wolves nuzzling

Sansa decided to lay low for Valentine’s Day this year.  With no boyfriend to leave flowers in her locker or take her out to a real sit-down dinner, the whole day felt pointless.  However, binging on popcorn and watching rom-coms would have to wait, as her mom had sent her to the grocery store for milk.  Sansa had done well to avoid the seasonal aisle, brimming with stuffed animals and chocolates, opting for the next aisle over.  It had greeting cards and household supplies like light bulbs and batteries.  Even though the wall of cards had a relatively large section dripping in red and pink, Sansa felt she could breeze by without feeling just how single she was on the day meant for couples.

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A Real Bath

{Because I am fluff obsessed trash and because m-arci-a ruined my life with the Little Red Verse. I don’t even have an explanation for this.}

“Dean?” Cas tugged on his cloak nervously. He was standing in the entrance to Dean’s den, looking in, but Dean was nowhere to be seen.

Was his wolf mad at him? It had been a few days, but he’d been busy! He’d had work to do! Humans had much harder lives than wolves, he reflected, what with having to earn money and take baths and –

“YAAAAHH!!!!” Cas was thrown to the ground as a huge panting lump descended on him. “Dean! You scared me!!”

“You’ve been gone for three days.” Dean sat up, straddling Cas’s hips. Cas fell back to the ground with a defeated sigh; he’d just washed his cloak this morning. “And you smell like soap,” Dean continued, looking so disapproving that Cas had to smile.

“You’ll just have to do something about that,” he teased, and Dean flopped down, covering Cas’s body with his own. He growled playfully as he nipped at his human’s chin and ear.

Cas rolled and fought and playfully kicked until he was on top and Dean on the ground; a rare feat. He smiled at his victory, and turned his attention to Dean.

Dean was wriggling slightly, panting, and his ears had flopped down in defeat, one covering his forehead. He whimpered and let his sweet, candy-pink tongue slide out of his mouth a bit.

Adorable. Cas leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Dean’s nose. Dean wrinkled it up in distaste. “Cas…..I’m not a puppy…” he whined.

“Are you sure?” Cas smiled. “You’re cute like one. And sweet like one. And –”

“Okay, that’s it!” Dean cried. With a level of speed exclusive to wolves, he was on his feet and had Cas cradled bridal-style in his arms. Cas may have gotten the upper hand for a moment, but Dean was the dominant one in this relationship, and he wasn’t about to let Cas forget it! He leaned down and darted his tongue out, licking Cas’s cheek in vengeance. Yucky, soapy vengeance. Ew.

“Okay, time for a proper bath,” Dean announced.

Cas groaned, mostly for show. He not-so-secretly loved it when Dean left his sweet, slightly musky scent all over him, and the wolf knew it.

Dean settled into a big, plushie chair with Cas in his lap, and Cas knew there was no point in even trying to fight – not that he wanted to. He tilted his head back to provide his wolf easier access as Dean snuffled and nuzzled all over his face and neck, occasionally pressing soft kisses and little kitten-like laps of his tongue to Cas’s skin.

“Gotta get that horrible soap smell off you, Little Red.”

“Don’t – mmmmmhmmm, right there – don’t call me that,” Cas grumbled, practically purring under Dean’s ministrations. He pressed his face into Dean’s shoulder and raised a lazy hand to scratch behind the wolf’s ear. Dean whined, low amd keening.

“No faaaaiirr, Cas,” he groaned. “I’m trying to clean you up.”

“I am clean, Dean, it’s just that –”

“I know. Soap.” Dean spit the word like it tasted bad. “You smell better when you’re not all covered in that stuff.”

“Mmmmm. Well, we can’t all be wolves.”

“No.” Dean nuzzled into Cas’s hair. “No, some of us have to be adorable humans.” He grazed his teeth along Cas’s neck. “You’re mine, you know,” he said casually.

“Yours,” Cas agreed. He closed his eyes. “I’m tired, Dean.”

“You walked quite a bit in the hot sun today,” Dean observed. “And I’ve been hunting all day. Why don’t we take a nap?”

“That’s a great idea.”


“Dean?” Sam cut himself off in the doorway. He’d been looking for his brother to see about dinner, but something about the way Dean looked – all peaceful and wrapped up in the red blanket with their (Dean’s) sweet little human curled up asleep in his lap – told him he’d be dining alone tonight.