woman and bicycle

In the mid-1970s, Peter Saul painted a number of responses to Willem de Kooning’s famous works, including Woman and Bicycle (1952–53). Saul spoofed de Kooning’s contorted female figure with distortions of his own, rendering the face as a grotesque cartoon and crowding the composition with Day-Glo forms that both draw upon and poke fun at Surrealism and Pop. At once homage and attack, Saul’s painting challenges art history while at the same time claiming his place within it.


Riding on the beach


Indoor training

sinister tidings in vegas tonight. a storm is rolling in. there are flashing lights coming from the direction of the power plant. they are as bright as the lightning, yellow, sourceless. the wind is blowing down spits and fits of rain. trash tumbles across the streets, down the streets, into the gutters. a woman rides her bicycle down the road, screaming for Michael, begging him to come back. i am the only pedestrian on the road. the rain falls in huge drops. there is lightning. there is no thunder. the ground is drenched in seconds.

if the elder gods returned, it would be in a place like this, on a night like tonight.