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By a largely party-line vote Tuesday, the Senate approved a bill that repeals Obama-era hunting restrictions on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. The House already voted last month to abolish those restrictions — which were instituted by the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2016 to protect predator species from hunters — and so the bill now heads to the desk of President Trump, who is widely expected to sign it.

The FWS rule facing repeal explicitly prohibited many kinds of “predator control” on the 16 federally owned refuges in Alaska. That prohibition included a ban on the aerial hunting, live trapping or baiting of predators such as bears and wolves — as well as on killing those predators while near their dens or their cubs.

Congress Rolls Back Obama-Era Rule On Hunting Bears And Wolves In Alaska

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Take a moment and be transported to the wilderness of Alaska… | Repost @drewtrush // It can be hard to put a face with a name when you are talking about animals that live in remote parts of Alaska. These wolves of Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve have never been photographed before, let alone seen by people other than the occasional biologist. The subject of study for the last 22 years, the National Park Service has been dedicated to learning as much as they can about these animals. •

From the National Park Service Press Release: National Park Service researchers monitored wolf population dynamics for 22 years (1993–2014) in order to assess how two large-scale wolf control programs, which had the primary goal of increasing the size of the Fortymile caribou herd, affected a wolf population located within the adjacent protected area of Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The study is one of only four in North America conducted for this length of time. •

Follow along with @yukoncharleywolves to learn more. •

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Titles Meta, Part 2

Good morning! I wanted to get the second part of my titles meta posted today before I post my thoughts about the MSF, because I think what I say in this post will help shed some light on my thoughts about the MSF.

Check out Part 1 of the Titles Meta HERE.

Remember that @thegloriouscollectorlady and I collaborated on these titles metas. While Part 1 was mostly my thoughts with a few of hers sprinkled in, this post is the opposite: mostly her thoughts with a few of mine sprinkled in.  

Today I want to focus on specific groupings of titles, including titles that begin with a similar letter.

In Part 1, I say that we always see a pattern of three or more episodes grouped in the middle of the season, which deal with something different than the first episodes dealt with, and often the back half of the season is about dealing with the fallout of these three episodes in the center. 

So, for example, in S4, we had episodes 6-8, which were all about the Governor, and culminated in the downfall of the prison. Those three episodes were very different than episodes in the first part of the season, that dealt with the virus. Then, the back half of the season (4b) dealt with the fallout of the prison’s loss. We’ve seen this pattern at least loosely in all the seasons since S4.


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Found a video of Romeo :3