wolves interacting

We know the hierarchy of wolf packs: They consist of the “alpha” and “beta,” or the dominant wolf and the submissive wolf. The alpha wolf fights his way to the top, ferociously dominates the weaker members of the pack, gets first dibs at every meal, and dubs himself the Neeson of the pack. This theory was made popular back in the ‘60s by scientist L. David Mech. After spending years carefully studying how wolves interacted with each other, Mech proposed the alpha/beta distinction based on observed dominance displays and inadvertently spawned decades of douchebag philosophy.

Here’s the problem: The pack Mech studied was captive, and the wolves were complete strangers. That’s like basing your entire understanding of human social dynamics on an episode of Big Brother.

5 Animal Myths Everyone Believes (That Are Total B.S.)


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     SHE’S been using Sam for a l o n g while now, mainly so she can report back to Azazel about how he’s doing. If he’s ready yet. A pale hands runs lazily through his hair as he sleeps, eyes still glued to the screen of friends playing. When he shoots up, eyes the colour of emeralds turn to watch him, brows furrowing together gently. You alright? She asks him softly, a fond smile growing on her face as her lips brushes against his.


     WHEN did Meg soften so much? Perhaps some time after her death. A change of heart or whatever after she had sacrificed herself for them. Coffee brown hues watch him sat on the couch across from her, thoughts dancing along her brain. She wasn’t really around for Sam’s hallucinations of Lucifer, she’d only seen him once or twice when he was in this state. But she does remember how Cas was in his time at the asylum, and it’s quite similar to this.  You’re not doing so hot, Sam.  Her voice is soft, watching him intently from where she sits on the other end of the couch, feet pressed against his knee. You wanna tell me what’s goin’ on up in that big brain of yours to make it look like you haven’t slept in months? 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: If 55% of men graduated with a certificate, how many didn't? Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July when there is slavery? When do I use affect and effect? Why don't wolves interact with us? What's the difference between moss and Spanish moss? Why did papá not approve of herminia's poems even though they were fire af? My mind is jumbled with so many thoughts, but if I say I'm fine, no one will no what's really going on inside...