorable. She can atleast win a few sponsors.” Veronica lodge, the mayors daughter gently pat Jugheads back as they took a seat.

Joaquin slid beside them
“I believe in her.” He grumbled.

Jughead took a deep breath and suddenly the screen was playing as his fingers dug into his seat

Let the games begin.

The tributes were interviewed, dressed exceptionally and dramatic representing their district. Second to last was his sister, she walked on screen beside the shivering little boy tribute and her smile was dazzling. Jughead bit back tears and allowed pride to fill his body, she was so strong. The dark black dress she wore was covered in hand painted flames. Coal.
His little sister, the girl on fire.

Caesar Flickerman proceeded to ask questions, multiple times speaking about how beautiful she was and how she was definitely the cutest little tribute they had ever seen.

“She’s working that angle, the woman sponsors will love her.” Veronica whispered beside him.

“Speaking of beautiful it appears you’ve made a friend in the training arena.” Caesar wiggled his eyebrows and Jellybean giggled.
“Let’s recap shall we.” The purple haired man gestured to the ginormous screen above his head.

Video filled the screen

Jellybean was sitting in the corner of the practice arena shivering as everyone chose their weapons, beating on each other and screaming. Suddenly a girl with long blonde hair and noticeably bright green eyes was leaning beside her

“It is a little scary isn’t it?” She asked the little girl. Jellybean nodded, pushing her long brown hair out of her face, eyes terrified. The blonde looked concerned

“My names Betty, what about you?” Her voice was sweet as honey and while he knew his sister should always be on her guard he felt as though she could trust this new friend.

“Jellybean” she shivered.

Betty sat beside her
“Well jellybean, as pretty as your hair is, it might get in the way. Do you mind?” She held up an elastic band and jellybean nodded curiously.

In under a minute Betty had twisted the long brown hair into an intricate braid that pulled the lose strands away from her face.

“Much better, now we can see your pretty face.” She tweaked her nose and smiled.

“You stay strong Jellybean.” And with that she was off to her own training.

The screen disappeared and Jellybean was back on screen, smiling fondly.

“That was very nice of her” Caesar cooed.

Jellybean nodded
“She’s the greatest, she gives me all of her extra food, she says I have to keep up strength.”

Cesar’s eyes widened surprised, as the audience awwwwed

“Well I think that’s all for you Jellybean and Dilton, good luck to you both.”

They were shooed off stage and jughead could finally breathe.

“That’s a good thing” Joaquin spoke “she’s forming an alliance.

"I don’t know” Jughead mumbled skeptically, his eyes drawn to the screen as the same beautiful blonde appeared on the screen, her arm linked with the most good looking boy he had ever seen he heard Veronica physically gasp.

“Elizabeth Cooper and Finnick Odair District 4!”
He gestured to the two teenagers dressed in matching seashells and aqua. The ocean, beautiful.

“So we’ll start with you ms.cooper, you volunteered for your sister Polly? It was very noble.”

Betty nodded
“My sister is pregnant, she would not have made it, I’ve been trained for this, we’ve been trained for this.” She glanced over at her partner and Jughead felt his stomach clench, was that jealousy? This was not the time to be jealous, those two were walking into their death.

“Yes of course, you two are careers?” Caesar asked

The boy named Finnick shook his head
“We were raised to be in the games, but we are not cruel or vicious, not like some others.” He was talking about Jason and Cheryl Blossom form district 2, they were wild and almost feral.

“Let’s take a look shall we.”

The screen flickered back to the practice arena, it showed Finnick expertly swinging a trident, it was terrifying. It turned to Betty who smiling widely at Finnick as she showed her own talent.

Six knives were tucked into her belt, quickly she had thrown them, hitting every single target in less than six seconds. The whole of Pops gasped, oh, so she was most definitely a career.

When the screen flicked back Finnick and Betty were smiling proudly.

“But that’s not all.” Ceasar waved frantically a the screen came back down.

Betty was Helping Jellybean into the tight training suit and the little girl was giggling as Betty made silly faces and Finnick ran in and began throwing handful of sugar cubes at the girls.

Jughead felt his heart ache, that was his little sister and she was laughing, this beautiful district 4 tribute had given Jellybean the chance to be a child for just a little longer.

Ceasar filled the screen again as he wiped fake tears from his eyes

“It’s beautiful how you’ve taken the little jellybean under the wing.”

Betty turned to the screen, a look of pure defiance in her eyes

“She’s just a little girl, with a family out there. She has an older brother my age and I want to tell him, she will be safe for as long as I can help it. I promise you.” The screen flicked back quickly, it wasn’t safe to divulge plans especially when they disagreed with the capital.

“That’s all for today folks! We’ll see you in the games. May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The screen went black and Jughead pulled his hands from the seat, his fingernails were bloody from digging so hard but his heart felt lighter.

Betty Cooper was going to save his Little Sister.

Why Polish orthography is important? #5

This time I would like to talk about diacritical marks (znaki diakrytyczne). In Polish we’ve got 9 letters containing diacritics - ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż. Their sounds are different from sounds of the letters a/o c e l n o s z. Now let’s take a look at some examples:

  • łęk - lęk - lek (pommel/cantle - fear - medicine)
  • łaska - laska (grace - chick <woman>/cane)
  • kąt - kat (angle/corner - executioner)
  • piszę - pisze (I am writing; I write - He/She/It is writing; He/She/It writes)

Our most famous sentence which contains the biggest amount of diacritis is:

  • Zażółć gęślą jaźń (literally: Make yellow a goose’s self)

9 diacritics! Grammatically it’s okay but it has no meaning so I’m not able to properly translate it. 


  • In the begining I mentioned that “ą” comes from “a/o”. It’s not a mistake, because in Polish we don’t have a nasal a”. Probably during Medieval Period it has changed its sound and right now we read “a” as a nasal “o”. In conclusion this sound should be written as “ǫ” but we decided not to change it - that’s why we’ve got “ą” instead of  “ǫ”.
  • ó” hasn’t got the same sound as “o”, but it has the same sound as “u”. Thought, in some places in Poland you can still hear “ó” as [o] - but only in subdialects.
  • We’ve got two diagraphs containing letters with diacritis - “” and “”.
  • On messenger, SMS etc. we usually don’t use diacritics - sometimes you need to be careful about writing like that and also understanding it. Here we’ve got the most popular example where we omit “ł”:
    - robić łaskę - to do a favour
    - robić laskę - to give a blowjob
  • In colloquial Polish we distinguish diacritis. We’ve got letters:
    - z ogonkiem (literally: with a little tail) - ą ę
    - z kreseczką (literally: with a little mark/line) - ć ł ń ó ś ź
    - z kropeczką (literally: with a little dot) - ż
  • There is a colloquial phrase być ąę - to be pretentious

It’s my last post about Polish orthography - I hope you enjoyed it! If anyone has some interesting facts about Polish orthography and wants me to take a look at it, message me - maybe the topic will be big enough for 6th part of Polish orthography’s posts.


A/N: This… is disgusting, plotless, irredeemable fluff. I’m sorry. 

“What’ll it be, hon?” 

This waitress can’t be for real. She’s ambiguously middle-aged, with poorly-bleached, preposterously floofy hair piled on top of her head. Wide hips, blue eyeshadow, one bad tooth - the works. She’s like a caricature. Hell, she’s even chewing gum, smacking it cheerfully between her tongue and her teeth. She’s unbelievable, is what she is. This whole diner is unbelievable. And true to his penchant for unbelievable things, Mulder is absolutely delighted. 

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Hello!! I'm officially done with Prime Earth after this week. Which title would you recommend for someone who's only focused on books with Dick as a main character before? Preferably New Earth & Batfam related :)

Yeahhh, it looks like the general consensus is that this week sucked for comics.

But alright. If you want something light, casual, happy, and easy to read, I’d recommend Li’l Gotham. It has a [Vol 1] and [Vol 2]. It’s affordable, very cute, and has a Batfamily focus.

Otherwise, my favorite era of comics is the Dick!Bat era. I think Dick had a solid couple years in the cowl, and his relationship with Damian is one of my favorites due to the dramatic character development Damian undergoes. I made [this trade guide], because it’s honestly pretty confusing figuring out how to collect runs. It’s definitely not intuitive to new readers, but you can purchase those trades in chronological order with some confidence. I already mentioned [The Black Mirror] in that post, but I really feel that it deserves to be mentioned again because it’s probably my favorite comic of all time. The story is so thoughtful and symbolic that I would consider it a literary masterpiece, which is not something I say about most comics.

Next, I’d recommend [The Batman Files], because I’ve actually bought it five times. It’s not a ‘comic book’ so much as it’s a personal scrapbook of Bruce Wayne’s life. I think it offers an invaluable insight into the Bat mythos, and I [ramble about it a lot here].

If you’re interested in Dick as Robin and Babs as Batgirl, we have [Robin: Year One and Batgirl: Year One]. One of my favorite comics of all time is [Teen Titans: Year One]. I’ve read it at least six times, but I definitely recommend it for its emphasis on Dick’s roots with the Titans since they’re like a family to him. We also have [Scarecrow: Year One], which features Dick as Robin. I want to be clear and say that I’m not recommending the Scarecrow story so much as I’m recommending this comic for its insight on Dick and Bruce’s relationship. Most Scarecrow fans that I know aren’t impressed with this origin story in terms of Jonathon Crane, but I feel the rest of the comic makes up for that (minus the womanizer angle) because I’m a biased Dick Grayson fan and it should be illegal for Bruce and Dick to be this cute. 

Let’s see, what can I throw at you next… The Nightwing Dixon run. Here’s [Vol 1] and here’s [Vol 2]. [Vol 3] will be out in January. [Vol 4] comes out in April. I really wish DC would release these faster, but unfortunately we’re stuck waiting. This era is where we see Dick gaining complete independence as Nightwing to protect his own city. It’s a story about his growth as a character, and it’s where you go if you want to see Dick as a police officer. (I said the Dick!Bat era was my favorite, but Officer Grayson actually holds my heart and soul.) This is where you go if you want to read about the DickBabs relationship, because Oracle features in this title frequently. What’s more, Tim Drake drops in every now and then, so you get some exposure to him and Dick being bros. Nightwing trades from the 90′s do exist, and I’d definitely recommend searching for them on Amazon or E-Bay if you’re impatient for the next volume. While you’re waiting for the other trades to get released, you can always check out [Nightwing: The Target]. Another random comic I want to recommend is [Birds of Prey #8] for Dick and Babs. That link goes to the kindle edition because the actual comic sells for over $40+ (which should give you an idea of how good it is).

The 1980′s isn’t for everyone, but I’m fond of New Teen Titans, and I think it’s a great era if you’re open to it. The Titans had a profound impact on Dick’s character growth, and Marv Wolfman is the co-creator of Nightwing. He’s one of the most influential writers of this character, hands down, and spent over a decade shaping Dick’s characterization. [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3] were recently reprinted. [Vol 4] comes out in January. This is where you go if you’re interested in the DickKory relationship. It’s also a title I’d recommend to people who were fans of the Teen Titans animated show, since that show was heavily based off of this era of comics.

I often talk about how Donna’s death had one of the greatest impacts on Dick’s life, and I do recommend this era for anyone who wants to see this play out. I think it’s nice if you read some NTT first in order to get exposure to Dick and Donna’s relationship as friends, but this isn’t required. You can start with [Graduation Day] and then move onto Outsiders [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], and [Vol 4], which are written by Judd Winick. Some highlights of this era are Dick and Roy’s relationship (definitely go here if you’re interested in that). This title is also strong in terms of LGBT and PoC representation. Anissa Pierce is a black, lesbian woman. Grace Choi is bisexual, a bad ass, and Asian-American. They end up living together, and I really think this title is underrated in terms of how progressive it is. Be aware that this title explores a lot of dark themes (tw for sex trafficking).

I’m going to move away from Dick Grayson now to highlight some other Batfamily members. [Lost Days] and [Under the Red Hood] offer a quick and easy introduction to Jason Todd, written by Judd Winick. Unfortunately, it’s harder finding the trades for Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. Cass is getting her trade reprinted in January, starting with [Vol 1], but it’s a ways away. Until then, I’d recommend No Man’s Land, which is really the way to go for Cass anyway since it covers her first appearance. You can find [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], [Vol 4], and [Vol 5] here along with a nice introduction to Helena Bertinelli (For more Huntress, you can try [Huntress: Cry for Blood] and [Huntress: Year One]. Cry for Blood is more highly recommended for being in character, but it’s also more expensive). Oracle is another major focus in NML, as well as Bruce. Dick and Tim both make appearances too. If you find that collecting No Man’s Land in print form is too expensive or too much to read, then I’d like to direct your attention to Graphic Audio, where you can listen to the novelization of this story with voice actors for over 11 hours. [Part 1] is here and [Part 2] is here. I honestly cannot recommend this enough, because it’s an amazing experience to listen to. The voice actors are spot on (you will melt at Dick Grayson’s voice just because), and the music and sound effects are seamlessly integrated as well. If you have to spend your money on one thing on this list, I’d say this is your best investment, particularly if you’re looking for a story that involves the entire Batfamily. Moving on, I’d love to offer some Tim Drake stuff, but DC is lagging here. [Vol 1] of his Robin solo goes into reprint this November, and [Vol 2] comes out in March. This is also where you’d go to see Steph as Spoiler. Finaaaally, to draw this to a close, I want to offer another Bruce Wayne focused story. [Bruce Wayne – Murderer?] comes first, followed by Fugitive [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3]. Dick, Tim, Cass, Steph, and Babs all feature here.

-deep breath- Okay. So this definitely isn’t everything New Earth has to offer, but I feel like I hit a lot of the major stuff, especially from a Dick Grayson / Batfam centric viewpoint. I did my best to focus on stories that are affordable, well-written and easy to collect. <: I hope these characters devour your soul.

This microscopic creature on Steve Trevor’s scalp is Wonder Woman, who is currently trying to figure out the best way to access his brain. Just a few takeaways from this:

  1. Wonder Woman *reeeeeaaallllly* likes blondes
  2. What shampoo/conditioner combination does Steve Trevor use because his hair looks seriously well balanced

There are no limits in the comic book world because the Silver Age easily broke them all. 

from Wonder Woman #161 (1966) by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito. 

Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 5323 (Act V)

A/N: The [extended] conclusion to a five-act miniseries. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks (I’ve been informed it got kinda angsty – so, uh, yay, something for everyone?!). All mysteries and roads converge in Clifton Springs, NY – whither will they lead from there? Here’s a hint about the roads – there is a 100% probability they all lead to a mountain of fluff.

Previous chapters:  Act I,  Act II, Act III , Act IV - Part I, Act IV - Part II

Originally posted by caa-s

Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”


The familiar rumbling whisper thundered through your pounding head with the boom of a freight train. You groaned in response.

“They’ve left for the moment,” the whispered onslaught continued, “there was a heated argument. Mrs. Kinlay did not want to miss bingo night at the senior center despite Mr. Kinlay’s wounds. Evidently, a Mrs. Reynolds recently returned from an extended cruise which was in reality a cover story for obtaining plastic surgery and the so-called botch job isn’t to be missed.”

You groaned again.

“Are you hurt?”

More discombobulated yet distinctly incensed syllables somersaulted from your tongue. You meant to say: “Bingo? Seriously? Well at least something about those impostors stinks of being geriatric.”

Cas took the irate tone of your incoherent groans as confirmation you were unharmed save for the diminishing effects of the cataleptic drug in your system, “They intend to perform some sort of ritual. We appear to be central components. Fortunately, it seems important to them that we remain largely unharmed.”

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Maybe This Time -- Chapter One “Random”

Tom Hiddleston x Plus Size OFC

No real description yet, It is going to be sweet and fluffy for the most part… but you guys know me… that never lasts haha

Chapter One - Random

It was just a random Thursday night. Why do the best things seem to happen on the most random days and the most random times? If it were a scene in a scene in a movie it would have been a rainy night. A chance meeting in a smoky bar or cafe. A sudden spotlight on the perfect girl in slow motion.

It wasn’t a movie though, so it had far less fanfare. It was a clear and quiet night, it was a hole in the wall cabaret in a neighborhood about halfway to being gentrified, and it was just a woman with a voice.

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Things that did not happen in the Wonder Woman movie

1. She didn’t use her “feminine wiles” to get anything
2. Steve didn’t make creepy advances or comments about the attractiveness of Diana or the Amazons
3. Cutesy or sexy poses while she fought or at any other time
4. Steve never talked down to Diana like she was a child he was teaching the ways of the world
5. Diana never apologized for her actions, convictions, or right to exist. Her speech, actions, and movements had no hint of apology
6. She never needed or cared for anyone to assure her she’s pretty
7. Her strength and determination wasn’t a fuck you to the status quo because it never entered her mind that she should be timid or demure
8. The scene where she tries on different outfits wasn’t a cutesy fashion show
9. Sexy/voyeuristic camera angles

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Why do you think Marston have the whole "wonder woman made from clay" angle in her origin that we've basically had ever since (ish)? Isn't "best of the best of secrect scifi hidden amazons" an exotic and exciting enough origin?

She is made from clay so that she is pure woman, without the taint of man-stink anywhere in her. Her parthenogenic origin means that she is pure, woman born of woman.

Why clay specifically rather than just, say, popping out of Hippolyta’s thigh, or head, or even just regular old virgin birth? Well, as I explained in this essay that I apparently wrote before I had read the huge pile of Golden Age Wonder Woman that I have since read, it ties her thematically to Pandora, the first woman.

(That link also reminds me I owe some people some essays. Sorry, y’all. Let’s see what I can do.)

Who’s Gonna Pay For This?

A Karamel Drabble

A/n: I started this before the finale, but I’m editing it and posting it as fast as I can now because I think we could all use some humor and fluff after that heart-breaking goodbye scene. Message me or review with any suggestions or comments you want me to hear!…or Read. I’m not as proud of this as some of my other things. I think I could have made it better, but I hope you all enjoy anyway. I’m probably doing some real karamel smut next because I’m horny. Anybody have some good kink ideas?

Alex sat down at her desk that morning, taking a sip of coffee to blow away the cobwebs. J’onn had asked her to come in early and review the security tapes; he had been paranoid since the threat of a white Martian attack. Not that she could blame him. But getting to work at six a.m. to watch blank tapes wasn’t exactly her idea of a great morning, or anyone’s for that matter. She briefly glanced at her cell to see a sweet text from Maggie.

Kick ass at work today, Danvers. I’ll make up for the early morning tonight with your favourite ice cream.-Maggie

               She smiled at the encouragement from her girlfriend. Just talking to Maggie always made her feel a little better, somehow a little more energetic and relaxed at the same time. She let a small smile lift her lips as she logged onto her DEO computer, finding the files of last night’s security tapes. Another agent had monitored all the security cam footage until everyone left last night at eight. That meant she had about ten hours of new footage to scan over. Yipee. She better be getting a bonus soon for this.

               She started the first tape and inevitably stared at a blank screen, speeding up the video so that it wouldn’t take all day to get through. She switched her attention to the footage of the dorm rooms to see if any of their more civil alien residents had done anything interesting last night. See, the DEO agents would often run across alien refugees in the street, struggling in one way or another. They offered them a place to live at the DEO and gave them lessons in earth culture and how to keep themselves safe. They stayed there until they could safely acclimate to National City or wherever they wanted to go on their own. Maybe she’d get to see one of the Hellgrammites they’d brought in last week shapeshift. J’onn had told her that they do that sometimes when they’re bored.  

               Nope. Nada. Not one resident was doing anything remotely interes-….Alex Danvers cut off her thought process as she saw a naked blond woman throw her head back, seated on top of an equally naked DEO resident. Her eyes widened as she slowed the footage tor regular speed, trying to see more closely. The woman had her back turned to the camera, but something about the shape of the man’s face was familiar. She zoomed in the video just a little and her jaw dropped, recognizing the man as Mon-El…Oooh she shouldn’t be watching this. She paused the video and was just about to cancel out when she remembered that Kara seemed to have been showing signs of feelings for this Daxamite lately. And there he was….getting flat out RIDDEN by another woman. How did he even get a random woman into the DEO? Oh that jackass was in for it.

               She reluctantly pressed play one more time-she planned to rewind the video to see how he got the woman into his dorms. But right before she could press the rewind button, the woman angled her face towards camera inadvertently as she moaned. Alex grimaced at the very personal sound until something horrible dawned on her. She was staring at her little sister’s face. The woman in the video, riding Mon El like a cowgirl, was….Kara???

               She made an embarrassingly girly sound of terror and slammed the off button on her computer. But can you really blame her?

               Alex sat in her chair for a few seconds, completely in shock, debating if J’onn would agree to mind wipe her if she asked…Deciding that it was unlikely, she closed her eyes and pressed her fist to her eyelids, trying to scrub the images out.

Wellshe thought, after a few minutes of accepting the horror, At least he wasn’t with another woman

Oh this is not how she wanted to spend her morning. Not at all. But being a good big sister meant looking out for Kara. And her logical agent mind was telling her that after…all of that, Kara would likely fall asleep and….Alex checked the live footage of Mon-El’s dorm room and yep-they were both asleep in Mon El’s bed. Butt naked. Joy.

She reluctantly got up from her standard, spinny office chair and left the room, heading down the hall to wake up Kara before J’onn and the others came in and the most embarrassing day of Kara’s life commenced. As uncomfortable as the whole thing made her, she didn’t want her sister to suffer through that.

So with the bravery of a true warrior, the very professional DEO agent and doctorate carrying woman knocked on the door of the dorms and waited for her naked sister to wake up and disentangle herself from her boyfriend’s arms…She couldn’t believe this was her life. It was so…normal. Seeing as how she was used to fighting psychopaths and alien monsters every week, this was almost a refreshing change of pace. Almost.

Kara’s first conscious thought was that she didn’t think she’d ever felt more comfortable. Except for, maybe, that time when there’d been some kind of solar eclipse and she managed to catch a cold. Eliza had made her tomato soup and grilled cheese, then tucked her into bed after she had watched cartoons all day. She felt so safe at the time, with her adoptive family watching over her. It was one of her first memories of feeling accepted and loved at the Danver’s home. It was the first time it truly felt like HER home.

It was a similar feeling now, except with a little more of a mature tinge to it. She kept her eyes closed, but she could feel one of Mon El’s arms wrapped around her waist and his other hand holding hers over her chest. She squeezed his fingers and sighed, taking a moment to just snooze and relax. As Supergirl, moments to herself where she had nothing at all to worry about was not something she received off.

Damn, Mon-El, why are you so hot? She thought. And no, she didn’t mean hot as in physically attractive, although…that was true. She meant his arms around her were so warm that she’d be sweating if she were human. She’d slept and snuggled in the same bed as Alex when they were kids and she was not this warm. Maybe it was a guy thing? Being toasty when they sleep? She’d have to ask Alex or Lena-someone with more experience sleeping in the same bed as a man.  

But still, his weight by her back felt good, solid. He wasn’t holding her down like he was restricting her. Rather, feeling him beside her-behind her-anchored her in her own strength somehow. She knew she wasn’t alone now, in a way she had always been alone before. Sure, she had great friends and great family, but they weren’t…her perfect partner. They didn’t understand her pain at losing her people or the awkwardness that stems from living on a foreign planet. Their bodies didn’t fit hers the way his dad, like a puzzle, as corny as it sounds. He could go into battle by her side and watch her back, literally.

But he also challenged her; he told her when she was being self-righteous or arrogant, but in a way where she still knew that he thought the world of her. He didn’t make things easy for her all the time, but that’s not what a relationship is. You don’t always get along and agree on every little thing. You fight. You bicker. You listen to each other and make up. That pattern, the pattern of a normal relationship, made her feel….not human, but like she fitted in.

Her entire life, she’d had to struggle to fit in anywhere. She has the Danvers and she’s always considered them her family. She loves them more than she does herself. But even with them, at the very beginning, she had to work to get used to being in their family, to doing things the way they did. When she first started school, she had to hide parts of herself so the other children would accept her. When she applied for jobs, like at Catco, she had to earn her place. She never just…fell naturally into place somewhere. Until Mon-El.

Being with him was just…easy. They’ve already had rough patches and there are bound to be more in their future, but even the arguing feels natural. Like its her role. Like it’s her job to yell at him and smack his arm when he’s being selfish and egotistical. And in return for inspiring him to be better, he makes her feel like she’s priceless, like he could search the stars and never find someone more amazing.

She opened her eyes, just a little bit, to peak at him as he slept. She could hear his heart beating, steady and slow. His face was completely relaxed and he looked younger when he was like this, almost boyish. Like all his worries had slipped away. There was a small smile on his lips, like he was dreaming about getting everything he’d ever wanted. She made a mental note to ask what his dreams were about once he woke up.

Kara’s little glass bubble of happiness shattered when she heard a knock at the door. She was shocked at herself for not having heard the footsteps leading up to the knock. She shot up from bed, standing by Mon-El’s still sleeping form and looked down at herself-naked. Ok, can’t answer the door like that. She looked around frantically for something to throw on and found her tank top and jeans from the night before. Her blouse was ripped to pieces, but this would do. She quickly slipped on what clothes had survived her night and super-sped to the door.

Her face went as red as her cape when she carefully peaked the door open and saw her adoptive sister’s face, looking just a tad judgy.

“Oh,” she grinned, forcing a smile along with some uncomfortable laughter,” Hi Alex!…what are you doing here so early? Wait…it is early, isn’t it?” She had been very tired after last night’s activities and she wasn’t exactly sure how long she had slept.

“Oh nothing,” she tilted her head nonchalantly, “I just came to politely ask you to, next time, refrain from having sex in view of the security cameras.” Alex Danvers had to press her lips together firmly and bite her tongue to keep from breaking out in embarrassed laughter.

Kara’s face immediately scrunched in on itself, nose crinkled like a bunny as she peaked open one eye, “Gah, the cameras….shoot….so you…you saw…” she trailed off and made a vague gesture to up and down her body. Alex had lived with Kara long enough to translate her verbal diarahea and awkward nonsensical gestures.

The older woman smirked, “I’d forgotten you had that birthmark on your-“

“Ok! So you saw everything. Uhm…”

Alex only nodded, “I’ll delete the footage. Don’t worry.”

Kara let out a deeply relieved sigh and gave her sister a half smile, “Thank you.  I owe you big time. Like chocolate ice cream and movie marathon. You are seriously the best.”

“Well, of course. But I expect to hear full details on your first time during that movie night.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kara looked over her shoulder and peeked back at the sleeping Mon-El behind her. She couldn’t help but smile, “I’m just gonna go back to bed and…enjoy this a little more,” she blushed, “…is anyone else here?”

“No-we’re not technically open yet. I came in earlier to review security footage. You’re safe.”

“Thank you!” Kara hugs her sister, eternally grateful and turns around to walk back to bed.

Before Alex closes the door though, she calls to Kara, “You might wanna put makeup on that hickey before you officially clock in this morning.”

Mon-El smiled as he started to wake up, remnants of his dream still playing through his mind. Him and Kara were in bed at her apartment, sunlight filtering through the blinds to land on her back. In his dream, he had been kissing at her neck, trying to wake her up.

In reality, they were barely fitting on his cot in the DEO, but she was in his arms as he woke up and that’s all he cared about. He tucked a piece of her wayward blond hair behind her ear, not knowing if she was awake or not. He heard her release a sigh and felt her press herself back against him.

“Good morning,” she mumbled into his arm, which she was using as a pillow.

As her backside pressed against him, he realized what effect his dream had had on his body. He groaned and wrapped his free arm around her waist from behind her, “Kara, please. Have mercy.”

The woman giggled and turned her face slightly to look at him, “What? I’m just enjoying waking up like this.”

He shook his head, amused at how innocent she was, “Yes, but you’re also causing a rather painful problem for me.”

“What?” her eyebrows crinkled in confusion until she felt the hardness pressing against her ass, “Oh…” she flushed, a flash of heat running through her body from head to toe, “But all I did was cuddle into you.”

He chuckled and looked away from her eyes as he admitted, “I may have been having an adult dream about you before I woke up.”

“Oh!” she grinned, strangely happy this morning, “I was going to ask you what you were dreaming about-you were smiling in your sleep earlier.”

He smirked wickedly and pushed his erection further into her back, “I was dreaming about kissing every inch of your skin, over and over, for the rest of my life.”

She turned over onto her other side, facing him and putting a hand on his cheek, “Pretty words, pretty boy.”

He smiled sweetly at her and leaned in to kiss her nose, “I just want you to know how grateful I am that you let me have you this way, that you chose me. I want you to know how long and how much I’ve wanted this. You are everything, Kara.”

Kara froze, completely unused to having someone pour their hearts out to her that way, to having someone appreciate her for her so genuinely. He made her feel so…precious. And so alive. But she didn’t know how to word it; she wasn’t ready to confess her full feelings to him yet. So instead, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and decided to just show him how she felt. She grinned at him as she pulled him in for a kiss, a little aggressively, tugging on his hair. He growled playfully from the back of his throat and started peppering kisses down her neck.

“Mm,” he smiled against her skin, “You smell like vanilla you know?”

She giggled, his nose tickling her throat, “I know. It’s my body lotion.”

He titled his head to look up into her eyes, crappy fluorescent lights of the dorms shining in the blue somehow, “I like it,” he grins and kisses her nose, “Don’t change it, please. It makes me think of you, makes me think of…”

“Home?” he breathed softly, stroking his cheek.

His smile widened by a thousand watts and he nodded, wrapping his arms around her tighter, “Yep.”

He leaned his body weight into her and started playfully nipping at her collarbone. Just being around her roused something in him, like something in his chest was swelling. He didn’t really know how to deal with the emotions. Fully realizing what Kara meant to him always left him feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and a little breathless. He just wanted to kiss her forever.

“Good,” she smiled cheesily, her nose crinkling in the way it does when she’s not faking anything.

She pushed him to his back and swung a leg over him, straddling his waist. She smirked at the taken aback look on his face. She leaned down and kissed him deeply, swiping her tongue past his lips and sliding her hands down his back. He moaned and pulled her hips down onto his, his need for her growing faster than he knew what to do with. He flicked his tongue, licking the roof of her mouth in the way that he learned last night made her sigh and relax her body into him.

She let out a quiet, adorably satisfied sound and gripped his shoulders a little too harshly, probably bruising him just a tad.

“Excuse me, kids,” Alex’s voice came on over the intercom, “I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from kissy face on camera. I already have enough footage to delete.”

Mon-El’s eyes went comically wide as he heard the voice come over the loud speakers, “…Your sister…can see us?”

Kara laughed nervously and itched behind her ear, “Um yeah-we never destroyed those cameras. Did I forget to mention that?”

His eyebrows shot up as he nodded slowly, trying not to be amused, “Uh…yes, you did.”

Kara let out a breath and bit her lip, sliding off of his lap, “Sorry. She came in earlier while you were asleep. She said she’d delete the security cam footage for us. So that’s one less thing to worry about.”

Mon-El let out a laugh of disbelief and rested his head in his hands, rubbing his face, “Yep. That’s great.”

Kara’s brows furrowed in concern, picking up on his agitation, rubbing his shoulder, “Is something wrong?”

Mon-El shook his head and raised his head to meet her eyes, “No, nothing, just…how do I put this delicately in English…male problem?” he subtly glanced down to his crotch then back up to her.

Kara would bet a hundred dollars Alex was watching from the security room and laughing. She would be right.

“Oh,” Kara grimaced sympathetically, seeing his issue, “I-uhm, sorry, I…caused that.”

Her cheeks were red. She was still sort of shy dealing with this stuff; she had never been in this type of situation. Waking up with a man, with man body parts doing…what they do in the morning.

Luckily for her, said man found her awkwardness very cute.

“Don’t ever be sorry, Kara,” he smiled at her, shaking his head like she was being silly. He pulled her close and gave her a sweet kiss, “It just means I care about you and love being close to you. I do wish there was something we could do about it, but…camera…” he pointed at the camera in the corner and waved, “Hey, Alex.”

The sound of Alex clearing her throat came on over the speaker, “Mon, El. Good morning. What’s up?”

Kara had never seen someone glare at a security camera before Mon-El did in that moment, “Not funny.”

Kara fought to contain her chuckles, “…it was a little funny?” she held up two fingers an inch apart and smiled at him.

“Mm,” he hummed in irritation and laid back down, “Not when you’re the one frustrated. Come here. Let me hold you some more.”

Kara couldn’t hold back the smile at his request. She laid back down beside him and let him pull her in so their bodies were pressed as close together as possible. She couldn’t help but teasingly rub her backside against his erection, loving the pained growly moan that erupted from his throat when she did.

“Kara,” he warned, stroking her arm softly, “Do that again and I will take you in full view of the camera and your sister.”

She flushed happily, heat rushing from her cheeks to her core to her toes. She nodded and sighed out a ‘sorry’ before she rolled over to look at him.

She looked up at his steely eyes and kissed his chin, “You’re getting stubble,” she noted before nuzzling her head down in his chest.

He chuckled and stroked her hair, closing his eyes, “I lost my razor.”

She said nothing as he ran his hands up and down her back soothingly.

“Oh, that reminds me,” he yawned, possibly more comfortable than he’d ever been, “Can you give me a haircut tomorrow with the laser vision?”

“Mhm, sure,” she mumbled and smiled right before she fell back to sleep.

From the security room, Alex was happy to see that her sister had finally found someone she could be disgustingly domestic with.

At promptly 10:02  a.m, director J’onn J’onzz was walking through the DEO main control room, checking for any updates. He got a brief summary from agent Schott, regarding the new upgrade to Mon-El’s suit he was working on. He was enabling it to be lead-proof, but it was still in the testing phase. He checked with Alex to make sure that all the security camera footage was free of possible signs of invaders. She had assured him that there was absolutely nothing of note on the footage, although she had a strange smile on her face as she said it.

“Call Supergirl to come in. I want her to train some new recruits,” he told Alex, “But tell her to be softer this time, please. I don’t need more broken trainees.”

“Yes sir,” Alex nodded.

The director looked back to the resident tech wiz and questioned, “Has Mon-El checked in yet this morning? We should go over the specs of his new gear with him.”

“No, not yet, sir. He should be in the dorms, though. He checked in last night at eight,” Winn noted as he scanned the records on his screen.

“That’s odd. He’s supposed to check in at 9…” J’onn frowned, a little suspicious. It might surprise several people, but the Daxamite was usually very punctual at work. He’d never checked in more than two minutes late before.

As J’onn was speaking, Winn had opened the security camera footage for the dorms, tuning in to Mon-El’s room. His eyes widened as he took in the chunks of concrete missing from the walls, the lockers half-way knocked over, and the…clothes strewn around the room? He finally focused on Mon-El’s bed and saw two figures curled up around each other….Oh shit. He sat there in shock for a minute, at catching two of his friends half-naked in bed, before he realized that he could under no circumstances let J’onn see that. He had to protect his best friend after all.

“What is-“ Winn quickly exited out of the camera feed as J’onn came over his shoulder.

“Nothing, sir! He’s just sleeping. Must have overslept.”

J’onn’s eyes narrowed in doubt before he started confidently striding towards the dorms. “I don’t know what you’re trying to hide, Mr. Schott, but I can just walk in there and check for myself.”

After making the short journey to the residents’ dorms, J’onn threw open the door to Mon-El’s room. He didn’t know what expected to be making Mon-El late, but he was most definitely not anticipating seeing a bare Supergirl laid on top of him. If that hadn’t been enough to shock his system, his eyes widened when he took in the damage they’d done to the room around him. Oh, he very much did not want to know how any of this happened.

Feeling the anger start to build up within him, J’on slammed the door closed. At the rather loud sound of the door closing, Kara quickly shot awake, sitting up in bed. Her eyes met J’onn’s and for once in her life, she was grateful that she wasn’t human. It meant she never had to have awkward moments like this with her father figure catching her in bed with a boy. Until today.

“J’onn…if we can just get-“

Mon-El started to stir at all the commotion; he was half awake as he groaned and he rolled over in bed, stuffing his face into his pillow. How helpful, Kara thought, unable to not find how deeply he sleeps a little bit endearing.

J’onn held up one hand as a sign for Kara to stop protesting and simply be quiet, “I am going to turn around and walk out of here. I will pretend this never happened. I will dock both you and Mon-El’s next paycheck in order to pay for these repairs. You will fix the damage to this room within the next two days and we will never speak of this again. Agreed?”


               Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Dana happened to walk by the open dorm door as J’onn scolded the two. She walked by, paused, then back-tracked. She tilted her head to see into the room subtly and noticed Mon-El’s shirtless self. She smirked to herself and looked at J’onn, “If this is a proposal for Mon-El’s super suit, I support.”

Spider-man #18: Few steps forward, one step back

Overall, decent issue.

The Positive

The focus on Rio Morales has been much appreciated and needed. 

For the longest, the narrative never explicitly told you what exactly Miles’ parents do. Of course, during the early stages of Miles Morales, it was not exactly necessary because Miles was the focus and that is how it works in a lot of teen fiction. However, in the case of Spider-man or more specifically, teen Spider-man, the family situation eventually becomes an issue. I looked up Rio’s occupation, and momma is making bank. She is supposedly making around 100k a year. This Spider-man is not going to have problems covering the family bill because momma smell like gas, water, electricity and mortgage.

Anyways, the relationship between Miles and Rio definitely needed refinement because we really did not know much about her other than that she is Miles’ mom, Jefferson’s wife, and that she was the sweetest and most endearing mother ever. And Bendis delivered on explaining what she is to both Miles Morales and Miles as Spider-man.

This is what Bendis is best known for. He is terrible at bombastic overly packed action packed scenarios(Civil War II, the X-Men). He can’t really drive team books because since he loves character building and takes a pain-stakingly long time doing so, you have scenarios of the Avengers not doing much but playing Poker.  Give Bendis heroes that have normal upbringings, aren’t too extraordinary like Jessica Jones, Matt Murdoch, Peter Parker, and Miles, and allow him to focus on them and we have a good series.

The What?

Not necessarily bad, but someone please explain this scene to me.

Is that like how his power works or something? He has to go full Hodor and scream Goldballs to get going. I don’t know what Goldballs does because as far as i know, he was an X-Men and I am one of the people of the mods that hate the X-Men. I do not know anything about his character prior to this comic and from what I’ve seen of him here, nothing makes me want to investigate or research him.

The Bad

Let’s start with the minor issue first. 

Black Cat’s role makes no sense.

Okay, I admit it. Like every Felicia Hardy fan worth their existence, I absolutely hate that Black Cat is being made a villain. It goes against her entire character and everything that she is to Spider-man. But that is not a Bendis problem, that is a Slott problem.

Her entire plan about Spider-man(Miles) makes no fucking sense. It could be summed up as put a bounty on super hero because he could fuck up my operation despite the fact that he does not know anything about you or your operation. All you are doing is making the superhero privy of your existence.It makes no fucking sense.

And yet, here she says after Miles busted up one of her operations, that him busting up her operation that he would have no idea  that it existed, and still does not know of, if you did not kidnap him and put a fucking bounty on him for no reason.

What frustrates me about this is that “Crime villains” like Kingpin or Tombstone or Mr. Negative are handled so much smarter than this. Even Bendis has done a Kingpin arc in both Ultimate Spider-man and Daredevil that were a fuck ton better and smarter than this.

I am not sure if there is this general creative idea among the Marvel writers to make Felicia look incompetent as a mob boss, but i everything she is in save for Silk, she looks incompetent.

Why is Felicia placing a bounty on Miles and not Peter Parker? It is not like he is hard to find because it is widely known that Peter is the Chief of Security for Parker Industries. If anyone is more of a threat to her, it is Peter Parker or even fucking Moon Knight. Spider-man is not an investigative meddling hero like Batman or Daredevil. He only reacts to crime when it is happening and just happens upon shit where he begins to intentionally meddle and investigate. Felicia knows this better than anybody. So I do not know why she is so bothered by Miles as if he will be different.

Why is Felicia so intent on messing with Spider-people on general? I do not get it. She was screwing with Cindy Moon in her series as well and now she is messing with Miles.

Next big problem…well.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

I am lost because nothing in Lana’s relationship with Miles ever indicated that they were romantic or him going to avenge her crushing defeat would ever allow her to draw a conclusion that it was out of romance and not out of bounds of their general relationship.

It is not that I am adverse to a relationship between the two as it is so much better than Miles and Gwen Stacey. It just seems…rushed. That is something no one has ever said about a Brian Michael Bendis written piece of material.

I literally had to go back and look in any detail of romance or even interest in Miles from her. And I could not find any. Of course, Bendis has yet to explain exactly what her origin is in 616 and if it is any different from the Ultimate Universe.

But since her origin does not impede the bounds of 616 and actually makes sense, let’s assume that she is the same Lana Baumgartner. Part of Lana Baumgartner’s story is that she is a girl whose mother brought her into crime. She serves as a foil to Miles in that his father figure in Aaron Davis also was a criminal who tried to use Miles ability for crime as well. Lana is what could have happened if Miles broke bad. Also, like Miles, Lana is haunted by her criminal past or her parent’s criminal history. The difference between the two is that Miles has the legacy of Spider-man to uphold and Lana…doesn’t. She is only using her power for good to keep from doing bad.

This is why they bond.

As someone who followed Lana’s story as she constantly tried to redeem herself and use her powers for good, I am a little disappointed that she may be turning evil. But as I’ve said before, right now, Miles lacks Spider-man-esque villains and Lana fits the criteria of idea Spider-man villains.

The issue that I am having right now is how it looks to be happening. Instead of Lana being forced to turn because of her situation or anything relating to her situation, it hints at a woman scorned angle…just like Black Cat and Peter Parker. Holy shit. But Lana is so much better than that shitty parallel. She honestly deserves better than this if this is where Bendis is taking it.

Overall, it was a decent issue.