wolves kill sheep

What are we labeled ?

I cried a ocean
Pills and potion
I killed myself for devotion
I never knew she would be poison
Now I have racing emotions
You use to be pure and clean
Those are just white lies behind the sheets
I was cautious first if I take the leap
What it’ll lead, wolves kills sheep
That’s why I have one eye open when I sleep
Lacking in areas that’ll cut me deep
But without her I’m just incomplete
You see the view I give and receive
I would trust her but she leaves my trust unanswered
Sometimes we gotta block and cut out the cancer
And look for better answers,
It’s either now or never
And never will I cry a crocodile
Blinded smiles, crooked body language
I can’t explain it, but I can visualize it,
I grasp it, and invite it,
I turn on the television and all I can see is love movies, I turn it off I don’t wanna get caught up if I was wrong, we all got flaws and women still see men as dogs, men still see women just to put them in their call logs, until the phone get caught off, so why cut me off, why not give me a sign, I see your eyes, you see lies, you see false pride, underneath the mind, your ready to be wake, but I hesitate,
Then you move on,
Why did I wait,
Why did I make us a couple in a first place,
But this isn’t a race, jumping back and forth in the same place, so why I hesitate, why did I wait? Maybe I was afraid I admit I was.
All the above, love when there wasn’t enough, we rush, and the other half have given up
What are we labeled?
Tyler J Evans

Norway to allow total eradication of its most peaceful wolf pack

22nd of June, 2016

The peaceful Osdals pack is a pack currently consisting of 8 wolves, all which are now in dangered of being shot. Their territory resides in Rendalen in southeastern Norway - an area that holds most of Norway’s wolf population. In Norway, settled wolves, or breeding wolves, are only allowed to live in certain areas called “wolf zones”. Allthough the wolf pack’s territory has been discussed to become a part of the wolf zone by the government, and higly recommended to be by proffesionals, the Osdals wolves are unfortunately currently living outside the zone. Any wolves wandering away from these sounds is basically doomed to death. Note that the eurasian wolf is classified as nationally critically endangered in the country. 

Predecessors of the current Osdals pack, Erik and Heidi, that was shot in 2011. Picture by Lars Gangås. 

The Odals wolves has never killed sheep or domestic reindeer, and is living in a wildlife area with few people and bursting with prey animals. 

The packs territory also overlaps with the Julussa pack which breeding female is considered Norway’s most genetically important specimen as she is of Russian blood. This female is now in danger of being shot during the hunt on the Osdals wolves if she is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The reason these wolves are being killed boils down to the fact that Norway only allows three breedings per year. A breeding pack needs out, and allthough these wolves live in one of the country’s most suited areas for wolves, they draw the shortest straw as being the pack outside the wolf zone. Instead of expanding the zone to include these wolves, they are now getting a death sentence. 

The hunt starts off on 1st of January 2017. Usually licence hunts on wolves starts on 1st of October in Norway. But should both parents wolves be shot it would mean that any surviving pups of this years litter would have poor chances to survive the winter. 

Inside the Wolves Den at XVY Art & Design 4.12.12

LOS ANGELES, CA:  This coming Thursday, April 12, 2012, XVY ART & Design will be presenting Inside the Wolves Den, a Wolves Kill Sheep Group Art Show, featuring Chubbmo, Donny Miller, Elvis Segarich, Ignacio Villanueva, Jim Muir (Dogtown),Neil Clemmons Harrison, Michael Hsiung, Nicholas Knudson, Philip Morgan, Ryan Riss, Teddy Kelly and Travis Millard.  

A clothing company created by artist and designer Elvis Segarich, Wolves Kill Sheep’s upcoming show features the artists behind the very cool shirt designs.

Inside the Wolves Den
Group Art Show
Thursday, April 12, 2012
7-10 pm
XVY Art & Design
137 E. 3rd St. LA 90012

Check out these sweet shirt designs by artist Travis Millard!

Inside the Wolves Den Opening Pictures at XVY Art & Design

LOS ANGELES, CA: Inside the Wolves Den, a Wolves Kill Sheep Group Art Show, featuring ChubbmoDonny MillerElvis SegarichIgnacio Villanueva, Jim Muir (Dogtown),Neil Clemmons Harrison, Michael Hsiung,Nicholas Knudson, Philip Morgan, Ryan RissTeddy Kelly and Travis Millard opened Thursday, April 12 at  XVY ART & Design.  

Inside the Wolves Den 
Group Art Show 
Thursday, April 12, 2012 
7-10 pm 
XVY Art & Design 
137 E. 3rd St. LA 90012

Check out some opening photos courtesy of Wolves Kill Sheep.  Check out the art for sale on http://wolveskillsheep.com/WKSartshow2012.html.

Getting ready to start hanging to art. Thanks Nick, Tetsuji & Hovin.

Wolves Kill Sheep Founder Noriko Sezaki, Artist Nicholas Knudson, Wolves Kill Sheep Founder Elvis Segarich and XVY gallery owner Tetsuji Aono

Artists Donny Miller his son Jack and Ignacio Villanueva

Fabian digging Jim Muir’s middle finger neon skateboard piece

Noriko and artist Yusef Davis

San Pedro Skatepark Association’s Robbie O'Connell with Philly Mike and Ignacio

Some good friends from long beach came up to enjoy the art and free beers

Corazon De Jah vegan cuisine food truck was outside the show

Yamo talking to DJ’s Barbarella & thanks to XXXclusive for spinning records too

Elvis and Donny Miller talking shop in front of Nicholas Knudson’s piece

Jim Muir from Dogtown poses in front of his piece

Emily admiring Donny’s art