Things/people that need a tumblr fandom (imo)

FreshBakedDisney - A daily Disneyland filled with an amazing. You’ll come to experience Disneyland and stay for the amazing cast. Youtube

Jontron - I mean he already has a minor tumblr following but I wish it was a bit bigger. YouTube

wolvesatmydoor (Jay) - Twitch streamer. There is so much to say about this wonderful person. He streams almost every day. Despite being a fairly bigger channel he tries to read every single chat message asking him a question. He plays the Binding of Isaac and Counter Strike mostly. However, you don’t even need to like these things to enjoy it. All I can really say is that you need to go watch it for yourself. Twitch ~ Youtube

Competitive smash bros (mostly melee) - honestly I’m kind of surprised this doesn’t have a following. It seems like Smash is the most well known of the “esports” games and I know that Tumblr likes it. I see a gif or a meme from time to time but, again, I wish it had a full blown following. (I would link a “thing” here, but it’s kind of all over the place. Maybe start with /r/smashbros subreddit?)