To my love,

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Dear Mealea,

Here’s a poem i wrote, because i’m still here, and i’m still waiting for you to talk to me. I’m not going to give up on you, no matter how long it takes, i’m going to wait for you. Here’s a cheesy poem i always make XD to make you smile.

Mealea i love you from your wittle nose to your wittle toes.

holding your wittle hands tight like i always do, you and your heart of gold, it glows

I really miss you with all my heart

I’d give anything just to be with you, to see you, because we’re inseparable when we are together i’d like to tell you “till death do us part”

You don’t know how special you are to me

Just to make you smile again i’d pay any fee

Your smile is worth more than any worldly material

I’d treat you like an imperial

You make my heart skip beats

and every time i see you it repeats

i would never replace such a beautiful soul like yours

when i think of you my mind soars

Too many cheerful, lovely things come to mind

You know my kind

I’m still everything you fell in love with

honestly its no myth

Give me a chance to show you, i promise you wont regret it

i’ll be there in a bit

Please wait for me so i can make things right again

truly i’m not like other men

I think of you every day

i don’t want you to go astray

Please come back to me

and you’ll see

I’ve bettered myself in every way

you have nothing to fear i’ve thought thoroughly every day

You know i’ll always be yours truly

Your loving Pikachu i really want you to still be my perfect mew.

Your love,

Ricky Chiu