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Lunch on the run! - Timber Wolf Mom feeding Pups - Parc Omega, Quebec

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I think people think it's fake or a rumor just because there isn't a picture to prove it. All of her last relationship were announced with pictures so I that's why + the fact that it's was reported that they've been together for months and no sighting or picture. I think that change soon tho

It’s honestly the best approach. Don’t feed the wolves — I imagine that they will share more as they get more comfortable. I expect they’ll take a lot of cues from Blake and Ryan, if the relationship progresses. 

She is getting SO much love from the media today. For fighting for something, for letting it happen quietly and organically, and for not thrusting herself into the limelight or feeling like she had to. It must feel really good for once. 

Remus and Fenrir Headcanons:

(( OOC: Just to clear things up, I’m going to put it all down here. ;) )) 

During the 1st wizarding war, Dumbledore asks Remus to work undercover. He sends him to find and capture Fenrir, a well-known and incredibly dangerous werewolf, and Remus’s own attacker (the werewolf who turned him when he was four). 

Fenrir, with Voldemort’s support, has been wreaking havoc on the Order and spreading terror through the wizarding and muggle worlds. When Remus and Sirius capture him, Remus asks for a moment alone with the werewolf. He ends up gaining Fenrir’s trust by claiming he’s sick of being treated like a monster and wants to live in a world where he can be free, and helping him escape. This happens on Dumbledore’s orders. 

Remus soon meets up with Fenrir. Fenrir, having always had a twisted connection with Remus (after biting him to spite his bigoted father), immediately takes him into the “pack”. He begins “entrusting” Remus with information, and dragging him along on violent, life-threatening hunts.

Before starting his mission, Dumbledore makes Remus swear that he won’t tell anyone else in the Order, including the Marauders… knowing that there is a spy amongst them, which could jeopardize his mission and safety. Remus is forced to lie to his friends, and work with the person he despises and fears most. 

Because of this, and the lies that follow, Remus and the Marauders begin to drift apart. 

Remus continues to feed the wolves false information about the Order and keep track of what they’re doing. However, his abhorrence of Fenrir and his actions, and his fear of losing his friends, begin to tear down his carefully placed barriers… and Fenrir begins catching on to Remus’s true intentions. 

Fenrir gives zero fucks about “The Dark Lord” or his war. He’s perfectly aware of the fact that if Voldemort wins, he will turn on the werewolves due to them being “half-breeds”… “filth”. The only reason he decides to join his forces is because with the fear of Voldemort behind him, he has free range to bite as many wizards and witches as he can possibly turn, building his own army. 

Going along with the Dark Lord helps him accomplish his own agenda, so Fenrir decides to play ball. 

But that doesn’t mean he has to be loyal. 

Fenrir soon discovers that Remus is a spy… however… he decides to keep the information to himself. His desire to manipulate and control Remus, and the sick pleasure he gets in hurting him, causes him to continue playing along. Sometimes he passes along pertinent information… sometimes he feeds him lies… leaving Remus unaware of the fact that he knows, and leading the Order to trust Remus less and less. 

In the end Fenrir manages to manipulate and destroy Remus’s relationships with his friends. Remus is nothing more than his play-thing.

Two Wolves - A Cherokee Native American Legend requested by Grant.

A grandfather is talking with his grandson and he says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other.

One of them is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery and love. The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred and fear.

The grandson stops and thinks about it for a second then he looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The grandfather quietly replies, the one you feed.